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Prepare For Armageddon


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Most frightening of everything in this FSB report, however, is the reply Putin gave to Russia’s top generals yesterday when asked what preparations should be made and he answered…. “Prepare for Armageddon.”

We will do it with or without you, US tells Pakistan

By Raja G Mujtaba

Armageddon (commonly known as the battle against the anti-Christ) according to the Bible, is the site of a battle during the end times, variously interpreted as either a literal or symbolic location. The term is also used in a generic sense to refer to any end-of-the-world scenario.

According to some Muslim and Christian interpretations, the Messiah will return to earth and defeat the Antichrist, Satan the Devil, in the battle of Armageddon. According to the Muslim belief, it would be Imam Mehdi who would precede Prophet Jesus who would fight the one eyed beast called Dajjal (Anti Christ). Then Satan will be put into the "bottomless pit" or abyss for 1,000 years, known as the Millennial Age. After being released from the abyss, Satan will gather Gog and Magog (peoples of two specific nations) from the four corners of the earth. They will encamp surrounding the "holy ones" and the "beloved city" (this refers to Jerusalem). Fire will come down from God, out of heaven and devour Gog and Magog after the Millennium.

According to the Muslim belief, the forces to battle the one eyed beast would rise from the area of Khurasan that comprises of portion of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and part  of Central Asia. If the anti-Christ forces have assembled in Afghanistan, it’s not a coincidence but well thought out Zionist strategy to take on Pakistan, the nuclear power of the Muslim world so its free to advance other Muslim territories without any fear.

Most historians and scholars believe that the present stretching of the US and NATO Forces far and beyond their legitimate areas of interests, is a sign of final showdown. The placement of US forces in Afghanistan is seen as the final buildup to attack the Muslim lands. This could well become the graveyard of the US troops from where they may never escape death. Presently, the grouping of pro and anti Christ Forces is seen to be taking place. The US and NATO clearly appear to be on the side of the Anti-Christ and siding with the Zionists the real anti-Christ Forces. Zionists are known to be Satan worshipers in their secret hideouts therefore are working to create a godless world and control the entire resources.

Sensing these developments, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin prior to his departure for China, cautioned his generals to prepare for Armageddon. A similar message was also delivered to the Chinese leadership that has the Chinese Forces also on high alert. Apparently in the same context, Putin has resolved all differences with China to forge a clear unity for times ahead.

Sino-Russian alliance is very timely, seeing the hard threatening statements of Hillary Clinton that she fired at Pakistan from Kabul before flying to Islamabad is very alarming. Pakistan has some hard decisions to make.

Commander William Guy Carr, in his book ‘Pawns In The Game’ probably written in 1948 stated that third revolution and third world war are in the offing for which the grouping is taking place. He also stated categorically that the third world war would be against Islam.

Plans for this “Total Global War” or the war against Islam the Americans are preparing to launch were first revealed to China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) by a former Blackwater agent Bryan Underwood who has been apprehended by the US authorities for spying.

If one observes the way the US and NATO are waging their wars in Muslim countries proves William Carr to be correct.

Blackwater, the global contractor for CIA is operating in almost all the target countries, arrest of Raymond Davis in Pakistan did expose the US designs; had he been retained and grilled for some indefinite time, much more would have been revealed. Pakistan is infested with Blackwater, they have made inroads in ethnic political parties more so in Karachi, the port city of Pakistan. Balochistan has also become a hotbed where secessionists forces are being patronized by CIA, MI6, Mossad and RAW. As believed now, the US has also launched biological warfare in Pakistan where dengue is killing people on daily basis.

On reading the situation of the coming US plans for Total Global War, Putin spelt out an alliance to integrate the former Soviet Republics into closer cooperation. He scheduled an emergency trip to China to meet with Hu, and ordered the FSB (Russian Agency) to notify China’s MSS of the arrest and detention of their spy Tun Sheniyun who was captured last year for attempting to steal sensitive information on Russia’s most powerful anti-aircraft system.

Today Libya has fallen, how the Libyans would benefit from it only time would tell but one thing is sure that US and her allies have formed a bridgehead in Africa. Further deployment of the US troops in Africa are taking place, its China encirclement there where China has friends in the Muslim countries. Sudan has been split, and Obama plans to occupy some other countries like Uganda, Somalia, Morocco etc. In Africa, says Obama, the “humanitarian mission” is to assist the government of Uganda defeat the Lord’s resistance Army (LRA), which “has murdered, raped and kidnapped tens of thousands of men, women and children in central Africa”. Incidentally, Africa also happens to be the Chinese success story therefore by taking over Africa, China would also be chocked. Libya was one of the major oil suppliers to China now that hangs in air. Gaddafi was trying to dump dollar for gold that instigated the US to attack her through a cleverly manipulated and orchestrated moves.

After having been deceived in Libya where the US assured both Russia and China that it will not attack but did quite contrary to what was promised. Sensing that US plans to attack Syria, Russia and China were quick to veto the American resolution in the security council that infuriated the US Ambassador Susan Rice who left the session in rage.

Dick Cheney pointed out in his 1990s “defence strategy” plan, America simply wishes to rule the world so that’s forging ahead following the Nixonian doctrine, ‘seize the moment.’

Reported by the EU Times, the “New Great Game” moves being planned by the Americans is to strike fear into both Russia and China that includes:

1.) The deliberate implosion of both the US and EU economies in order to destroy the Global Financial System that has been in place since the ending of World War II

2.) The launching of a massive conventional war by the US and EU on the North American, African and Asian Continents to include the Middle East

3.) During this all-out war the deliberate releasing of bio-warfare agents meant to kill off millions, if not billions, of innocent civilians

4.) At the height of this war the US and its allies will sue for peace and call for a new global order to be established in order to prevent the total destruction of our planet.

Confirming the fears, an unidentified source within the US Department of Defense (DOD) warned that the Obama regime was preparing for a massive “tank-on-tank” war and that US military forces are “expecting something conventional, and big, coming down the pipe relatively soon.”

To how close this war may be the FSB in their report states that it will be “much sooner than later” as the Americans have pre-positioned in Iraq nearly 2,000 of their M1 Abrams main battle tanks, have pre-positioned another 2,000 of them in Afghanistan, and between the Middle East and Asia have, likewise, put into these war theaters tens-of-thousands of other typed armored vehicles. This should be a grave cause of concern for Pakistan.

Being at war, the US can also effect “Full Mobilization” of over 1.5 million American reserve forces which can occur at “at a moment’s notice” for which US needs no Congressional approval to expand their areas of operation is also being examined when America is fully poised to advance in Asia and Middle East.

Now that Hillary Clinton is on her Pakistan visit accompanied by the new CIA Chief, David Petraeus, Chairman US Joint Staff, General Martin Dempsey and Marc Grossman. Keeping the armoured buildup in the region and having an Armour Officer as the new Chairman of Joint Staff, could one say it a coincidence or a planned strategy?

Hillary, as expected that I mentioned in my CNBC News analysis on 19th October, has arrived with a tough warning for Pakistan, saying,We will do it with or without you.” This has certainly placed Pakistan in a very trying situation. Pakistan has other options to join the third force that is in formation led by Russia and China to counter the US moves in the region. If Pakistan, Iran, Syria and other Muslim states including Saudi Arabia join this alliance, that would certainly deter the US and her allies, if not then every Muslim country would fall one after the other without exception and their assets would be frozen.

Important to note about the American plan for global domination through massive warfare is that it is not really a secret, and as (curiously) revealed on the tenth anniversary of the 11 September attacks upon the United States when the US National Security Archive released a memo written by former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in September 2001 wherein he warned “If the war does not significantly change the world’s political map, the US will not achieve its aim.”

To what the “aim” of the United States is as their war against the world has now entered its 10th year, the FSB says, is to prevent “at all costs” the implosion of the US Dollar as the main reserve currency of the present global economic system before the West’s envisioned “New World Order” can be established.

The first threat to the Americans “master plan” for global hegemony came in November 2000 when the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein quit accepting US Dollars for oil and, instead, stated his country would only accept Euros. In less than 10 months an attack on the US was engineered and used that as an excuse to topple Hussein and reestablish the US Dollar as the world’s main reserve currency.

Interesting to note is the failure of Libya’s former leader Gaddafi’s plan to introduce the gold dinar, a single African currency that would serve as an alternative to the US Dollar and allow African nations to share the wealth, but which like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein “plan” brought a swift and brutal invasion by the Americans and their Western allies to keep it from happening.

The only nation that has successfully abandoned the US Dollar is Iran, who since February 2009 abandoned all American currency opting instead to value their oil and gas in Euros. Iran, however, and unlike oil rich Iraq and Libya, has not been attacked due to the Iranians having acquired from Ukraine between 6-10 nuclear armed X-55 missiles (range of 3,000km [2,000 miles]) in 2005. Although the former Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko denies that the missiles contain their nuclear tips, a statement disputed by the FSB who states they were armed and “ready to fire.”

As a preemption, to counter the planned American blitzkrieg into Central Asia and Pakistan from Afghanistan, Indian Army Chief General VK Singh warned yesterday that thousands of Chinese military forces have now moved into Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir joining an estimated 11,000 more of them believed to have entered that region in the past year.

Before the US ventures into other Muslim lands, the US would want a submissive or a broken and denuclearized Pakistan. In both the scenarios it would mean Pakistan’s death. In such a scenario, Pakistan maybe compelled to go for non conventional weapons; if such a development takes place, India, Israel and the US installations in the region would not be safe. Can the US risk such a situation would only depend on the arrogance and sanity level of the US leadership.

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  1. Mansoor Malik says:

    Doomsday scenario in our back yard may not stick. Long ago the Crystal Ball woman, whatever her name was, had predicted this world of ours to have come to an end a  long while ago .Lets be rational in this age and time. Pakistan or for that matter Iran are not walkover states and can fully defend themselves against any intruders. If a small mediaval country like Afghanistan can survive the onslaught for more than 30 years then Pakistan and Iran could do the same for more than 100 years, Armageddon or no Armageddon.

  2. Itsme 2011 says:

    Wherever Hillary Clinton goes DEATH Follows

  3. Present operations in FATA, are practical lessons for Pakistan Army to excell its skills. Only problem is huge money in form of Lands to army top brass. With filled stomachs and love for money has made our army leadership coward. Hence defeat will result for Pakistan. We have to get rid from plot mafia culture in teh army.

  4. If you think its not going to happen, then you're pretty dense as to what is really happening about you.  LOOK at is what is happening about you and THINK deeply before you too are swept away in the chaos.  Being for-warned is being for-armed…standby :)

    • the bastards  said it would take them 2 -4 days to "liberate" Libya that became 2 -5 weeks that became 2-3 months
      8 months on there is a VERY SRONG RESISTANCE AND a LARGE % of LIBYA IS
      “Allah, Mu'ammar wa Libia bas!
      and don't you forget it

  5. Goat Lord says:

    Doomsday Jesus we need you NOW………..

  6. zenshaman says:

    I greatly appreciate your site, and the information. however the recent addition of multiple popups that take me away from your site has become unmanageable. i understand you have to make money, however your strategy here has lost a reader. peace out

    • Mike Andrews says:

      zenshaman: It sounds as if your machine is infected with a malware. I am experiencing no such popups as you describe. Run antivirus.

  7. wow,thats all i pretty much have to say,it seem sto me like the US is the most paranoid country in the world,,and with good reason.I f you attack a country , and the people dont know why,,,then they will… try and kill you……think about it for 10 seconds you dumbass warmongering fuckheads….Last time i checked,,,2 plus 2 still equaled 4……God,,,,fuckin americans,,,,so stupid

    • well said and you are so right about the sick usans
      8 months on there is a VERY SRONG RESISTANCE AND a LARGE % of LIBYA IS
      “Allah, Mu'ammar wa Libia bas!
      and don't you forget it

  8. popups? You are either a moron or your own computer has problems…these is nothing like that here.
    Strange article…wonder how most people recieve it…I think they are not used to thinking this way.

    How is it that Dajjal is antichrist…Christ is Jesus…didn't know moslems wer concerned about someone imitating/replacing him.

    • No pop-ups here either, and calling someone a moron over a computer problem is a bit harsh.  They may have a use for you Tel Aviv with an attitude like that. 

  9. The World has been preparing for it since long. Jews, under the disguise of Zionism has taken over Christian World through Financial and Propaganda control and destroyed the social, financial, religious (Ideological) and ethical structure. They could not gain the same level of control over Islamic World and still the greatest opposition to Jews for their struggle to control the world is coming to them from Islamic World, whom they propagated as Terrorism or Jihad. This is resistance or retaliation in actual, not terrorism at all but this action and reaction is taking to world towards Armageddon (Israel). 

    • Well said
      You can see their attempts at spreading their judas religion – it is ok to defy a corpse- photograph, mutilate, feed the flesh of dead resistance to living resistance -
      ALL in LIBYA by the feces who naTo broughtt and installed. wait for the great HIGHER JUSTICE
      naTo are drug crazed scumbag thugs. Jalil stole 2 billion from Libya. the first bombs to fall were on the building housing the documents of his crime.
      the feces=rats are a buch of morons who are fighting among themselves and these goons+the gulf goons are naTo's partners
      the bastards are fighting among themselves
      qatarwood stole money and didnot deliver the arms
      READMATHABA NET if you want the truth about Libya

    • human being says:

      its PEOPLE who are one tracked minded to think that one group would publically cause destruction and devastation without being stopped…… if the so-called Jews as YOU put it are the bad guys then NO ONE would be there friends. how about looking at it like this MORON, its about being a human being. WE all are on the same planet. WE are not at war with the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, or even the little planet called Pluto. there are evil people smart enough to mask or HIDE BEHIND a group to make them look like the bad guys. the Hewbrews believe its the Muslims, the Catholics think its the Protestants, the young say its the old, the left blames the right, down must be up……. stupid childish games of whose to be the guilty one…. last time any said that GOD, Allah, the Four Winds, The Great Spirit, the Anointed One, the Creator of what is before YOU is to JUDGE ALL when the time arrives. So who are you to say who should live and who should die. if the killing on both sides want to end then YOU both should should stop hating each other. the only one who is winning is the DEVIL and the DEVIL’s minions on earth. who do you side with??

  10. The Great Tribulation will come first.

  11. The great tribulation is ALREADY here. Its slowly gaining at a pace. 

  12. Maheen Tirmizi says:

    Very nice article! InshaAllah if US dares to invade Pakistan,they will be digging up their final grave here!!! Pakistan is NOT Iraq or Afghanistan, our Army and Airforce knows how to defend its land!!!

  13. MountainHome says:

    Chinese soldiers in the Pakistan-Kashmir area will only incite India to do something thus a build up of another potential war between the two countries.

  14. The United States government is totally controlled by Jews. This statement is easily verified by research.

  15. Qader Khan says:

    Operation Al-Boraq is in progress, the hour of Pakistan's glory, and the utter defeat of the USA-ISRAEL-INDIA axis is near! Our engineers have been tirelessly working in extreme heat deep beneath the Mexican-American Sonoran desert border to construct tunnels through which we have supplied suitcase-sized nuclear bombs to the faithful mujahedeen. Our faithful mujahideen in India, Israel and the USA have also been issued scores of suitcase-sized nuclear bombs to lie in wait for a signal from Islamabad. In phase 1 of Operation Al-Boraq, at the appointed sunset hour, upon a signal from Islamabad, scores of suitcase nuclear bombs will be detonated simultaneously in India, destroying for ever that den of infidels. In phase 2 of Opearation Al-Boraq, exactly 6 hours later, when night falls upon Israel, our mujahedeen shall detonate the nuclear charges in Haifa, Tel-Aviv and other cities, destroying for ever that country of sinners. 6 more hours later, Phase 3 of Operation Al-Boraq shall involve detonation of the suitcase nukes simultaneously throughout the major cities in the USA. Thus, within 18 hours, the world shall be rid forever of the 3 major centers of anti-Islamic thought, and Islam shall rule the world, with Pakistan as its leader! Arise, O Mussulman, it is time to do your part and claim your rightful place in the World!

  16. SO DECEIVED  you think god wants destruction , human sick minded fools want destruction , you call yourself muslim haha you child grow up and maybee then you will relize god isness in your heart and will not talk death and destruction GROW UP FOOL

  17. Ghazi Lokhande says:

    Pakistan, NOT IRAN, is Israel's greatest enemy.Any attack by NATO-USA-Israel on Syria-Iran will draw or force Pakistan into battle – either the USA or  India will attack Pakistan.Pakistan will respond with nuclear weapons as this will be a fight to the death for Syria-Lebanon – Iran -Pakistan – Putin knows this and believes that it is likely to take place in weeks rather than months.The US will attack Russia and China and hopefully N.Korea will join in the fray against the US and Nato countries.It will all be nuclear and 
    The Muslim nations must seize the moment and not wait for another NATO operation on Pakistan-Syria-Iran-Lebanon.Getting rid of that cancerous blight on humanity – Israel – is the only cure to all our ills.It will effectively kill US foreign policy designs in the entire mid-east. Nasrallah has already carved out his battle plans for Tel-aviv.
    Now is the moment.

  18. @Qader Khan
    That's the funniest story ai've read all morning. Pity you're so deluded that you actually believe it. And even more pity that you expect others to.
    Seek treatment.

  19. It's not going to happen. This is the last desperate attempt of the 'black hats'.
    They have lost already.

    • Lost what?
      The rest of the world has distanced themselves from the US kill the saudi diplomate BS
      who thinks that a saudi and in this case an unknown saudi is worth a bullet? US/UK + their bastard illegitimate state of hell
      we reserve our bullets for raymond davis and steve green the pedos

  20. From the days of the French Revolution to Napoleon to Marx to the World Wars to Joe McCarthy to the murder of JFK 9/11 and so on….this is all a big drama with many acts. The End Game is upon us..
    Have a look at this EPIC timeline entitled FORBIDDEN HISTORY at

  21. Article is well written and hope to see more friends to take part in this discussion

  22. I had 3 pop-ups. I have no malware or viruses. It's the site. If you're not getting them it's because of the restrictions you've placed on your computer that are blocking the pop-ups, but the pop-ups themselves are originating from this site.
    Also, the only morons are people like you who think the world is going to end because some nut job has interpreted some stupid old book in such a way that can only strike fear into the hearts of retards like you.

  23. Assalamu alaikoum my dear brother Raja,
    What an utterly brilliant work akhi, quite possibly your best to date! It is an excellent analysis of what is happening now and what is set to come in the future and I can't recall the last time that I read a piece which dealt with spiritual and geopolitical matters simultaneously and balanced them so effortlessly. Again, just brilliant! 
    "Zionists are known to be Satan worshipers in their secret hideouts therefore are working to create a godless world and control the entire resources." This statement is the single most important statement in analyzing the countdown to Armageddon. If one knows how the Zionists behave and what their ideology is, then one knows the only effective counter to them is Islam.
    May ALLAH (SWT) hasten the reapperance of Imam al-Mahdi (AS) and Prophet 'Isa al-Masih (AS) and lead us to victory insha'ALLAH khair.
    ~ Ziah

    • My Dearest Akhi,

      I am most grateful for your appreciation of my work. What I wrote here was a flow and did it in couple of hours. Thank you again. :)

      • Echo the above/below comments

        Jonathan Azaziah you are one of best

        I do not give compliments but you WORKS are comparable to none.

        Simply the best and I thank Mr Raja Mujtaba for making it possible

        SUKHRAN sahib

    • Jonathan Azaziah you are one of best
      I do not give compliments but you WORKS are comparable to none.
      Simply the best and I thank Mr Raja Mujtaba for making it possible
      SUKHRAN sahib

    • Echo the above/below comments(expresses what I feel)
      Jonathan Azaziah you are one of best
      I do not give compliments but you WORKS are comparable to none.
      Simply the best and I thank Mr Raja Mujtaba for making it possible
      SUKHRAN sahib

  24. Amerikagulag says:

    Strange that Putin would reference Armageddon. It's a distinctly biblical notion. And one that has no basis in reality. I doubt Putin was talking about the biblical reference, but perhaps a world wide war, the beginnings of which he and others are aware of. They know there's plan afoot to attempt to bring on something resembling the biblical mumbo-jumbo so that believers will continue to bleet and follow. For those of us who have seen what this world is really turning into, we know it's a distinctly jewish plan for world enslavement.

  25. Amerikagulag says:

    And here it is. It's not biblical at all. It's distinctly zionist, via NATO.

  26. Jeff Prager says:

    To respond here the way I'd like to would require writing an entire article and I'd also like to respond to some of the commentary which would require again an entire article. I'll try to keep it short.

    Historically, each world war has been preceded by large scale global financial devastation. The perception that we might be headed for a 3rd world war has some basis in fact in this respect.

    I'm not a religious person but there are aditional reasons based on various religious beliefs that a world war is, once again, inevitable and that it will in fact be against Islam. In the USA we have a number of people in positions of great power that view these global machinations from a purely religious perspective; a Judeo/Christian perspective.

    There are a number of people that actually believe the Judeo/Christian literal version of the coming of the messiah necessitating a global war on Islam. Quite frankly, as a non-religious person this scares me.

    To think that people with ultimate power who control massive armies (Obama, Bush, Erik Prince as examples) actually have a religious perception of reality is frightening, indeed.
    I suppose all we can really do is hope for the best. At 56 years of age I can only hope these kind of events occur well after I'm gone. Of course I've been of the opinion for some time now that the lunatics are running the asylum so at the same time I'm not filled with a great deal of hope.

    As John Lennon so aptly stated, "I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go 'round and 'round, I really love to watch them roll, no longer riding on the merry-go-round, I just had to let it go."

  27. Arun Kumar Upadhyay says:

    Key questions here are-(1) Who is anti-Christ-Nostradamus writings are interprated that He refers to important Popes or other Christia leaders like Napoleon, Hitler as anti-Christ. many Christian groups mainy protestants also take Pope as anti-Christ. So called Christian religion is basically Roman religion which hanged Christ and has been always against all jews including Christ. (2) Who will win the war-Anti-Christ Christians or somebody else?


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