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Pax Americana – a dream shattered by Afghans


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No Civilisation Has Lasted For Ever; No Power Has Achieved All It Desired

Dr. S.M. Rahman

The reactionary power propensity represented by Bushes, Dick Cheneys, Rumsfelds, whom Robert Jensen in his article ‘N-Weapon abolition requires death of US empire (Dissident Voice, reproduced in the Nation, June 20, 2010) describes as Reckless Hawks, compared to Obama, Bidens and Clintons who are relatively Reasonable Hawks. Hawks nevertheless!! The Reckless lot is ‘psychotic, whereas the Reasonable ones are cynical. What is that impels US policy makers – Republicans and Democrats alike to follow Wilsonian security paradigm as against Jeffersonian. Dismayed by the over ambitious, awfully disastrous pre-emptive US doctrine propounded by George Bush and Co,, the new incumbent Obama has been advised by the ‘pundits’ and statesmen to steer foreign policy a bit different from that of his predecessor. Walter Russell Mead based on the Carter analogy argued in the recent issue of Foreign Policy; “Obama”, he says, “needs to reconcile a transcendent Wilsonian vision of US foreign policy, with a competing Jeffersonian world view that focuses on the pitfalls of imperial overstretch” (All the Presidents Dreams by Richard Bart, The National interest, No. 106, Mar-Apr 2010).

Zbigniew Brezezinski – who was serving as Security Advisor to President Carter – a Hawkish policy propeller, just as Henry Kissinger was to Richard Nixon. How to take full control of Eurasia, after the end of Cold War, was Brezezinski’s strategic ambition in order to perpetuate USA’s absolute control over the world through a Power Chess Board paradigm. He is a bit critical of Obama – perhaps being ‘wishy washy’ and raising lot of expectations rather than “strategic breakthroughs”. He needs to be, “tenacious” and ‘energetic’ according to him, to be ale to ‘realize’ the goals he has already elaborated. Left to himself, perhaps, he would have followed what Nixon did in the context of Vietnam under the advice of Henry Kissinger. It was although a painful decision, but he did extract USA from the “Vietnam morass”, as the useless war was exceedingly becoming unpopular, besides creating an economic nightmare, entailing colossal budget deficit. Obama’s oscillation between ‘power’ and prudence is due to the mounting pressures of the Hawkish groups – the remnants of Bush era and the Military Industrial Complex, which promotes military interventions, as its market strategy. The ‘merchants of death’, have led to the transformation for the world, as if it were a replica of Greek tragedy.

At the end of World War II, USA emerged as an undisputed global power, though through act of ‘nuclear barbarism’ on Japan, not due to military requirements but to convey a message indirectly to “Soviet Union” to accept a step lower than that of USA, in the ‘power-pecking order’ of the world.  Is it not a pathological and a dehumanized sensibility that depicts the US strategic mind set? A military historian has calculated that there were 39 incidents of “nuclear black mail”, of which 30 were made by the US officials. This, in essence depicts the so called civilizational face of USA, which Bush was so boastful about in justifying his ‘pre-emptive military doctrine’, which essentially was predatory in nature, to defend the most exploitative economic system of Capitalism and the West’s over accentuating greed to consume disproportional share of the global wealth. What else is globalization?

“Strategic contentment” is not what US and its allies tend to pursue. Despite the affluence and military power, USA had attained, the State Department’s policy planning staff in 1947 (as quoted by Robert Jenson) very explicitly conveyed: “To seek less than preponderant power would be to opt for defeat. Preponderant power must be the object of US policy.” The ‘preponderant power’ essentially is that it rules the world and that USA calls the strategic shots and determine the “terms of the global economy, to others, who can not reconcile to the domination, must be prepared to face annihilation. No other system would be acceptable and therefore, throughout the Cold War the myth of Communism was created to make the gullible public phobic about the dreadful ideology. It was not the media onslaught that led to the fall of Soviet Union. The strategic blunder did it, which it committed by invading Afghanistan, not realizing that Afghan territory is predisposed to sucking great empires – sort of eastern version of ‘Bermuda triangle’ (Analogy made by General Asad Durrani) in his write-up Making Sense in AfPak (Newsletter, issue 8, Thinker’s Forum (TFP).

The legacy of military intervention is much deeper into the recesses of US mind. The greatest strategist, Gen George Kennan in his secret memo in 1948, had very forcefully advocated: “The day is not far off when we will have to deal in strategic power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better.” Therefore all the rhetoric of Bush, to justify the invasions, like the promotion of democracy, respect for human rights and preservation of western values, are the gimmicks, the empire builders use as “icing”, on the geopolitical cake they bake, to trample the ‘sovereignty’ of nations and access of American companies to their resources, exclusively for USA and it allies and not for others. This is what neo-colonialism is all about. At least the old colonialists had some responsibility towards the colonialized but for the neo-colonialists, it is power without responsibility and for the “sufferers”, it is “exploitation without redress.” It is in this context, one can see how ruthlessly drone attacks are made in Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan, without any accountability and “who-cares-approach.” The most treacherous weapons like Bunker

Busters were used to break the “will” of the Afghanis, but ironically their physical territory was smashed to pieces but their ‘soul’ remained intact. They are as adamant to achieve freedom, no matter how ruthless and devastating is what the US military planners have termed ‘counter-insurgency’, to justify induction of more and more soldiers, for launching a new ‘surge’.

The US track record of compulsive war mongering is indeed mind-boggling. From 1945 to 1999, the US had conducted all out military interventions against over 70 nations, to serve USA’s domination, and cook up enemies to justify the aggression. After the peril of communism receded into the background, the US military mind was in the search of new threats. “Several specters of ‘doom’ came to the fore: ‘rogue states’, weapons of mass destruction and most dangerous of all “Islamic terror.” (Beyond the war on Terror, by Nafaz Mosaddeq Ahmed, p-11.)

Obama in his NSS (National Security Strategy) is much too keen to contain the fiscal deficit, which is likely to reach $ 1.5 trillion. Containing the deficit requires avoiding ‘over-reach’. Good for you Mr. Obama to realize after the debacle and a colossal economic loss. As a face-saving device, he reiterates: “To disrupt and defeat Al-Qaeda and its affiliates remains the key strategic objective of the US, which is to be achieved through a ‘judicious use of American power both military and civilian.” In his NSS, he has narrowed down his ambition by saying that the war is not against Islam but Al-Qaeda.” Obama should ponder who created Al-Qaeda? The world cannot be hoodwinked by the gobbledygook or semantic rigmaroles. If ‘exit’ from Afghanistan is too painful to acknowledge, or ‘withdrawal’ call it ‘process’ or whatever. But define it. How and when? The dialogue with the Afghans is the imperative. Evasiveness is moral cowardice.

Dr S M Rahman is Secretary General FRIENDS, a Think Tank established by General Mirza Aslam Beg in Rawalpindi. He has authored several books and is a regular contributor to

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  1. I think the Power elite who want the NWO (New World Order) aka 1-World Order wants the USA completely destroyed. To have a strong USA would go against their plans.

  2. I think at the end of an otherwise excellent article you place too much faith in Obama. The war profiteers who run the military/industrial death machine will accept nothing less than total control and perpetual war. Consequently, homo sapiens faces imminent extinction at its own hand. If only we had a dozen or so Gandhi’s to assist us.

  3. Adam Neira says:

    Well done to the brave men and women of ISAF. If there was to be a “Courage Index” then the young men and women fighting to defend the values of the Western Civilization in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world would be rated at the very top. The various “leaders” on the world stage must do everything in their power to ensure that war and conflict is banished from the affairs of men, and that Isaiah’s prophecy re. swords into ploughshares, is fulfilled over time. Soldiers who fight in foreign lands must be given full support. The Taliban are the mutant extremists of Islam. Certain people and groups are so embittered and calcified with lies and hatred that they are unredeemable and must either be contained or killed.

    ?We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.?

    ? George Orwell

  4. The writers is a fking NWO dick sucker. Fck you you godless traitor. May he mujahideen everywhere around the world prevail. Justice will prevail and America and NWO and Israel will go down!

  5. John Taurus says:

    Messaj, not all Americans support Israel. Israel has taken over the government of the United States by bribery, blackmail and extortion. I would not weep a tear for Israel if it were wiped off the face of the earth. There are many Americans who recognize the Israelis as pure evil in human form walking the earth.

  6. What goes around comes around. What goes up must come down. Dig a pit for others and eventualy you yourself will fall into it.

  7. I agree with Roxan, it’s hard to avoid feeling that the people running this country aren’t allowing it to be destroyed from within.
    I agree with Robert, Obama is continuing Bush policies, he is a huge liar, the Dem’s and Repub’s just play good cop bad cop with us, ignoring our wishes and votes.
    I have no clue how Adam can talk peace while supporting ‘brave warriors’ who are killing innocent civilians in illegally occupied countries, and then quote Orwell, is that not Orwellian, “War is Peace”?
    Messaj is educating us about the blowback our atrocious bellicose unsupportable policies must inevitably provoke.


    Obama will start a war he can’t win.

    Obama will be the last president of America.

  9. Me Here says:

    Why oh why did the Indians feed the starving idiots that first landed in “Americus”….. pity they were so trusting of the retarded monkeys that arrived from Europe, and now look what their compassion has given the world !!!

    …… aint historical hindsight a bitch !!

    Gimme a time machine, hardware, a few good clips, and it would be a different story today i can tell you ……. they never would have never landed on the rock.

  10. eduardo says:

    A good article. Comparing the U.S. with the Soviet Union’s exploit in Afghanistan, is not entirely the same thing. They differ in the monetary sense, in that the Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air, which is used to finance the war. Indeed, the Soviet Union never truly achieved the monetary hegemony as the United States, nor was their monetary system based on nothingness. Instead, it was based on a finite prescription of national raw materials and productivity. As a consequence, the cost of the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan soon eclipsed the politburo’s ability to finance the war leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    As long as the rest of the world continues to be willing dupes in the Federal Reserve-Rothschild collosal ponzi scheme, American empire building will continue. Already, the Bernanke printing presses are being readied to print even more worthless paper to finance this war and the growing American welfare system. If you want to end this war, kill the real beast = the Federal Reserve and the Rothschild trust.

  11. Plymouth Rock is jewish mythmaking. Queen Isabella of Spain tossed the miscreants out of her country in 1490.
    The self chosen ones discovered North America in 1492 like they discovered their long lost homeland in 1947. The Druids were in the North American Continent living in relative peace and trade with the indigenous tribes since the days of Atlantis.

  12. Dr.A.K.Tewari says:

    Dr. Rahman ,with due respect. I strongly contradict the verx first line of your dispatch ,perhaps you are not an etheist .There exist a world not visible to us .We challenge you that there is a civilization for ever .

  13. Nice article. This is an illegal war. The US should use legal means – including and especially courts, and due process – to prosecute those responsible for terrorism that happened in 2001. Something that happened in NYC in 2001 does not justify (perpetual) war in Afghanistan, TEN YEARS LATER. It didn’t justify war in 2001 much less now. Courts. Truth. Due process. Common sense.

  14. WRAY EDWARDS says:

    In the remarks above the observation that “What goes around, comes around” is the most cogent. The petroleum disaster fulfills two necessary requirements:

    First, the NWO must reduce American sovereignty to second or third world status. We can’t have any super powers sticking their fingers in the one world pie.

    Second, the God of Karma must suitably punish the U.S. for its contrived mayhem around the globe for the last two hundred odd years. This recent round of murder and genocide which Israel has ordered us to conduct on their behalf must be avenged.

    Despite the revelations of the assassinated William Casey, the American military continues to participate in the international drug trades (Clinton, Mina, North, both Georges, etal).

    This is all, of course, set against the backdrop exposed by Richard Nixon regarding Israeli nuclear weapons placed in this country by Mossad. The BP disaster/attack on the U.S. is but the first shot across the current political bow.

    IMHO the government will withold martial law until the thirty million or so refugees from the gulf have trampled each other to death and laid waste to the northern states in a homicidal, rampaging quest for food and shelter. Then the soldiers will step in and guide the sheeple to their work benches and “showers.”

  15. Dr.A.K.Tewari says:

    @ eduardo , who will hit .Specify it .

  16. Dr.A.K.Tewari says:

    @ messaj , what a reality show of prediction .Predict the fate of Islam and Chrstianity as well .

  17. Dr.A.K.Tewari says:

    Pain is punching to Dr. Rahman .But war against terrorism is an irreversible process now .Try to escape the loss of life through compromising mood .

  18. A very good article.

    I am fascinated whenever an angry merrykin disagees with someone. All they can ever do is use foul language. Never a sound counter-argument – just spluttering obscenities . . .

    Messaj is a prime example of merrykin mindlessness. What a sad, sad nation.

  19. Eduardo says:

    @A.K.Tewari. The political moniker “Kill the Fed” (i.e. kill the beast) is initally a call for a full and open audit of this secret institution. Ron Paul’s bill was ideally suited for this purpose, but has since been forced to the sideline to capitulate and become moribund. The second item is to replace all the congessional reps that are agents of the FRS. The third act is to promote barter as a means of exchange, thus eliminating the use of FR notes. The fourth act is to boycott interstate and international companies and support local producers of goods and services. You may pay more, but at least you will not be forsaking your community’s blood and treasure for the wars international finaciers continously are waging. The fifth act is to cultivate and grow your own vegetables. Learn to preserve food through canning, freezing, drying, and pickling, etc.. If raising farm animals yourself is possible (chickens, goats, sheep, etc.), this will also help kill the Rothschild-Rockefeller Federal Reserve System. If it is not possible, join or start a neighborhood network or co-op that will contract with a local farmer (not corporate farmers) to raise meat. The meat can be divided amongst your group. The idea is to boycott the chain stores, who are financed by Wall Street money masters. These are the people who are peddling black death, war and destruction, and promoting all means of population control on the entire world. Why feed the beast? Barter for used equipment, tools, and appliances whenever possible. Offer silver and gold bullion if barter is not possible. Today’s market for bullion is far more attractive than 8-10 years ago. Most people are going to be very receptive to this, especially when the dollar is loosing value on a weekly basis and as gold and silver increase in value. Lastly, get out of debt now and don’t borrow in the future. This is how to ‘kill the beast,’

  20. Dr.A.K.Tewari says:

    @ Eduardo , Very good suggestions to kill the beast .But, please tell me why you are against the population control world over .Is it not required at all .

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  22. eduardo says:

    @A.K.Tewari. It’s something to be very concerned about when population control is carried out through surreptitious acts. The WHO, for example, has been caught redhanded disseminating vaccines doped with drugs designed for sterility. Many unfortunate women fell victim to this nefarious scheme. Precisely, who is behind this crime? The four pillars the financial elite premise their mission for reducing the world population,are abortion, euthanasia, suicide, and murder. And yet the “can’t beat them, join them” types like Ted Turner show their hypocracy stating the world needs a one-child policy when he himself has five offspring. The financial elite is no different. Their heirs sow the same reckless stupidity as their forebears— which has gotten all of us in a fine mess. I only ask that they be the first to sacrifice their sons and daughters in the name of population reduction. Only then may I give a fleating notice to their act. Yet in the final analysis I will still bet on the invisible hand of nature managing populations. It’s done a fantastic job for the past million years or so. This brings me to my earlier point in that the international banking system is directly responsible for the current world population. It’s a system on steroids providing fiat currency [in exchange for natural resources] to cultures that perhaps ought to be left alone. At least, currency based on gold and silver (limited resource) would slow down the overheated economic engine produced by fiat currency. Thus, problematic populations (typically in the third world) would have a chance to stabilize through natural attrition.

  23. Dr.A.K.Tewari says:

    @ eduardo , The third word is in the griip of population explosion . We have reduced the rate of mortality and increased the life span with medical inputs Exploiting natural resources beyond the carrying capasity of different ecosystem creating environmental imbalance and loosing the suggested independency .If we will not reduce the population the nature is there to reduce it through its cruel hand .War and natural calamities are now marching ahead far the same .

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