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Congressman Peter King’s Great Muslim Scare


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By Dr. Franklin Lamb

Half a century ago, during the late Senator Joseph McCarthy fueled “great red’ scare” that terrorized many in America, my kindergarten teacher at Milwaukie Grammar School in Oregon, Miss Kidd, used to instruct our class of five and six year olds how to prepare for the coming Atomic bomb attack from the communists in the Soviet Union, who she explained, “did not like our freedom and wanted to kill all Americans.”

As I recall, the twice weekly A-bomb practice sessions were actually sort of fun. Complete with squealing and sometimes trembling, pants wetting or crying classmates dropping to the floor as Miss Kidd, right in the middle of reading us a nice story like “Life on the Prairie”,  from her chair in front of the class, would pause, remove her glasses, look toward the windows, slap shut the storybook on her lap, and shout “down!”

We approximately 25 or so tykes would scramble to take out the white sheet from our desks (it had to be a white Miss Kidd told us in order to reflect the ‘uranium radiation’ off of us-some of us told our Moms not to give us colored sheets or we might die). We would quickly lie down on the floor under the protection of the desk and facing away from the windows from which Miss Kidd told us glass would fly when the blast occurred and the mushroom cloud arrived over our nearby playground. We were to lay quiet, without even saying goodbye to our friends, until Miss Kidd would motherly intone: “All is clear!” as she resumed the story after we folded up our sheets and came to order with hands folded together on our desk tops.

 When I asked my, Franklin Roosevelt devoted new dealer dad (hence my prenom)  why we did not practice for the coming Atomic bomb at home he would say not to worry son, it’s  just a Republican trick to scare us. After my dad’s comforting words, I never did worry much about the ‘Red menace’ or the soon to follow ‘Yellow menace’ of the Vietnam era, the Black Power menace, the Illegal Immigrant menace or the current menace du jour, the great “Islamic Terrorist menace.”

I have no idea what Republican Congressman Peter King’s dad told him but it was apparently something I was never told.

What is  wrong with King’s Muslim scare hearings on “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and That Community’s Response” (he plans more every couple of months), is what was wrong with McCarthy’s House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) hearings in the 1950’s and that they constitute an irresponsible overgeneralization under which patriotic Americans were irrationally targeted as state enemies.

 Peter King, as with Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee among others, habitually grovels to Israel as he seeks higher office and his witch hunting “Muslim Terrorism” hearings suit the Israeli lobby just fine.  Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), the highest-ranking Jewish member of Congress, is squarely behind King as he receives strong criticism from civil libertarians and religious groups over his decision to target one group in his ” fact finding investigation.” 

Frankly, King is widely believed to have reached his conclusions long before he decided on holding a Congressional hearing. From a House  committee room near King’s, Cantor is urging these days a near cut off of all American foreign aid except to Israel, for whom he has pledged to preserve the $8 million dollar per day-every day of the year- of borrowed US taxpayer money that most Americans do not realize is gifted to the occupiers of Palestine.

  King comes across as a prejudiced lawmaker determined to demonize American Muslims as violent radicals. At a time when the U.S. needs the goodwill of domestic Muslim communities to safeguard homeland security, King is reinforcing fear and lack of trust and while potentially weakening mutual respect among Americans.

King has a long history of Islamophobic diatribes and he recently told the newly formed Manhattan Government Relations Committee of UJA-Federation of New York, about the need for constant vigilance to guard against the threat of Islamic terrorism worldwide.

 The threat is real,” he said. “We can’t protect everyone everywhere, so we should go where the greatest threat is”, as he explained that his priority would be to make sure that security grants are allocated to those chosen and with the greatest need, including his state of  New York and Jewish groups.

King consistently misrepresents the facts. As Middle Eas t specialistMohamed Khodrinstructs us, between 1980 and 2005, according to FBI statistics less than six percent of terrorist incidents during this fifteen year period were committed by Muslims, while 94% were committed by non-Muslims. Moreover, 23 of the 24 recorded terrorist incidents (2002-2005) were carried out by domestic terrorists The FBI claims that of the 83 terrorist attacks in the United States between 9/11 and the end of 2009, only three were clearly connected with the jihadist cause. (3.6% of total)

The picture is similar in Europe.  Of a total of 1,571 terrorist attacks in the E.U. from 2006-2008 only 6 were committed by Islamist terrorists which translates to less than 0.4% of all attacks, which means 99.6% of all attacks were committed by Non-Muslims.

According to the FBI, with the exception of a white supremacist’s firebombing of a synagogue in Oklahoma City, all of the domestic terrorist incidents were committed by special interest extremists active in the animal rights and environmental movements.

In the face of this research, King still insists that 85 percent of American mosques have “extremist leadership” are “the enemy within” and that ordinary American Muslims are not opposed to terrorism. Yet a 2004 survey of mosque congregations in greater Detroit conducted by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding found that the vast majority of mosque participants shun extremist views(92 percent) and are virtually unanimous (93 percent) in supporting community service and political involvement. Terrorists tend to hatch their plots via the Internet not in Mosques.

Kings, ‘Muslim Terrorism” hearings are the first and hopefully the last of its kind to focus on a single religious group.  His false assumptions are being roundly rejected across America and Europe. Counterterrorism experts, veteran’s organizations, interfaith leaders, local leaders and editorial boards, and most importantly the American public are rejecting King's racist calumny.

 The reason is that his team’s hateful and reprehensible project represents the wrong approach to homeland security, arguably violates the First Amendment to the US Constitution which enjoins singling out a particular religion and the growing realization that his crusade is actually harmful to America's anti-terrorism efforts both at home and abroad.Please also read Peter King

and the American Muslims

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  1. “I am willing to be called a bigot if that’s what takes to target Muslim community,” Rep. Peter King, Think Progress, December 20, 2010. 

  2. The threat of Zionism, particularly Israeli Zionism, extends FAR beyond Zionist Slimeball Rep. Peter King's attack on America's muslims – following the attack of the Zionist MATRIX on America and the WTC on 911. It extends FAR beyond instigating a "Clash of Civilizations" between Christianity and Islam. The Zionist MATRIX represents an ATTACK ON AMERICA, ISLAM, CHRISTIANITY AND HUMANITY!
    To get the complete story, click on GodSend – and go on from there. ALL the important pieces of The Puzzle have been assembled in an "Illustrated Guide to the Universes."

  3. Josh Goldstein says:


    Well the muslims have been asking for it…We have to protect the Jewish people from another Holocaust…

    • Steve Hathaway says:

      Did you read anything written here? They asked for it how? By committing 3% of the crimes that they are now labeled as the sole creators of? Just wondering

  4. Excellent article.
    Interesting note about King is he opposed Fair Pay Act of 2009 yet voted for the Wall Street bail out and  in the 80's King faced criticism for actively supporting the Irish Repbulican Army whom was alos being supported by Col. Muamar Gadaffi as well as the PLO's Yasser Arafat.
    King is a habitual failure. When failures fail and constantly they keep looking for that one rainbow that will lead them to the pot of gold and success, with his Muslim hating he has found an audience that gives him what he has earned for his entire life, applause. We saw the same egomanical antics by Osama Bin Laden, George Bush and Adolph Hitler.
    Guantanimo Bay shouldn't close it should house people like Peter King.

  5. Sorry Mr Goldstein, the next holocaust has already started, in Israel, by the Israelis themselves.

  6. David Kahn says:

    List of Zionist's crimes against USA. Just google them and compare them with the facist hearing by one of the Zionist's mafia King's Muslim scare from the network of Abe Foxman et al of ADL, AIPAC etc. List of Jewish crimes against America:
    "A chartered accountant, who played a key role in an international plot to launder millions of pounds worth of Israeli drug money, has been told by the judge to expect a jail sentence. Appearing in Southwark Crown Court, Philip Lyons, from Stanmore, pleaded guilty to conspiring with others to converting the proceeds of drug trafficking and criminal conduct between June 1 and March 7 this year.
    "In recent months the [US government] Eldorado agents discovered a new center of operations. It is termed The Cocaine Triangle. Its sides are: Colombian drug barons, Israeli-Jewish money launderers and Jewish-Russian mafiosi. The Colombians funnel the money, the Israelis launder it, the Russian mafiosi (who have recently overrun New York in droves) provide the security and the muscle.
    "Whatever the American laws, a successful campaign against Russian mobsters will require the cooperation of other governments, particularly those of Russia and Israel, the two countries that are now the principal residences of most Russian crime bosses …'Of all the nations where the Russian mob has established a presence, none has been more deeply compromised than the State of Israel,' [Robert] Friedman writes, adding that the Russian mafia has 'become a grave threat to the stability of Israel.'
    "In the 1970s, more than forty thousand Russian Jews settled in Brighton Beach, the formerly stolid working-class Jewish neighborhood that inspired Neil Simon's gentle play Brighton Beach Memoirs. It was under the shadow of the elevated subway tracks on Brighton Beach Avenue, bustling with Russian meat markets, vegetable pushcarts, and bakeries, that the Russian gangsters resumed their careers as professional killers, thieves, and scoundrels. By the time of [Monya] Elson's arrival, Brighton Beach had already become the seat of the dreaded Organizatsiya, the Russian Jewish mob."
    "To date, U.S. Iaw enforcement officials have established a clear relationship between ROC [Russian Organized Crime] groups and La Cosa Nostra (LCN), the Italian-American criminal network in the United States … Cooperative efforts between ROC groups and the Colombian drug cartels are centered in Miami, where the local FBI of office characterized the Russian gangsters as 'very brutal…they are very sophisticated. They are computer literate. They hit the ground running.' Miami represents a gateway to both the United States and Latin America
    "The enigmatic leader of the [Russian] Red Mafia is a 52-year-old Ukrainian-born Jew named Semion Mogilevich. He is a shadowy figure known as the ''Brainy Don''–he holds an economics degree from the University of Lvov–and until now, he has never been exposed by the media. But the Voice has obtained hundreds of pages of classified FBI and Israeli intelligence documents from August 1996, and these documents–as well as recent interviews with a key criminal associate and with dozens of law enforcement sources here and abroad–describe him as someone who has become a grave threat to the stability of Israel and Eastern Europe … The FBI and Israeli intelligence assert that he traffics in nuclear materials, drugs, prostitutes, precious gems, and stolen art. His contract hit squads operate in the U.S. and Europe.
    "The man suspected of being at the center of an alleged plot to launder as much as $15 billion through the Bank of New York by the Russian mob today denied any involvement in the scandal that has rocked the international financial establishment. In an exclusive interview with ABCNEWS Gillian Findlay, [Jewish Russian mobster] Semyon Mogilevich  who describes himself as a publisher and consultant to a cereal company  says the allegations have ruined him."
    "The deputy head of the Russian Jewish Congress, Mikhail Mirilashvili, has been arrested in St Petersburg and charged with kidnapping two people. The chairman of the congress, Vladimir Gusinsky, a media magnate, is already under house arrest in Spain after Moscow demanded his extradition. Police say the two cases are unconnected, but the Russian Jewish community will be alarmed that the authorities are pursuing two of its most prominent members. Mr Mirilashvili, who holds joint Israeli and Russian citizenship [so does Gusinksky], was due to leave Russia this week with the Israeli President, Moshe Katzav, who is on a state visit. Mr Mirilashvili is a director of the St Petersburg company Russian Video, which was bought by Media-Most, controlled by Mr Gusinsky, in 1997.
    "An Israeli [Oded Tuito] described as a major international smuggler of the drug Ecstasy is in custody in Spain awaiting a court decision on an American request for his extradition …Spanish newspapers report that Tuito ran a massive smuggling operation in Europe, Israel, and the United States … Israeli crime syndicates with links to Russian mobs are the primary source of Ecstasy smugglied in the United States, according to the DEA."
    "A celebrated mob informant's trial on drug-distribution charges is opening a window on an aspect of the drug trade that many New Yorkers would rather ignore. According to federal and local law enforcement officials, Israeli criminals have cornered the market on the drug ecstasy, controlling by some accounts as much as 75% of the American market ..
    "An international 'ecstasy' kingpin [Israeli Oded Tuito], busted for smuggling the mind-bending pill into New York, was using leggy strippers, Hasidic teens in yarmulkes, and senior citizens as New Age drug mules, authorities say … An Israeli national, named Sean Erez, allegedly tutored by Tuito in ecstasy smuggling, had risen through the ranks of Tuito's drug mob … [Erez] hired Hasidic high-school boys … These are kids who spend hours a day in the synagogue … Federal Judge Leo Glasser … sentenced nearly a dozen local Hasidic men. In March, Miami authorities busted a 71-year old retired Queens tailor … Machloof Ben-Chitrit."
    "Two Israeli citizens were arrested Tuesday night in Manhattan on drug possession charges after police seized more than a million Ecstasy tablets, the largest drug bust in New York City history. Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik announced Wednesday that David Roash, 25, and Israel Ashkenazi, 28, both of Tel Aviv, were being held in Queens Criminal Court pending drug possession charges.
    "Ecstasy, along with marijuana, hashish, heroin, and cocaine, is heavily used and traded in Israel today, in what some call a sign of the times. Contemporary Israel is an affluent, drug-consuming countrywith an estimated 300,000 casual drug users and some 20,000 junkies [from at total man, woman, and child population of about 6million]. There are no reliable statistics on Ecstasy use in Israel, but in 2000 alone, police confiscated 270,000 Ecstasy tablets from smugglers, students, and partygoers in a series of stings.
    "The Orthodox Jewish community has been shocked by a series of arrests of its members for alleged heroin smuggling. Police and Customs inquiries are centering on a drugs link between Israel, Antwerp and London … Police in several European countries began to suspect that the diamond area of Antwerp was becoming an international centre for drug smuggling two years ago when an Orthodox Jewish man from Antwerp was arrested at Ramsgate. Dror Hazenfratz … from Antwerp, was jailed for 11 years for trying to smuggle heroin … Hazenfratz, who was born in Haifa and holds an Israeli passport as well as a Belgian identity card, appeared in Canterbury court wearing traditional dress and carrying the Talmud … Hazenfratz said he had been told to meet a Georgian Orthodox Jew at a north London hotel.
    "A diminutive 73-year-old rabbi in a rumpled pinstripe suit was released without bail Thursday on a charge he smuggled drugs into a federal prison in the Adirondacks where he ministered to inmates. Eli Gottesman, a former 'Rabbi of the Year,' has pleaded innocent to the charge of attempting to provide contraband, a felony. Authorities say Gottesman tried to smuggle a bottle of Pert Plus shampoo filled with cocaine and marijuana encased in balloons into the Federal Correctional Institute at Ray Brook, in the Adirondack Mountains. 'God knows I didn't do anything wrong.
    "Shimon Dahan is doing time … [in] Bangkoks Bangkwang Central Prison for the past six years. Dahan is serving a 100-year sentence for smuggling a derivative of the poppy – heroin … Among the other inmates in his Block 2 are three fellow Jews – all also lifers for drug offenses … They have pulled together and carved out a life of comparative luxury for themselves. With cash sent in by friends and relatives, they bought themselves into the same cell, then bribed the guards to have only 10 other inmates in their 215-square-foot quarters, not the standard 20, and allow them sleeping mats, bottled water, and a diet of meat, fruit and vegetables. Two years ago, the four 'leased' a $500-a-year cell for their 'Jewish House.
    "United States Marshals Service Director John W. Marshall announced that alleged narcotic trafficker Steven M. Wolosky was arrested yesterday in Manchester, New Hampshire. Wolosky, led a drug ring responsible for the importation of more than 400,000 pounds of marijuana and hashish from Colombia and Thailand. 'He was a top ranking figure in an international maritime smuggling and distribution ring," said Marshall. 'His organization includes another TOP 15 MOST WANTED fugitive, Mark Stephen Gayer. Both men have been sought for more than a decade.' Wolosky and Gayer were indicted in March 1988, and later released on $500,000 bonds. Upon release, the two attempted to fake their deaths in a ruse to convince law enforcement that they had died in a boating accident off the California coast."
    "Read about Max Mermelstein (the 'godfather of cocaine') who co-authored the book, The Man Who Made it Snow. This sweetheart did not merely smuggle 56 tons of coke into our country; he also admitted in sworn testimony at the Noriega trial to involvement in a number of murders. He also bribed officials in three different Latin American countries. His possible sentence of 90 years was reduced to time served (2 years, 21 days), and the man walked in return for sticking it to Noriega. Mermelstein did forfeit $1 million in drug proceeds, but made much more that and also cashed in $700,000 in U.S. reward money, plus about that much more from WPP.
    This is an archive (1987-1997) of mass media materials about Aaron Cohen and his mother Lorraine Cohen, New Zealand citizens, caught smuggling drugs in Malaysia in 1985. Ms. Cohen ("a self-confessed prostitute and heroin addict") was originally sentenced to death for trafficking 140.76 grams of heroin. Aaron was sentenced to life in prison, and caning (public whipping), for possessing 34.14 grams. They were both pardoned in 1996.
    "A Montreal man was charged and police are looking for five other people believed to be involved in a Notre Dame de Grace drug deal that went sour and ended with a homicide. Jacob Cohen-Shiri, 24, of Montreal, appeared briefly in court yesterday to face charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder … The shooting took place one day after the third anniversary of a court date in which Cohen-Shiri, Khezravani and another man pleaded guilty to committing armed robbery. They had also been charged with conspiracy and weapons charges related to the incident."
    The 20th Century in Review (1980-89). San Diego Metropolitan
    "Richard Silberman, San Diego mover and shaker, is busted by the FBI for laundering what he believed to be drug money. Sentenced to 46 months in prison, he and wife Susan Golding [the mayor of San Diego, and also Jewish] divorce."
    Berezovsky's Daughter Arrested. St. Petersburg Times [Russia], May 15, 1998 "Yelizaveta Berezovskaya, the daughter of [Jewish Russian] billionaire tycoon-turned-politician Boris Berezovsky, who was detained in St. Petersburg last Saturday for cocaine possession, may be released with only a fine despite carrying an amount large enough to be punishable by up to three years in jail, according to the city's police chief. Anatoly Ponidelko told Interfax that because Berezovskaya, 27, handed the cocaine to police voluntarily, she will avoid a jail sentence, in spite of strict new drug laws enacted in Russia just last month."
    "German police on Tuesday arrested two Israelis unloading a truck that contained 1.5 million Ecstasy pills, capping a long drug investigation by German, Dutch, Australian, and Israeli police into international Ecstasy trafficking by Israelis. Police said the infiltration of the drug ring represents the largest and most sweeping action in recent history against international Ecstasy trafficking, in which Israelis are known to be deeply involved. German detectives encountered the suspects unloading a truck with Dutch license plates near Hamburg Port. A search turned up the pills hidden in containers of artificial flowers. The two Israeli suspects, Uzi Gutman, 55, from Elkana, and Yosef Raphaelovitz, 41, from Jerusalem, were arrested, in addition to their Dutch driver."
    The 'Israeli mafia' has made headlines in South Africa following the recent discovery of the body of an alleged group member. Shai Avishar, 36, disappeared from the trendy Johannesburg suburb of Norwood last October. His body was discovered in a shallow grave some 40 miles away following a tip-off to police … Avishar allegedly had contacts with a reputed mob leader in Israel, Yossi Harari. Avishar and his former wife, Johannesburg socialite Hazel Crane, were friends of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, who has remained a prominent and influential politician since her divorce from former President Nelson Mandela a few years ago … Police suspect that Avishar was murdered by another member of the syndicate after an apparent double-cross in a diamond deal. Police have linked an additional two murders to the syndicate, and they suspect a third .. Motti Raz, who came to South Africa in 1996, apparently launched the so-called 'Israeli mafia.
    "Mark Borovitz went from the state penitentiary to the rabbinate. Now he helps strung-out Hollywood writers and producers recover from addiction. When Mark Borovitz tells you he was a thief, a con man, a convicted felon, an armed robber, a drunk, a crooked used car salesman (regularly dialing back odometers), and an embezzler, you think, I can believe that. After all, he looks the part. Borovitz is a large man with a scraggly brown and white beard. He walks with a tough-guy swagger and isn't afraid to confront anyone with brutal honesty. He is often loud, and he peppers his conversations with four-letter words.
    "Charles Goldman smuggled drugs – a lot of them – and he was facing serious prison time when federal agents proposed a deal. They would offer leniency if Goldman would testify against his own lawyer and a South Florida police officer on charges that they had avoided paying taxes on illicit drug income. Since the charges involved tax evasion, Goldman worked closely with an Internal Revenue Service agent, Synda Smith, 38. Attorney David Arnold and Opa Locka Police Officer Armando Coto received 15-year prison terms in February 1993, based largely on Goldman's testimony.
    "Six men alleged to be members of an international drug gang, including a man who refused to leave a house where drugs were stashed as the World Trade Center collapsed two blocks away, were indicted on narcotics charges. Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said the Israel-based gang mostly sold Ecstasy, a popular club-drug that they imported from Holland, but also trafficked in cocaine, hashish and marijuana … Zwi Haim Harris, 30, was found by firefighters in an apartment house two blocks north of the World Trade Center a few hours after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack … 'Despite the fact that the Trade Center towers were collapsing right across the street, he didn't leave his post,' special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan said. Police later obtained a search warrant and seized more than 3,000 Ecstasy pills, hashish, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and two guns and numerous rounds of ammunition … The gang's leader, Yigal Dobakrov, 37, had 50,000 Ecstasy pills worth $1.25 million, he said. Dobakarov is an Israeli citizen who has an arrest record there … Also arrested were Michael Brenman, 29, said to be a wholesale distributor in the New York metropolitan area; Allen Agureyev, 48, accused of delivering drugs to dealers and carried payments after Brenman made deals; Lior Hajaj, 28 …"
    "An international money-laundering ring run by New York Hasidim washed millions of dollars in cocaine proceeds for the Colombian cartels, prosecutors disclosed yesterday. The group laundered at least $1.7 million for the druglords, holding secret meetings with the Colombians in Miami and midtown Manhattan, according to papers filed by Manhattan U.S. Attorney James Comey. The suspects were brazen – up to $500,000 would be laundered at a time. One of the suspects, Avraham Zaltzman … Yesterday, FBI and Customs agents arrested Zaltzman and Aaron Bornstein, both of Borough Park, Brooklyn. Bornstein runs an interior design business there, and Zaltzman is a part-time printer who spends most of his time in Israel, officials said. A third man who was believed to be the ringleader, Akiva Apter, remained a fugitive.
    "The Observer British and American drug-busting authorities claim to have smashed one of the most bizarre money-laundering services ever operated for Colombian cocaine cartels: a circle of ultra-religious Hassidic Jews in New York. The ring is said to be one of the biggest to be 'cleaning' profits amassed by the Colombian coke barons, with the strange twist that it is run by a group from the Jewish community that acts as moral and spiritual guardian of the Orthodox faith. This is not the first time the Hassidim have been exposed as involved in the big-time drug trade. Last year, the trial ended of a circle run by Sean Erez, a Hassidic who oversaw a massive ecstasy smuggling operation, drawing recruits from the young Orthodox community. In that case, the drug was smuggled in boxes worn either under traditional Hassidic hats or next to the heart, intended to contain prayer scrolls, or else packed into white athletic socks … [T]he Manhattan District Attorney's office told The Observer that a ringleader is still being sought and that the case may go far wider and deeper than the $1.7 billion [Abraham] Zaltzman and [Aaron] Bornstein are accused of laundering.
    "To the federal government, Ed Rosenthal is simply a drug pusher, an enemy combatant in the war on drugs. To folks like Jane Marcus, however, the Bronx-born Rosenthal is a hero a Jewish hero, in fact, whose cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes qualifies as a life-saving 'mitzvah.' Which explains why delegates to last weekend's regional convention here of Reform Judaism's national synagogue body were seen sporting buttons, distributed by Marcus, in support of Rosenthal, who was found guilty on January 31 of felony charges of cultivating marijuana.
    "Federal investigators said yesterday they broke up a ring of U.S. and Israeli nationals suspected of laundering millions of dollars in proceeds from trafficking in the drug Ecstasy. A total of 17 people, as well as one Florida company, face charges in the probe, which involved coordination between federal and Israeli law enforcement agencies in the last year. Among those arrested was Natan Banda, the alleged ringleader of the money-laundering network, which federal agents believe has systematically handled tens of millions of dollars in narcotics proceeds. Banda has U.S. and Israeli citizenship and maintains homes in Williamsburg and upstate Monroe, according to the affidavit for the arrest warrant unsealed yesterday. Others charged include the brothers Zakay and Ezra Sasson, identified in the affidavit as being residents of Florida and citizens of the United States, Venezuela and Israel.
    How many Islamists have been caught doing what the Jews, the Zionists are doing to the Goyams (the worthless gentiles according to Talmud)?

  7. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    Neocon Peter King 
    AIPAC's 9/11 Liar

    Is anyone really surprised with anti-Muslim rhetoric?   Peter Kind will get his way hands down. Muslim bashing sells like sex in west.  Stay tuned.

  9. pammalou says:

    Outsourced military is BIG BIG business.Peter King is nothing more than a corrupted fool blabbering the scenario most beneficial for  military contractors to murder their way to wealth and perverted hapiness.Hate those Muslims and Cha Ching $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Mo' Money Mo Money ! Weapons sales! Mercenary paychecks! Some of the mercanies will die performing their prostitute killing,and Mo Money they don't have to pay the mercenaries!
     If the prostitute mercanary was an American before he decided to sell his body for money then they tell us it's patriotic to redeem their whore like Davis In Pakistan.
     Davis was a US ambassador AND a mercenary whore at the same time!
    Tommorow he may whore himself out to traffik some sweet little girl refugee victim of his trade to a sex slave position for some of his other Johns who like to have children in their sex trade brothels.
     But today he is a US Ambassador (gimme a break)
     The garbage that hires these man whore "security" contractors have stated repeatedly that population reduction (Hillary Clinton eg.)is the underlying goal of all operations.
     Because of the cunning and deceit of people  like penis envy Hillary,or Pedophile President Berlusconi,or the Pedophile Duke Of York….  (Which is why the contractors make big big money traffiking women and children for prostitution or for rich people along with the Afghan Heroin)
    Because of their cunning and deceit….THEY are the ~>"useful eaters"(Quoting GHW Bush)and you are not.
    They are god in their own mind determining who will live and die.
    If you believe they are god then go for it…..then Peter King is god's spokesperson.
     All peoples of the world should return to their home countries with their kinsmen.
     Then they should make their nations INDEPENDENT.
     Global Interdependence on the other hand requires us to hate our brothers and sisters at the behest of some nutcase the television says has the real power according to the electronic voting machine that has proprietary software so you can't count the votes.
    Independent nations of like races is the enemy of Globalism.
     I don't hate Muslims or any other race. If there are problems between races and religion they are artificially induced by weirdos like pEtEr KinG pimping his military contractor prostitutes.
     New Zealand is destroyed,Japan now too…There are real problems in this world and this jackass is pimping expendable mercenary whores to murder more and hatred?
     With nations like New Zealand and Japan (Haiti too) The Gulf Of Mexico spill and mass die offs of animals only a JACKASS would be wanting to fight in a burning house or pay an make payments on exaggerated phony  unpayable debt.Part of that debt is financing mercenary whores,and insane uneccesary weapons (The Romans would beat the slaves with a whip,but the insane have created an electric whip called the taser)Thats what your debt is for among other useless nonsense.
     We are also fools pretending that the unpayable debts these fraudsters with their IMF and World Bank are real.If you allow and believe in these madmen and women and their devices then good for you.
     Why does Monsanto own Blackwater? Why do we need poison food,water,at the point of a gun?
     Wake up folks….I give Peter King as much creedence as I would to taking legal advice from a crack addict living in a crack house with needle tracks on his arms.
     Washington is full of blackmailed pedophiles and if King isn't one of these he does business with them.
    The agenda of these weirdos is as follows…
    The program is known as the Global Health Initiative, and it is being incredibly well-funded at a time when the U.S. government is drowning in debt. According to Clinton, 63 billion dollars will be spent by the U.S. to prevent pregnancies and to improve "family planning" services around the globe over the next six years. In other words, the new centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy is all about eugenics and population control.
    The following is an excerpt from Clinton’s remarks….
    In addition to new funding, we’ve launched a new program that will be the centerpiece of our foreign policy, the Global Health Initiative, which commits us to spending $63 billion over six years to improve global health by investing in efforts to reduce maternal and child mortality, prevent millions of unintended pregnancies, and avert millions of new HIV infections, among other goals. This initiative will employ a new approach to fighting disease and promoting health.
    You see, whenever the global elite want to launch another new eugenics operation, they announce it as a great “humanitarian program” that will save millions of lives. But their real goal is to control the population and prevent millions of lives from being born.
    This was also reflected in Clinton’s remarks about the United Nations Population Fund. The United Nations Population Fund has been promoting abortion, forced sterilization and radical population control measures around the globe for decades, and Hillary Clinton was super excited to talk about how the U.S. government recently renewed funding for that organization….
    Peter King is nothing but a ridiculous John of the "military"contractor whore house and was seeing if the people would buy his Madame's commercial that we have to have someone to go hate and kill .
     They really want to sell us hate Muslims or anyone else they can accuse so they can unleash their whore dogs of war with impunity for fast population reduction results!
     Peter King is like a drunkard who will do anything to get another free drink that hangs around a seedy bar.
     We have to start looking at these people like Peter King for what they really are as opposed to "authorities"or our representatives that give us any real information that has ANY integrity or credibility.I think they put these stories out to see if the general public really believe that these patrons of the mercenary whore house are "our leaders".
     Forgive my references to prostitutes but the oldest proffession in the world for a woman is jjust that,and for males the oldest profession is renting out their strength like whores to criminals that are fat from all the loot they have stolen to promote lawlessness.
    The picture of Peter King in this article looks like a bum saying Will Work For Food and you know he's going to run off and get himself a cheap bottle of rotgut.
    Enough of nonsense like his.Look at Japan and New Zealand and real problems.There may be more earthquakes coming and these JACKASSES like Petey King are  trying to get people to fight in a burning house.
    Only a fool does that.Peace IS NOT that hard to make unless you have crack whore junkie pedo's doing the negotiations that feed off war doing the negotiations.

  10. Take a day off, and all these "STOLE THE WORDS RIGHT OUTTA MY MOUTH" commentators show up. Guess I'll plant some more seeds while the waxing is good…

  11. James Kenney says:

    I know exactly where Peter King is coming from.  Irish mouth, brain asleep.  Big eyebrows.  Kissing arse and making the day long for everyone he hates.  I am Irish and I hate the Irish.  They are the most bigoted, hateful people.  Stubborn, opinionated, emotional and irrational.  They are the worst element of American society. "No Irish need apply" seems like an appropriate job qualification even today. 


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