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Unjust War Is A Thankless Job


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Pakistan’s sacrifices in GWOT not acknowledged

"If you kill your brothers and side the enemy, you will be hooted, hated, ridiculed and hit." Raja Mujtaba

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja
NATO has reiterated the US old allegation that the ISI is ‘intimately involved’ with the insurgency in Afghanistan and is secretly aiding Afghan Taliban, who assume their victory is inevitable. Although the allegation is frivolous, even for argument sake it is hypothesized that the ISI is involved, what is so strange about it and why should it surprise NATO or the US? Why should it cause so much anguish since all the intelligence agencies of strategic partners housed in Kabul are exactly involved in same kind of racket against Pakistan since 2002?  While Afghan Taliban have a superior cause of freeing their homeland from the clutches of invaders, the US have no moral and legal justification to invade, destroy and occupy a sovereign country. The US and its allies are playing a double game with Pakistan which they all declare as their strategic ally. While claiming to be friends fighting a common war with common objective of defeating terrorism, they have been repeatedly stabbing Pakistan to make it powerless. While the US has forbidden Pakistan to maintain any sort of contact with Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, it is itself striving hard to make Afghan Taliban agree to talk. It has also allowed Afghan regime, India, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to forge ties with the Taliban and bring them to the negotiating table. As a result of its continuous efforts since 2009, the US now happily claims that it has made a big breakthrough by convincing Taliban to open a political office in Doha. To make them agree for preliminary talks without any set agenda, Washington agreed to release high profile five Taliban leaders detained in Guantanamo Bay since 2002. It is only when the detainees arrive in Doha that they would open their office.
The US forgets that it forced Pakistan to betray its friendly Muslim neighbor by ditching it and becoming a coalition member of aggressors. It is ISAF and ANA that are fighting the Taliban since October 2001, while Pak Army is fighting CIA-RAW created TTP in the northwest. The latter is funded, trained, equipped and employed by CIA, RAW, Mossad and RAAM. Pakistan has sufficient evidence to prove involvement of foreign agencies in FATA, Swat and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Up stuck from their main base in South Waziristan, the militants couldn’t have put up such determined fights without intimate support of foreign agencies. The militants are so heavily funded and laced with all kinds of weapons that on occasions the PAF assistance has to be sought to destroy militant hideouts in far flung areas.
Currently, Central Kurram Agency, Upper Orakzai Agency and Khyber Agency are hot areas where frequent skirmishes are taking place between Hakimullah Mehsud led Taliban and security forces. Plan to heat up Chitral, Upper and Lower Dir has now been finalized. Maulana Fazlullah led runaway militants have been accommodated in Kunar and Nuristan provinces, the two safe havens for these militants. They have been given the status of refugees and provided houses and rations. They receive funds, training and motivational talks by CIA, RAW, RAAM and instigated to launch cross border attacks and add to the problems of Pakistan.
Pakistan also has enough proofs of involvement of CIA, RAW, MI-6, RAAM and Blackwater in Balochistan. These agencies are deeply involved in fomenting Baloch insurgency which has now got converted into a separatist movement. All the separatist Baloch leaders like Brahamdagh Bugti, Harbyar Marri, Daood Suleman and Dr Wahid Baloch are residing abroad duly patronized by agencies inimical to Pakistan. BLA, BRA, BLUF are creations of these agencies. Till recent, Brahamdagh was residing in Kandahar supervising insurgency in Balochistan. Harbyar and Suleman are living in London while Wahid is based in Washington. These banned groups have been blowing up gas pipelines, electric grid stations, pylons, railway lines and attacking security check posts, military convoys, passenger trains and buses. They are involved in kidnappings for ransom and target killings. Non-locals particularly Punjabis, Hazara community and pro-government elements are their favorite targets. Frontier Corps and Frontier Constabulary assigned by the provincial government to maintain law and order are targeted by these banned terrorist groups. All attacks on security forces are proudly claimed by BLA or BRA. Retaliatory actions by law enforcers’ are vociferously censured by the US, West, India, NGOs, HRW and section of local media.
RAW and CIA are also actively involved in Karachi where the heinous practice of target killings is going on for the last three years. Purpose is to bring the economic activity in the economic hub center to a complete standstill. RAW has a hand in Gilgit-Baltistan sectarian tensions as well.
Despite having learnt that the US was insincere and duplicitous and was heavily leaning towards India, Pakistan has been providing full support to it. It had placed its seaport, airports, four airbases and supply routes at the disposal of ISAF without charging any fee. Pak security forces are fighting the US dictated global war on terror (GWOT) against their own people relentlessly. Pakistan has offered numerous sacrifices to fight the menace of war. It suffered exceptionally serious losses in terms of human resource victims, devastation of valuable property, impulsive political instability, bursting social disorder, divisive mindset, and poor law and order situation leading to creation of threatening environment filled with sense of fear and uncertainty in the country.
More than 35000 innocent people lost their lives, while many were incapacitated or rendered disabled. Security forces of Pakistan were made the direct target of terrorism and their capacity to prevail upon the militants was frequently challenged by its own citizens. Nearly 4000 fatalities and 15000 injuries sustained by security forces is a clear proof that Pakistan played its part with honesty and sincerity. This high figure of casualties surpasses combine figure of ISAF comprising 48 countries. As against paltry sum of $10 billion received from USA in the last ten years, Pakistan lost $70 billion. Its economy has become bankrupt while social trauma is incalculable. Instead of acknowledging Pakistan’s sacrifices and sufferings it underwent and eulogizing the constructive role it played in trying to cleanse the ugly mess created by the sponsors of GWOT, Pakistan has been maligned, distrusted and given a raw deal. Pak Army and ISI have been subjected to unsubstantiated baseless allegations, taunts and snubs by US officials, NATO, Afghan regime and India.   
Despite all this Pakistan remained committed to the cause of fighting the menace of terrorism and participated actively in war on terror to eliminate the terrorists. Pak Army has continued to shed blood in the face of vile propaganda by US print and electronic media. But for the shocking events in 2011, Pakistan would have continued to do more without a whimper. Revelations which came to light after the arrest of double murderer CIA agent Raymond Davis were enough to jolt the security apparatus. Had he been allowed to be grilled by ISI, he would have exposed the whole game plan of CIA. Whatever little information garnered was too frightening. CIA with the help of bought over quislings had succeeded in establishing a vast network in all major communication centres of Pakistan. Our former Ambassador in Washington Hussein Haqqani and Interior Minister Malik facilitated the establishment of CIA network as well as Blackwater.
This network instead of hunting the terrorists including the most wanted man OBL, it directed all its energies towards weakening and discrediting Pak Army and ISI and trying to achieve its principle goal of extracting the nuclear teeth of Pakistan and thus making it a docile state at the mercy of India. Primary purpose of conducting stealth attack in Abbottabad on 2 May last year to get OBL was to damage the high reputation of Pak Army/ISI and to create misgivings between the government and the Army. But for outstanding feats of the Army/ISI in breaking the back of al-Qaeda aligned with TTP, the former would have hit back viciously to avenge the death of its spiritual leader OBL.
The US callously betrayed Pakistan and then remorselessly rejoiced the event by demeaning Pakistan. It rubbed salt in the wounds of Pakistan by unleashing a despicable propaganda soon after the attack and became more aggressive. Drone war was further intensified. It forgot that if the Army/ISI had a hand in hiding OBL, why did they arrest all the wanted al-Qaeda high-value leaders with head money and promptly handed them over to USA. If today al-Qaeda has become a non-entity in Afghanistan, the entire credit goes to Pak Army/ISI and none else. Having given a crippling blow to the fighting ability of al-Qaeda, it was inane to keep its chief in such a prominent place, with head money of $25 million, non-operational since December 2001 and a liability.
As if 2 May stab was not enough, the US knifed Pakistan again on 26 November. After slaughtering 24 Pak soldiers in Mehmand Agency, it behaved as if nothing unusual had happened. The US is least interested in new terms of engagement framed by Pakistan since it knows how to deal with NRO cleansed rulers of Pakistan. It only wants Pakistan to continue fighting the war unremittingly and to keep American interests supreme, It wants Pakistan to reopen NATO supplies forthwith, but is not prepared to offer an apology over Salala incident. It is not giving an assurance that Pakistan’s sovereignty will not be violated again and is not ready to cease drone attacks. With such crass, unjust and rigid attitude, and showing disregard to Pakistan’s sacrifices, there is little hope for Pak-US relations getting back to normal.
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  1. Finally someone who is speaking up and with great courage. Sukharan Raja Sahib we strongly support you and you are giving a voice to the VICTIMS of the insane barbarity like the drone attacks, the 24 BRAVE PAKISTANI soldiers and millions slaughtered by the false GWOT
    "*With such crass, unjust and rigid attitude, and showing disregard to Pakistan’s sacrifices, there is little hope for Pak-US relations getting back to normal."
    Expel the brits/US + their coward scums. Remove the "most favoured" with India and start uniting with other nations like Syria, Iran, Nigeria, the "REAL LIBYANS" as they have the same TERRORISTS FUK USA axis.
    I will also include Sudan even though i hate Bashir for what he has done to Libya but unity will be an extremely important starting point and it will also establish the "sovereignty" of Pakistan thus establishing trust from other states who are in the same situation. Unity, strong character and wise decesions are what is needed to remove these scumbags.
    Remove that idiotic Sherri Rehman and send one of those smart wise knowledgeable Pakistani who can not only handle the dumb jerks stateside+eu but can make them "piss in their pants"
    *these are cowards, rapists, pedophiles, perverts, insane barbarians who rape, kill and than set fire to the cadavers, thugs, scums, zionised mafia gangs running drug gangs….
    Crass is too good a word for the most satanic army
    Forget the bum boys vilarys' viagra dancers – saud+qatari goons. Nothing good can from these  cancerous viral types.
    IDENTIFICATION CARDS for foreigners charge highly and it has to be renewed yearly - if they start bitching add 20% more for their terrorism + tax to go to the victims + destruction of public services. Personally UN is a colonial club but hey use it- Make a joint formal complain with those state who are having TERRORISTS FUNDED by the colonialists.
    RESTRICT THEIR MOVEMENTS and you will restrict their ability to carryout TERRORISM.
    Play anti Terrorism messages in radios/TV/Newspaper/market/mosques/SCHOOLS and ASK PEOPLE TO REPORT THE SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES/PEOPLE (car hire/cash payments/renting/buying property/internet use/communication,……

  2. support great man like and get the bastards:
    Drone victims are not just figures on a piece of paper, they are real people and that’s why it is important to see what happens on the ground when a missile hits a target, argues Pakistani attorney Shahzad Akbar.

  3. Wassimul Akram says:

    The Bhoja Air crash was due to a hand-held missile fired by agents of the RAW-CIA-MOSSAD axis. Why are we still tolerating the drones? Call up our invincible JF-17s against them!

  4. Bashir A Syed says:

    Please notice how Jose Rodriguez, former CIA Chief of Conter-Terrorism Center, destroyed Sensitive Video Tapes of Torturing detainees, and those at Abu Gharaib Prison in IRAQ,  and now boasting about his deeds in a book titled "HARD MEASURES, as it was shown during tonight's CBnews-60-Minutes Prgram, hosted by Vetran Reporter Lesley Stahl, of CBS News – 60-Minutes Staff. He says:?" No Regrets, for using "Enhanced Interogation Techniques," forgeting that his two guardian angels had a much better and sophisticated means to record his EVIL deeds, to be presented to him when HE meets his "Maker on the Day -of-Judgemen," for all Humans without exception, for God to decide their ultimate abode in Hell or Pradise – in the next Life, if he is a Christian, and no Pope will be able to intervene on that DAY.
    Following is the Web-link for this program:
    All conscientious people MUST watch this 35-minute segment of this entire One Hour Program.

  5. Jimmy Jamshed says:

    There is no any insurgency in Afghanistan. "Insurgency" means "rebellion against legitimate authority"………………illegitimate invaders are never ever any "Legitimate Authority"………..therefore, there is no insurgency in Afghanistan but a legitimate Freedom Fight by people of Afghanistan to kick out invaders………..

  6. michael mazur says:

    It's curious that the Brigadier is under three critical misapprehensions;
    Al Qaeda is just a western intelligence data base of Mujhadeen fighters in Afghanistan in the 80s during the Soviet occupation. The man who categorically blew the whistle on that, Britain's Former Foreign Minister Robin Cook, paid the ultimate price exactly one month later in aug05 for the reason that he was in a position to know, and not just hypothesize, like we do in the comments column.
    OBL died of renal complications in dec01 at age 44 in Afghanistan. He had Marfan's Syndrome to a debilitating degree in his case, needing frequent dialysis which under the conditions of refuge were not possible.
    As there has been accumulating a vast body of solid information in support of the ever firming belief that 911 was definitely an inside job, it is difficult for me to understand why the uncorrupted Pakistani leadership is buttressing the US justification for being in Afghanistan in the first place.
    Were the Brigadier and others in responsible leadership positions, and as loyal to Pakistan, include the above truths in all discourse with the Americans, the effect would be as electrifying as it would be liberating, not only to Pakistan but also to the rest of the planet - the terror narrative will have completely collapsed, forcing the US to abandon its imperial stance along with the GWOT as the all purpose justification.
    One can imagine the consternation in the whole of the US political establishment in this election year especially, when they would be unable – even with vote fraud, to prevent a Ron Paul presidency.
    Also, seeing what has happened to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now in progress in Syria - to draw Iran in on account of the mutual defence pact between them, it is clear that Pakistan did not come before Libya simply because it has nukes, and the Brigadier correctly speaks to the seizing of the nukes as being the US goal in Pakistan.
    For my part i will be watching with some anxiety the developments in Pakistan, which can only improve when those whose loyalty has been to the US and not to Pakistan take a very close look at just two of America's former `best friends`; Saddam Hussein and Muamar Ghaddafi, and where they are now for thinking that it is possible to sup with the devil with a short spoon.

    • Me thinks thee is confused "America's former `best friends`; Saddam Hussein and Muamar Ghaddafi,"
      One thing is sure. The above "lions of Arabia" were NEVER friends let alone best friends of USA. they were anything but that
      Do a search on your prefered machine
      try alternative + independent sites goggle doesn't like these sites. For Libya try the Mathaba site – they are EXPERTS+the BEST


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