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“Off The Net” Kashmir Freedom Movement


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Off The Net

By Raja G Mujtaba

Hamid Rajput has a sharp eye to pick between the lines, he always has something interesting to say. Not only that he has a good way to explain and express himself. I find him very interesting and always like to discuss with him.

Dead body of a woman is paraded to establish the Indian ruthless rule

When discussing over many issues, Kashmir had us fixed for the barbaric, inhuman and humiliating atrocities being committed over the Kashmiris. Thus our discussion developed in to deeper groves of the issues related to human sufferings there. Be it children, young, old women or anyone that dares to stand before the Indian authorities is crushed in every conceivable manner so as to break the will of the people. Least that the Indians realise that everything can be destroyed but for the will of the people. Now Kashmir movement has entered into a phase of no return, the violence will increase so will the killings who will check and intervene is a million dollar question. To pin hopes on the powers in the West including the UNO would mean living in a fools’ paradise.

Here see how the Indian women have come out of their clothes and asking Indian army to rape them is slap on the face of the world conscience but who cares. Likewise is the Kashmir issue, who cares.

Indian women protesting against rape by Indian army - can someone answer

Kashmir is a burning issue not from the near past but since the freedom of the sub-continent. The British played their cards and India fell trap to that; India accepted what was not hers hence the British succeeded so they have a permanent buyer of their weapons. Wasn’t that what David Cameron had come to visit New Delhi for? He could not see any state terrorism in Kashmir or elsewhere within India where Maoists and many more are fighting for their political rights and freedom from the yolks of India. If he had not kept his eyes close to these problems, how could he have bagged contracts worth 1.5 billion dollars? After all what’s a human value, what does it mean to few rich and powerful, nothing more than an ant that gets trodden under the feet without even being noticed.

Going back a little, during month of April, he wrote a paper, “Who attacked Mumbai” quoting Indian writers and intellectuals, that Indian thinker now realize that the fault lines lie within. Here some visible factors could be mentioned to think who is behind uprisings on the Indian side of Kashmir. Kuldeep Nayar in his recent article jog Indian memory that Nehru made promise with Kashmiri nation that they would be given an opportunity to decide what they wanted to do with their territory and later he backed out his words. Arun Dhati Roy a well respected journalist from India portrays Kashmir uprising in these words:  Not surprisingly, the voice that the government of India has tried so hard to silence in Kashmir has massed into a deafening roar. Raised in a playground of army camps, checkpoints, and bunkers, with screams from torture chambers for a soundtrack, the young generation has suddenly discovered the power of mass protest, and above all, the dignity of being able to straighten their shoulders and speak for themselves, represent themselves. She has a very loud and strong voice compared to her frail body and structure. May be if asked, she

Kashmiri Women raped abducted and never to be seen again

could also turn around like Mr. Jinnah who was questioned for his loud and firm voice said, “Do not forget that I am a Rajput from Sahiwal.” But admirably this lady has the courage to say it loud and clear without mincing her words. The tragedy is that Indian leadership has no wish to read or hear such words that may bring them closer to peace.

B. Raman, a former Indian bureaucrat views the recent Kashmir uprising in these words: We are facing an Intifada of the Palestinian model in J & K for the first time. It is a spontaneous outburst of anger by sections of the youth over what they allege is the disproportionate use of force by the police and the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force). I took these words as a confession of thousands of killings inside Indian Kashmir. Ban Ki Moon the Secretary General of the UNO also observed similar developments in Kashmir.

Amnesty international‘s report on Indian atrocities on Kashmiris reminds the Indian authorities that they have an obligation to protect the right to life in accordance with international law and it includes the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Law Enforcement Officials, can only use firearms when strictly unavoidable in order to protect life. I leave it to readers to decide that who could be behind Kashmir movement, the infiltrators or internal fault lines?Indian troops forcing the kashmiri youth to march naked To protect the right to life is a far cry for the Indian leadership in power at any given time but their killings, rapes and humiliations of the Kashmiris is a routine matter that has no parallel in history. Just to prove the point, here is a video clipping of the Indian security forces herding the unarmed Kashmiri youth stark naked and abusing them. It has some very derogatory language that has been used in it. It’s a complete shame to humanity who are in a position to influence the Indians and yet they look the other side.  This a serious cause that develops vengeance amongst the aggrieved who later over a period of time resort to violence and other means that are then termed as terrorism.

What the Israelis are doing in Gaza is simply deplorable that must not only be condemned with words but must be resisted by force of the international community but when it is compared to Kashmir situation, Gaza is just a shadow. When Ban Ki Moon has also seen with his own eyes and realizes the potential threat to world peace why he does not mobilize the international agencies to stem the atrocities of the Indians in Occupied Kashmir makes one wonder about the intentions of such bodies. To conclude, I would like to appeal to the Indian sane mind that please read the writings on the walls that are visible even to blind and do grant the Kashmiris their legitimate rights for self determination. If for some reason this is not heeded to, the consequence can be disastrous not only for India but for the whole region and world peace. Raja Mujtaba has over 25 years of writings behind him. His focus is on the Muslim World in particular and all other areas where humanity is subjected to injustice, suppression and killings. He sees the world as a global living but not part of the New World Order that is a Zionist Agenda. His conviction is that there can be no peace without justice thus the root cause to every problem must be identified and addressed. Justice leads to peace that develops love. Web-Stat web traffic analysis

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  1. Through time and again, violence begets violence; injury is met with injury .Violence has become a relentless attribute of this conflict, implemented by both sides as a vital weapon in their respective tactical repertoires. But for the people of J&K it is bound up with honor and identity. Punishment and revenge are principal manifestations .This violence maybe considered as a “narcissistic rage” whereby a wounded party try to find vengeance for their injury. In such cases when dishonored victims act to reassert honor and self-respect, to re-establish their status in the eyes of those who have witnessed their dishonor and counteract of humiliation becomes a retributive tactic towards this end. It may be amalgamated by neuroscience, where blood feuds, religious differences, vendettas and ethnicity invite shame and social sanctions. “India only understands the language of force”
    India will never let go of Kashmir it will lose its secular identity as to religious -cultural identity it will be a further loss to Hindu self-hood and in terms of location India see Kashmir as a barrier to advancing forces from Pakistan and of course China so they are imposing violence never mind the casualties .It uses hurt to bargain, but that hurt is justified not only as means, but also as an end. This does not make violence irrational, but makes it more complex than the coercive bargaining model.
    The whole world turned blind- eyes in recognizing Kashmiris call for help and right for self –determination. The role of abandonment and loss of lives is fueling violence form every people’s heart. The humiliation, the memories of victimization and of those who have lost their lives fuels collective hatred that will lead to the escalation and spiraling of violence. Years of injustice beyond physical and emotional levels had established social dimension of revenge. Kashmiris will stand-up unabashed , resolute to prove that “The blood of its people is not cheap” People are willing to suffer to maintain self-respect , People will not give up a single right ; and they will continue the struggle till their rights for self determination are granted.

  2. Samson Simon Sharaf says:

    In this myopic uni polar world, India is putting her lot with USA’s containment of China. Soon India will make Kashmir a pawn to achieve strategic balance against China. On US dictates it will become a no go area. This is what REALPOILITIK is about.

  3. Usama Nizamani says:

    I guess we have been forced into the continuous face of challenges which were expressed to our nation by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, that indeed we are in midst of nonparallel challenges. Therefore, it is the high time that we need to take unconventional and the traditional ways to make oppressors to be reverted from their state of transgression against our brethren and sisters in faith and in humanity. Moreover, without a second thought and being reluctant, we need to take a moral stand and come out of the complex being on the defensive, we need to strive and struggle by all our conviction and firm belief in Allah to fight the oppression at all levels in Allah’s cause only to fight the corruption and oppression in the earth, and Allah is the source of All Strength. Aameen.

  4. It is really disgusting to see my world ravished by perpetual injustice to cause, being women rights, children rights, humans rights, or any other abuse of rights of individuals.

    To turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed to another brother, another sister or just another human being is as criminal as the act itself.

    For years our Presidents, Ministers, Kings, Dictators, Puppets and Puppeteers have been perpetrators and accomplices of genocides.

    The erratic International Foreign Policies of our countries have allowed such crimes to go unpunished. Even the body of the United Nations it its roll of Public Relations Pacifier and official war stamping organization had shamefully recorded and tossed away the crimes in the archives of Shame.

    The situation in Kashmir is as cruel as the the worse horror story from the inquisition.

    We, the thinkers of our time, own an apology to the victims of Kashmir, for years we ignored the situation. I myself need to cry many times and ask for forgiveness for not knowing your struggles.

    This bad custom of humans to be only sympathetic to your kind, is the worse inheritance that we own to our religious, and social structure that for years have divided us in religious, economical and color blocks.

    We all need to come and embrace the pain lessons in history if we have not learnt them well.

    The internet and the social networks are opening the door for all compassionate humans that know the horrors in the world and disseminate the truth to the four corners..

    Now we are accomplices as well, if we do not do our duty and stand with one voice against the injustice.

    The Indian Government should face the trails of hell.

    Love is moving the heart of the people, and we are getting together for a common goal. “Peace and Justice for All”

    Do not be shy, do not Fear, your voices and rage should be heard.

    Do not wait for Churches, leaders or NGO’s to do your job..

  5. the indian are working hand in hand with the jews ( mossad ) right now an i think it really shows look at the palestinians an kasmir same thing

  6. Wonder which way Pakistan is heading ,like a rudderless ship heading to collision.
    Its even funny to see many writers pointing out imperfections in other countries when they themselves havent earned their right to speak on a global stage….Pakistanis retreating fellow country men like crap is much worse even more sad.


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