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Off The Net: 11 Steps To Create World Class Terrorists


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Off The Net

By Raja G Mujtaba

Everything we are told is that terrorism is caused by "extremists," we read it in papers, hear it on the news, see it in movies," but more often than not, this is simply false, unforgiveably false.

What we are learning, more and more each day, is that the majority of terrorist acts are done for other reasons, done by governments we trust, planned by men we are told are honorable and decent.

Children are blown up, subway trains or busses are destroyed, airliners crashed.  We are, as a people, enraged and march against an enemy, the enemy that those 'honorable men" point us at, little knowing the same 'honourable men" are the terrorist masterminds themselves.

Floating on the net, I found a paper by Tim Coles, “How to create your very own terrorist state.” This made me think and ponder as to how low the countries can stoop to make their footholds in other territories. This also reminded me of a book, ‘Pawns in the game,’ by William Guy Carr written in 1958. This is a very prophetic book with strong historical evidence. Here the author has gone into minute details to narrate the game of Zionists and Rothschilds who are dominating the world events.

Before going any further, I called Hamid Rajput, my friend and read out to him the 11 steps, he was amazed and went thinking how the world is being manipulated.

In his book, William states that two revolutions and two world wars have taken place. Now there would be a third revolution and third World War that would be against Islam for which now the groupings are taking place that is evident to any follower of the events. Here he also stated that Soviet Union would collapse after 72 years of its creation; this we all have witnessed happening.

Below is an extract from William’s book that explains how the war was manipulated by justifying the acts. If one studies this paragraph carefully, the whole strategy to develop a war and prepare the public mind is spelt out here. The same strategy has been deployed to mastermind and deploy the 9/11 operations.

“On the other hand, if the Western internationalists become convinced that an attack is to be made upon them by the Communist dictators, then they will force the western democracies into another World War in order that they may get in the first blow. As a prelude to their attack the public will be made aware of the dangers of international Communism. The danger to Christian democracy will be emphasized. The atheistic-materialists, who have the western world in economic bondage, will call for a Christian Crusade. They will justify their atomic attacks upon Russia and China as Churchill justified his attack on Germany. They will say it was necessary to save our civilization. But don’t lets fool ourselves. Regardless of how the case may be presented to the public the fact will remain that if World War Three is allowed to take place it will be fought to decide whether Eastern Communism takes over the entire world or whether the Western capitalists will continue to rule the international roost.”

Now if studied in conjunction with the quote from ‘Pawns in the Game’ mentioned above, this development falls like a text book drill in line with what William Guy Carr has said.

The development of pre and post 9/11 scenario is within these quotes mentioned above. Same methodology and philosophy has been applied to prepare the public mind so that Muslims are taken as evil doers. Where the author says ‘dangers of international communism,’ substitute it with ‘dangers of Islam,’ the rest falls in line. Rest of the words from this quote are the same rhetoric that the world has been listening from Bush, Blair and Company who blew it loud wherever they went.

Having defeated the ‘Eastern Communism’ in Afghanistan, the next threat was shifted to Islam and the Islamists, the only ideology that stands in the way of the Western Capitalists. Islam was labeled as fascist, a faith of the stone age and desert dwellers. Bush, addressing the State of the Union, went on to say that it’s a crusade against Islam, these cave dwellers don’t like the freedom, values and civilization of the free world hence they are out to attack and destroy the West.

First and foremost those countries that were on the thresh hold of nuclear capabilities or that opposed the American expansion and Israeli designs were selected as the immediate targets. An axis of evil was announced that comprised of four Muslim countries and North Korea. The inclusion of North Korea was symbolic but given a colour of reality to distract the public mind that this development was not Islam specific or anti Islam.

Going back to the pre 9/11 plot of the game, a full media war was developed against Osama bin Ladin and his associates, who were to begin with all allies of America to fight Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Attacks on US installations in Kenya and Tanzania were staged, a naval ship USS Cole was attacked in Yemen port. These acts convinced the American public that Muslims were their enemies. Keeping this as the basis, Bill Clinton ordered missile attack on Afghanistan to take out Osama but in reality, it was never intended to do so. Had Osama been taken out, the game would have ended without any real dividends to the Zionists and their puppets the US and the UK.

Now the elections of 2000 had approached, the change that was to take place in the White House had necessitated a lull for the new incumbent to take office. But the war in the media progressed as planned, it provided a strong reason for Mr. Bush to announce a war that was immediately given the certificate of justification by Tony Blair and the contemporaries in Italy, Canada and Australia. It was also moved in the Security Council and the approval was obtained to massacre an ill equipped living in rags and tags Muslim country, Afghanistan that as later proved had nothing to do with 9/11.

To move forward in attacking Islam and it’s followers, it was necessary to stage a mega event to win the world support and the American public mind to wage a war against Muslim countries. The World Trade Center was attacked through electronically hijacked planes and within minutes Pentagon was also hit said to be by a Hawk missile, this set the ball rolling. The media, world over got busy accusing Osama, the Muslim faith, Muslims in general were declared as the enemies of the West. Tony Blair set out on world tour as ambassador of George W Bush to align the governments for an attack on Afghanistan. Pakistan was brought in line through threats to be reduced to stone-age if it did not cooperate.

Why Afghanistan was selected as the first target had some very obvious reasons. During the Soviet occupation, Muslim fighters from world over brought here to fight the Soviets thus they became the first targets of American wrath. They were hunted, hounded, captured, killed and tortured. Some six hundred were shifted to Guantanamo Bay where they were kept in most inhuman conditions. Many of them were released without any trial not before they had either developed strong hatred for the West or had agreed to work for them; in both the situations it suited the Zionist Masters and the American Junta lead by Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.   One such character to be released was Baitullah Masud who launched himself in Pakistan to carry out terrorist activities in FATA region and in Frontier Province.

Pakistan Army’s operation in FATA is a classic operation that put the American and NATO commanders into a spin. Americans were of the view that Pakistan Army’s engagement in FATA would reduce it to a non entity whereby the US would be able to take out the nukes from Pakistan. Today Pakistan Army has come out stronger and earned respect from the citizens of the country.

Detainees from Guantanamo were released in some selected countries where they were expected to team up and work against the host countries by hitting the American installations there. Such acts were to provide more solid excuse for the Americans to target and hit those countries to bring them in their fold. After Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan now the next target is Yemen.

Afghanistan was also selected for its geo-centric location within the Muslim world. From Afghanistan, Pakistan, a declared nuclear Muslim state and Iran a threat to Zionist Israel could both be easily handled. Also the hydrocarbon deposits of Central Asia could be controlled and denied to other rivals and potential threats.

Now after this narrative, the 11 steps mentioned by Tim Coles would be easier to understand. The steps have been listed below for the benefit of the readers to understand.

Step 1:
Make sure you have a media and an education system sophisticated enough to omit what your country does to others, but emphasize what other countries do to you.

This will enable your domestic population to hate the people of the other country, allowing you to pursue your agenda without the risk of being overthrown by your own population. In 2002-03, unprecedented numbers of protestors demonstrated in London against the Iraq war. This could be dangerous for future wars because the public might one day try to overthrow you. Therefore, domestic subversion is also a good tactic if you can do it.

Step 2:
Select a country that has suffered under your colonial rule in the past. Aden, now Yemen, was occupied by the British in 1839. In 1947, the Amir of Dhala’s son, Haidan, led an uprising which was crushed with overwhelming firepower from Britain’s Royal Air Force. In a study for the RAND Corporation, Bruce Hoffman explained:

“No sooner than the threat from Haidan been neutralized than trouble erupted from another tribe, in the nearby village of Al Husein… Once again punishment was applied from the air. Four Mosquitoes and three Tempests from No. 8 Squadron were ordered to destroy the village. The rocket and cannon air strike, the after-action report stated, “was most impressive and awe-inspiring, and the attack undoubtedly made an impression not easily forgotten.”

Step 3:

Make sure that your selected country has a neighbour across the sea, or on its border, which has also suffered under your colonial rule. You will need to do this for Step 7 later on. In 1925, the colonial administrator, Douglas Jardine, not to be confused with the cricketer, explained the geostrategic importance of Aden and British Somaliland, now Somalia:

“Berbera, the capital [of Somaliland], is but 160 miles across the Gulf from Aden, and is, therefore, but 12 days distance from London and six from Bombay. It cannot be said that this proximity to our main imperial trade route has been of much benefit to the protectorate in the past; but it might prove at any time to be of incalculable value.”

Indeed, it turned out “to be of incalculable value”. Another colonialist, H.B. Kittermaster, explained: “The dry coastal climate makes the [Somaliland] Protectorate as good as Aden for the production of salt. This is already being done in a primitive way by the natives, and negotiations are now in progress with a British syndicate to develop the industry scientifically.”

Today, the countries are more generally used along the oil trading routes.

Step 4:
Now that you have chosen a country, in close proximity to its exploited neighbour, you’ll want to ensure that the suffering inflicted upon it had continued throughout the course of, say, one hundred years. This is long enough to foster intergenerational resentment and hatred of your own country. Britain’s “establishment of the Middle East Command (MEC) headquarters in Aden in 1960 helped fuel the fires of revolution”, Stephen Dorril explained in his history of MI6.

“The 1962 Defence White Paper, “The Next Five Years”, stated that Britain would continue to back the local sultans in South Yemen and the Gulf, and that the Aden base would be the permanent headquarters of this strategy… Aden was to be one of the three key points in Britain’s global military deployment… Fifty thousand Lee Enfield rifles were shipped from the UK to Yemeni royalists. According to the 21st SAS Volunteers Commander Richard Pirie, the mercenaries deployed in Yemen were paid GBP 250 per month from the Foreign Office and from the MoD [Ministry of Defence].”

British and Scottish mercenaries were paid GBP 100,000 a year to launch a chemical war against the population which resulted in the slaughter of 200,000 Yemenis, largely in defence of what was then an oil refinery run by the British.

Step 5:
Now that you have fostered enough resentment and ruined a country’s chance of socio-economic recovery, you might want to try betraying even the mercenary elements of that country attempting to side with you. In 1979, America and Britain began funding, arming and training the Afghan mujahideen in order “to draw the Russians into the Afghan trap”, to quote US President Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

This worked. Russia and the mujahideen ruined Afghanistan – and out of the ashes rose the Taliban, whom Britain and America supported almost up to 9/11. Britain’s leading independent terror specialist, Jason Burke, documented how many of the more fascistic elements of the mujahideen were Yemenis who “had distinguished themselves at the battle of Jalalabad in 1989”. By 1992, however, the US had not supported those factions who were outraged by the intricacies of the unification of the Yemen Arab Republic and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen.

Step 6:
Capture and torture people from all over the world in a prison such as Guantanamo Bay. Deny them habeas corpus: no charge; no trial; no representation; no right to a lawyer; no right to visits from friends, relatives or the Red Cross; and do so for an indefinite period.

Select people whose religion is the same as those in the terrorist state you are looking to create (in this case Islam). This will create a sense a kinship among those you are turning into enemies. This will make the enemies seem more closely knit, yet from varying countries, giving your country the excuse to invade country after country. Also, use your media to dehumanize the captives, making them seem guilty without evidence.

Once you have traumatized those prisoners of the same religion – which your education system regards as incompatible with modernity – release them to the country you wish to turn into a terrorist state. They may all get together and plot revenge which you can then use to justify attacking the country. In 2009, Barack Obama began releasing former Guantanamo Bay hostages to Yemen.

Step 7:
Destroy the stabilizing government of the neighbouring country. In 2006, Britain and America supported Somali warlords, such as Abdullah Yusuf, who invaded Somalia in order to overthrow the emerging government (the Union of Islamic Courts) and replace them with a fascist government nobody wanted (the Transitional Federal Government, or TFG). The TFG then launched a campaign of famine, torture and violence so extreme that hundreds of thousands of Somalis fled across the sea to seek refuge in Yemen, with tens of thousands fleeing each year.

Once you have ruined the neighbouring country, poor, displaced, oppressed, Muslim refugees will flock to the country you are trying to turn into a terrorist state (Yemen). Here, clerics in madrassas [religious schools] will have a constituency of desperate people whom they can radicalize and turn into future terrorists, as happened in Pakistan in the 1980s when millions of Afghans fled from Soviet troops and the mujahideen (as we saw in Step 5), many of whom became the Taliban in the early 1990s.

Step 8:
Murder people without charge or trial in both countries with new, super-weaponry, such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). This will terrorize and radicalize the population of the country you are trying to turn into a terrorist state. Hopefully, your media will attempt to vindicate the drone attacks by either not reporting them or else uncritically quoting officials who claim that the drones target terrorists. Without journalists challenging these official statements, the public may assume that they are correct. (This is happening in more and more countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Somalia and possibly even Haiti).

Step 9:
Omit as much of the previous steps as you can from public knowledge via the media and education system of your own country. This will make any action from the country you are trying to turn into a terrorist state seem unprovoked, giving you the chance to invade as an act of self-defence. It will also allow you to carry on without your public overthrowing you (as mentioned in Step 1). Also, get your media to make meaningless statements about the country you are trying to turn into a terrorist state, such as “Osama Bin Laden’s grandfather was born there”, or “the failed Christmas underpants bomber (Umar Farouk Abdulmuttallab) was radicalized there by the cleric Anwar Al-Awlaqi” – even though Abdulmuttallab’s father informed the FBI of his son’s radicalization months before, which the FBI ignored – or, “Nidal Malik Hasan, the major who killed several of his colleagues at a US base, was radicalized there” – even though this was not terrorism because they were military targets.

Step 10:
Wait for a terrorist attack to occur, in the country itself, against a British national stationed there, such as an ambassador who had previously worked in another country you helped to destroy.

When the British ambassador to Yemen, Tim Torlot (who had worked for the British government in Iraq) was attacked in April 2010, the “left” and “right” media leapt at the chance to emphasize how dangerous Yemen is to Britain (for which we planned in Step 1).

Careful reading shows that few newspapers actually revealed their sources. The Independent revealed a source, namely that the Yemeni Interior Ministry said the attack “bore all the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda”, but as Britain and America are training and funding the Yemeni government and secret services, any information provided by them is biased. The Independent also revealed that the primary sources for the incident are “Yemeni newspapers [which] cite anonymous security sources” to name the bomber as Osman Ali Noman Asaloi. In other words, it could be a total fabrication.

The Guardian alleged that some Al-Qaeda members fled Yemen to Somalia via Aden. Perhaps they bumped into the tens of thousands of refugees fleeing from the Western-backed Transitional Federal Government?

The Times reported that “no group claimed responsibility for the attack”, yet the press, basing their information on the Yemeni government, blamed Al-Qaeda. The Times also admitted that “terrorism is merely a symptom of Yemen’s overwhelming problems”, but did not mention that they began in 1839, when Britain invaded, and continue up to the present. This emphasizes the importance of Step 2.

The Telegraph reported: “The Interior Ministry later stated: “This operation reflects the state of despair which has hit the terrorists after the painful pre-emptive strikes which they received in their hideouts at the hands of security services”, which are being trained and funded by the US and Britain, one might add, but this offers no evidence that the victims are “terrorists”.

Step 11:
Now sit back and wait for the country to boil over into extreme violence, making sure you poke the bear with sticks, such as increased drone attacks and security raids by the puppet government being armed and trained by your own.

After a few years, you will have yourself a nice terrorist state. Later, academics can refer to the country as a “failed state”, perhaps even invoking your “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P), omitting, of course, exactly why it has become a “failed state” and why one needs to exercise R2P. While your domestic population assumes that you are either incompetent or out there to combat terrorism, you can secure energy routes or raw resources. As Liam Fox, the defence secretary of the 2010 Liberal Democrat-Conservative “coalition” government, explained:

“In the years ahead energy security, economic security and national security will be inextricably linked. If we want to ensure that we can keep the lights on in Britain then we need to develop a comprehensive energy strategy. It is simply a matter of risk management. Such a strategy will need to have three components: diversity in the type of fuels we use; diversity in the geographical sources of those fuels; and the security structures that will guarantee the safe transport of these fuels.”

Today America along with NATO has been in Afghanistan for almost a decade with no moral justification. To justify her presence here, American policy makers are busy creating more reasons to justify the American presence on permanent basis. The so called war on terror is being expanded into the region.

US has caused Pakistan a considerable damage for a war that was never just; today every person of conscience is questioning it. Pakistan has suffered economically and politically. In human losses, Pakistan has lost over 15000 troops with a very high ratio of officers. Pakistan Army has also lost numerous one, two and three star generals. Civilian cannot be counted. The drone attacks are being directed mostly against innocent people that are creating more resentment and hatred. 

Pakistan must act now before its too late to have the drones stopped. If the US does not listen, Pakistan Air Force must be instructed to shoot any violation of Pakistan airspace. This would build more trust in the federation and earn a global respect. If not done, the 11 steps mentioned here are a clear recipe for disaster.

Raja Mujtaba has over 25 years of writings behind him. His focus is on the Muslim World in particular and all other areas where humanity is subjected to injustice, suppression and killings. He sees the world as a global living but not part of the New World Order that is a Zionist Agenda. His conviction is that there can be no peace without justice thus the root cause to every problem must be identified and addressed. Justice leads to peace that develops love.

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  1. The bottomline remains,
    All muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims.
    The NATO has every justification to stay in Afghanistan as long as the Pakistani army provides safe heavens to the Al Qaeda and Afghan Taliban.
    The Pakistani Army has been more than compensated for the losses and the inflated bills for WOT.
    The Pakistani Air force would have shot down Drones long ago if it had the balls.
    The real war is yet to start, which will start the day any Drone is shot down by the Pakistanis.

    • Lisa Brooks says:

      I don't think that the zionist terrorists who blew up the King David Hotel and killed Jacob Israel de Haan and killed Folke Bernadotte were muslim. So no, not all terrorists are muslims. The  members of the Lehi, Stern Gang and the Irgun weren't muslim were they? I think Neel123 may be writing from Tel Aviv or Tel Aviv West (aka New York City).

      • You are exactly correct, Lisa. Neel123 et al will have us believe that "the crazy Muslims" are terrorists out to destroy western civilization — which is a pretense of remarkable banality — yet shockingly effective.
        The Israeli Zionists invented modern-day terrorism and never mind the dastardly way the west has treated the common Muslim human, en masse and for decades.
        Like any hidden political agenda — the Grand Manipulators prefer that the bewildered herd not look too closely at the realities — like all those pesky facts.
        And Zionist control of American media insures that we, the hoi poloi, know only what they want us to.

    • anti-neel123 says:

      so let’s see, I guess you are forgetting the main terrorist group of the 20th century -> Irish Catholics.

  2. A very timely article..
    To say that war is madness is like saying that sex is madness: true enough, from the standpoint of a stateless eunuch, but merely a provocative epigram for those who must make their arrangements in the world as given."

  3. neel123 – if you study FBI reports and some objective sources on terrorism – you will find that the great numbers of  terrorist happen to be Jewish and not Muslims – from Julius and Ethel Rosenburg to Jonathan Pollard  – and from USS Liberty to 9/11. 


  4. @  Rehmat,
    Are you trying to suggest that the antidote for terrorism is more terrorism …… and a reason to justify Mumbai massacre like incidents …….. ?

  5. drrr    
    I present my deep appreciation and congratulations to Raja G. Mujtiba for a realistic analysis of the global game of making terrorists. Irrespective of the religion, we must be able to identify the common enemies of humanity. They are the brutal killers of human being, therefore, must be indentified and curtailed subsequently. If Allah Almighty has created us as a free creature to decide about our self, they should not make us hostage. The steps mentioned above are very very realistic and needs careful analysis by everyone.
    The article must be projected to the maximum, so that, people understand the game of making terrorists and the global network associated with it.  

  6. neel123 you are absolutely wrong. You also seem to have completely failed to understand the article you respond to. People don't wake up one day and decide they will be terrorists, terrorism is a reaction to something and in the case of Muslims it is a deliberate provocation. Then of course statistically the majority of "proved"terrorist acts, eventually are show to be MOSSAD and CIA as well as their various puppet state clones. The accusations that they are Muslim are all part of it.
    The first terrorism in the Middle East and still the worst acts of terror, were committed by Jews. The only state sanctioned terrorism against the USA has been by Israel, in the Lavon affair, against the USS Liberty and probably and it appears so, 9/11.

  7. michael mazur says:

    No one mentioned Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve, who are at the top of all this.
    They would have to be, along with their European counterparts.
    For they are the ones at the top of the international private banking consortia, determined to feudalise the whole planet, save the citadels occupied by themselves.
    Feudalise ? Yes, reduce everywhere else to little above the Stone Age, to remove all possibility of a challenge to their power to issue the planet's currency, and to charge interest on it.

  8. I would like to thank Raja G Mujtaba for a very timely article. It's something which becomes even more pertinent as time passes.  Many are finally coming to the realization governments are the problem, not the solution.  Lies, misinformation, co-operation by the press and news outlets all add to the problems people have with understanding what is really going on in our world today.

  9. the muslims weren't behind 9-11, it was perpetrated by those who most hate the muslims.

  10. there is no muslim terrorists, it is all zionist beast illuminati mafia, it is all lies

  11. neel123 – only idiots like you believe and expect others to beleive that. In fact, Mubai terrorist attack was a brainchild of Jewish and Hindutva mafia. 

     - that's only the idiots 

  12. See Emet Group – Reported by Joel C. Rosenberg 18 August 2001 in – " A group of "American" business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media "war room" in Washington, D.C. The group will be called "Emet" —which in Hebrew means "truth." Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction. Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion. Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram's; and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel's largest banks. Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp….and there you have it …The Economic Terrorists SMOKING GUN…[;article=134100;title=APFN] since Al Franken Quida was DELETED…see Henry Makow…and Abuse Oprah style….Bully legislation in MN.

  13. A wonderful article.

  14. Khalid Iqbal says:

    It will take a considerable time to unearth  truth about the motives, perpetrators and doers of 9/11. All investigations done in the US by non government agencies have a little common with the official commission's report.
    Nevertheless the anti-Muslim and anti-Islam biases that preceded and followed 9/11, suggest that the possibility of the event 's occurrence as projected in this article can not be ruled out with absolute certainty.
    Eleven steps and associated historic references towards making terrorists make an interesting reading.
    Trail of anti-Muslim actions say starting form WW-I onwards are good enough to perpetuate anti-America and anti-west feeling. However, it does not mean that we are heading towards a systemic clash of civilizations or something of that sort.
    Nevertheless, there is a need for active intervention by the comity of nations to make amends.
    Raja Mujtaba has done an in-depth research to link the events alongside their cause and effect linkages to forward his thesis on an important subject which is very close the heart of any soul searching individual. These co-relations need to be carried forth to include specific remedial steps for impeding the proliferation of extremism and its manifestations.
    May I request the discussants to kindly mold their comments in this direction for making a contribution towards a good cause.

  15. Most terrorism is perpertrated by government intelligence agencies.  Why else would most acts of terrorism benefit governments and corporations and not the groups of people acccused of them?

  16. S U Turkman says:

    The writer works for Pakistan's Secret Agency ISI. He has been propagating that USA is the biggest Terrorist of the world and all Pakistan Army Mercenaries in Afghanistan are actually Afghans, not Pakistanis.
    16,000 JehaaDi Sneak Attacks have taken place in the world since 9/11 and to him no Moslims are responsible for that and they are being caused by Enemies of Islam. What a liar …!

    • Lolz…Mr. S U Turkman ….you forget that US sells and supplies all technology, arms and ammunition to the ISI….who sells all these weapons to the mercenaries ?? The developed nations breed people and label them terrorists…and keep playing the war game so that most civilians can be kept diverted from the real problems in life…and the arms industry can grow and earn profits…

      End of the day the biggest religion and narcotic is nationalism and patriotism…:)

      MR. Raja keep up the good work and just pay attention to people who comment without even understanding the basic truth…

  17. The top priority in any country is its war policy.
    War is also the banks top over-riding objective.
    For them, war not only brings in a huge profit, but is used to thin out the populations. Wars are the ultimate sacrifice for their lord and master.

  18. Hats off o Raja for having spent so much of his time and energy in proving his thesis. All posters and the writer of this must understand this simple fact that religion, education , trade and science and technology give crafty and greedy group(s)to control others resources and manpower. If we are ranting about West's invasions and exploitation , similar acts were committed by the Arabs who destroyed other cultures and made them subservient to them. This slavish mentality is still on display on such forums. we don't condemn religious Imperialism but we are always ready to condemn other forms of imperialism.Please pakistanis grow up and try to re-discover your lost identity and culture which were obliterated by the Arab imperialists under the guise of religion. 

  19. Hats off  to Raja for having spent so much of his time and energy in proving his thesis. All posters and the writer of this must understand this simple fact that religion, education , trade and science and technology give crafty and greedy group(s)sufficient power to control others'resources and manpower. If we are ranting about West's invasions and exploitation , similar acts were committed by the Arabs who destroyed other cultures and made them subservient to them. This slavish mentality is still on display on such forums. we don't condemn religious Imperialism but we are always ready to condemn other forms of imperialism.Please pakistanis grow up and try to re-discover your lost identity and culture which were obliterated by the Arab imperialists under the guise of religion. 

  20. Jeff Prager says:

    Thank you Raja. A prescient article. Sadly, too few Americans understand what's happening right before their eyes. I wish this weren't so, but it is. The facts are clear. We, here in the USA, are the terrorists.

  21. WRAY EDWARDS says:

    FALSE FLAG is the name of the game, and it will first destroy the world's economy (through Rothschild's BIS and the FED issuing fiat poison) leaving millions unemployed with no alternative but to join the militaries to make a living until world war three impliments the formula written on the Georgia Guide Stones.
    In the works…taser bracelets for all…especially air, bus and train travelers.  Get out of line and the air marshal or neighborhood cop will drop you to your knees.  Persist, and the shaped charge in the bracelet (or GPS anklet) will amputate your hand (or foot).
    Also, the ranks of the new military specialty (relocation and internment) are approaching optimum levels.  Soon the sight of TSA goons molesting little girls in their mother's arms will seem tame by comparison.  In the near future, the upscale populations of gated communities will discover the true meaning of "gated".  Then…"Soros in wonderland" will finally rule the planet.
    BTW…War is good for business.  What's all the fuss? 

  22. Israel is a crime syndicate disguised as a country and is the birthplace of the world's terrorists who cause mayhem all over the world:
    There is no hiding the truth:
    Next time there is a terrorist attack you can be sure that there were Israelis behind it.
    The next (false flag) attack is supposed to be in America so they can have their war with Iran.
    Game up.

  23. Shamshad Elahee Ansari says:

    The crust of the problem is, who is the leader? who will rule the world? Muslim or Political Islam?? No..its not going to happen. Nothing new in Raja's write up..a mix of freemasonic-Illuminati-NWO conspiracy theory which is definately not a product of Islam. Western theorician doing work on it day in and day out. Raja just took it from here and there and trying to persue his own agenda. He seems to be Zia ul Haq-iite. Pakistan is reaping what it sowed in the 1970s..its destined to face this pain.
    Back to the issue, West is super power due to its technological advance. Only a technological advance nation can claim the leadership of the world. Islamic world can not provide any technical advancement to the world so, to claim the leadership of the world is out of question.Raja missed one aspect of his theory which the his proponent would add, returm of messiah/Imam/Anti-Christ etc. They paint US/illuminati etc head of evil forces…and messiah would start defeating him from Afghanistan and relate the latest events to such theories, thus few of them award the status of Sheikh/Imam etc to Bin Laden.
    Middle east crisis is the result of joint greed of Oil companies,Kingdoms of Gulf, Israel. They all have hands in gloves.  

  24. Ayesha Khan says:

    Finally, a brilliant article with a clear historic perpective to what is currently happening. Even those of us who are not attuned to the "plays" of the global game could not miss the patterns of  "senseless" invasions in developing but resource rich countries. When States are given too much power – whether they are of the North or the South – they will abuse that power to keep themselves and their cronies "in government". This is an age old battle of Greed vs Equity; a war between the Rich with their ceaseless lust for power and the Poor who are trying to stave off the chaos created.  There is so much clamor and din about individual extremists that people could not  hear themselves think. RM's article brought in the crisp analysis required for a reality check on just what we citizens of the world allow our govts to do as we busy ourselves in the rat race.
    We forget that human creations, whether machines or systems, or mediciness have a downside too. In this case we forgot that the States we created with people power were to be run by people who are morally as strong or as weak as those who are not in government. Governments around the world have learned to leverage the global platforms to their personal advantage, its time that the citizens of the world unite and leverage  people power. Along with the various disadvantages of globalization is the learning that people of different nationalities and different religions are basically the same in their aspirations, their joys, sorrows and belief in core human values. There are many of us in different countries who have been saying that it seems that governments no longer "listen" to what their respective constituencies are saying rather they "market" their views and create space for their capitalist war agendas. Thanks to Raja Mujtaba the bigger picture is clearer and the shadows we felt we were fighting are now much more discernible.

  25. Susan Clarke says:

    Yes, it appears almost all such "terrorism", starting at least with the Lavon affair, going through the '60s+ assassinations in the US, the various attacks associated with Isreal's 1980s wars, the 1993 WTC incident, 911, 311, 7-7, and some many more, were all state-sponsored…by the "west".

  26. Ghazala Awan says:

    Raja sb you really did a great job by rewriting and managing to publish this article.  This article will wipe off the mist and will clear the perception of many people. By the passage of time people are aware what is happening in TROUBLED countries and why? But it was just random approach and believes. Meanwhile, after going through this article their eyes are wide opened because you accumulated all basic and core knowledge of this world ruling plan and have composed impressively 

  27. Type your comment here…

  28. Michael Mazur says:

    RGM, all terrorist acts are done by govts we have trusted to be our protectors – our other fathers who have usurped that which has been entrusted to them by our respective noble founders.
    It always seems to happen within 3 generations since the last revolution against insufferable tyranny.

  29. @Neel123
    Do you really think that the terrorists would have been so dumb to kill people with the hope of getting killed??
    Why not try to think that it was staged by some politician to gain some political mileage?
    Have some thought process of your own and dont just say what the media wants you to say or believe…Dont forget police have framed and faked lot of encounters like this….which is one of the major reasons for Sikh and Kashmiri unrest….
    Terrorism is for capitalism and by capitalism and of capitalism….its never for religion….look at the major technical suppliers to Germany during was IBM….the arms industry always booms after any sell of skud and patriot increased after Iraq war…and who benefited from that??
    Use your brains and not balls …and dont just label anyone as terrorists just because your best friend said so….


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