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Theft of Bread Daily and the Worst Circuses In World History


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Fools Conned by Knaves


By Tommy Tucci

Philadelphia, PA December 2010……….The Roman Empire dispensed bread and circuses to its citizenry to distract them from the criminality that had taken over Rome  c.46BC.  Circuses that were extravagant productions to divert citizenry from storming the gates of the corrupt Roman Senate.

America c.2010 confiscates it's citizenry bread daily and perpetuates phony and artificial circuses to the masses who have no clue as to where to storm let alone where the gates are located.  Hint Washington, DC. 

"When Americans were paying $4 a gallon for gas, how many knew the oil that made the gasoline was “free” to the oil companies?  Who spit the take on this?  Who was paid?"Posted by Gordon Duff  How much was stolen through Basra?  Hint Washington, DC theft and confiscation of citizenry bread daily..  

Blatant example of the worst circuses in history including Wikileaks CIA front, artificial patriotic parody bureaucratic apparatus, and corrupt Hollywood media crony's.   Big phony circus event the presentation propaganda of a single Jew repeating 'reverse victim industry hate speech' versus 10.5 million WWll  American forces of patriotic, humanity, dignity, spirit, family, religion, country, and community ignored and omitted.  

Resulting in a total Hollywood perpetuation of lazy intellect mythology and farce of American spirit, duty, honor, and country. Critique Band of Brothers.  Posted by Occidental Observer.  The 9th episode of Band of Brothers, titled “Why We Fight”, represents an unprecedented level of ambition — to claim America’s WWII sacrifices as motivated by the desire to save Jews from Nazi persecution, to make America’s sacrifice in WWII all about the Jews, not about Americans doing their duty in a tragic internecine conflict.

"It is reasonable to conclude that this is the direction film is moving when a Jewish producer can tell his White Gentile audience that their fathers fought and died not in defense of their nation but for his own ethnic interests, knowing that he is safe from effective reproach.  Posted by Occidental Observe.

Lost Humanity, Dignity, and Spirit

"A man’s humanity should become paramount, and that only the powers of darkness opposed to human rationality resisted this development." Jakob Friedrich Fries (1775-1843)  So then it should be no surprise that the lame circus Wikileaks CIA front is perpetuating and towing the illegal war and occupations party line propaganda in behalf of broken down and unhinged American ideology.  

"The material leaked from the US government to WikiLeaks shows that the US government is an extremely disreputable gang of gangsters."  Posted by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  c.2010 America lacks all humanity, self dignity, spirit, law, religion, and community shadowed by a nation of criminal torturers who ignore all International Laws and declared war against its very own citizenry.. 

"There was one reason for the invasion of Iraq with all the lies, all the killing, all the corruption.  Israel wanted Iraq destroyed.  Will Wikileaks ever get to something real?"Posted by Gordon Duff

Summary Theft Confiscation of Bread Daily Worst Circuses in World History

The conclusion is not unreasonable to assume that the U.S. in it's unhinged attack on humanity and it's declaration of war on its own citizenry will stop at nothing to continue the race to the bottom of Empires. 

The worst circuses and theft of bread daily by fatigued ogres and oafs pathetic deceptions to cover up and shadow the criminal and corruption of Empire by Wailing Wall Street Quislings [6], Wikileaks Zionist Poison [5], FBI Police State Military [7], Illegal War and Occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Korea, Yemen [8].

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  1. taz delaney says:

    gordon duff, israel was decidedly NOT the reason for the gulfwar, embargo or iraq war and resulting civil war… these which have killed some 2 million iraqis to 'liberate' them from the 30-year US puppet hussein. it is all about oil, duh! never would have been there if the main export was potatoes.
    we can hope that afghanistan lives up to its ancient reputation as the graveyard of empires…

  2. Ron Jenkins says:

    A battle, or perhaps a test has been going on with humanity over the last 6,200 years or so.  The test is simply this-will individuals bow to their creator's will or not.  Adam, and most humans since have chosen not too.  Most have chosen their own way, regardless of how perverse or insane it may become in the end, despite the fact it ends in eternal damnation, and eternal seperation from God and all that is good.  When enough people refuse God's offer of grace, then one winds up with a world such as we have.  Have you decided to bow to the will of the Creator, The God.  Read the book of John in a Bible to know more.Type your comment here…

  3. Philip Zelikow, Chair of the 911 Commission, recently *said* publicly that the Iraq war is about protecting Israel. And being the Zionist-first that he is, he should know. Zionist fingerprints (and nail clippings and signatures) are all over the Iraq/Afghanistan expeditions. Any assertion otherwise is laughable or an outright Jew lie.

    You Hasbara people crack me up.

  4. The Wikileaks revelations certainly embarrassed the United States and quite a few countries in the Middle East. Yet Israel seems to have escaped the Wikileaks torchlight in spite of the not-unreasonable assumption that there must have been numerous diplomatic exchanges between Israel and the United States, and between Israel and various of the US allies.
    In recent years there have been scandals involving Israeli diplomats: in Australia (my country) some years ago, an Israeli diplomat was caught sleeping with government defence ministers, trying to pry military secrets from them, so he was sent back to Israel. Israel proposed to replace him with a man wanted by Interpol and Brazil for running a child sex ring for Israeli tourists while working in the Israeli consulate in Rio de Janeiro! Then there was the case of the Israeli ambassador to El Salvador found naked and tied up in a garden. I can't believe Wikileaks didn't find cables relating to these and other scandals.
    Perhaps there is an intention of setting the US against the Arab nations and other countries while Israel appears an innocent party?

  5. You obviously are able to critically analyse facts. I would appreciate it if you or anyone you know of can provide me with the information so as to settle the issue/question of "WHEN DID THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL TURN INTO BEING "JEWISH" " . I am presently re-reading through the Old Testament and have reached the 12th chapter of II Chronicles and still have found no yiddish speaking Khazar proselytes to talmudic judaism in the "TEXT", is there some other historical record from which the "WESTERN CIVILIZATION" is presently attaching this "Jewish" narrative ? Thank you, and please continue to flambe' the zionazi's at each available opportunity….Happy hannukah.


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