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CIA and Russian Protesters


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CIA/Soros funneling money through Georgia to Russian protesters

By Wayne Madsen

WMR has learned from an eastern European intelligence source that the CIA. Britain's MI-6, and George Soros, who actually fronts for the Rothschild family, has been funneling money to Russian protest movements through the Republic of Georgia.

The Soros-style "themed" revolution for Russia is being called the "White Revolution" or "Snowy Revolution,| with the color white being chosen as the thematic color for the attempted Russian uprising. Perhaps not coincidentally, the White Army was also the name for the counter-Bolshevik revolutionary forces composed of czarist loyalists supported by British, French, American, Japanese, and Czech troops who, from 1917 to 1922, attempted to invade Russia and restore czarist rule. The White Army invaded Russia from Poland, Lithuania, the Caucasus, and Siberia.

The western media is mocking Russian Prime Minister for suggesting during a television interview that when he saw protesters in Moscow wearing white ribbons, he thought they were wearing condoms. Putin said, "I decided it was propaganda against AIDS, that these were, pardon me, dangling contraceptives . . . I didn't really get it . . . But on the whole, my first thought was that this is good, that people are fighting for a healthy lifestyle." Putin said he could not understand why people unrolled a condom (gandon) before pinning it to their chest.

In fact, Putin, a KGB veteran, was signalling to the West's disruption network in Russia and neighboring countries that he is aware of how the protesters are receiving their funding from the West, including Soros, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) — the main cipher for CIA funds — and MI-6. Time magazine and other corporate media operations are trying to portray Putin as insensitive with his comment about condoms and white protest ribbons but his answer to the question posed to him was a direct message to Washington and London that he is aware of the destabilization efforts being conducted by western intelligence services in concert with Soros and the government of Georgia.

Some of the money earmarked for HIV/AIDS prevention in Georgia by USAID is being diverted to Russian dissident groups, according to our eastern European intelligence source. On December 10, U.S. ambassador to Georgia John Bass attended a World AIDS Day ceremony in Tbilisi along with Georgia First Lady Sandra Roloefs, the Dutch wife of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. Roloefs is a long-time associate and operative for Soros since her days at Columbia University. The SOCO Foundation in Tbilisi, which claims to champion women's reproductive rights, was founded by Roloefs and receives funding from Soros. Conveniently, SOCO's bank account is at the ABN AMRO Bank in Terneuzen, Netherlands, Roloef's hometown.

The money from USAID for Russian dissidents is being funneled through the Georgian Ministry of Education. The Georgian Minister of Education Dmitry Shashkin also attended the Tbilisi ceremony, which provided cover for the covert aid program to the Russian dissidents. Georgia has become the nexus for the U.S. aid to the Russian opposition trying to unseat Putin. In March, Georgia sponsored, with CIA, Soros, and MI-6 funds, a conference titled "Hidden Nations, Enduring Crimes: The Circassians and the People of the North Caucasus Between Past and Future." Georgia and its CIA, Soros, and British intelligence allies are funneling cash and other support for secessionism by ethnic minorities in Russia, including Circassians, Chechens, Ingushetians, Balkars, Kabardins, Abaza, Tatars, Talysh, and Kumyks.

The EU is also funneling money on behalf of European intelligence services, including MI-6, to Russian dissident groups through grants to Georgian non-governmental organizations. The money flows through the EU's Commission for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, the chief of which is Stefan Fule, a Czech diplomat who served as Czech ambassador to London and NATO and who attended Moscow State University of International Relations during the Soviet era and established a number of contacts who are now active in the present-day anti-Putin movement.

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  1. What in the world are you talking about you paranoid idiot? Im russian. Im protesting. And nobody is paying me…

    • Well of course your honest statement  proves that the west isnt funelling money to the opposition. 
      Now let me guess what ethnic group of people like to call names?

    • Type your comment here. That is right my friend more Kremlin lies. In fact that is another mistake that is an insult to Russians so they are called aids victims and agents of America.

    • Of course the money is not payed directly to you. This is payed to the organizers of the event that unthinking idiots like you attend for free :)

      • Vombatway says:

        Transfering funds through Georgia is the most stupid and sophisticated way to support Russian non-government organizations. Defenders of Khimkinsky Forest and Memorial receive money directly from the States.)) Seems like the guy was paid to write this bullshit.

  2. Type your comment here…Super text. Congratulations and thanks to the author.

    Emil Zin


    Process of pre-election zombiing of the population of Russia leaves on the international level. Wayne Medsen, the American "independent" journalist, the master of the theory of the plot was connected to process, having quite good communications in different special services. Who such this Medsen? His mother – the American, and the father – the Danish seaman. Wayne, Victoria Medsen's grandmother, one of outstanding figures of the Danish communist party, has been expelled from the USA after the Second World War.
    Recently U.Medsen, despite the American origin, has given out typically Feesbeshnuju article in Putin's protection and against the Native land – the USA. Article under the name «CIA and Soros direct money Russian protesting through Georgia» ( ELEMENT_ID=20499&PAGEN_8=2, the primary source / #), diligently extends Russian-speaking site
    ?????? writes that «has learned from one source in the East Europe investigation that CIA, British ??-6 and George Soros money transfers to the Russian movements of the protest through the Georgian Republic».
    The former scout Medsen (though the former scouts don't happen), probably, has absolutely got under way mind. He tells that «a part of the money allocated for preventive maintenance Vich/SPIDa in Georgia with Agency of the USA on the international development, go to the Russian dissident groups, according to our source from the East Europe investigation».
    In the unusual form for the American society, the scandalous American journalist, offends the first lady of the friendly state for the USA and gives out any crazy versions, ostensibly «has learned from one source in the East Europe investigation». Strange, former officer of naval investigation of the USA receives information from «the East Europe investigation» (probably is such organization on which it is possible to write off any versions).
    Probably, «the East Europe investigation» is well informed, than Americans in Georgia are engaged. Them in turn supply with information «the Latin American investigation» which have good communications with «Martian investigation».
    What substantiations are resulted by the grandson of the Danish communist "companion" of Medsen: «according to our source from the East Europe investigation, on December, 10th the ambassador of the USA in Georgia John Bass has taken part in ceremony on the occasion of day of struggle against AIDS in Tbilisi together with the First lady of Georgia Sandroj Rulofs, the Dutch wife of Georgian president Michael Saakashvili.». For ??????? persuasiveness the journalist who has become impudent from easy Kremlin money results a lot of surname, connecting them with each other the feeble-minded conclusions. "Companion" of Medsen wanted to bite, when was expressed about Saakashvili's Dutch wife. It would be desirable to remind the scandalous journalist that ethics and norms of decency should be observed and that at Saakashvili one wife and it is necessary to write not «the Dutch wife», and «the wife of the Dutch origin».
    Besides, to "companion" of Medsenu I want to explain that on such actions as «day of struggle with ??????», employees of all embassies, representatives various international the organizations are invited, members of the government and other official structures, charitable the organizations. Also what, all of them agents also finance the Russian opposition?
    How boss Medsena, the veteran of KGB Putin in which relation of Medsen it is expressed more validly, – «where tells surnames, addresses, appearances»? Or so it is possible, without the facts, being based on any «one source of the East Europe investigation» to bring charges to the states and officials? Or this «one source» from FSB?
    As writes Medsen, just (day of struggle against AIDS) meant this Tbilisi action Putin when it is offensive was expressed to own voters, more precisely, to own citizens who opposed its mode that «it (Putin) couldn't understand, why people have developed a condom (condom) before to attach on a breast».
    Again Georgians in all are guilty. If Saakashvili's wife didn't struggle against AIDS the opposition of a Putin mode couldn't put on itself white ribbons, there would be no money to buy on 10 sm (or more? I don't know. It were necessary to ask Medsena of what size those contraceptives which have seemed to Putin.
    Everyone judges moderately the full value) to a fabric and to Putin shouldn't load brains: that it was fastened on themselves by guys and girls, old men and old women, respectable and fair citizens of Russia. But all of them for Putin traitors of the Native land financed from the outside. Time for these charges the people itself will come the answer will demand. Whether one student to Medvedev has asked recently it is ready, what him will condemn? This beginning of the end.
    For now it is interesting, when Alina Kabaeva, Putin's Duma wife, twists a white ribbon, mister Medsen doesn't connect it with day of struggle against AIDS and with contraceptives?
    ?????? didn't study what countries struggle with AIDS except Georgia?
    «???????» Medsen if I write, what you supplied with the information Anna Chappman since Anna's girlfriend, often went to the same bar in which you like to look after work? We after all too have «one source» in world investigation (world investigation hardly more widely, than "East Europe")? The American tax bearer will believe, what you worked on FSB?
    As have "well tried Russian ?????????. When after the offensive statement to holding a meeting, the Internet has blown up also Russian blog sphere has expressed general contempt to Putin, have decided sexual hallucinations ??????? to fall down to Georgia and have connected"heavy"artillery in the name of the communist by birth, the layman in 
    jurnalism,"companion"of Medsena who has given out unskilled article in Putin's justification.
    ??????? it is not necessary to blame. Have paid probably too much. That the order has executed that badly and nonsense has composed, think, as this veteran of KGB you will justify, if at the person of a problem begin, a face skin tightens, but the proper place doesn't stretch. Here recently was lost in contemplation of a skirt and has distorted it ( "Companion" of Medsen, here and a theme for new crazy article. It is Mi-6 has enclosed this girl in a short skirt near to Putin. Who doesn't trust, look video.
    Let's return to Putin contraceptives. ???????????? the great and wise veteran of KGB, hanging on protesting condoms, that has made the message to Washington and London that he is informed on the attempts of destabilization which are carried out by the western reconnaissance services by means of Georgia and that "white" or "snow" revolution are financed by compatriots of Medsena. It is possible to think that the journalist simply raves, but all not so is simple. Further – is worse. It appears, "bloodless revolution" through grandmother's genes has reminded the author «white army which with 1917 on 1922 tried to occupy Russia.» (!).
    Really former officer of sea investigation doesn't know, what through Georgia it is impossible to translate money resources to Russia most difficult, more precisely? With Georgia at Russia isn't present diplomatic the relation, transport messages are shown to a minimum, trade isn't present etc. If Americans and Englishmen finance holding a meeting, what for it to do through Georgia? Same the most difficult route? Or through Kaliningrad, through east regions or directly isn't easier and cheaper?
    But the main thing to write and fulfill money of the Russian tax bearers, the main thing to write and again to incite Russian against the Georgian and Caucasians as a whole. How many years still will be necessary for a management of Russia for internal political struggle and power deduction to do of Georgia and the Georgian of the enemy?

    Something before elections the paid espionage exposures have become frequent. Recently former official of the government of Blair admitted espionage against Russia. Really for free? It is a little trusted. Such "recognitions" for a sneer company of in opposition adjusted weights were necessary to Putin. Article of Medsena too from this opera.
    "Companion" of Medsen, how many to you have paid for this unskilled article?

  4. Mister Medsen: how many money to you has paid FSB for this article?

    Here the answer to your selling article

  5. Mister Medsen Putin's agent and KGB. It the grandson of the Danish communist himself too ?????????? Mister Medsen carries out dirty orders in favor of FSB

  6. .Selling journalist Medsen a shame of the American nation. Down with Medsena from the USA after its grandmother. ?????? a shame! ?????? the agent of FSB and KGB!


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