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Opinion Maker: Where Truth is The News and Readers are The Opinion Makers


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A Voice From The Cyber Space

By Marivel Guzman

Sitting close but yet strangers!

What does it takes to write the truth? Regular Ordinary Citizens now days are engaged in the writing process and the dissemination of the truth. Be my truth or your truth is up to the Opinion Makers.

In this complex society that we are living, a world ravaged by wars, disperse by religions, divided by ideas, segregated by colors, is amazing that we can reunite in a virtual world where we chat as old friends, a virtual coffee shop where we drink a picture in your wall, where your ideas are spread, judged, misjudged, argued, deleted and at the end of the day and after a long day of differences you still be friend of your worse enemy.

The opinion makers are you, your opinion is my worse nightmare, my opinion distasteful to your morning coffee. We all become opinion makers.

We write what we feel, what we know, what we want, what we search, what we discover and we enjoy this non pay job that we do with an almost addiction, with a religious everyday observance. We the Opinion Makers are obsessed with the truth, we can’t take the main stream news any more as news, but as propaganda. We the Opinion Makers has discovered the way to make our opinion count, even thought is just in the social networks, we feel the satisfaction of have done a great justice to truth, when we sit for hours writing, posting, commenting in every single wall of our countless friends. We have become the active Opinion Makers of the world, when before, the broadcasting networks saw us as a clients of their advertisements adds, now we become the Opinion Makers, and we are seen as important as the Adds.

How this become to be?, we the public blogger, the free writers, the video editors, the photographers, and publishers are just Opinion Makers. We do not generate one penny for the Social Network that we subscribe, but in the long run we will be the writers of History as never written before, we will write our story and History will be just his-story.

The Truth is the News and can not be cover by beautiful and crafty words. The Truth is destined to survive the most entertaining fictional story of the editor of Fox or CNN, these networks are struggling to keep us hooked to their lies.

CSPAN is ready to interview the hard to get personages on the Political Spectrum to attract us back, but years of mingling with the Truth, and years of Editing lies had set us networks appart.

What can I say about evening news, in every station around the globe, they all fighting for ratings. “Charly Bit my finger” or “Blooood” boy have more viewers in an afternoon than all the broadcasting news in the US and Canada together, let alone all the youtube, meta caffee and others channels that attract us to the every day Truths and Realities.

I tell you times are changing, we have become the Opinion Makers, The Video Editors, The Free Press: The New Press of the world. We the regular citizens can not be attract any more for an add of Coca Cola, or a refreshing bath of Zeth.

There is no way that we can go back to be the passive spectators that for years, warmed the sofas in front to the TV’s. Now we are part of the making of the news, we are part of the story, we are making the story and the Opinion Makers of the Truth.

The writer is a friend from the Cyber world, a lady of strong commitments and devotion whose heart burns for those who are distressed and are in pain. She is a fighter on moral grounds, her convictions and truth are her only weapons.

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  1. MorningStar says:

    What a powerful article and well said. I agree that “…in the long run we will be the writers of History as never written before…”. For once in the time of time, let the people write history.

    Power to the People and bloggers. We can all share our thoughts without mainstream news media telling us what to think. Now the little people can have a say. Remember, there are more of us than there are of them. Thank you.

  2. Truth will never die. Intelligence allows one to live without education…education allows one live without intelligence

  3. gregory Clark says:

    The MOST important idea that MUST be disseminated and understood by all of HUMANKIND and then acted on is this.

    Governments must be controlled by the societies it serves or it will control you. Government is the enemy of freedom and liberty, it ALWAYS has been. Any student of human history should be aware of this. Governments cannot solve our individual problems, they are not supposed to be our parents. Giving them such authority only brings down societies and civilizations over the long course of time.

  4. thoughts create reality.

    thank you!

  5. TSGordon says:

    The danger in all of this is when we ‘assume’ to be part of, or distinctly separate from, the broad consensus.

    IE: Take the two Bush/Cheney illegal, and completely unjustifiable wars. Once our soldier boys were shipped over ther, oh what the hell, may as well keep killing innocent people. After all, it is our (wink-wink) oil to grab, -from those stupid a-rabs!

    IE: “Trickle-down” economics is a great model, it’s just that it takes several years to work. Five years of abusing the poor is not nearly enough, as pResident Ray-gun proved, it takes over 9 years to bankrupt the poor and reduce the living standards of the middle class.

    IE: “It’s the war budget, Stupid!” -Worked like a charm for the current pResident, Barry, oh, what’s his name…

  6. RogindaUP says:

    Truth? What is truth? Is truth what you see on the Six O’Clock Evening News? Or is it on Is it in some other of a half million internet blogs… or is it only in whatever one wants to precieve & believe as being ‘true’? And, “opinions”! Oh my! There’s a whole other form of “truth,” right there, isn’t there? For is it not in fact the case that probably 95.8% of everything we see & find on the internet in fact comes down to being nothing more than someone’s opinion? Most often, presented as “fact” — aka, (in their opinion) ‘truth’??

    From every blooming so-called “legitimate,” “fact-checked” news sight — take your pick: MSNBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, whatever; to the furthest-flung “conspiracy news” websight — from the most “conservative,” “right-wing” internet blog, to the farthest “left wing” “progressive” — are we in fact not dealing with individuals’ particular take & perception on whatever issue they happen to be writing about? There’s no such thing as “straight reporting,” “unbiased journalism,” anymore — let alone “fair & balanced” ! (Ha! What a crock!) Everybody knows that. Especially when it comes to the internet!

    The very fact this blog exists — as simply yet another internet venue for people wishing to present their “opinions” as “truth,” points up the innanity of it all. Oh yes, ‘we can create blah blah blah… & call it “truth,” blah blah; even though that’s just our opinion, yada yada.” Yep. Right.

    Look, with regards to “truth”– the reality is, there’s Only One Truth. And it doesn’t matter what you or I or anyone else on the planet thinks about it; our “opinion” does’nt, can’t, & never will change reality: Jesus Christ said, “I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life. No one comes unto the Father except through Me.” THAT’s what the “truth” is, folks. There’s no getting around it. THAT’s the ONLY “Truth” there is! It really doesn’t matter if you believe it or not; or what your “opinion” about it might be. You know it, & I know it. We may not like it; we may each wish there was some way around, some loophole. We may have LOTS of different ideas & “opinions” about THAT reality; but It Is what It Is. And He Is Who He Is. Even the Great I AM. That’s not just a matter of opinion; you know that much, as well as I.

    So while it’s fine to have and express a multitude of opinions & debate vast numbers of popular points of view & political issues, blah blah blah, finally — when it comes down to it — if we see ourselves as responsible thoughtful intelligent & rational human beings, we must ultimately decide, each one for him or herself, if & when we’re ever going to stop trying to AVOID actually dealing with what is, in fact, The (ONLY) Truth — trying to think & reason & “opinion” our way around it (thereby keeping ourselves in bondage to a lie we only wish was true); or, if & when we’re going to finally ACCEPT Him at His Word, for Who He says He Is — so we can then be set Free??

    This, friends, is the ONLY TRUTH we should be concerning ourselves with — on this or any other internet blog.

  7. I couldn’t agree more. It is only when ordinary people take truth into their own hands that any kind of justice is served. A form of citizen oversight of information…

    Some of us have been saying this for years. Now a lot more people are actually looking actively for their information rather than recieving it passively from a media (newspaper, TV channel etc…) aimed at their “target group” and conforming their thoughts to the desires of vested interests.

    Investigate and spread the Truth – and become “Opinion Makers” !

    The mainstream media are doing such a bad job at it after all…

  8. John Stokes says:

    The TRUTH wins….

  9. You want the truth,check out this ex-jew brother.

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  11. jpstephens2012 says:

    There is a vast difference between truth and opinion. The internet allows opinion to pass as truth among those who want or feel those opinions to be the “truth”.

    In our world today, even the “truth”, as supported by the “facts” is nothing more than bigot bullshit. “Facts” are manipulated with slight of hand such as statistical data which can be gathered to form bogus consensus of opinion and then presented as scientific fact.

    What do you want the “truth” to be today? Well, here’s my “opinion” of what the “truth” is. There’s only one of us here. That’s the truth, and until every imaginary individual wakes up to that simple fact and takes those repercussions to heart, the “truth” will never be known.

  12. The collective wisdom shared by so many, forged by experience, often brutal, weathered by so many, often stormy…..we need not agree, but we must share. The world becoming something undreamed of in my childhood, the powers that be not to be trusted. I can only hope that we prevail, our loves, our dreams, our shared realities. These I trust far more than any news broadcast….

  13. I loved the article and the comments until someone threw Jesus Christ into the Blog. The Truth is there are ones with super technology who hates the real Truth. Unless you have been abducted you do not know the real Truth, you are still searching. The biggest lie that humanity has been deceived by keeps us from all the ultimate Truths. The biggest lie to ever face humanity is being covered up by Governments, Religions, Doctors and Scientists.

    Everyone will live in a state of confusion until the big lie of ” we are not alone ” is revealed once and for all. Once this big lie is revealed only then will you know how much you have been controlled and programmed to keep you away from the real Truths.

  14. While we may argue that “facts” are just opinions, there are FAR too many people on the “ground” that actually witness the actions in question.
    Look at MSM on the oil spill. Then listen to the people who live there.
    In ALL questions of fact / truth / opinion, we MUST examine the motivations of the person originating the “news” .
    Their motivational angle will tell you much more than their words.
    Most people have reached a point where they discount anything from MSM because the motivation is all too apparent.
    If you look at the “free energy” groups, ALL of them are publishing on the net to prevent stuff from being patented. Their altruism makes their efforts much less suspect to lies. Regardless of their results, their motivation is for the common good. Altruism trumps ALL other motivations.

    I blog at Burning Man just to let others know what is REALLY going on in the world. I’m not running for office and I’m not selling gold. i just want my fellow man to have some peace and happiness in his life. I’m hoping that he feels the same for me.
    If my motivation is altruistic, my written offerings are less likely to be slanted or untruthful.

  15. Truth is a natural law of physics. It is interdispersed with all particles of the universe. Our capacity to open our human brain/antenna to the light and vibration and music/sound of the universal is expanding at an amazing pace. The Legions Of Darkness knew this day would come. We are blowing their garbage can lid off the containment of TRUTH.

  16. To Sue, Who do you think abducted you but the enemies of Christ, demon spirits…not “space aliens.” Demons have many tricks to deceive us away from the salvation trust in Jesus Christ offers as a free gift. You’ll never be taken again if you believe Christ died for your sins & rose again because the Holy Spirit in you is stronger than “them.”

    find more at:

  17. To the person who brought in the Christian God/ Horus story…it is an Opinion, , however I do like the other opinion that comes from the mind prison tyat is religion, and that is “the Truth shall set you free”

    We will not write history with aour opinions…wer Are writing history right now. this part of the great Truthout…a new period of absolute Truth and honesty in all things and this is what will set us free and topple the Powers that be.

  18. F ALL LIARS says:


    be aware of false flag terror attacks becuase they are travelling the world gathering support for IRAN and probably WW3.

    Once the Corexit rains start (I think they already did) Americans will be SICK at best and in this world war expect the Chinese or someone on OUR soil and freedom loving independent minded americans who will not bow to the queen of england or whoever they set up as their global slave government overlord will not be invited for the after party. Inform all you can and there need to be safe places for us all to gather or we and the truth are doomed and forgotten.


  19. The news is not the truth and the truth is not the news…

    -Old Russian proverb

  20. Jeff Prager says:

    The truth is elusive

  21. My reply to Deborah

    First of all I have done enormous amounts of research on abductee accounts and experts who study this phenomenon and I have learned no one knows who the Aliens really are. They could be Jesus Christ because Jesus according to the Bible possessed all the advanced powers that they possess. In one of my paranormal experiences I saw a man who appeared in the ‘ flesh .’ My subconscious told me it was Jesus Christ. He didn’ t tell me if I believed in him I would not get abducted again. He told me ” green is a good color.” Jesus has his beliefs with amazing powers in which I saw a demonstration of and I have my beliefs. My beliefs are I believe in myself and I do not put anyone in front of me. I believe something amazying and wonderful created me because I see the creation design in everything. I respect and honor whoever created me.

    A truth that you need to know is during my research numerous abductees who believe in Jesus Christ were abducted also and my beliefs are the ones who do the abducting are getting away with it because of the disbelief that it is not happening. I belief you have to stand up and fight what is attacking you and my belief in my creator gave me ‘ free will and ‘ choice’ which means he gave me the tools to fight my own battles.

    Sorry for getting off the subject of Truths. I really do believe the Truth will set us free and in my case the real Truth is being hidden this is why I keep speaking out.

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