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Terry Jones; hate begets hate


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By S. M. Hali

Reverend Terry Jones, the pastor of Dove World Outreach Centre at Gainesville, Florida, which has a congregation of not more than 30 faithful, whose bid to shoot into fame last year by announcing the burning of copies of the Holy Qur’an, but was deterred by the US government, has finally had his moment of “glory”. He ultimately committed his heinous crime last month and has been condemned by devout Muslims all over the world. After soaking the Qur'an in kerosene, an oven lighter was put to its pages. The book instantly caught fire.

That act – which has provoked anger and revulsion across the world – came at the end of the latest surreal stunt by Jones in his mission to garner headlines and attention for his anti-Islamic beliefs. Even President Obama denounced the deplorable act without naming Reverend Jones, criticized the burning of a Quran as "intolerance and bigotry," reports the BBC.

Reverend Terry Jones is a pastor of the Christian religion, in which the prophet Christ, who is revered by Muslims too, recommends turning the other cheek to anyone who slaps you; yet his abominable act has caused willful hurt to millions of Muslims. What Mr. Jones, in his myopic vision did not realize was that his despicable action has not only caused the wrath of over a billion  Muslims all over the world but has endangered the lives of US combatants in Afghanistan that has already resulted in the deaths of a large number of people.

The protest rallies have been the fiercest in Afghanistan; two policemen were killed and more than 30 people were wounded in Kandahar, where demonstrators marched toward a U.N. office. More than 20 people have died in protests across Afghanistan, including seven U.N. staff members. The fundamentalist pastor has unwittingly,"reintegrated" Taliban — fighters who had formally laid down arms — although the insurgents have denied any role in the attack.Anger unleashed when protesters waved white Taliban flags, shouted "Death to America," burned tires, smashed shops and vandalized a girls' school returned to the city.

Western political and military leaders, including the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, have condemned the Qur’an burning as well as the violence that followed, but their statements appear to have done little to placate anger across much of Afghan society. There were protest rallies condemning the action of Rev. Jones in Pakistan and other Muslim countries but nowhere did the mob turn violent as it did in Afghanistan. We should definitely revile the desecration of the Holy Qur’an but within limits of civility. Here one is reminded of the event described in the Qur’anic verse (Al-Feel), according to which, in the year of the birth of Holy Prophet (pbuh) Abraha came to attack the Holy Kaaba at Makah. Abraha had built a building for worshipping at Sana in Yemen. He desired that the persons going on pilgrimage to Mecca should stop going there, and instead they should come to Sana for worshipping and thus perform their pilgrimage. Arabs disliked it and revoked his invitation. An enraged Abraha decided to destroy Kaaba and attacked with a large force comprising elephants and all the armaments of war.

Proud of his large army and weapons, Abraha was confident of success and set camp at the outskirts of Makah. His soldiers captured a few camels, grazing nearby. The camels belonged to Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad. Abdul Muttalib, who was a leader of the Quraish, sought audience with Abraha and was granted the same. When Abdul Muttalib appeared before him, Abraha haughtily inquired if Abdul Muttalib had come to deter Abraha from attacking the Kaaba. Abdul Muttalib’s response was that the Keeper of Kaaba was fully capable of defending His own home; he had come to ask that the camels for which he was responsible, be returned to him.

History is witness how the mighty army of Abraha was destroyed by Allah, who sent flocks of Ababeel (larks) with pebbles in their beaks, which annihilated the entire attacking army. The lesson learnt is that the Holy Qur’an is Allah’s book, which He has promised to protect. We may censure anyone who is disrespectful towards it but leave the punishment to Allah or the judicial system.

By being aggressive and violent, we are providing an excuse to detractors of Islam like Rev. Terry Jones, who is already unrepentant of his dastardly deed. The notorious preacher who last month oversaw the burning of a copy of the Qur'an in his Florida church after a mock hearing said anyone blaming him for provoking the mob who killed UN workers was "only making a justification" for murder. Pastor Terry Jonesinsists that his actions bore no responsibility for the murders in Mazar-e-Sharif. "We find it very tragic any time that someone is murdered but we do not feel any responsibility for that," he said. "It definitely does indicate that there is a very radical element of Islam. We'd like to see the president of the United States not only condemn these actions but to call on the UN for these people and Muslim-dominated countries to be held accountable." He also said he may put the Prophet Muhammad on trial in his next "day of judgment". He has put up signs in front of his church which say: "Islam is of the Devil".

Islam, which means “peace” is a religion of harmony and preaches moderation. By reacting to cynics, who are critical of Islam, we are providing them an excuse to justify their barbs and denigration. The Holy Prophet (pbuh), who forgave Meccan disbelievers, who had attacked him, some of them hurling abuse and garbage on his person, set the example of love and amity for all. Hate only begets hate and is bound to bring discord in society. Let us resolve to be tolerant even of our critics and set an example by deterring from their revulsion through good conduct and show of empathy rather than odium.

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  1. People like Terry Jones  know how to become famous – by sleeping in bed with the Jewish/Zionist lobby. As I suggested last year – the best way to counter these warmongers, shielding themselves under the so-called western 'freedom of speech' – would be burning the Jewish Talmud in some Muslim countries. And when these warmongers cry for Muslims' religious intolerance – Muslim should response that tens of thousands of copies of Talmud had been burned in Europe in the past – and furthermore, Holy Qur'an doesn't accep Talmud as a divine book. Talmud was written over 100 years after the crucification of Jesus and is full of insults against Jesus and his mother Mary.  

  2. Robert Gamboe says:

    There was no good reason for the Reverend Terry Jones to burn the Koran.  However, when Muslims destroy copies of the Bible, or when Israeli Rabbis destroy copies of the New Testament, no one seems to notice.
    Obama referred to the incident as "intolerance and bigotry," but did he say anything about the treatment of Christians and other minorities in the Middle East?  The American media certainly doesn’t.
    Yes, the Muslims revere Jesus.  However, they ignore his teaching about loving our enemies (Matthew 5:44). 
    You wrote, “Islam, which means ‘peace’ is a religion of harmony and preaches moderation.”  Oh really?  Then why the violence on the part of Muslims?  Their reaction is typical of any criticism of Islam.  Also, Islam means “submission,” NOT “peace.”
    “Hate only begets hate.”  Unless the teachings of Jesus are followed, of course (Matthew 5:44).  Constructive criticism is not hate…unless it’s criticism of Islam, of course.
    The Reverend Terry Jones is a nutjob.  But so are most Muslims, who are violent and hateful.  The peaceful Muslims won’t speak out against them for fear of retribution.
    You may call me a bigot if you want, but I call a spade a spade.

    • Raja Mujtaba says:

      Mr Robert let me inform you that we the Muslims are under obligation to believe in all the Divine books revealed before the Quran and show respect to all the Prohphets who came before Prophet Muhammad (SAW). You will never find a single instance, a Muslim performing such an act.

      • mothman777 says:

        You are mistaken.  I have accepted the Vaishnava faith for 30 years, and have seen my Bhagavad Gita picked up, spat on and hurled to the ground with incredible hostility, being called a f+++ing Krishna bas++d. Which prophets are those again that the muslim faith accepts? I have never seen a list of these, perhaps you could supply one for all the dead people murdered by the muslims trying to force them to convert from believing in the teachings of previous prophets, though I suppose that a lot of the prophets that have existed would not be recognised as real in any case by the muslims.  It is forbidden to make friends with non-muslims, and over the years, a small number (by no means all) of muslims have refused to shake hands with me purely because of my faith, whilst I have been talking with them on spiritual matters. I have heard every single aspect of Hinduism, in all its many forms,being denigrated, regarded as satanism and rejected by muslims in my presence.   

  3. BF Paine says:

    I completely agree with Mr. Gamboe. One tires of the seemingly never-ending outrage that comes out of the Muslim world. Write a book or draw a satirical cartoon (or do anything at all) that questions or disagrees with some aspect of Islam and be threatened, tracked-down and/or killed by Islamic extremists?!!!
    Terry Jones is a nutjob. But the behavior of Muslims, in the aggregate, isn't helping their cause. If Muslims wish to be treated with dignity and respect–want to have Islam be seen as a peaceful, positive force; then they need to take whatever steps are necessary to stop their religion from being used to justify violence, hatred and intolerance of other people's beliefs. The belief that one's religion (Islam) is perfect and that the killing of non-believers can be justified,  leaves very little room for tolerance and co-existence.

  4. As a Muslim, I don't understand what all the hoopla is about burning the Quran. We Muslims are forbidden to throw an old ,worn out copy of the Quran  in the garbage, so we have been disposing of them by burning them for centuries. If the hatemongers are trying to show us they don't approve of our Holy Book, well, the Quran says "There is no compulsion in religion" and "to you be your religion, and to me be mine". If they are trying to wipe the Quran off the face of the Earth, there are literally millions of Muslims who have committed parts or all of it to memory, so burn away. Knock yourself out. Just remember that you will be meeting God one day and will be asked about what you have done in your life. So I suggest you clean your heart of all that hatred before it's too late, cause Hell is hotter than Fahrenheit  451.

  5. I'm glad to see Muslims condemning violence and acknowledging a truth shared by all religions (and beautifully articulated in the Dhammapada), that hatred can only be quenched by love. The sad thing about both Pastor Jones and his Islamic enemies is that they each disgrace their own religion. You don't burn scriptures, and you don't react to someone burning your scriptures by going out and killing people.

  6. Oh and by the way, who died and made Robert Gamboe judge of the Muslims? I'm sure he doesn't know "most of the Muslims" personally to decide  that they are "violent and hateful".I suggest you walk a mile in my sandals before you judge me. I thought judgement is reserved for God Almighty.There are nutcases in all nations and religions, but there are also mild bigots, aren't there? 
    It is to the human leaders advantage to keep us all hating each other so we don't see the mess they are making of our countries. They are destroying God's Earth with their radiation and Depleted Uranium weapons while we sit idly by slinging mud at each other. Wake up before it is too late!

  7. john king says:

    Why did the author write such a good piece only to end it and detract from it with a lie?  ISLAM=SUBMISSION

  8. Since Jones doesn't seem to care in the least about "his Christian brothers & Sisters" he's put in harms way in Muslim countries around the world, I think it would be safe to conclude that he does not know the true Lord Jesus Christ.

  9. Robert, Muslims do not destroy anybody's holy books and nor do they deisrespect or blaspheme against others.
    What needs to be remembered here is that the burning of a Q'ran by this impish devil man Jones is but the insult added to decades of injury. Muslims have been slandered and attacked and lies spread about their beliefs, by Zionists who seek to create a clash between their Christian servants and Islam. They have had vicious dictatorships, installed and supported by the ostensibly Christian West and at Zionist instigation and they have been subject to terrorism inside their borders by Western and Zionist forces, much of that such as the regular bombings of Mosques is false flag terrorism designe to create divisions between different groups of Muslims too. They know this of course, because those divisions are far less than the Zionist dominated West believes.  Then and of course far from least, one after another Muslim country which has been trying to live its own course using its resources for its own people's benefit, has been subject to armed aggression and occupation which iover the last ten years has resulted in the deaths by violence of over 6 million Muslims and counting. It isn;t always the action which counts, just as it is not the gift which counts, but the intention behind it. Burning the Q'ran and depicting the prophet (PBUH) in images may not seem like much, but when the obvious and stated intent is to offend deeply the faith of a billion people, why so surprised when they are offended deeply?
    Just get your facts straight, the abuse and intilerance is of Islam, not by Islam which left to its own devices has always been a very tolerant and peaceful faith. Indeed I shudder to think of the violence which would have ensued by now if Muslims were as violent and thin skinned as Jews.

    • T. Abacrombie says:

      Left to their own devices means left to kill off unbelievers and then there will be peace when everyone is Muslim.
      Can't hide what is written in the book guy.
      Kill Kill Kill…maim converts  then Kill  some more

  10. Ian de Montfort says:

    Beings like Jones are nothing more than fanatics. Fanatics are the greatest danger to the Human Family. Fanatics often peddle false-divisions between our Human Family. Jones and his ilk, regardless of Race,Creed, or Colour have one thing in common. They lack the empathy, which we Humans are blessed with. It is up to each and everyone of us to remember that we are one family under constant attack by the likes of Jones and it is our duty to overcome the Political Paradigms used to control us, as well as the Religious doctrines, which also do the same. True religion is Love. There is nothing else to it. Come together now and be the change you want to see. 

    • T Abacrombie says:

      There is no true religion or there would be only one. So if you want to love you don't need a crutch.
      Uninformed decisions to think along some doctrine is the act of a child broken with the abuse of having to believe everything from authority.
      The boogie man is more effective on t ehyoung ones but god takes the cake effective use of fear dressed as love.
      You should get out more

  11. Are there really enough shallow bigots in this country that this nut job has a following? How embarrassing. I have to wonder if the world would miss this nut job for even an instant if he wasn't in the press any more. I guess the gov't program to turn us against Muslims is having some effect, this country is getting more whacked by the day. 3 Wars for oil, constant lies by policians, almost completely sold out Congress, we're in a real tailspin. This is how empires fail.

  12. God willing, we will have peace between us Christians and our Muslim neighbors in this world. 
    For our part, we American Christians must work to end the wars in Muslim countries, bring our troops home and stop our slavish support of racist zionism. 
    For their part, Muslims must stop their invasion of Europe.
    May God have Mercy on us all.

  13. Mentious says:

    Jews express make such negative gestures toward Christianity continuously. But since they run the media now, you never hear any outrage about it.

    • T Abacrombie says:

      Some of the movies made for years now dump on religion expecially catholicism.
      however, nobody complains. I was looking for an outburst years ago but th ebeating into submission of its members as well as The Cheek Policy means they just take insult and hope to make another movie of their own someday.

  14. Tannaberton Abacrombie says:

    People, people, people, its just a book.
    As such it is the symbol of a tyrannical religion not even relevant when it was extracted from the musings of what appears to be a team with at least one physcopathic member.
    The testaments of Christianity and Zionism are also inventions of humankind to force subservience and order. Christianity is no less savage than Islam just it has less fundamentalists.
    Moslems have no where to go but hell. If you profess Islam as your way to heaven you are brutally bound to kill and maim, as well as have sex with children.
    If you believe Jones to be irreverent how about my idea to have all religion banned and its secreted observance heavily penalized?
    For the good of Humanity and an unburdened future.

  15. It must be remembered that "some" muslims did this, not "all" muslims.  Condemning the entire religion due to the acts of some is similar to condemning all blacks because statistics show that they have a higher percentage rate of crime than other minorities/races.  Is it fair to be grouped and labeled a criminal because of association?  If you're in the wrong zipcode, or if you happen to be in the same gender, ethnicity, or religion that happens to not be hip at the time, then you could be targeted.
    And to those that would say that Islam is a religion which is predisposed to violence, then I would say that money is the root of all evil, therefore we should get rid of it.  Or that blacks are predisposed to criminality, therefore we should neuter them, or that other religions have shown just as much violence in the past. 

  16. samsson says:

    To call Rev. Terry Jones a nutjob is to call Gen. Patton, Gen. Eisenhower and Gen. McAurthur nut jobs because the evil they fought then is the same evil America confronts today. Nazism was born out of German mythological/religious   occultism. Imperial Japan was forged in the bowels of Bushido Emperor worship emulating the kamakazi mentality. Islam is no different. The ONLY difference is than back then no one said that there were "good" nazis and "bad" nazis. No one  elevated the so-called "innocent civilian" to a special protected class in the middle of combat.  Japan and Germany did not surrender because the American GI played nice, played fair and was politically correct. Rather it was recognized that enemy civilians are potential sympathizers AND potential combatants. As a result German cities were fire bombed and two Japanese cities were turned into the temperature of the surface of the sun!! History proves that is the ONLY way to WIN war! That lesson is lost on American manhood today. The modern American politically correct girly-man, metrosexual and faggot takes pride in distinguishing "peaceful" muslims from "radical" muslims. Thats like saying there's good cancer and bad cancer. What insanity. Who ever thought that less then 10 years after America is attacked by muslims killing 3,000 "innocent" civilians that a muslim , illegal alien, no birth certificate, bi-sexual, communist half-white African punk "community organizer" from Chicago would get elected president? That his VP would have the IQ of a shoelace? The the speaker of the house would be noted mostly for his incessant crying? No, Rev. Jones is not a nut job but rather the last of a lost breed of REAL American men, too few left to save this country from the faggots, dikes and closet communists destroying it.

  17. rotorman says:

    The Taliban announce the killing of 40 American soldiers two days ago in payment of Terry Jones' desecretion of the holy book.
    Google the Press TV report and you will see the actual video that Youtube deletes. It even shows F18s or what ever flying low level to offer protection to the dying soldiers.

  18. If he had burned a Torah or Talmud, he would be the next Adolf Hitler!

  19. Squirrel says:

    Jones was interviewed by Mark Glenn in August 2010 when it was announced he would burn the Koran on September 11, 2010.
    If memory serves, Jones admitted that he's never even read the Koran and has no idea what it says. Since he later went ahead with his plans, Jones transformed from an ignoramos to incredibly stupid. He AND his flock of 50 fellow morons .
    You can listen to the entire interview here and see for yourself:

  20. "No, Rev. Jones is not a nut job but rather the last of a lost breed of REAL American men, too few left to save this country from the faggots, dikes and closet communists destroying it"–samsson
    I needed a good laugh. Thanks a lot.

  21. mothman777 says:

    Can any Muslim kindly provide me with a list of all prophets that are recognised by Islam, including those in India. I do not like what Terry Jones did, no doubt he is a zionist who accepts the Jewish propaganda inserted into the Schofield Bible. He was wrong to taunt Muslims after millions of them have been murdered by Jews and their donkey slave soldiers so that Jews can enslave Muslims and others under fractional reserve banking and usury, or cripple, sterilise and kill them as punishment for not surrendering to slavery under the Jews.


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