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India Accepts Pakistan Air Force is a Leading Force


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By Raja G Mujtaba

“The Pakistan Air Force is stronger than ever. Since the last Indo-Pak air war of 1971, the Pakistan Air Force has with steely determination built up numbers, lethal capabilities and a combat force now counted as one of the most disciplined and well-trained air forces in the world. Headlines Today has a disturbing proof that all this has made India worried.”  India Today 20th April 2011

Over the years since 1971 the leadership and planners of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) have not slept, they did not believe in status quo. 1971 was the watershed period of PAF when the country had fallen from grace and truncated through internal and external conspiracies. To rise from ground zero is no mean job. But PAF has been lucky that by and large it remained in the hands of committed, dedicated professionals who took the challenge from the horn.

The US, true to its traditions dried all sources of military hardware and economic resources. But those sanctions proved blessing in disguise. Pakistan looked inwards and laid the foundations for self reliance with technical assistance from dependable friendly countries like China, Ukraine, Sweden etc. France was also willing to provide but its costs were prohibitive that kept the cooperation to a minimum level.

The bulk work was done with the cooperation of China that helped Pakistan in almost all the defence production, overhauling and rebuilding. The foundation of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra was laid. Here a very modest beginning was made when the light Swedish aircraft (Mashak) was launched as a basic trainer to meet the needs of PAF and Pakistan Army. From assembly to manufacture and enhancement this aircraft became the training bed for a full fledged fighter aircraft production.

F-6 Rebuild Factory that rebuilt the Chinese MIG 19s re-designated by PAF as F-6. When all other sources had dried and Pakistan did not have the finances to go for highly expensive Mirage aircraft F-6 became the mainstay of PAF. It was modernized with latest avionics, ejection seats, armament, breaking system and taxing capability that added much more lethal power to an old vintage technology.

On the drawing boards of F 6 Rebuild Factory, newer aircraft designs were developed that were given computer simulation for design tests. First a Super Saber that was to be developed on the frame of MIG 21 or F-7 fighter bomber but due to some technical snags, it was called off. Then with a little gap and new thought process, a brand new design was developed with active participation of China the end product was JF 17 that exceeded all the performance parameter envelop by significant margins. This aircraft was designed, built, tested and inducted in the PAF in a record time.

JF 17 is a close match to F 16 with a huge price difference. It has been displayed at International Air Shows of China and Farnborough in the UK where it was admired by all. It soon became the most fancied aircraft of the developing world for its performance and low price tags and complete absence of any strings. China has also emerged as a major buyer with 300 copies of JF 17 and about the same number would be acquired by PAF.

Its not just the Chinese origin induction but PAF has also received latest F 16s that has a total strength of 60 aircraft half of which are block 52, the latest upgrade. The F-16 As already on the inventory of PAF are also undergoing major upgrade and soon will become equivalent to Block 52 version, in capabilities.

Not stopping here, as reported by India Today in its latest issue, “There's a deeper threat at play than just fighter numbers. Consider these newly inducted force multipliers that all but kill the Indian air advantage. Pakistan is inducting four Swedish Saab Erieye and four Chinese Y-8 airborne early warning aircraft, while India, currently, has three. India no longer has the mid-air refueller advantage. Pakistan is inducting four identical IL-78M aircraft.”

After the acquisition of four mid-air refuelers (IL-78) from Ukraine and early warning systems like Saab 2000 from Sweden and ZDK-03 from China, PAF has had a quantum jump in reducing the gap with India over technology and firepower.

Whereas Pakistan is fast phasing out its old vintage, India is still stuck with old Russian equipment that is fast losing its edge over Pakistan. India Today states, “Finally, with an ageing Soviet fleet of aircraft (MIGs)that are troublesome and facing retirement, the Air Force looks at an even greater dip in the numbers advantage. The message to the Defence Ministry and the government is simple. Cut your losses and plan hard for the future. If you don't, the Indian Air Force will lose the one thing you've always counted on: its combat edge.”

PAF has not stopped here. According to official sources, PAF is in the process of acquiring J10 the latest machine from China. The exact number or its assembly or production in Pakistan has not yet been finalized. This aircraft would surpass most of the advance jet fighters and compete with any aircraft in its class.

Now most PAF aircraft are nuclear capable and all can be refueled in mid-air. This is a punch that’s hard to match in any given theatre. What PAF lacked in deep penetration aircraft has more than made up with mid air refueling and latest F-16 Block 52 aircraft, which has a long range.

In last decade, the induction of latest aircraft by PAF has completed the requirements of fighting a modern concept of net centric war, in future. All these modern aircraft and allied air defence systems acquired by PAF are now fully integrated in a net centric environment, ready to deliver a decisive blow to the enemy in any future encounter. 

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  1. Lulldapull says:

    I wouldn't sound too optimistic here. The JF-17 numbers alone will take a decade to build up to anywhere near the requirement to replace the hundreds of obsolete A-5's, older F-7's and ancient flying coffin Mirage-III/V's. PAF has been losing an aircraft roughly every month to attrition due to very old airframes desperately maintained to keep them flying. The IAF is a huge force. There are right now more than 100 Su-30MKI's and more than 90 Mig-29B's plus a healthy 70 or so Mirage-2000H's to take care of all the PAF can throw at the IAF. These are backed up by hundreds of Jaguars, and Mig-27's for intediction, strikes and close support. The Sukhoi SU-50 (Pak-FA) 5th generation aircraft will be coming off the production line in India before it does in Russia. That alone will negate all these Chinese JF-17's and the J-10's that China will sell to Pakistan. No need to sound upbeat is all I am saying…….The IAF has a tremendous advantage over the PAF, it usually has enjoyed that since partition. All PAF can do is continue playing catchup.

  2. Lulldapull says:

    I forgot to add the punch line here. The JF-17 is a poor match when pitted against an opponent like the Su-30 which is fast becoming the IAF's mainstay. The Su-30 has as much as a 400 knot advantage over the JF-17 in speed, has more than 3 times the thrust, and consequently a much better T/W ratio. It's 200km's + S/T Bars radar in air to air mode and complement of large numbers of R-27's and RVV-AE's give it a huge advantage over all PAF types including the block-52 F-16's which have came out performing poorly when pitted against the Su-30MKI's of the IAF during exercises with the Singapore AF. The J-10 looks like an unproven platform as well compared to the IAF's Su-30 and Mig-29's/ Mirage-2000's.
    All bets are off when the IAF inducts the Su-50. A lot of people are making fun of the Chinese J-20 stealth on forums. Compared to the F-22 or Su-50, it does look clumsy. For PAF, only time will tell how the JF-17/ J-10 will perform in a real shooting war. Please don't get me wrong……I can't imagine China staying behind the U.S. and Russia for too long in terms of weapons technology. The Chinese economy is fast becoming the dominant one on the planet, that alone will dictate where the most weapons development will take place. But currently both the U.S. and Russia enjoy significant weapon technology advances over the Chinese. This will change of course……

  3. lull ….try not to pull anyones legs …unless they be your own ! Pakistan has always relied on Minimal Deterrence, and that alone prooves Pakistan does not want trouble nor its seek expansionism under the guise of Freedom and democracy yada yada …you rlot may tout freedom and democracy , and secularism and multi-cultiralism etc but the Indian State always acts like an imbecile weak unsure insecure illiterate village woman scorned. Pak knows that the stealth Russian jets India is getting will make even the J-10 obsolete …which will make Pak acquistion of Chinese stealth fighters more likely in the future ….alteast Pak is not trying to count its eggs before they hatch …!! understood India has one on Pakistan ….thats okay …it would be redundant after the MAD …mutually assured destruction ……yes …conventional weapons b/w India and Pakistan are a moot point ….yep ..thats you ….a moot point …thanks …bye now ! come back soon ..okay …bubye now !  :-)

    • Lulldapull says:

      Oh pai Si-murgh chickunn……….I said nothing wrong here…..neither am I putting down our country which is in a desperate situation with the U.S. shoving its harami policy down our throats. The U.S has managed to destroy Pakistan……I was opposed to this relationship and our chamchay leaders from the day I was banned from those bachodi sites years ago, where you probably know me from!…..
      Pakistani army is a begherat army and Punjabi's and Mohajir/ Sindhi's have always been an outlet for the imperialist policy in our region. I have no expectation from these ethnicities.Yae bhenchod haft pushtee bikay huay hain!
      I will say it again and again…….Pakistani ullu kay putthon ko yae baat pata naheen kab samajh main aanee hae kay U.S. hamara dushman hae!
      Not only our enemy, but it is the enemy of islam and muslims.
      In goron kay baap yahoodi hain, they are the ones driving this policy to destroy all stupid ass muslim countries. Agar teree yae baat samajh main naheen aatee, no one can help you my friend.

  4. pakistan always keep lots of power for bad eyes and bad thinks

  5. Karishma Khan says:

    I m a war analyzer. Indian fighter jets are far more better than Pakistan’s. Indian’s Sukhoi 30 MKI have 400km range anti AWACS missiles, which can easily destroy pakistan’s AWACS without entering in Pakistan’s main land. India’s Mig 21 is really a flying coffin. they had got 845 mig 21 and know they have only 436 of tham. but know they are acquiring Dassault Rafael which is far more better than F-16′s. adding to that India’s future programs are superb as compared to Pakistan’s. There future plans- 1) 300 stealth 5th generation fighter aircraft. 2) 126 Dassault Rafael multirole jets. 3) 132 HAL Tejas light combat jets. 4) Over all 270 Sukhoi 30 Mki. 5) 22 Appache D latest combat Helicopter. 6) 15 heavylift chinook helicopter. 7) 10 heavylift C-17 Multirole Aeroplane. 8) 12 heavy lift all weather transport aeroplane. 9) BAE hawk trainer jet. 10) 156 HAL Dhruv multirole helicopter… India is giving there 12.67 % of GDP growth to defence sector, which is $200 billion dollers.. which is making a very huge difference between India’s Defence and Pakistan’s defence..

  6. Mr Lull
    There was a huge equipment difference between PAF and IAF in 1965. But then what happened? It was unison of actions with a complete focus on the aim that paid the dividends by an intelligent leadership. In 1971 the story was different. It was the leadershi of Bhutto- a chrismatic individual who befooled Yahya an inwardly had decided to go seperate. He followed th foot prints of Nehru i.e an accord with Q’Azam Jinnah would have jeopardized his becoming the first Prime minister of India as Gandhi had offered Quaid as such. If E Pakistan had stayed ZAB may have never become the Primeminister. So the point is not the nuber game it is how the assets are used. Whether one has 4 1/2 ” or 8″ it is how the stuff is used. That be aside Mr Lull u really are a lull. If Ulu Kay Pathay Pakistani do not understand US fellows then why they continue to do? But Bhen chodon Bharti ko ye khud bhee samj nee chahya. Chaacha US will always want to ensure the two do not get together in their common aim of well being. They will not let India also go beyond a certain limit. But the ay India tries to show off vs Pakistan their is no way Pakistan shake off great chaacha.

  7. Please note that Pakistan and India are both atomic powers and both can’t afford to indulge in a war against each other because such a war will result in the complete destruction of both the countries.

  8. jf thunder rocks says:

    Actuallay indians are afaired of pakistan power so they(india) aid to #hindutaliban to weak paf

  9. well the biggest injustice is keeping our nation in \khush-fehmi\ india has 200 latest Su-30MKI long range aircrafts.and none of our aircraft outrange it ..even after we acquire j-10B from china.and that aircraft is latest most powerful machine made so far…and ur english is so bad .mid-air refuler?? lol air to air.

  10. Not to worry all of IAF Supporters. If your IAF have in power so why they afraid to PAF why you are are discussion about J-17 you know why because you all are know if India attack on Pakistan. So Pakistan are right now in this position to destroy your New Dehli Mumbai and all your Business Hubs. Can’t believe let take a chance again? You all are cowards


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