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Traitors in The US Congress?


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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

The traitors in the U.S. Congress are setting the pace again

By Alan Hart

Those who want to see and hear how the traitors in the U.S. Congress read from the Zionist lobby’s script should go to Information Clearing House.  The performer in action, addressing the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs subcommittee of which she is chairwoman, is Cuban-born, Republican congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. She has represented Florida’s 27th congressional district since 1989 and is the most senior Republican woman in the House.

Before I go further I’ll ask myself a question. Is it really fair to label those members of Congress who do the Zionist lobby’s bidding as traitors?

The answer depends on whether it is or is not in America’s own best interests to go on supporting unconditionally an Israel that defies international law and UN Security Council resolutions, steals more and more Arab land and water as it continues its colonization and ethnic cleansing by stealth of the occupied West Bank, and has no interest in peace on terms the Palestinians could accept. (It is also an Israel that has attacked and killed Americans. As I note in The Liberty Affair - “Pure Murder” on a “Great Day”, Chapter 2 of Volume Three of my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, the lesson of Israel’s cold-blooded attack on the U.S.S. Liberty on 8 June 1967 was that there is nothing the Zionist state might not do, to its friends as well as it enemies, in order to get its own way).

Those who have some real understanding of (1) how the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel was created and what is sustaining it; and (2) how U.S. foreign policy – not only its refusal to call and hold Zionism to account for its crimes – is fuelling anti-Americanism throughout the Muslim world and beyond, are in no doubt that support for Israel right or wrong is NOT in America’s own best interests. (Among those who know this to be the case are, behind closed doors, more than a few in the top levels of the Obama administration including the military and intelligence establishments. What about the president himself? He also knows but seems unwilling to challenge the Zionist lobby’s controlling grip on policy for Israel-Palestine in Congress).

So yes, I think it is fair to label those in Congress who do Zionism’s bidding as traitors. It might be that some of them truly believe it is in America’s own best interests to support Israel right or wrong, That would enable them to say, “Don’t be absurd. We are not traitors.”

My response to them would be something like: “Even if you do truly believe that America’s own interests are best served by supporting Israel right or wrong, your ignorance makes you a traitor in effect, by default one might say. If you were charged with treachery, your ignorance would be a good point in mitigation but perhaps not enough to save you from a guilty verdict.”

Representative Ros-Lehtinen describes herself as “a strong supporter of Israel” and believes that the U.S. relationship with Israel (she obviously means the relationship based on American support for Israel right or wrong) is “critical to the national security interests of both nations.”

I’d like her to tell me how actually Israel’s policies and actions are serving America’s national security interests. If she was to say to me that Israel is firmly with America in “the war against global terrorism”, I’d respond with the following.

The single most effective contribution America could make to the winning of that war would be using its leverage to cause Israel to end its occupation of the West Bank and its siege (occupation by remote control) of the Gaza Strip.

If she was then to ask me how I could possibly justify such a statement, I’d say this.

American support for Israel’s arrogance of power is one of the prime causes of Arab and other Muslim hurt, humiliation, anger and despair that gives violent Islamic fundamentalism in all of its various manifestations the freedom it needs to operate. Taking away this prime cause would encourage Arab and other Muslim communities everywhere to play their necessary part in containing and then defeating violent Islamic fundamentalism. The fact is that the vast majority of Arabs and other Muslims everywhere do not want to be enemies of America; but in growing numbers they do see America as their enemy because of its foreign policies.

Ros-Lehtinen’s record of doing the Zionist lobby’s bidding (no doubt to guarantee her hold on Florida’s 27th congressional district) is very impressive. It includes:

  • Opposing U.S. support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees in the Neat East.
  • Demanding the Obama administration halt its “condemnations” of Israel, “an indispensable ally and friend of the United States.”
  • Introducing a bill to cut off U.S. funding to any UN organization that recognized Palestinian statehood.

But her latest presentation to the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs subcommittee took Zionist lobby “bs” – a Carterism for bullshit – to new heights. (Readers can listen to her with a Ctrl + Click on the link in my opening paragraph).

Her main purpose was to urge Congress to assume its “oversight responsibility” and press the Obama administration to do whatever is necessary to prevent a Fatah-Hamas reconciliation and Palestinian unity.

Her lead assertion was this:

“The destructive action by the Palestine Authority at the UN and negotiating with Hamas is undermining the peace process with Israel”.

Her willingness to read from Zionism’s script and do that lobby’s bidding prevents her from understanding that because of Israel’s policies and actions there is no peace process to be undermined.

Given that a peace process would need Palestinian unity if it was to have a real chance of leading to a solution that served and best protected the interests of all, including those of the U.S., Ros-Lehtinen’s assertion seemed to me to be much more than Zionist “bs”.

It amounts to treason.

In his first State of the Union Speech of his second term, President Obama said: “Tonight, thanks to the grit and determination of the American people, there is much progress to report.”

What he did not say and could not have said, even if he wanted to say it, is thanks to the ignorance of so many of his fellow Americans, he had been unable to challenge and loosen the Zionist lobby’s controlling grip on policy for Israel-Palestine in Congress, and that’s why his effort to get a real peace process going had made no progress.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Obama visits Israel-Palestine in March. Will he kiss Zionism’s backside or, if he feels Netanyahu is not as strong as he was on his home front, will he gently kick it?


As I was writing this piece I got an alert message from my crystal ball. It reminded me about the growing significance of the Latino vote in American elections and then said I should not be surprised if the next race for the White House is between Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for the Republicans. (That would enable Jewish- American multi-millionaire and even billionaire campaign funders to make maximum use of a corrupt system to do some very hard bargaining).

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  1. Thanks for the good read Mr. Hart.I agre, it is treason.

    However, a presidential “contest” between Zionist tool Ros-Lehtien and Zionist tool Clinton is like tweedle dee vs tweedle dum: no difference is relationship with Israel. Zero.

  2. Keeping My Powder Dry says:

    Alan you are a troll. Your writing on the holocaust was such a great way to reveal yourself.

  3. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has cuban Jewish family roots. In America, a Jewish anti-state criminals are not called “traitors”. The’re called “victims of antisemitism”. Take for example the case of US-Israel Jewish Jonathan Pollard who is serving life sentence in the US.

    Israeli prime minister Benji Netanyahu, Israeli president Shimon Peres, Rabbi David Sapperstein, director Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, Jewish Rep. Jane Harman (linked to Israel spy inquiry), Michael Mukasey, former US Jewish Attorney General, Dan Quayle, former CIA director James Woolsey, former White House legal counsel Bernard Nussbaum, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, former Secretary of State George Schultz, Dennis Deconcini, former deputy defense secretary Lawrence Korb, Major Donald Levy, former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger, Professor Charles Ogletree, Dennis Ross, Rudolph Giuliani, Sen. Charles Schumer, Benjamin Hooks, Henry Kissinger, Obama’s cousin Rabbi Capers Funnye and many more has asked Barack Obama to free Jonathan Pollard.

    Pollard is acclaimed as a “hero” in Israel and several roads, parks and streets are named after him.

  4. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    More simple than being a suck up to Israel, is being a suck up to Israel’s owner and master, The City of London. I have worked the central statewide campaign offices in several state and national campaigns, and television coverage determines the winner, 95%. Less than a third of the voters can say much beyond looks and party affiliation. The Associated Press is owned outright by the Rothschild bank of England. The Council on Foreign Relations ALSO is controlled by this Rothschild central bank, and they control ALL American nationwide television news and political issues and campaign reporting.
    When a congressperson or the president appears to be sucking up to the ‘Jonestown mercenary farm’ that is Israel, they are actually sucking up to the Rothschild bank for favorable AP and CFRtv campaign coverage. The Rothschilds OWN Israel. Because of the Suez and close proximity to middle eastern oil, it is the hottest piece of commercial real estate on earth.

  5. Absolutely right.
    Look how they are rigging the Italian elections.
    they want their zionist/fascist mafia thug banker monti who is upto his sleazy neck in the financial scandals in Italy
    \super mario\ one is ex PM wanting to be next and the other is ECB head draghi

    so we have a Pope show alla holly/kosherwoodian courtesy of none other than the criminal against humanity
    Il papa – pedophilia no just sweep it under the carpet
    Vatican Changing of the Guard
    and guess which serial killer is involved?
    none other than the butcher of LIBYA
    \Don\ napolitano -continuing the italo americano mafia zionist banker families now a guest of obomba
    the mafia scum are in Libya – REOCCUPATION
    the incompetent crusader whore pig junkies – these dumb farts asked for slavery

    haha. Peckwood + these Libyan rats in sleazy Italian hotels scarring the italian population – we have been sent photographs
    ALLAH Maummar Wa Libya Wa Bess

    Military forces from Italy, Qatar in Libyan port ahead of revolution anniversary

    … a plan to boost security in the country, including tighter border controls, the disarmament of former fighters and the training of … – Libya remains largely destabilized. In December, Libya closed its borders with Algeria, Niger, Chad and Sudan, citing a ..
    Revolution redux: Libya to celebrate 2 years post-Gaddafi
    “Nothing has been accomplished, no security, no infrastructure, no housing. It’s been two years,” longtime activist Fathia Gadoura told the Libyan Herald newspaper. “When someone tells you they need a house and shelter and you give them handouts, that does not solve the problem. It just postpones it. We have heard of huge budgets being allocated but it seems there are no priorities. Instead there are serious mistakes and no accountability.”


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