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Afghan leadership transition & P...

[Translate] Afghan leadership transition & Pakistan By S. M. Hali Kabul has finally had a peaceful democratic...

Afghan leadership transition & Pakistan
posted on: Sep 30, 2014 | author: S M Hali

Xi Jinping’s Indian yatra

[Translate] Xi Jinping’s Indian yatra By S. M. Hali Xi Jinping, in his first visit to India (17-19 September...

posted on: Sep 26, 2014 | author: S M Hali

Dog-whistle politics

[Translate] Dog-whistle politics By S. M. Hali “Politics”, a derivative of the Greek word politikos, meaning...

Dog-whistle politics
posted on: Sep 23, 2014 | author: S M Hali

Taming the deluge

[Translate] Taming the deluge By S. M. Hali Pakistan’s bread basket, the province of Punjab, is currently being...

Taming the deluge
posted on: Sep 16, 2014 | author: S M Hali

Sham Apology

[Translate] Sham Apology By S. M. Hali A certain media group, which was under the illusion of grandeur, assumed...

Sham Apology
posted on: Sep 12, 2014 | author: S M Hali

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