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Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline


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The American Pressure is mounting to derail a project that Pakistan so badly needs.

By Sethi Mushtaq

Pakistan should go through the deal,regardless of the threats by US,because they themselves have failed to provide any concrete alternative,such as “THE CIVIL NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY WHICH WAS OFFERED TO INDIA” to resolve the severe energy crisis Pakistan is confronting.

More so,when India can buy oil from Iran under the same circumstances, why can’t Pakistan sign an agreement which is so important for the future of Pakistan’s economy ?”

Pakistan is reeling under grave energy crisis and to confront it, the Iran -Pakistan gas pipeline projects completion at the earliest possible time frame, could immensely help overcome it…. An excerpt and the link of it’s salient feature of a report of  Hagler Bailly, a global management consulting firm with an office in Islamabad, would gives some idea of the fact that the concerned planners were forewarned of such a situation arising, after 2007.But unfortunately no measures were taken to preempt the expected crisis.

Worsening Gas and Electricity Crises in Pakistan.

Hagler Bailly, a global management consulting firm with an office in Islamabad, warned in a 2006 study that Pakistan is going to witness gas shortage starting in 2007, and the imbalance will grow every year to cripple the economy by 2025, when shortage will be 11,092 MMCFD (Million standard cubic feet per day) against total 13,259 MMCFD production. The Hagler Bailly report added that Pakistan’s gas shortage would get much worse in the next two decades if it did not manage any alternative sources. It appears that we are seeing the beginning of the crisis that HB predicted back in 2006.

Recent Growth in Gas Demand:

Demand for natural gas in Pakistan increased by almost 10 percent annually from 2000-01 to 2007-08, reaching around 3,200m cubic feet per day (MMCFD) last year, against the total production of 3,774 MMCFD, according to Pakistani official sources. But, during 2008-2009, the demand for natural gas exceeded the available supply, with production of 4,528 MMCFD gas against demand for 4,731 MMCFD, indicating a shortfall of 203 MMCFD. This winter, Sui Northern Gas sources have reportedly told the media that the company is dealing with a shortfall of 700 MMCFD of gas due to increasing use of heaters and geysers.

The abandoning or delaying project under pressure of the US, recent threat warning “that Pakistan could face American sanctions if it went ahead with the proposed gas pipeline project with Iran. The project was ‘inexplicable’ and sanctions would further ‘undermine’ Pakistan’s ‘already shaky’ economy” communicated in the recent past by Mrs.Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, to her counterpart in Pakistan and once again a similar reminder being messaged by the present US administration,could prove more harmful to the Pakistan’s economy and it’s regional sociopolitical interests,then the purported threatened sanctions, if and whenever put in place, of theirs made shamelessly and unmindful of the fact that Pakistan were their ally, having rendered huge human and material sacrifices for their so-called war on terror !

It is about time that we stopped underestimating ourselves and put an end to drowning ourselves in the ocean of uncertainty! The odds may or may not be against us only time would tell,provided we put ourselves to the test,instead of cowering like a cowards in face of an adversary.

This not the first occasion that they have attempted to block Pakistan’s effort to ease out of their energy crisis.They even created uncalled for obstacles by raising objection against the Park-China agreement to build 2 additional reactor plants/project designated to be built at the existing Chasma nuclear plant facility. Ultimately, forcing China,  to avoid violating international agreements with the only option to alternatively supply reactors built on an older design version….Secondly,they flatly rebuffed Pakistan request for a civil nuclear agreement similar to what they had signed with India.It is more then evident that their  intentions for Pakistan’s progress and prosperity, as per their objectives,have not exactly been sincere !

The greatest, irony is that they have nothing to offer as an alternate.,except the TAPI project,which if ever materialized could take years on year.Moreover,it is no hidden secret that there were other reasons for which TAPI was reported not unfeasible.Such as that the quality of the gas from Turkmenistan was low graded,the well from which it was to be supplied, was under a Italian Company and they possibly were found to be unwilling to supply and importantly, last but not least the long route passing through the unstable Afghanistan had no guarantee of it’s security.This is in the knowledge of the US administration and sadly yet they persist in recommending the same as a better option ?…

All these social development schemes being made and offered by foreign aid giving  agency’s would be an exercise in futility,until or unless our energy crisis which drives the wheels of the economy are not overcome and met with on war footings.Moreover,the security and law and order situation must be brought under control,it is only then that the climate for foreign investment and all these social development projects could be successfully implemented with the desired results to stabilize and boost our failing economy.

Truly,this is the time to build a social pressure on the decision making authorities to ensure that nothing apart from Pakistan and it’s people interests and benefits could be considered nor  accepted.The policy to be strictly followed, should not be anything else ,except Pakistan First!

The US administration should also be made to understand that their demand and pressure in this regard is unjustified and that any further insistence could only strain relation more between them and Pakistan. Doing disservice to their own regional plans and efforts and also to Pakistan’s interests !

Pakistan does want to retain good relations with them,but not at the cost of it’s solidarity, they have to be balanced in a way that they are mutually beneficial and serving the best interest of both partners!They must  understand our problems,national interests and also respect our sovereignty dignity !Relationships cannot be expected to sustain when their are lopsided with one side reaping all the benefits without caring for the other party.

The reality of their (US) Iran sanction being adhered to by other country’s is that except UK and a few EU country’s the rest of the country’s, who were already, trading with Iran have not bothered to end them and are continuing with their business as usual in their nations best interest.Thus,why should Pakistan ?.

It is about time that we stopped underestimating ourselves and put an end to drowning ourselves in the ocean of uncertainty! The odds may or may not be against us only time would tell,provided we put ourselves to the test,instead of cowering like a cowards in face of an adversary.

They sanctioned us for 9 years,after the Afghan war in the 90′s.We managed to survive.Inshallah,even if it happens again,we can survive with some regional support ! Probably,barter system or some other way may come into play to avoid needs being met with the paper currency.

Thinking wisely at this juncture is the best interest of Pakistan,whose economy is sinking fast due to the severe energy crisis that confronts, it today.We cannot commit suicide for the US interest or because of their threats.The fact is that today to get out of Afghanistan,they need Pakistan support and land route.If they sanction us,it could probably be their loss more then ours.I can safely wager,they would look the other side while this deal materializes.Similar to what they opted to do knowingly with regards to our ongoing nuclear plans for the sake of support in the Afghan war during the 80′s.

If Pakistan’s, industry’s wheels don’t start rolling soon.There is possible danger of an anarchical situation developing !People are being crushed under the load of inflation,lower employment opportunity levels,industry’s are getting shutdown etc.

Pakistan stand a better chance to fight and survive,rather then allow others to slowly suffocate  and wipe it out forever.

Pakistan Zindabad-Paendabad

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  1. In all the above words I do not see the most important statement – Iran has done nothing wrong and if the US and their inbred idiot prostitutes fear Iran than that is their problem and the HELL with them.
    Why in the hell should Pakistan give a damn what the crusader savage terrorist want.
    FUCK THEM and their terrorism.
    the west crusader bastards are greedy rapacious fiends about time the vultures devour them
    Stop the crusader routes thru Pakistan for these bastards let them suffer
    they can take their threats and stick it up their zionist mafia where the sun doesn’t shine
    TAPI? lol dream on mafia goons
    a lower quality gas and they want Pakistan to go for this?
    yeah sure!

  2. For goodness when will Muslims use that thing called brains
    NO NO NO
    We will not cause even one death for the crusader zionist beasts
    Iran has done nothing wrong and we will not support western crusader mass killing of babies/women

    IAEA Report Confirms Iran`s Peaceful Nuclear Program
    Posted: 04 Mar 2013 06:01 AM PST
    IAEA Report Confirms Iran`s Peaceful Nuclear Program
    …read more: MEMBERS | FREE version.

  3. the stupidity of the Muslims
    if anything support Iran
    Ask the western crusader thugs that revolting rotten bshit FM haugue who KILLED THE Iranian leader Mossadegh
    The Mossadegh Project :: Mohammad Mossadegh .com
    Mossadegh fought both internal corruption and British colonialism, enacted social reforms and “There is no better way to govern Iran than democracy and social justice!” – Mohammad Mossadegh.

  4. Thanks Sethi for the article. I agree Pakistani leaders should start looking after Pakistan’s national interests instead of in western fog. Pakistan’s relations with Iran in religion, culture, language and history, goes back to 12th. century. Iran, both under Reza Shah and Islamic Revolution – has always stood next to Pakistan. Not only in the gas-energy sector, but both countries can benefit from each other in the civilian nuclear sector too.

    Washington has long been pushing an alternate pipeline route from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India (TAPI) in its effort to sideline Iran. The Turkmen natural reserves are partly owned by former Israeli Mossad agent Yosef Maiman. Building the TAPI pipeline is a Zionist pipe-dream. The export of Turkmenistan’s gas will enrich the Zionist Jew Maiman and his Israeli partners. This is the main reason Washington is trying to accomplish the TAPI project. Transit fees from the gas pipeline are intended to support the occupation of Afghanistan.

  5. Asif Zardari is the only president in Pakistan’s history who has donated his eyes. But people smell a conspiracy in this too. Some of the good things Zardari has done include: (1) Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), (2) Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package, (3) 43,800 acres of land distributed among landless peasants, (4) reinstatement of sacked employees in different government and semi-government departments, (5) minimum pay for labourers increased from Rs 4,600 to Rs 7,000, (6) political rights given to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, (7) bills for women’s rights and empowerment, (8) 18th and 19th constitutional amendments, (9) combined NFC Award, (10) Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline agreement despite American opposition, (11) kicking out of the Saudi ambassador for distributing money to Islamist terrorists, (12) forcing the Americans to tie aid to Pakistan to the continuation of democracy (this is why the generals are mad at him), (13) devolution of governance to the provinces, and (14) extension of the Political Parties Act (PPA) to FATA. It is unfortunate that blind media and its blind followers never intended to give due credit to Zardari.

    • Friend you are very much mistaken
      how dare you forget about that stinking rotting Usrahelli bastard raymond davies

      it was none other than Mr % traitor who did not think about r davies victim but thought of what he could get out of incident. he is a very nasty evil individual who should not be trusted

      hey even that idiot next door the haliburton chai-wallah has got wise to the anglo savages zionist mafia game in Afghanistan
      fucking too late according to us as he let millions to be slaughtered and he will never have our support

      Oh please spare us the “Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline agreement despite American opposition….”

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