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Dear Donors, 

Now it has been seven years that Opinion Maker has been up front in promoting Truth, Peace and Love; this is an intellectual battle to establish Justice. The whole effort has been financed and supported single handedly with no outside help or assistance. As a policy it was decided to avoid taking funds from those who have vested interests therefore none were accepted to maintain our independent position. Now its operation and management is getting beyond the available resources just to maintain it in it's present shape without going into any expansion or adding new features to it, adding new features would require open hearted and open handed cooperation from the donors who are always willing to support a cause.

Now after so much of global popularity, Opinion Maker is being asked to add new features like Live Streaming, Webinars and Podcasting etc. to convey the message more affectively. To do so, additional funds of some magnitude would be required to equip the studios and then to maintain it for operations as running expenses.

It's no big money for the readers to donate 5 or 10 dollars a month. The amounts being asked are not even peanuts that most can afford to donate on regular basis and then there are many who can donate in large sum that would not even mean nickles and dimes to them. The donors in their own comfort can donate what ever is more convinient to them. 

The mode of donations are open, the donors can charge their credit cards through AlertPay or send the money through other modes.


Paypal / Credit Cards:



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Western Union:

In favour of Raja Ghulam Mujtaba. The code of this donation to be passed via email ( raja.mujtaba@gmail,com ) for its collection.


Bank Transfer:

Those from within Pakistan may also donate directly to the Bank Account, Bank Alfalah Ltd. "O.M. Center For Policy Studies." A/C # 0070-01875058 with any Bank Alfalah Branch in Pakistan.

Refund Policy

Under normal circumstances funds donated are not refunded but if there be some genuine reason where a donor has donated an amount that the donor feels is more than that was intended to be donated then in that case the excess fund will be refunded, but bank charges for any such refunds shall apply.

Terms of Service.

The funds so generated through donations are strictly utilised for the management and development work of O.M. Center For Policy studies.

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