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Pride of Pakistan

[Translate] Pride of Pakistan By Humayun Gauhar A clarification. I said in my last article that India is attacking...

posted on: Oct 19, 2014 | author: Humayun Gauhar

Kingship knows no kinship

[Translate] Kingship knows no kinship By Humayun Gauhar Congratulations to Malala Yusufzai for winning the Nobel...

Kingship knows no kinship
posted on: Oct 13, 2014 | author: Humayun Gauhar

Double-Barreled Smoking Gun

[Translate] Double-Barreled Smoking Gun Elections must be declared null and void for Pakistan to come on track By...

Double-Barreled Smoking Gun
posted on: Oct 4, 2014 | author: Humayun Gauhar

The Way Out

[Translate] The Way Out By Humayun Gauhar It might seem to the literal minded that Nawaz Sharif is winning the war...

posted on: Sep 28, 2014 | author: Humayun Gauhar

With Maximalist-Minimalist Positions,...

[Translate] With Maximalist-Minimalist Positions, Where’s Plan-B?   This logjam can be broken by an honest...

posted on: Sep 20, 2014 | author: Humayun Gauhar

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