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Exactly How Big Is This So-Called Al Qaeda?


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Massive Perpetual Wars against Fantastical Dwarfed Terrorists

People keep talking about which country we should be getting out of, or, how many more countries we should get into to fight against terrorist Al Qaeda. No one is asking what Al Qaeda is or who really these supposed Al Qaeda terrorists are.

By Sibel Edmonds

For almost 10 years we have been engaged in a massive and many-fronted war advertised as a war on terror-war on Al Qaeda. Recent reports put the total cost to America of this war on terror at around $3 trillion. This is not counting un-countable covert operations with secret budgets, and it does not include the war in Libya or covert wars elsewhere.

For the last 10 years of the Cold War, the period of our heightened expenditures against a war marketed as a war against communism, we reportedly spent slightly under $3 trillion.

For a moment let’s forget about the exaggerated and sometimes dubious Soviet threats that were being sold to our nation during the Cold-War, and assume all of them legitimate and warranted. Okay?

We had the Soviet military with over 5 million men. We were dealing with Long-Range Ballistic Missile capabilities.  We had an empire with a declared arsenal of 39,967 tons of chemical weapons. We were faced with massive nuclear arsenals and warheads, sophisticated fighter aircraft, tanks… All that, and of course the added fear propaganda and jazzed up other threats to go with it. My point here is not how scary an adversary the USSR was to the United States. Here is what I want you to do:

Take into perspective and compare the size, budget, militaristic and technological capabilities, and the vast power of our former adversary, the USSR, to the current alleged terrorist adversary, Al Qaeda, whom we have supposedly been fighting for ten years.

Let’s first begin by engaging in a rational process of elimination, and take out the wars and targets that are not related to the 9/11 terrorists, the supposed Al-Qaeda. That will take out Iraq and Saddam Hussein, and also Libya and Gaddafi.

Next, we should take out Afghanistan as a terrorist nation state. Afghanistan has been under our occupation for almost ten years, and we have our puppet government installed there, and when it comes down to it, the Taliban does not equate to Al-Qaeda, it never did. The Taliban did not exercise terrorism in the United States or its Global territories.

We must also remove Pakistan as a terrorist country, thus a nation state target. If you remember, neither the quasi 9/11 Congressional Inquiry nor the quasi 9/11 Commission Report ever declared the Pakistani government/nation as terrorists or an Al-Qaeda member. Let us go with their official judgment. After all, haven’t we been giving Pakistan billions of dollars in US aid since 9/11 and continuing to date? Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to on one hand categorize our drone war there as war against Pakistan as a member of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network, and on the other hand support and finance them? Exactly; that eliminates Pakistan as an Al-Qaeda nation-government. Are you with me so far? What does this leave us with?

Our war on Al-Qaeda terror does not include a single nation state or organized state military. No military infrastructure or headquarters. No trained army-navy-air force. No tanks, warplanes, nuclear warheads, drones. No intelligence institutions or landmarks. No communication satellites. No technology. No borders. No GDP…

The supposed Al Qaeda’s top leadership was declared by our government to be Osama Bin Laden, aka Al Qaeda Commander in Chief; a sickly old man who was hooked to a dialysis machine; who supposedly lived and hid in caves, and later, in a mud house located in a remote third world village with chickens and goats. A man who sustained himself and his family by periodically selling his wives jewelry or bartering milk from his goats for occasional lamb chops. All this according to our own government; coming out in bits and pieces, and of course, sometimes in a totally contradictory fashion.

The supposed Al-Qaeda network’s communication and intelligence sharing infrastructure, according to our government, was kept very simple to evade our trillion-dollar intelligence institutions. The Al-Qaeda commander-in-Chief wrote down notes and instructions. He then waited for the courier to come and pick it up. The old man courier would hop on a donkey and travel from a bigger town to the Commander-in-Chief’s mud house in a third world village. This sometimes took several days. He’d take the note, then hop on his donkey, and go back to the town where he’d meet another intermediary courier. The intermediary courier would take the note to a nondescript little house, climb up to the roof where he kept trained courier pigeons and hawks, and based on the importance of the communication given to him, he’d either choose a hawk or pigeon to send the intelligence to the next courier. The next one used couriers who traveled to the remote deserts by camels, and so on and so forth.

How about the sophistication of weapons-methods used by our target terrorists, the ominous Al Qaeda? We are talking about a dozen or so pocket knives priced at approximately $4 a piece (probably made in China), and of course if bought in bulk, for a total under $40. That for the supposed execution of the massive terror plot over here, in the world’s super power nation. As for other worldwide terror incidents that have been placed under the  ‘Al Qaeda Track Record,’  we are talking about rudimentary bomb-making ability paired up with ultra simple bombs created by ingredients such as fertilizer; we are talking a few loads of cow dung here; literally, that is.

What about the size of the manpower these terrorists, Al-Qaeda, possess? Interestingly no one in our government has ever touched upon any scientific or even commonsensical estimate as to the number of active-combative Al-Qaeda terrorists. Instead, our government, through their stenographers in the media and their marketing arm in the Hollywood filmmaking industry, has succeeded in forming this public perception of a massive number of boogieman-Al Qaeda-terrorists out there who are actively and constantly planning and executing terror plots against the West.  Thus, to get a certain level of rational perception we must look at some factual indicators:

We have had this $3 trillion ‘War on Al Qaeda Terror’ for the last 10 years with nearly a quarter million military members, thousands and thousands of intelligence operatives and analysts, highly sophisticated and gigantic intelligence gathering tools (Think NSA, satellite technologies, wiretaps, spooks and snitches), mega rewards for turning in Al-Qaeda members …You’d think in ten years of these constant war and intelligence gathering operations we’d have tens of thousands of captured Al-Qaeda terrorists in our jails here and abroad. No?

Interestingly ‘No.’ Let’s take a look at the mother of all our captive top Al Qaeda terrorists detention center; Guantanamo Bay:

Since October 7, 2001, when began the war in Afghanistan, 775 detainees have been brought to Guantanamo. Of these, most have been released without charge or transferred to facilities in their home countries. The Department of Defense often referred to these prisoners as the “worst of the worst”, but a 2003 memo by then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld says, “We need to stop populating Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) with low-level enemy combatants … GTMO needs to serve as an [redacted] not a prison for Afghanistan.”

Currently we have less than 200 detainees at Guantanamo most of whom have not been proven guilty of being ‘Al Qaeda terrorists.’ Let’s be even more generous and count in those detained in other US military prisons like Bagram. Again, we are looking at 500 or so prisoners none of whom having ever been charged; none of whom legally found to be an Al Qaeda terrorist.

Now please put all these facts in perspective: Ten long years of continuous wars, trillions of dollars, 250,000 military personnel, trillions of dollars worth of intelligence gathering institutions and capabilities, millions of dollars set in rewards for Al Qaeda terrorists, and a supposed network with supposed  Al Qaeda active terrorist members in very large numbers. Yet we have less than 1000 detained who have been accused of being Al Qaeda terrorists, and none ever proven to be an active Al Qaeda terrorist member.

Does this make sense to you? Does it make sense as far as the trillions of dollars you have been made to pay for this? What are we talking about here? A massive never-ending war against a fantastical network of technologically and militaristically dwarfed terrorists whose proven guilty members we haven’t been able to catch or kill.

Everyone is busy arguing whether we should cut or add a few billion dollars to the several trillion dollars war on Al Qaeda. People keep talking about which country we should be getting out of, or, how many more countries we should get into to fight against terrorist Al Qaeda. No one is asking what Al Qaeda is or who really these supposed Al Qaeda terrorists are. The question that never seems to come up is exactly how big is this Al Qaeda we are spending trillions of dollars and thousands of lives fighting against. I mean no one.

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  1. “The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US….” Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.

  2. Shiva - planet Mars says:

    Al Qaeda – "The Base" – was the computer database of Afghan Mujahadeen who were fighting the Soviets and who were on the U.S. payroll.  They were no terrorist organization then, and certainly no terrorist organization now.

  3. Willie Reichard says:

    This is an excellent article. What is missing is, it so corrupt, there are many, many prisons around the in different Countries, that get PAID to take in "Terrorists". All about money, how sad for the world. And the innocent people in chains. This has got to stop, or we will never be a free people, again. It will take something very drastic, to get our beloved America The Beautiful back again. I am a Vietnam Veteran. And I Love My Country. Peace,

  4. J. Chaudry says:

    There is no Al-Qaeda and there is no terrorism except what has been created to oppose the American invasion of Afghanistan and Pakistan’s support for it. The US simply does not want to leave Afghanistan and wants to extend its stay using fraudulent pretexts. 9/11 was a fraudulent and false flag operation to terrorize the regions of interest in order to support various American geopolitical sinister plans.
    The Americans are hoping to exhaust the Taliban and all others who oppose the American occupation while they have the puppets like Karzai around to help. The Soviets also had their own puppets (like Karzai) as show pieces heading a non existent government.
    The Americans have equally unholy plans for Pakistan. The puppet Zardari government is doing every thing possible to destabilize Pakistan and bring the country to its knees socially and economically. The army chief is also in cahoots with the Americans by ensuring the survival of the Zradri and his ilk for the full term. America is hoping to bring the destabilization of Pakistan to a point where a civil war would result in severing Balochistan from Pakistan. The US can then, conveniently install a puppet in Balochistan and acquire a direct unobstructed route into Afghanistan.
    America is planning to build permanent military bases in Afghanistan close to the Caspian circle and also close to both China and Russia. This is what it wanted to do in Viet Nam, but it did not work out. Would Afghanistan pan out for the US? Only time will tell, but it seems that not only the US does not have stomach to fight, also it may not have enough borrowed money to pay for the huge expense.   

  5. Draconius Horribilis says:

    Sibel Edmonds is a Turkish spy and a traitor to the US.

    • RabbitNexus says:

      Whatever, you are a troll and live in a hole.  You could double your value by being composted and made into potting mix, for a plant on Sibel's shelf.

  6. American Patriot says:

    This is what I've been saying for years. Al Qaeda was invented as a scapegoat by the jews to put the blame on when they pulled off 9-11. It's as phony as the easter bunny and  the tooth fairy.
    Remember the Mossad motto.- "By Deception, Thou Shalt Make War"

  7. MrAnomilus says:

    Sibel Edmonds is NOT a Turkish spy!
    I seem to recall that She has stated that she has infomation implicating high level Turkish arms dealers as being in partnership with Israeli and American counterparts in financing the 9-11 "false flag" operation, possibly more.
    This does not seem like something a Turkish spy would do, because it would damage a very powerful group in Turkey, and the Turkish economy, because they are major arms dealers.

  8. very well written article and pertinent to those with brains to think with!
    the groundwork has been laid to ensure that the united states collapses economically and militarily shortly by those who did the 1st, 2nd and soon the 3rd world war plus all the other wars in between——- namely the zionist jews!
    you christians cannot and will not understand what is coming unless you read the islamic  texts detailing the rise of the antichrist (dajjal al masih). you can listen to the lecture by sheikh imran hosein on youtube on it for a detailed version of whats in store for you and us!
    israel will become  the ruling state in the world when it makes the dollar collapse shortly, it will launch a big war in the middle east to capture the worlds supply of oil and to hold the world to ransom. you all  have to agree the christians cannot even sneeze without the jews knowing about and ruling over them in every sphere of they govts!
    i wish the best for all hindus, sikhs, jews and christians plus muslims, but they must understand whats facing them has been here for time immemmorial, all recent acts in the world and scenarios being laid are to a final objective and appearance of the dajjal in jerusalem who will rule by tyranny, oppression and murder and mayhem which the world has never seen before and which every prophet of Allah has warned mankind about in history!
    do not be ignorant and watch sheikh imran hoseins lecture after which you can make your own mind about what you wish to believe!

  9. philipa.travers says:

    Email address not current. I was feeling pretty down until I read Sibel's article.Here in Australia, the case against David Hicks is proceeding because apparently a Public Prosecutor finds he,David, broke the Law.Even if no Australian Law record suggests that…There use to be a term for this in the 1970s called Verballing. Plenty of Verballing lately,and what you have pointed out,and the attacks on Libya, are being compared with Embassy shenanigans.So the logic it would appear from Australia is.  If the Embassy people play up, it must mean Uncle Obama must be right,and the War Mauseleum[ war museum] could do with a few new names for the trades people involved.Who must be Gentiles,because some of those walls of the Mauseleum look like ancient walls in public toilets for men.  Luckily[irony obviously] women think they have advanced themselves recently to join the public toilet wall if they don't get to understand the Truths in your article! David Hicks wasin Gitmo,and recently had his autobiography published. I suppose this comment of mine may make break some Australian Law.[Some oddball Commercial Law as the Public Prosecutor is a Business Entity] But seeing I haven't as a citizen done any damage to the highest court in this land ,whilst being drunk, and not being a soldier,they cannot get me to be in their British Army.There is something really pathetic in being an Australian right now.

  10. gottasayit says:


    Just wait till the next big false flag attack. You think 911 was big. Ha. Remember that plane full of nuclear weapons that the Bush administration illegally flew across the country. Well, it took off from Minot AFB with 6 nukes on board, dissappeared from radar for awhile and landed in Louisiana with 5 nukes on board. 
    You can bet your sweet ass that it will be used on a American city to finish what was started in 2001.


  11. The answer is of course that nothing is what they say it is. Al-Qaida doesn't exist it is a placebo, Osama Bin Laden was nothing like they say and he died of kidney failure in December 2001 anyway. The War on Error is a defacto war against Islam intended to infuriate the Ummah to the extent that a genuine and serious uprising from some segment at least of the wider Muslim community can be triggered. The Zionists, Jew and Christian Zionist alike are trying to foment such a conflict because it is the war to end all wars (and you can bet it will be) out of which they hope to drag their version of an all conquering Messiah.
    That they don't recognise the complete reversal of reality in which they live is to expected since they in fact form what could be termed the anti-Christ . For them up is down, black is white and war is peace and aggression is self defense. This is the worldview that their domineering cult has forced upon their captive tame media and it has become the upside down paradigm of life for the Western nations forced to endure this charade. Not saying that a large and vocal segment of each of our populations are not enthusiastic supporters of all the bloodshed the demons can bring about, just that these fuckwits would not have been the Mainstream thinking in an age of reason.

  12. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    9 11 racket is unraveling;
    there will be hell to pay

    • Not unraveling fast enough, unfortunately.  If every american understood the "9/11 racket" there would certainly be hell to pay. But the majority still don't.  And it's getting late, very, very late.

  13. PeaceSeeker says:

    Bravo Sibel, well researched and logic stirring article. More of this truth that so evades us, more, more, more!:)

  14. If someone doesn’t reach his goal or lose more than what he achieves, is called defeated. America, the super power of the world, could not reach to its goal and lost more than what it achieved, therefore, I count it as defeated power and no longer a super power. 


  15. isn`t that an arm of the CIA?

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