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Zionist lobby’s new orders for Obama


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By Alan Hart

After his appointment as Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, California’s representative Howard Berman told The Forward, “Even before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist.” This is the man, one of the Zionist lobby’s most influential stooges in Congress, who introduced House Resolution 1734 which gives President Obama his new orders.

Thoroughly disingenuous, the resolution, which was drafted by AIPAC and in my view is an indication of panic on its part, was approved unanimously by the House of Representatives on 15 December. It

- strongly and unequivocally opposes any attempt to seek recognition of a Palestinian state by the United Nations or other international forums;

- calls upon the Administration to continue its opposition to the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state;

- calls upon the Administration to affirm that the United States would deny any recognition, legitimacy, or support of any kind to any unilaterally declared ‘‘Palestinian state’’ and would urge other responsible nations to follow suit, and to make clear that any such unilateral declaration would constitute a grievous violation of the principles underlying the Oslo Accords and the Middle East peace process;

- calls upon the Administration to affirm that the United States will oppose any attempt to seek recognition of a Palestinian state by the United Nations or other international forums and will veto any resolution to that end by the United Nations Security Council (my emphasis added);

- calls upon the President and the Secretary of State to lead a high-level diplomatic effort to encourage the European Union and other responsible nations to strongly and unequivocally oppose the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state or any attempt to seek recognition of a Palestinian state by the United Nations or other international forums; and

- supports the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the achievement of a true and lasting peace through direct negotiations between the parties.

As M.J. Rosenberg predicted ( the Berman bill passed overwhelmingly, actually unanimously, “because that is how things work in a city where policy is driven by campaign contributions – and not just on this issue.” He added: “The only difference between how AIPAC lobbyists dictate U.S. Middle East policy and pretty much every other major lobby is that AIPAC works to advance the interests of a foreign country. In other words, comparisons to the National Rifle Association would only be applicable if the gun owners that the NRA claims to represent lived in, say, Greece. Oh, and NRA-backed bills usually take longer than a day to get to the House floor.” (My emphasis added).

What Rosenberg thinks and writes is particularly interesting becausein the early 1980s he was editor of AIPAC’s weekly newsletter Near East Report.

He noted that as is usual with Berman, “his resolution exclusively blames Palestinians for the collapse of peace talks; not a word of criticism of Israel appears.”

He went on: “There is only one reason that Israeli-Palestinian negotiations collapsed. It is the power of the ‘pro-Israel lobby’, led by AIPAC, which prevents the United States from saying publicly what it says privately: that resolution of a conflict which is so damaging to U.S. interests is consistently being blocked by the intransigence of the Netanyahu government and its determination to maintain the occupation.” (My emphasis added).

For now, Rosenberg says, the bottom line is money. “The U.S. government dances to Israel's tune because it is afraid to risk campaign contributions.” But he also gives optimism a voice (as I sometimes do).

“It doesn't have to be that way. If the administration and Congress put U.S. interests (and Israel's too) over the craving for campaign contributions, the United States could tell the Israeli government that, from now on, our aid package comes with strings. Like an IMF loan (although aid to Israel is a gift, not a loan), we could say that in exchange for our billions, our UN vetoes of resolutions criticizing Israel, and our silence in the face of war crimes like Gaza, we want Israel to end the occupation within, say, 24 months. And Israel would have to comply because our military assistance is, as AIPAC likes to call it, ‘Israel's lifeline.’”

I would like Rosenberg to be right about how Israel’s leaders would respond to real American pressure, but I am very far from convinced that he is. As my regular readers know, I think there is a possibility, even a probability, that if real American push came to Zionist shove, the preference of Israel’s deluded leaders would be to tell the American president of the moment (and the whole world) to go to hell. Whether or not they would actually do so would depend, I imagine, on the state of Israeli (Jewish) public opinion at the time. If most Israeli Jews were still as brainwashed by Zionist propaganda as they are today, they would probably back the mad men who lead them.

Question: Why do I think that Berman’s resolution is an indication of AIPAC panic?

The answer, most of it, is in my last post which was headlined Obama’s last card – Will he play it? My main point was that because he does not have to honour the promises made to Netanyahu to secure his delivery of a 90-day freeze on illegal settlement activity on the occupied West Bank, Obama is free to discontinue the presidential practise of vetoing Security Council resolutions which are critical of Israel.

My speculation is that AIPAC drafted House resolution 1734 and then got Berman to rush it through because it feared that Obama is thinking about instructing the US ambassador to the UN to the effect that there will be no further American veto on Security Council resolutions which are critical of Israel and/or call for the recognition of a Palestinian state inside 1967 (pre-war) borders.

So the question waiting for an answer is  – Will Obama obey Zionism’s latest orders?


Alan Hart has been engaged with events in the Middle East and their global consequences and terrifying implications – the possibility of a Clash of Civilisations, Judeo-Christian v Islamic, and, along the way, another great turning against the Jews – for nearly 40 years…

He’s been to war with the Israelis and the Arabs, but the learning experience he values most, and which he believes gave him rare insight, came from his one-to-one private conversations over the years with many leaders on both sides of the conflict. With, for example, Golda Meir, Mother Israel, and Yasser Arafat, Father Palestine. The significance of these private conversations was that they enabled him to be aware of the truth of what leaders really believed and feared as opposed to what they said in public for propaganda and myth-sustaining purposes.

It was because of his special relationships with leaders on both sides that, in 1980, he found himself sucked into the covert diplomacy of conflict resolution…Now Alan is an Institution in himself. Now, Alan is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker.

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  1. Alan Hart should know better than anyone else that Obama is AIPAC. His job, as far as, Palestine is concerned – is to convince the world that while Israel want peace – it's the Hamas which doesn't want peace by keep throwing rockets at Israel and refuse to recognize the Jewish occupation as "Jewish State of Israel". 

  2. If it passed unanimously that means even Ron Paul voted for it.
    Let's not forget who owned Palestine and then personally ensured the creation of an antichrist false "israel" – ENGLAND, who controls the world thru secret societies like the freemasons

  3. So, he's foremost a Zionist, then? Why is he a citizen if his loyalties lie with a foreign nation. Send him to Israel, and then send all of the Israelis to the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia. It's just land, right? The jews certainly have a right to settle there! ;)
    Unless they have a pathological love of killing Palestinian infants and uprooting olive trees…and let's not forget killing Americans! They proved that back in '67!

  4. Peter in the UK says:

    One problem with this artical is that the Zionist have the goods on Obama like his birth certificate and his sexual preferance and one slip up from Obama will have their media ownership going 24/7 spilling the beans on him…Obama wont do NOTHING or anyone else because they have the goods on everyone THEY MAKE SURE OF IT.

  5. Who really IS your god says:

    it is written….
    "A 100 Million man army will confront israel."
    ….but will the world survive?
    What is the price to completely destroy evil?

  6. Peter in the UK is exactly correct.

  7. I am currently re-reading the Old Testament and have reached II Chronicles 25. Up to this point in the TEXT/Scripture I find no Ashkenazim {Japhetic} proselytes to Talmudic Judaism in the Text. In Genesis 49 the Children of Israel are listed, and in Deuteronomy 28 & 32 they are admonished to observe the commandments satutes and judgements, and still there are no JAPHETIC – ASHKENAZIM proselytes to Talmudic Judaism. When exactly did the Children of Israel turn into being "Jewish" ? If in fact the ASHKENAZIM proselytes are in fact GOYIM "JEWS" why would they be called Israel ? The SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN PSYCHOPHANTS in the Media, Banking and the whorehouse called the "CONGRESS" work for the people that pay them. Ipso facto…they don't work for the people of America…that live in the several states…STUPID WILL NEVER CHANGE TRUE…!

  8. Second hand smoke says:

    Isn't Israel in palestine.How can they outlaw palistine and still have an israel?Where will they put it?Not here I hope

  9. Mansoor Malik says:

    So what are the Muslim lobbyists doing about it in Washington? If a tiny state like Qatar can lobby against all odds and win for holding the FIFA World Cup, why cant they influence the policy makers in USA for a genuine Palestinian State? Perhaps, majority of the Muslim leaders too, like Obama, are the proteges of the Zionist entity. If that is so, then all of us should get our prayer mats out and pray for our mutual salvation.

  10. There are three bills; HR 1731, HR 1734 and HR 1765. The congressman who introduced these bills and every co-sponsor should be voted out at our next opportunity.

  11. Please everyone, read the article in the following link. News media are reporting this vote as "unanimous" but that is not true. There was no roll call and "Fewer than ten Representatives then on the floor voted by “unanimous consent” to adopt the resolution, giving the illusion that the entire House gave its imprimatur to it."


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