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UN: Israel Has Violated International Law


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Palestine Our Destination Humanitarian Aid Our Load flotilla of ships set out in May to break the four-year long Israeli blockade on Gaza and to open a humanitarian aid corridor for the 1.5 million Gazan people, one million of which live in refugee camps. On the 31 May morning, the Israeli military attacked in the Mediterranean Sea in international waters the flotilla that included more than 600 citizens of 36 countries with different languages and ideologies. Nine humanitarian aid volunteers were killed and 54 were injured in the attack.

International law was violated; Gaza embargo is unlawful!

The United Nations released the result of an investigation it launched in August following the Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara boat. The UN Human Rights Council Fact-finding Mission stated that Israel violated international law, including international human rights law. The UN described the Israels attack on the flotilla was disproportionate and unacceptably brutal and called the embargo imposed on Gaza unlawful.

Crimes Committed in Israeli Attack

The UN report stated that evidence clearly showed Israel had committed the crimes listed in article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The crimes stated in the Geneva Convention and that were perpetrated by Israel are as follows:

  • Willful killing,
  • Torture,
  • Inhuman treatment,
  • Willfully causing suffering to health,
  • Causing serious injury.

The report also said Israel repeatedly violated its obligations under international human rights law as per the following articles:

  • Right to life (article 6, ICCPR / International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights)
  • Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (article 7, ICCPR; CAT/ Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment)
  • Right to liberty and security of the person and freedom from arbitrary arrest or detention (article 9, ICCPR)
  • right of detainees to be treated with humanity and respect for the inherent dignity of the human person (article 10, ICCPR)

Freedom of expression (article 19, ICCPR)

Israeli Boats

Some of the points highlighted in the UN report:

  • Israel violated international law, including international human rights law.
  • Israeli soldiers treatment of the passengers is near brutal.
  • The illegal and unlawful embargo on Gaza is unsustainable and should be removed.
  • The intervention on the Mavi Marmara is unlawful.
  • The punishment of civilian population in Gaza is unlawful no matter on what grounds it is based.
  • The Israeli government declined cooperation with the investigation into the incident that involved Israeli soldiers.
  • The flotilla members genuinely committed themselves to the spirit of humanitarianism and made an impression that they are imbued with a deep and genuine concern for the welfare of the inhabitants of Gaza.
  • Humanitarian organizations wishing to intervene in long-standing humanitarian crisis situations where the international community is unwilling to take constructive action are accused of being terrorist or enemy agents.
  • Israel committed another offense by unlawfully confiscating personal property of the passengers.
  • Damage inflicted by the attack should be compensated

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  1. Where are the recommendations for punishment of the Isralies for such horendous crimes against humanity?

  2. it took you this long to figure it out? the entire world has been saying this since that day. the question is when do you take action against this illegal nation called isrl? or will you just do nothing as usual? if you do not have the balls to take action i suggest you let someone else do your job, that has the balls. sheesh

  3. and what are the united nations going to do about it? absolutely nothing, thats what, the united nations is only a platform for the the american military complex, and israel rules the roost over america, condemning them in a report is really going to scare the shit out of them i must say, the united nations my arse, its just the global elitist criminal empire headquarters.

  4. Disgusting that they are repeatedly allowed to flaunt eveery human rights and moral law on earth. This vile experiment in Jewish statehood is over. It remainss only to see it crash and burn, and this a self fullfilling prophecy can be counted on given the inherant insanity which has become the norm for the country and the fact that the very worst, most extremist elements are set to rise to the very top of their hierarchy.

  5. p.a.travers says:

    And seeing our Israeli Friend Prime Minister Julia Gillard is on-line at at various newspaper sites[I would assume],with ear ring discussing something to the smiling Australian troops,the heinous friendship with Israel is not something she will ever face up to.The Howard Government previously was bad enough.Then Australians had Rudd! Nothing was learnt.Nothing is being learnt. Paralysis Tick got the major party politics.Put on the parade for the U.S.A. and spend enormous amounts of money buying American Defence systems whilst victim Israel never has assisted the Americans much at all. I feel like a victim.I see no reason why a citizen’s arrest couldn’t be applied to Gillard getting off a military plane.

  6. John bundy says:

    You let them print your money, root of all evil, they buy anyone they need, go back to real money where they can’t print, go back to Dinar and Dirham, stop the terror money printing.

  7. Dr.A.K.Tewari says:

    Israel has every right to violate the international law to ensure its existence

  8. Samuel L. Frydman says:

    In that we are fortunate as a genetic anomaly called the human race to witness all of our emotion and blind hate. Established over many many generations, we now witness the forthcoming great calamity and formation of the inner asteroid belt; this one caused by the demise of the planet earth’s misguided residents, in the name of…………

  9. Men……..i don't understand a thing about this problems of wikileaks!!!!!!!!!1

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