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Opportunity Cost

[Translate] Opportunity Cost By S. M. Hali   Chinese President Xi Jin Ping is planning to undertake his first...

Opportunity Cost
posted on: Sep 9, 2014 | author: S M Hali

Time-tested Sino-Pak relations

[Translate] Time-tested Sino-Pak relations  By S. M. Hali Sino-Pak relations have withstood the test of time and...

Time-tested Sino-Pak relations
posted on: Feb 12, 2014 | author: S M Hali

MNS heads to China

[Translate] MNS heads to China  By S. M. Hali  Mian Nawaz Sharif (MNS) is heading towards China after assuming...

MNS heads to China
posted on: Jul 3, 2013 | author: S M Hali

Sino-Pak naval cooperation reiterated

[Translate] By S. M. Hali  The history of Pakistan’s relations with its friends is replete with concrete...

Sino-Pak naval cooperation reiterated
posted on: Apr 10, 2013 | author: S M Hali

India’s Afghan moment

[Translate] By M K Bhadrakumar Delhi watches Islamabad’s involvement in Afghanistan with some degree of...

posted on: Jan 3, 2013 | author: Editor

Afghanistan: Turkey Breaks The Ice

[Translate] TURKEY’S ROLE IN RESOLVING AFGHAN CONFLICT  Air Commodore (R) Khalid Iqbal Turkey was able to...

posted on: Dec 18, 2012 | author: Khalid Iqbal

Afghanistan: Victory or Illusions

[Translate] Many a slip between the cup and the lip By Brig Asif Haroon Raja Afghanistan, one of the poorest...

Afghanistan: Victory or Illusions
posted on: Dec 16, 2012 | author: Asif H Raja

Afghan Peace

[Translate] Afghan peace process will bring anything but peace By Michael Hughes A Pakistani-brokered...

posted on: Nov 21, 2012 | author: Editor

US and Afghanistan

[Translate] Modified objectives of USA in Afghanistan By Brig Asif Haroon Raja   Today the US is looked down...

posted on: Nov 17, 2012 | author: Asif H Raja

The Strategy of Concentric Circle

[Translate] With no victory in sight and the ANSF becoming a major failure it appears to be a prudent decision to...

posted on: Oct 7, 2012 | author: Imran Malik

Afghanistan: A Vietnam Made

[Translate] Talk to the Taliban or risk a messier Vietnam By Michele Kearney After November, America must offer a...

posted on: Oct 1, 2012 | author: Editor

Camp Bastion in Afghanistan

[Translate] I've been inside Camp Bastion – and it seemed like the safest place on...

posted on: Sep 26, 2012 | author: Editor

Deadly Attack On US Base In Helmand

[Translate] Deadly attack on base in Afghanistan destroys five aircraft, damages 3 Two Marines were...

Deadly Attack On US Base In Helmand
posted on: Sep 21, 2012 | author: Editor

Afghanistan: America Achieves Victory

[Translate] By Scott Rickard American soldiers DO NOT make sacrifices for the American people. They make sacrifices...

Afghanistan: America Achieves Victory
posted on: Sep 11, 2012 | author: Editor

A war without an end

[Translate] End phase still wandering in clouds of uncertainty By Brig Asif Haroon Raja   There is a dire need...

posted on: Sep 9, 2012 | author: Raja Mujtaba


[Translate] By Air Commodore (R) Khalid Iqbal  On the eve of Eid, shrapnel from two rockets fired at...

posted on: Aug 29, 2012 | author: Khalid Iqbal

Afghanistan: Converging Indo-US inter...

[Translate] By Dr. Raja Muhammad Khan In their collaboration over Afghanistan, India and United States have joined...

posted on: Aug 7, 2012 | author: Dr Raja M Khan


[Translate] "American arrogance would be the cause of her humiliations all over; arrogance is ingrained deep...

posted on: Jul 29, 2012 | author: Khalid Iqbal

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