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Remembering a Dervish

[Translate] Remembering a Dervish By Dr Ghayur Ayub He was tall by physique, tall by maturity, tall by knowledge,...

Remembering a Dervish
posted on: Oct 9, 2013 | author: Ghayur Ayub

Pakistan: The PM Speech

[Translate] By Dr Ghayur Ayub In cyberspace a speech by a chief executive is gauged by three things; appearance;...

Pakistan: The PM Speech
posted on: Aug 20, 2013 | author: Ghayur Ayub

One way PML-N can tackle terrorism

[Translate] by Dr Ghayur Ayub Terrorism should be approached by the government as a clinician approaches a...

posted on: Jul 22, 2013 | author: Ghayur Ayub

How can PML-N involve Mosque in uplif...

[Translate] By Dr Ghayur Ayub In the initial period of Islamic history mosque played a sixfold role. Primarily,...

How can PML-N involve Mosque in uplift activities
posted on: Jul 3, 2013 | author: Ghayur Ayub

Can PML-N alleviate poverty?

[Translate] By Dr Ghayur Ayub National social indicators in mid 1990s signaled a need for total development...

posted on: Jun 24, 2013 | author: Ghayur Ayub

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