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Repercussions of Israeli attack on Iran


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By S. M. Hali
The same harbingers of doom and gloom, who targeted Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya under trumped up charges, are now out to start a fresh war this time against Iran. US lawmakers are building a case to mobilize public opinion domestically to justify their adventurism. US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, author of sanctions legislation targeting Iran that was recently passed by a near-unanimous vote, coming amid an increasingly visible campaign by right-wing politicians and allied institutions to build the case for further sanctions and other acts of economic warfare against the Islamic Republic – and, perhaps, set the stage for military action, has claimed that through its ties with Venezuela and other nations in Latin America, Iran is building an anti-U.S. alliance in the Western Hemisphere that poses a direct, imminent threat to the United States.
Already the Obama administration has implemented stringent sanctions against Iran that have helped cripple its economy and, as the president himself noted in his State of the Union address last month, refused to take the prospect of all-out war off the table. On the other hand, US right-wing critics allege that the Obama administration has done too little to counter what they portray as an almost apocalyptic threat. Last week at a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee focused on Iran's dealings in Latin America, Norman Bailey of the conservative American Foreign Policy Council went to the extent of charging that the Islamic Republic of Iran, through its allies Hezbollah, had constructed "numerous military camps inside Venezuela, as well as in South Lebanon, with the express purpose of training young Venezuelans to attack American targets." He also claimed Iran had "established missile bases in Venezuela", though adding that those reports were as of yet "unconfirmed". 
The fact is these claims are baseless. Iran can take comfort from the fact that if there had been an iota of truth in these allegations, U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper might have mentioned them during his Jan. 31 testimony before Congress on threats to the U.S. And, indeed, reports of Iranian missiles in Venezuela were last year explicitly rejected by the Pentagon, with a spokesman saying that not only were said reports unconfirmed, but in fact there was "no evidence" to support the claim and "therefore no reason to believe the assertions… are credible." But not to let the matter rest there, US lawmakers’ charges ranging from allegations of a covert nuclear weapons program to its providing training for the Venezuelan terrorists of tomorrow continue to spew venom against Tehran. Latin America is but the latest anti-Tehran talking point, spurred in part by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent four-country tour of the region, which U.S. policymakers have long considered their rightful sphere of influence. 
During his January trip, Ahmadinejad met with heads of state in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador, all countries that enjoy at best rocky relations with Washington. To those seeking further sanctions and potentially a shooting war with Iran, the trip provided for ready-made right-wing propaganda. Regional experts, however, said the tour was more about Iran attempting to project an image of diplomatic strength amid U.S. and European efforts at isolation than launching attacks against the U.S. 
Panelist Michael Braun, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) chief of operations under President George W. Bush has testified that Hezbollah and Iran's Quds Force, "are now heavily involved in the global drug trade. Not only that, they "are pouring into Latin America," he continued, "thanks in large part to Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, the undisputed gatekeeper for Middle Eastern terrorist groups seeking to enter Latin America." Additionally, the spectacular-if-true plot on behalf of some Iranian officials to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington "qualifies as the perfect example of the looming threat posed by Iran's proxies operating freely in the Western Hemisphere, and their ability to collaborate with organized crime," Braun added in prepared testimony. 
On its part, Iran’s General Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the elite Revolutionary Guard has announced that Iran will target any country where an attack against it is staged. Simultaneously, earlier this week, US President Barack Obama signed an executive order imposing new, stricter sanctions on Iran and its central bank, saying a broader asset freeze was necessary because Iranian banks were concealing transactions. The executive order, described as a further step in the US effort to isolate Iran, prevents any assets deemed to be in US control – including foreign branches of American banks – from being transferred, paid, exported or withdrawn.
While there are rumours that the US is likely to scuttle one of its old and dilapidated aircraft carriers and using the incident to blame Iran for the sinking and retaliating in an attack, the Revolutionary Guard of Iran have started maneuvers in the country's south, following naval exercises near the Strait of Hormuz, a vital oil export route. Iran has threatened to close off the strait if Western sanctions limit Iranian oil exports.
The U.S. and its Western allies charge Iran is producing atomic weapons. Iran says its program is meant to produce fuel for future nuclear power reactors and medical radioisotopes needed for cancer patients. This being the election year for the US President, a beleaguered Obama is likely to fall victim to the temptation of adventurism against Iran in a desperate bid to make himself palatable to domestic voters. There is every likelihood that this adventurism will fail. The other option is to let Israel do the dirty work and look the other way as it becomes the assailant against alleged Iranian nuclear sites. What the west and its client Israel are forgetting that Iran is neither Afghanistan nor Iraq and will not allow a walkover to either Israel or the US. It will give not only give them a bloody nose but also cripple their economy by strangling the oil route. It is only hoped and prayed that good sense prevails and such adventurism is avoided.
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  1. Moshe Ben Ze'Ev says:

    My Pakistani brothers! I hasten to inform you that all is well in God's world. I have just spoken to Kayani & Pasha and they have assured me full support in the attack on Iran. My fighters will overfly Pakistan from the South, enter Iranian airspace and bomb the bollocks off all their nuclear installations. We will then re-enter Pakistani airspace, refuel, and fly back to Israel. Of course, Kayani & Shuja were a bit pricey: 10,000 each, but that's peanuts.

  2. Lundi Kotal says:

    Moshe bin matarwa……from India……no war will start…….both sides have too much to lose.
    Pakistan's relations with the U.S. are fast deteriorating to the point of no cooperation with the U.S. anymore.
    In the current political climate, picking sides between the U.S. and Iran, Pakistan will have no choice but to side with Iran, as we all know where the U.S. is headed economically.
    You wanna fukkin suck bankrupt hillbilly dick, go ahead……

  3. Where is the US headed economically? Perhaps that is your personal situation and hope it affects others and not just yourself. Maybe you are the bankrupt hillbilly, I see none in my Iowa community. In fact the economy continues to grow here even in the cold, I am quite sure you are some deranged foreigner jealous of our status as the #1 Superpower on Planet Earth. Oh wait, people in Iran and Pakistan have it far better then their American counterparts in exactly what category? Freedom of Speech which you enjoy on an American made Internet that is generously provided to you? You see Iran has this thing called 'censorship' and you are not allowed to make stupid comments like you just did, you do not have that right. Oh and Americans have to deal with psychotic Muslim bombers blowing up people who have absolutely notjhing to do with the politics they are protesting right? Oh yeah they get 40 virgins in fantasy land, another muslim lie. There are no car bombings or mass crowd murders here, sorry. Pakistan cannot control what happens inside its own pathetic borders much less anywhere else, leave that to the Pro, the United States of America. All the shit talking aout Iran doing this and doing that will be short lived once the IDF and US forces begin combat operations. Unless you can provide in PDF form or otherwise right here right now that you somehow know more than the US Chiefs of Staff and the Israeli government as to the disposition of Iranian nuclear facilities then you should crawl back into your Third World hole and let real professionals deal with religiously insane cretins hell bent on destroying Israel over a non existent fictitious character who exists only in your maddened skulls. War is brutal and I will not be on the front lines nor will you but rest assured the Iranian government will not survive, it's people will and they will be free of mullahs and morons at last.  What 'bloody nose' will a third rate military give to either the US or Israel? You mean like the Arabs did in the 6 Day War?? So many shit talkers for the Iranians, can you imagine for one minute that the vastly superior forces arrayed against it  would rely on your opinion to gauge it's abilities and efforts? Iran is a punk, a dangerous and religiously insane rogue country that funds murderers of innocent children like Hamas. Spare me your sophistry, go live in either Iran or 'Palestine' if you think they are such great countries, boy will you be disappointed. Better give up your Internet because your freedom disappears once inside the border. Our system may not be perfect but it is the best the World has to offer by far.

    • Lundi Kotal says:

      Magus of the ass, you little shit. Iowa is full of inbred lower caste shit-billy's.
      Just like the rest of your country going down the toilet. You little shit along with your countrymen are having your former Soviet Union event unfold between your butt cheeks.
      $15 trillion in debt you'd be selling your mon and dad's underwear in the street if it wasn't for the Saudi and Gulf niggers, Japanese, South koreans and Chinese and sheeple Eurocrats propping you up with their hundreds of billions they pump into your blackhole economy you little cunt.
      The U.S. makes nothing anymore which is a value added commodity. Your downfall has begun a long time ago you little twit.
      Iran will bust you a new fun-hole if war were to start. That shitty little cancer Israhell will also be destroyed.
      Last time you fukked with Hezbollah, Iran taught you a lesson. With all the air superiority and high tech weaponry your forces couldn't do shit. This time around there will be no mercy.
      Iran will destroy all the refineries of the Gulf niggers, and kill those 38,000 lower caste nigger and spick marines in Bahrain. The price of oil will jump to $200 per barrel overnight.
      What will you do then? Sell porn video's of your mom and dad fucking in the balcony?
      Dumb shit-billy.

  4. @ Magnus, what a load of crap, because you have obviously spent time researching your word use in that lovely little narrow minded view of the world, maybe you should have used the amazing US invention and looked a little deeper, your, let's say, incomplete view, is not only self insulting but so far from reality it can't be taken seriously, 

  5. Watch out for all the NUKES FLYING AROUND..Oh My ,and all the GREAT SHIPS that will be sunk..Oh My….

  6. Lundi, while I agree with 70% of what you say I'm a little appalled at the freely used 'nigger term' your insight is obviously as good as my own but are you that way inclined, from what you have said and in some ways frank, you write educated and thats let you down, this black hole of the US is as ugly as the way it's been ' managed to decline ' and also a very loud state ment that it can and will happen if wished. I laught my head off when I read Magnus the anus and his retentive look on his miserably poor soon to be 3rd world country, with the fact there is 42 US/NATO bases sorounding Iran, and all occupied and in full operation, I don't think Iran will come through the next few months as you predict, 

  7. Lundi Kotal says:

    CS, the U.S and Israhell have been threatening Iran for the last 33 years, because the Iranians kicked out both these terrorist countries out of Iran.
    Now Iran controls Iraq, and by proxy the second largest oil and gas reserves. Iran also controls Syria, and Lebanon, and the Karzai Govt in Afghanistan is pro Iran.
    This is what Saudi niggers and Gulf monkeys don't like. Thats why they host shitbilly bases all over the Gulf and hope along with the jews to attack Iran.
    The truth is out CS……..Wahabbi yahoodi bhai bhai…..
    Fuck these nigger Araabs and fukk ugly yahoodi and shitbilly's. They should all be killed.
    The U.S. amends and rewrites the Wahabbi religion as required. Where ever there is trouble in the muslim world, these wahabbi/ Alqaeda maderchod are sneaked in with CIA and Mossad help.
    Alqaida is AlCIAda……..everyone now is well aware of this CS……nothing else makes sense, except that the House of Saud is the house of demons.
    Wahabbiism is subservient to the zionists. There in lies the truth.

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