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Indian Crimes Not only in Kashmir

[Translate] One of the regular readers has requested to share his report compiled with reference to KASHMIR day...

posted on: Feb 8, 2014 | author: Hamid Waheed

Energy: Faulty Gas distribution

[Translate] Would Invite Disaster For Pakistan By Waheed Hamid There is no denying the fact that shortage of...

posted on: Jul 8, 2013 | author: Hamid Waheed

Power Crisis and Pakistan

[Translate] Non Governmental Move to Remove Power Crisis By Waheed Hamid Nawaz  Sharif  is all set to take on...

Power Crisis and Pakistan
posted on: Jun 8, 2013 | author: Hamid Waheed

Elections Promise Change

[Translate] By Waheed Hamid  Pakistan went for elections 2013 with a debate that is Pakistan a nation on collapse...

posted on: May 13, 2013 | author: Hamid Waheed

Election Diplomacy In Pakistan

[Translate] “The only safeguard and protection Pakistan has from foreign influences is to...

Election Diplomacy In Pakistan
posted on: Apr 7, 2013 | author: Hamid Waheed

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