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Pakistan Air Force moves from strength to strength


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Roll out ceremony of first of Four Chinese ZDK-03 AWACS aircraft for Pakistan Air

Earlier this year, Pakistan Air Force also inducted 4 IL 78 Air Refuellers that were acquired from Ukarine. 

By Raja G Mujtaba

As reported by the Pakistan Air Force Department of Public Relations, the rollout ceremony of first of four Chinese ZDK-03 Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) aircrafts for the Pakistan Air Force was held at Hanzhong in China today.

The rollout coincided with President Asif Ali Zardari's visit to China – his sixth since assuming the position in 2008.

PAF chief Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman was the chief guest at the ceremony, which was attended by the Commander of the PLA Air Force and other military and civil officials of China.

The PAF signed a contract in 2008 with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation for the joint development of four ZDK-03 AWACS aircraft configured to Pakistan's specifications.

The ZDK-03 is an advanced AWACS with sophisticated integrated sensors and communications suite, PAF said in a statement.

In his speech at the rollout, Air Chief Marshal Suleman described the event as "another milestone in the exemplary history of cooperation between Pakistan and China”.

This AWACS will strengthen the PAF's capabilities to maintain "peace with honour in the region", he said.

The AWACS is part of PAF's overall strategy of transforming itself into a "lean and technologically advanced air force", Suleman said.The PAF will not spare any effort to make the defence of the country impregnable, he added.

CETC Chairman Wang Zhigang said the induction of the AWACS by the PAF will have a "positive impact on regional stability, peace and prosperity as well as on the close bond between the two military forces and two countries".

The PAF has also received two of four Saab-2000 AWACs aircraft ordered from Sweden.

The remaining two aircraft equipped with the Erieye radar system are expected to be delivered later this year.

Earlier this year, Pakistan Air Force also employed air-to-air refueling skill successfully thus attaining another milestone to prove itself ‘second to 

none’ as envisioned by Father of the Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The attainment of the capability was a part of the High-Mark-10 exercises held earlier this year.

The first Air-to-Air Re-Fuller aircraft of Pakistan Air Force which had joined PAF in the mid of December-2009, today took active part in the exercises and ably re-fuelled frontline fighter aircraft in the PAF’s inventory, as stated by a senior officer of PAF.

The remaining 3 joined in June 2010 thus enhancing the capability of the PAF manifold.

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  1. Mansoor Malik says:

    Wonderful news for the PAF as well as the country.As a past member of this prestigious organisation where we established several engineering organisations in support of our Self Reliance Programme it is really heartening to observe that China and Sweden has given us the jump start in this vital operational need while the Americans kept on delaying the provision of this capability to us on one pretext or the other. Long live Pak China friendship and let India now taste the flavour of its American friendship as we have tasted it for so long.

  2. Ashraf Moussa says:

    And the great mountain has been shaking and convulsed and his roars scattered the clouds in the skies tooooo giiiiive a birth to a very, disgracefully very, very little small mouse. Seooo, seoo, seoo, seoo, what is that voice? Don't matter; these are the voices of the mice, I don't care.
    The great Pakistani government moved from strength to new highs of strength. They stopped purchasing F16 from USA and turned to purchase the Sap from Sweden and electronic-warfare airplanes from China. My respect is due to the Viking Sweden and the Chinese; I have nothing towards them except the thanks and warmest friendship. Thank you Sweden and China up to the most possible extent; thank you for covering on our moronic weakness and shameful incompetence.
    Is there any who has blood running in his veins to feel shying and shame?
    Thank you; China and Viking, you are good kind guys. It is we who are the mentally retarded. I don't think you sold these weapons except by loans, these Pakistani guys, I don't think they are able to return anything for nothing more than they are mentally paupers, the politicians I meant of course.
    Modern regular war is about technology, you don't hold the ability to respond on moment to build your needs of war technology on your own purely, you are nothing. Thanks my God, the only sincere warriors I see around are the Mujahdeen/strugglers who are fighting by weapons on the grade just above the stones, and they are winning because they believed in God with unbearable sacrifices, not USA-God, and the real God supported them. Meanwhile the mice are bragging about the move from strength to a new higher strength of the same shame. The real Mujahdeen don't wait your new strength, they will fight with whatever they have in their hands to the last moment of their lives while the mice are busy in undermining Pakistan structure and capabilities.
    Keep the good shame on; I love it. My face blushed. My God forgive my sins, these guys are really irritating to any feelings, I can't bear it; lol.
    Written by the full of irritating sins to the throat; just unbelievable, lol.

    I think these weapons like the Saab from Sweden and the electronic-warfare machines from China; are absolutely useless and waste. We should be honest with them to save their money, of course their money because Pakistan will not pay as usual. The live people have something to pay, they are live and there are something practical in life, life is not empty word, the dead has nothing expect his dead body to pay for the worms; the Pakistani people had been murdered in all measures.
    Why do I think these weaponry machines are waste for money and effort for China?
    When any respectful security organization or institution like the regular army or intelligence agency, when starts to exercise their security duty, they start from the strategy ground. Of course I mean the respectful; this doesn't include the Pakistani security institutions. It is like the strategy is their constitution as their frame of work. So on the long course from the strategy, you start have some objectives on the route like which weaponry you need to fit on that line that had been originated in the strategy, yes? Are you following me? Good, because nobody likes the losers or being loser, to "like/admire" is different than to "sympathize ", to "sympathize" is different than to "pity", and certainly to "pity" is completely different than to "disgrace". Within my Islamic nation, I am not going to disgrace, I am going to kill. Listen to me Pakistani; at this moment I am holding you in the place of pity.
    What is the first basic line in strategy? The first basic line is: Define your enemy (1).
    At this point you should know that there are basically two types of schools in strategy, the empire strategy and nation strategy:-
    a) The empire strategy considers things like, society structure, culture and religion are essential parts of the security strategy; that is because the enslavement is their main objective and standing view, these things are not separable parts apart from the strategy thinking. For this you always notice that in the west things like, social and culture manipulating and engineering or mainstream media false shaping of public opinion, destructing the family structure in favor of the government-individual relationship; etc. etc. Not only within their colonies like Pakistan and India until this moment but also within their own people. They always consider that the first enemy to the empire is always their very own people and that where their empire strategy plot starts to secure the elites of the empire from inside. In the colonies like Pakistan, India or Japan, or Russia for example, yes, yes it is true that Russia is another colony but it is yet hidden fact from eyes of the public, the source of the empire prepares some copy for use in these colonies. The type of the copy, and its authentic-similarity degree to the original, the degree of intricacy, lite version or heavy, sometimes it is specially designed version, all these are determined based on long-run-predicted course of socio-politics from some starting point of the conquest to some point they destine, one point after another then another step, for only one purpose, building an empire of enslavement. Too it depends on the possible track of such socio-politic manipulations; I mean the possible outcome for such colony to engage in deeper integration with the empire main body or will still be some remote controlled colony far punished from the main body of the empire. For example, India has a better situation in eyes of the empire center than Pakistan because In India they worship the a-s-s of the cows, Egypt had no place at all because it is full disaster with no out to anywhere like little baby so weak that died in the operation.
    b) The nation strategy, which rarely you may see on earth, is like this, the people themselves in the street decide what their selves are and what they are for. Then they assign the security institutions that starts the strategy calculations and plots from that point excluding their own public culture, religion and social structure, these things are not the business of the strategists but it is the business of other civilian intellectuals of all sorts and the public in the street. Belonging to this nation school, the most the strategist can do is to denounce in full openness the weak points and holes in the culture or the social structure that undermine the security of the country and let the public decide to change or reject his denunciation, he doesn't intrude by force neither in open or secret, he limited himself within his realm and let all the intellectuals of his country to handle these factors and the public decide it. On the other hand in contrast, the Empire strategy school all the time the strategist is engaged in full scale civilian war against his own people before the colonies because he included the culture, the religion and the social structure in his realm of strategy. So, he most likely finds that his own people is his first hand enemy to defeat to build an empire or sub-empire or infra-sub-empire, then from there it goes down to the lowest rank within the empire like Pakistan. Logical! May be? Well, it may be.
    I am not here talking in terms of governance systems or other more complicated and advanced concepts; plainly I am handling in limitedly technical treatment the practical operation of the term "strategy" concept. In brief, there are two strategy schools, one imperialistic that include factors like culture, religion and social structure; and one nationalistic that doesn't include these factors. Economics for example is common factor in both schools. I know, I know, it goes in contrary to what commonly perceived, the wrong commonly perceived is that "the nationalistic strategy school includes the culture, religion and social structure factors and the imperialistic doesn't", they cheated you for this is false. The best ever successful example of the "nation strategy" school in the entire world is Iran, there is no in my mind that can compete Iran on that school, where, the "strategy intellectuals", and, the "culture, religion and sociology intellectuals", are separated meanwhile interacting and cooperating in one body called Iran.
    Pakistani strategists don't belong to the clear examples of either, because it is a colony, it is not any secret, it is something behaved in open without any shying or feeling of shame. In colony like them they adopted a lite and much lesser intricate copy of the Imperialistic strategy.
    I take it as sign for optimism; I see some thoughts and opinions in online site like "opinion maker"; very surprising and impressive degree of real "free of speech" which I admit it as a path of certain healing, and I personally welcome and great it. Such reformation is on the path to "nation strategy" rejecting the "colonial strategy". I am sorry, yet far from any sufficiency without real physical reformation, in otherwise it might be like the western method of "freedom of speech". The western method of "freedom of speech" is; talk as long as you want to talk for us to know what is in your head and undermine it very early then after too late you see all your beautiful dreams falling apart like delusions and only remains the nightmares; so talk Mr gullible, I want you to talk too much whatever you want, if anything changed it will change to the worse than before. That is what I call the "western method of freedom of speech". If "the western method of freedom of speech" reached a dangerous point they shut it down easier than the blink of the eye after they extract what they wanted from your idiotic head. For this if you watch the west through their recent history, you always find the freedom of speech in the west rises and falls in degrees over time for a definite cause and by command and social engineering, not because of the social struggle, but for definite social manipulation standard procedure of undermining any possible social struggle may arise out of control of the empire center, what they call it, what they call it, oh yes I remembered; they call it "Dream-thieving modus operandi". Is it "real freedom of speech", or, is it "western freedom of speech"?
    One year earlier than today there were all signs of pessimism in Pakistan than any signs of optimism, today there is a dawn for some signs of optimism, what? Do you think I work according to these signs? No, the fact I discovered about me is that when I work, I am much tougher than a piece of Basalt and I take no sign of Pessimism or optimism, in best times or darkest toughness, I work almost the same.
    Let us find out what it is, while sometimes I love to see myself that idiotic-head, some paid shoe licker of the Pakistani politicians called me better than Idiotic-head, he called me Pig-head, I loved that one. Like Pig-head who divulges idiotically what is in his head like gullible, I am pig-head gullible, yeah, yeah I am that one.
    That pig-head gullible doesn't accept the "colonial strategy", so let me think in the frame of strategy I believe in, the "nation strategy".
    Extremely easy and direct plain, the definition of my enemy is that who takes aggressive moves against the Muslims anywhere without any right just reason or cause. Who in secret install any sort of saboteur spies no matter what high the military rank or political rank they penetrated, the country that does this and their native spies are enemies. The country that tries to impose any culture, religion items or undermine the inner social structure, by direct face military action or through insider mercenary hands without awareness of the public, that country and their spies is enemy. The country that tries to impose by political command or military act some sort of economic blockade on my people is an enemy. The cowards are enemies. If I missed something remind me, it is up to discussions to add to the list. The first basic line in "nation strategy" is always the communicating point and connection between the nation strategists and the other intellectuals.
    What is the second line in strategy? The second line is: Identify your enemy (2).
    According to the agreed criterion of definition of the enemy among the public intellectuals in other fields and in applying, I identify the first enemy to the Muslims in Pakistan is the Pakistani Government itself. The Pakistani government and military in full openness they are supporting one of the biggest global empires on the surface of events against the interests of the people themselves, the Pakistani army is turning the muzzle of their gun against their own people by the command of the USA and Britain for their imperial interests in open declaration and action, no secrets. The Pakistani government undermined in ultimate treason the Intellectual and economical capabilities of the nation called Pakistan. What else do you need? Yes on the start of holding their ranks the first visit for them is to London and when they retire they retire in London, they start from there and retire in there while the Pakistani people are in intentionally managed murderous poverty, no secrets about this.
    Any one noticed like I did? It is amazing contrast. The "empire strategy" most frequently finds that the people in the street are their first hand enemy to defeat for the health of the empire, while in full contrast, the "nation strategy" frequently finds that the governmental personnel and dominant elites are the first hand enemy to defeat for the health of the nation. Ooooh nooo, oops, lol, certainly the Pakistani strategists would prefer the "Colonial strategy" over the "nation strategy", wait please, don't worry, I am understanding character and compassionate, that "nation strategy" thing is bad idea, I know, <Noisy grin>. Pragmatic minds are simple that doesn't need the academic strategy education to know all what I am saying; it is easy to see a treacherous government, from the nation strategy comes out the public armed revolutions.
    The operational and practical "strategy" is very wide field of intellectual activity and in practice its main feature is not sophisticated advancement but rather the complicacy and serving so many factors in parallel to accomplish some task of security for the nation by end. Whatever, at some point, on the strategy management map you decide what sort of security implementations you need to device your tasks like the military weaponry systems or strategically adopting officially some definite industrial capability, whatever. In here case, for example the Saab fighter planes from Sweden or electronic warfare equipments from China; which are the matter of my objection.
    The fact is; the Pakistani government and military and behind them the western treasonous Pakistani elites are the first enemy in hand and on sight, they are who takes the main military aggression against the Pakistani people themselves by command from foreign emperors, I can't defeat them by strengthening them with more weaponry systems. All I need some good planned management and few cheap bullets targeting the heads of the treason and corruption, that is. These weapons are waste of money in mind of "nation strategist" as long as the leadership itself is the enemy. Who needs the Pakistani army that never was efficient in any military operation except when their military operation is targeting the Pakistani people for the benefit of the USA and Britain? Are you morons? I don't need the Pakistani military machine in hands of the Europe.
    I tell you some side information helpful on the line to figure it out. The Viking Sweden, where the Noble Prize so-called "peace prize", something about 90% of the Swedish so-called Peace prizes had been offered to high rank intellectuals working and serving the European New World Order organization, majority of them in reality had been inciting mass human crimes, like George Bernard Shaw, or one of the top atomic bomb contributors the Nazi "Bohr, Niels Henrik David" who had taken Sweden as temporary refuge before he moved Britain then to USA and built the Atomic Bomb, or when it reached its recent climax when they offered the so-called peace prize for Obama for his furtherance of more imperialistic unjust wars in irritation to any human rational sense. They are offering substitution for the absence of American support on the surface, if I believed that hence truly I am the "pig-head". Sweden is offering this to swell the ill ego of the corrupt inefficient Pakistani militarists for war in Asia; that is all. While China in their strategic minds they are counteracting the European movement by pushing the European push more beyond than evilly planned for balancing the powers inside Asia for stability purpose, the Chinese loves the cautious stability even more than the real substantial security and this is one feature of their strategic mind. The cause of Sweden is war while the cause of China is stability.
    What if? What if I lost my patience with this thing called Pakistani government and their mercenary military for cheapest bid on the ash of the Muslims in the entire region? If that happened, I'll show practically what the Pig-head looks like. On my way, two big regular mercenary armies had been destroyed and one tyrannic dictator with his big moustache had been torn away; you have seen him hung on TV. That is just little starting.
    The Muslims already lives almost total disaster everywhere, none needs more hardship including myself. Let us make it flow the soft way for God sake.
    A) The soft way is, Pakistani insider "real reformation", let us not use the honest word "treasonous", they are treasonous. But for I care for the pains the Muslims already have and the tough conditions, I'll use rather lenient idioms like "incompetent or inefficient"; the current leadership should smoothly shovel itself and leave the place for another real sincere and efficient intellectuals, give a real full chance and full free space for the civilian public intellectuals to handle the dangerous rotten governmental situation, this way perhaps we succeed to achieve some secure and stable country, trustable and dependable for the universal reformation of the Islamic world. Let it be entirely Pakistani inside total reformation; I support the violence on that way if the inefficient high rank mercenaries, military or political, didn't accept to shovel themselves the calm and dignified way. You have a very short time to accomplish this task, don't blame me, you wasted your time through tens of years.
    B) You think that because I push the soft way for reformation because of considering the hardship the Muslims lives, you think that I love the soft ways? You are wrong, no, in fact I love the tough way; that is my character trend that I don't like myself. If the soft way didn't work as supposed and failed. The tough way is mine; I'll intrude personally and destroy the Pakistani government and the entire Pakistani army with unfavorable big sacrifices on the count of the Pakistani people, the government is not useless, it is entirely negative. I love to add to my collection a third and forth big regular army and some handful of treasonous tyrants though I never liked to see the Muslims or any other paupers in general to suffer. Beg your God that I don't intrude.
    My God, I started to hate that Iranian Ahmadenjad president, whenever I got a toy to destroy and smash he jumps and rescues it from my hand, he always breaks my joy. Scarcely he rescued the Syrian government from my destructive hand, if he didn't I would already have three regular armies and two corrupt tyrannical governments in my death collection, I bite my lips. I feel regret for supporting him in his election for since he took that office and I don't have toys to smash, I hate Ahmadenjad, I hate him. One more toy to smash, please, pleeeease?
    Ashraf Moussa
    November 28, 2010


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