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When truth touches you


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It never occurred to me to think about Islam

Scottish Atheist Lady Finds Islam at the Age of 65

By Mryam Noor

I became interested in Islam, but the war took place in Iraq, and I read the terrible things which were being said in the papers about Muslims

My name is Maryam Noor, that is my Islamic name, and my original name is Margaret Templeton.

I was born in Scotland to a house which was atheist. In our house, we were not allowed ever to speak about God, and even if we learned something in school, we were not allowed to say anything or we would be punished.

For as long as I can remember, I have been seeking the Truth about why I am here in this world, what I'm here for, what am I supposed to do.

As soon as I became old enough, I began to search for some information about this "person called God", that people mention, and all through my life, I have been seeking the Truth, not a particular religion. The Truth, something which made sense to me, something which opened my heart and which made my life worthwhile. I have been practically in every church in the kingdom, both here and at home, it never occurred to me to think about Islam.

I became interested in Islam, but the war took place in Iraq, and I read the terrible things which were being said in the papers about Muslims, but I was well educated about other religions to know that these things were not true, that lies were being told, and so I went seeking for a teacher who could teach me something about the Islamic way of life, so that I would be able to refute these things that were being said about Muslims which were wrong, which were lies, and which came from shaytan, or satan as I called him then.

I read Al-Fatihah, and it was like I was struck by lightening, tears flowed from my eyes, tears like Niagara Falls.

One of the things that I do is that I talk to everyone. I used to smile to everyone and say “Hello”, “How are you”, and “What’s your day like” .. as Jesus spread happiness whenever he was. At that time I was a Roman Catholic but I was very unhappy and I left the Church, and I didn't know where to go.

At the same time, I was seeking for a teacher in Islam, I was praying constantly all day to God "Help … Help … Help … Help .." over and over and over all day for almost two years, because I did not know what to do or where to go.  

A friend of a friend of a friend brought me the name of an alim – a scholar. His name was Nur El-Din, and he was an Arab born in this country. He invited me to come to his house, which I did, and he told me what books to buy, and that I could call him if I had questions. And that was our relationship. There were seven volumes of this book, it was a commentary on the Quran, and it was excellent.

So I started to study. I opened the first book, I read the acknowledgement. I did not start from the back, I started from the front, and I was immediately in Al-Baqarah. And before Al-Baqarah, there was Al-Fatihah, and I read Al-Fatihah, and it was like I was struck by lightening, tears flowed from my eyes, tears like Niagara Falls. My heart beat very quickly, … I was sweating, I was shaking, … I was afraid this was shaytan, like he was trying to stop me because I might find the way, because this book might get me the way to Truth, which is what I was seeking.

I phoned the alim, he said come I want to see you. So I went to him in the depth of winter, and I arrived there like a block of ice, but a little suffering is nothing for Allah as I found. And I explained my experience to my alim. I said this is shaytan, what should I do? One of the things which took place during these tears was I saw my heart, I could see my heart out here, red, very large, rather bright, not shaped like it at all. I was rather frightened, and I said what do you think I should do?

And he said to me "Margaret" he said, "you are going to become a Muslim".

And I said "But I am not reading these books in order to become a Muslim".

"I am reading them in order to be able to refute the lies that are being told about the Muslim people."

"I don't want to become a Muslim".

And he said "Well Margaret, you are going to become a Muslim, because I must tell you, there has been divine intervention in your life." I was 65 years old. I am now 66. I have been a Muslim for one year.

I went on studying with the alim, from about November to February, and I could not wait any longer to do my shahada, and I asked him do you think it is too soon for me to come, because I really don't want to become a Muslim, but I'm sure I will learn and God will forgive me that I had not appreciated this great gift that He gave me. I was not hateful of appreciating it, I was too small, too much a sinner, to appreciate this great gift that He gave me.

He said “Noor, come on the 11th. of February 2003, and he sat a bit far from me …, he was dressed in white from head to toe, and he said “Repeat after me” and he said the shahada which I repeated after him.

My son is the only one who believes that I may have found the truth and he is the only one at the moment who may become a Muslim

Then I said “What did I say?” and he told me in English what I said, and I said “Then I’m a Muslim” and he said “Yes and your name is Maryam”.

I can’t say that I’m a good Muslim as it is extremely difficult. I lost all my catholic friends, all the friends that I talked with. My daughter thinks that I’m crazy!. My son is the only one who believes that I may have found the truth and he is the only one at the moment who may become a Muslim.

The second thing which makes my life very difficult is that I live in a secular world and not in a Muslim world and I want with all my heart to live in a Muslim world and to have a Muslim community. I’m the only Muslim in the area where I live. But Allah has been very good to me because amid all these difficulties, I’m happy, I’m studying.

I read everything in English because of my age, as I can’t remember the recitation so I use a book. And I ask Allah “Please remember Allah, the most Merciful and most Compassionate, that I’m really only a baby, but I’m a 65 years old baby and I have little difficulties and You must help me” and this is one of the ways He is helping me.

Watch Sister Maryam Describe Her Journey to Islam

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  1. welcome home sister to the faith of the prophets !!!
    may the blessings of Allah be upon you.
    please move from the area you are in to an area where muslims reside so that you can be safe and able to micx well inshallah!

    • I do not agree. As more and more Westerners like us convert, it behoves us to stay where we are. It is by our example that our fellow Westerners will be educated. Certainly our Islam will bear a slightly different face than others, but this is always so. Pakistani Muslims and Indonesian Muslims, Arab and Western Muslims all share far more in common than any Christians from different cultures but we still bring some of our own flavour and it is namely this which will make the most impact on those who know only lies about Islam. 
      Rather than move, I intend to bring a Muslim wife here and raise a family in Islam amongst the few Muslims who are here and among the many more of my fellow Australians of all faiths and none. Islam is a universal religion, and does not need to segregate itself for its protection. This is best. It is great to travel among Muslim societies now that we share and understand more, but I became a Muslim, I did not change my nationality.

  2. Her story is so much like my own. I only converted 4 months ago but with an equally powerful intervention as I read out of interest more than any desire to convert.

  3. Hi there Margaret,
    So sorry to see you fall into the trap of the corrupt Islam right after you found the right path.
    I don't even know where to begin simply because there is so much to say and not to mention that I have to make this short,but here it goes…
    There is no such a thing as an Islamic name,your new name is simply an Arabic name and has nothing to do with religion or anything whatsoever other than stealing your culture and your identity from you.
    Arabs are NO more Muslims than  Christians or  Jews,or anybody else for that matter.This is because all those religions are corrupt.
    The words Islam and Muslim aren't just names   but are descriptions with a meaning in Arabic language, and thus can be translated. 
    You dont have to wear the so called veil because it is not a requirement,not to mention in your old age.
    You don't have to speak like an Arab,dress like an Arab,and make yourself into an Arab just in order to follow God's Words and Guidence.  
    If I told you that there is NO Muslim country on the planet you would'n believe me, well I'm telling you.
    If most of those Arabs were trully true Submitters,belivers in  God,and close to God than most certanly they would be much more prosperous,and  not be stuck back in  the middle ages.
    They would not be fighting Gaddafi screaming Allahu Akbar while torturing,killing,and mutulating  dead corpses of Gadaffis soliders.
    While your teachers might be sincere and good people and I know many Muslims that are,as well impressive speakers  and knowlegeable  in religion,and you should thank them for helping you in your search for the truth.
    Now though, you have to think for yourself and question everything beacause only this way can you trully be guided.
    Search for terrorism and the illuminati and you should find David Livingstones site,were he got some good articles on the perversion of Islam by the Wahabi sect.
    Go to and read some of the FAQ's first than check out what they have to say.

    • You blame on 'Wahabism' but you haven't researched what you're talking about have you. The word “Wahabism” is in fact nothing but a meaningless appellation which is used by people in two cases: The term “Wahabism” is often used to describe those who closely stick to the verses of the Qur’an and the narrations of the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) in all religious affairs. Consequently, instead of directly attacking Islam for those things that do not appeal to their desires, they call anyone who follows these texts “Wahabis.”
      Another different and contemporary usage has appeared for this term. Anybody who belongs to any of the current Qutbist type groups or movements that call for political overthrows, endless blind purported Jihads which are based upon principles other than those found in Islam and led by people who have no knowledge based background in Islamic scholarship, are entered into a giant umbrella group called “Wahabism.” This is done even though these followers of Sayyid Qutb despise the Salafi/“Wahabi” scholars and their creed.
      Hence, in the first case, “Wahabism” is used to mean “anything I don’t like about Islam,” and in the second case, “anything I don’t like about what the contemporary Qutbist movements do; things that have no basis in Islam.”

  4. Everyone benefits. The average IQ of the non-muslim increases – and the average IQ of the muslim world increases by her becoming another misguided victim of arabian cultural imperialism.
    Oh well, at least more muslims live islam than westerners jpin it.

    • Surely you jest – it is the culture of wicked white people, who have gone to and fro up and down the earth, forcing their demonic will over others!!..

  5. sam mink says:

    This poor woman thinks thats she discovered somethings big, but she dosn't know thats she became a toy.

  6. Anthony Clifton says:

    There are a lot more Muslims in the world than there are "Jews", Thank God. One other "good" about Muslims, other than the 72 virgins for acts of martydom, and that is the ROCKS & the Trees will assist in ridding this planet of the reptilian so-called "Jews" yelling & screaming in harmony "come, faithful servant of Allah, and get this perveted piece of faux humanity called a "jew" out from behind me, and dispose of it properly"…or words to that effect. I believe Jesus @ John 8:44 said words of similiar import. Enshallah. – - - - Shalom, peace IN….OUR TIME…[;article=138136]

  7. rayees fatima says:

    iam impressed with ur feeling abt islam…….. may allah help u in becoming true muslim 

  8. Habeeb Ahmed Alwi says:

    Salaam WRWB! 
    Ask Allah for guidance as in Surah Fatiha.  An Aalim gavea very good example – Can you imagine a mother handing a ball of fire to her child when he/she asks for bread? When a mother cannot do that, how can Allah Almighty, who has unlimited times the love for his creation that a mother has for a child do it?
    Then, Listen to your heart.
    Insha'Allah you will be in Allah's care and he will certainly keep you guided to the right path.


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