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Moneyed vs. Rich

[Translate]  Moneyed vs. Rich By Col Bakhtiar Hakeem Relations, co-relations, systems and sub-systems are all...

posted on: Apr 18, 2013 | author: Bakhtiar Hakeem

The ‘Y’ Junction

[Translate] By Bakhtiar Hakeem There is nothing more precious and important than ‘man’, in the...

The ‘Y’ Junction
posted on: May 31, 2012 | author: Bakhtiar Hakeem

Pakistan-Russia: Down The Memory Lane

[Translate] Relations through History and Culture: Pak-Russian Ties By Bakhtiar Hakeem PART I GENERAL With His name...

posted on: May 9, 2012 | author: Bakhtiar Hakeem

Do You Question

[Translate] By Bakhtiar Hakeem You are my audience if you are in forties, rather than thirties. I seek you more if...

Do You Question
posted on: Dec 29, 2011 | author: Bakhtiar Hakeem

US vs China: Rivals or Partners

[Translate] The New Great Game is a strife among many powers, regional and global, as well as, big and small....

posted on: Dec 15, 2011 | author: Bakhtiar Hakeem

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