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Obama: All In The Company -Part I


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Special Report: The Story of Obama: All in The Company Part I

By Wayne Madsen

WMR has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s connections to institutions and individuals figuring prominently in the lives of Barack Obama and his mother, father, grandmother, and stepfather.

President Obama’s own work in 1983 for Business International Corporation, a CIA front that conducted seminars with the world’s most powerful leaders and used journalists as agents abroad, dovetails with CIA espionage activities conducted by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham in 1960s post-coup Indonesia on behalf of a number of CIA front operations, including the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ford Foundation. Dunham met and married Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, at the East-West Center in 1965. Soetoro was recalled to Indonesia in 1965 to serve as a senior army officer and assist General Suharto and the CIA in the bloody overthrow of President Sukarno.

Barack Obama, Sr., who met Dunham in 1959 in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii, had been part of what was described as an airlift of 280 East African students to the United States to attend various colleges — merely “aided” by a grant from the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation, according to a September 12, 1960, Reuters report from London. The airlift was a CIA operation to train and indoctrinate future agents of influence in Africa, which was becoming a battleground between the United States and the Soviet Union and China for influence among newly-independent and soon-to-be independent countries on the continent.

The airlift was condemned by the deputy leader of the opposition Kenyan African Democratic Union (KADU) as favoring

Obama's African family

certain tribes — the majority Kikuyus and minority Luos — over other tribes to favor the Kenyan African National Union (KANU), whose leader was Tom Mboya, the Kenyan nationalist and labor leader who selected Obama, Sr. for a scholarship at the University of Hawaii. Obama, Sr., who was already married with an infant son and pregnant wife in Kenya, married Dunham on Maui on February 2, 1961 and was also the university’s first African student. Dunham was three month’s pregnant with Barack Obama, Jr. at the time of her marriage to Obama, Sr.

KADU deputy leader Masinda Muliro, according to Reuters, said KADU would send a delegation to the United States to investigate Kenyan students who received “gifts” from the Americans and “ensure that further gifts to Kenyan students are administered by people genuinely interested in Kenya’s development.’”

Mboya received a $100,000 grant for the airlift from the Kennedy Foundation after he turned down the same offer from the U.S. State Department, obviously concerned that direct U.S. assistance would look suspicious to pro-Communist Kenyan politicians who suspected Mboya of having CIA ties. The Airlift Africa project was underwritten by the Kennedy Foundation and the African-American Students Foundation. Obama, Sr. was not on the first airlift but a subsequent one. The airlift, organized by Mboya in 1959, included students from Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland

Reuters also reported that Muliro charged that Africans were “disturbed and embittered” by the airlift of the selected students. Muliro “stated that “preferences were shown to two major tribes [Kikuyu and Luo] and many U.S.-bound students had failed preliminary and common entrance examinations, while some of those left behind held first-class certificates.”

Obama, Sr. was a friend of Mboya and a fellow Luo. After Mboya was assassinated in 1969, Obama, Sr. testified at the trial of his alleged assassin. Obama, Sr. claimed he was the target of a hit-and-run assassination attempt after his testimony.

Obama, Sr., who left Hawaii for Harvard in 1962, divorced Dunham in 1964. Obama, Sr. married a fellow Harvard student, Ruth Niedesand, a Jewish-American woman, who moved with him to Kenya and had two sons. They were later divorced. Obama, Sr. worked for the Kenyan Finance and Transport ministries as well as an oil firm. Obama, Sr. died in a 1982 car crash and his funeral was attended by leading Kenyan politicians, including future Foreign Minister Robert Ouko, who was murdered in 1990.

CIA files indicate that Mboya was an important agent-of-influence for the CIA, not only in Kenya but in all of Africa. A formerly Secret CIA “Current Intelligence Weekly Summary,” dated November 19, 1959, states that Mboya served as a check on extremists at the second All-African People’s Conference (AAPC) in Tunis. The report states that “serious friction developed between Ghana’s Prime Minister Kwame NNkrumah and Kenyan nationalist Tom Mboya who cooperated effectively [emphasis added] last December to check extremists at the AAPC’s first meeting in Accra.” The term “cooperated effectively” appears to indicate that Mboya was cooperating with the CIA, which filed the report from field operatives in Accra and Tunis. While “cooperating” with the CIA in Accra and Tunis, Mboya selected the father of the president of the United States to receive a scholarship and be airlifted to the University of Hawaii where he met and married President Obama’s mother.

An earlier CIA Current Intelligence Weekly Summary, Secret, and dated April 3, 1958, states that Mboya “still appears to be the most promising of the African leaders.” Another CIA weekly summary, Secret and dated December 18, 1958, calls Mboya the Kenyan nationalist an “able and dynamic young chairman” of the People’s Convention party who was viewed as an opponent of “extremists” like Nkrumah, supported by “Sino-Soviet representatives.”

In a formerly Secret CIA report on the All-Africa Peoples Conference in 1961, dated November 1, 1961, Mboya’s conservatism, along with that of Taleb Slim of Tunisia, are contrasted to the leftist policies of Nkrumah and others. Pro-communists who were elected to the AAPC’s steering committee at the March 1961 Cairo conference, attended by Mboya, are identified in the report as Abdoulaye Diallo, AAPC Secretary General, of Senegal; Ahmed Bourmendjel of Algeria; Mario de Andrade of Angola; Ntau Mokhele of Basutoland; Kingue Abel of Cameroun; Antoine Kiwewa of Congo (Leopoldville); Kojo Botsio of Ghana; Ismail Toure of Guinea; T. O. Dosomu Johnson of Liberia; Modibo Diallo of Mali; Mahjoub Ben Seddik of Morocco; Djibo Bakari of Niger; Tunji Otegbeya of Nigeria; Kanyama Chiume of Nyasaland; Ali Abdullahi of Somalia; Tennyson Makiwane of South Africa, and Mohamed Fouad Galal of the United Arab Republic.

The only attendees in Cairo who were given a clean bill of health by the CIA were Mboya, who appears to have been a snitch for the agency, and Joshua Nkomo of Southern Rhodesia, B. Munanka of Tanganyika, Abdel Magid Shaker of Tunisia, and John Kakonge of Uganda.

Nkrumah would eventually be overthrown in a 1966 CIA-backed coup while he was on a state visit to China and North Vietnam. The CIA overthrow of Nkrumah followed by one year the agency’s overthrow of Sukarno, another coup that was connected to President Obama’s family on his mother’s side. There are suspicions that Mboya was assassinated in 1969 by Chinese agents working with anti-Mboya factions in the government of Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta in order to eliminate a pro-U.S. leading political leader in Africa. Upon Mboya’s death, every embassy in Nairobi flew its flag at half-mast except for one, the embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

Mboya’s influence in the Kenyatta government would continue long after his death and while Obama, Sr. was still alive. In 1975, after the assassination of KANU politician Josiah Kariuki, a socialist who helped start KANU, along with Mboya and Obama, Sr., Kenyatta dismissed three rebellious cabinet ministers who “all had personal ties to either Kariuki or Tom Mboya.” This information is contained in CIA Staff Notes on the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, formerly Top Secret Umbra, Handle via COMINT Channels, dated June 24, 1975. The intelligence in the report, based on its classification, indicate the information was derived from National Security Agency intercepts in Kenya. No one was ever charged in the assassination of Kariuki.

The intecepts of Mboya’s and Kariuki’s associates are an indication that the NSA and CIA also maintain intercepts on Barack Obama, Sr., who, as a non-U.S. person, would have been lawfully subject at the time to intercepts carried out by NSA and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He has written for several renowned papers and blogs.

Madsen is a regular contributor on Russia Today. He has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and MS-NBC. Madsen has taken on Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on their television shows.  He has been invited to testifty as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government.

As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. He subsequently worked for the National Security Agency, the Naval Data Automation Command, Department of State, RCA Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

Madsen is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and the National Press Club. He is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker.

In Part II, the history of Stanley Ann Dunham and Madelyn Dunham in CIA activities in Southeast Asia is revealed.
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  1. Okay, let me see what I can put together. The Kenyan leaders associated with Obama, Sr., are communists and also working with the CIA. So, the CIA is (or was) pro-communist? If so, are they still? If so, were they pro-communist back when it was “anti-American” to be a communist sympathizer? If they weren’t pro-communist during the days of McCarthy, when did they change and who “led” them to change?

    If anybody can sum this up, I’d appreciate it.

    • They have always pushed for dismantling of private ownership rights and personal freedom by individuals. Fasism/communism doesn’t matter, they are statists eventually folding into UN/NWO.

    • stevor –

      Piggybacking on what “A Fan” wrote – This is NOT left vs right, or even a Communism vs Capitalism issue. These false political/economic paradigms are constructs of false division created by the ruling class to limit and misdirect debate – divide and conquer.

      I hope you can leave aside those walls in your mind for 2 minutes to check out the following video that explains, from the insight of an insider, the true agenda behind our (US/UN) involvement in the “Third World”:

      Now here is where I disagree with “A Fan” …. Benito Mussolini said “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

      Corporatism (or Fascism) is the political/economic system/philosophy that socializes risk, failure and debt among the commoners; while privatizing profits for a select few corporate interests. This philosophy dominates the US/UN approach to the Third World, but also dominates the US policy domestically too.

      Recall, NO ONE in the political LEADERSHIP of either the left or right was or is against the wars, the banker bailouts, GMO (corporate patented) food, Free Trade Treaties (NAFTA, GAAT), etc.

      Obama’s agenda was the same as Bush; Bush’s agenda was the same as Clinton, etc. “Do as their Corporate sponsors dictate.”

    • Its a version of controlled opposition. It allows infiltration of the opposition by acting as one of their own. If the enemy has a strong base, dilute it with a less fanatical one that is under your influence.

    • “Hegelian dialectic, usually presented in a three-fold manner, was stated by Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus as comprising three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction, an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis, and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis.” – Wikipedia
      This is such a bit topic but if you understand the “game” then you will understand why CIA is all of the above. They will use all -ism to create global domination its also called “divide and conquer”

    • Responding to Stevor’s request for clarification on the CIA’s ambiguous position on communism, I might clarify matters by reframing the whole discussion. First, positions on controversies by governmental agencies are divisive by design. Second, when we’re dealing with organized deception, plunder, and all-out villainy, we’re dealing with sociopaths and/or psychopaths, i.e., demons, Satanic genocidal pedophiles. So, in light of those two points, I think it behooves any self-respecting organization to declare itself, like an individual, if it intends for us to take it seriously. Looking for logic in the CIA is like looking for logic in the mind of Charles Manson . . . only worse. I mean, sorry to imply clarification of the CIA’s position on communism would not be a fruitful endeavor, but frankly, I’m pretty sure what it all just adds up to is: People who want to govern people are evil, and whatever sick creatures prey on us in whatever nooks and crannies we retain in our dominion, they are simply vicious, inhuman monstrosities.

  2. The CIA is run by the Zionists, who create all the ism’s. As they are needed.

  3. Mullah Omar says:

    Rule 1: You must have enemies to justify massive perpetual military spending
    Rule 2: If you don’t have an enemy, then spend a lot of money. Target another country, commit sabotage, bombings, assassinations, stir up social trouble. Piss that country off enough to throw a rock at you. Then nuke them.
    Rule 3: If you don’t have a way to carry out Rule 2, then smuggle heroin, coke and guns, under cover of the CIA and DEA to raise the money
    Rule 4: You must have enemies to justify massive perpetual military spending

  4. This only confirms the position most have of Obama… In that he leans very heavily toward communist and or socialist ideals and direction, cause he was brought up that way. If that is true that his father was not a US citizen, then we may have a person who is not a naturalized US citizen, by birth of both parents and therefore can’t (is not authorized by law to) hold the office of the President. His ideologies are way off and can’t lead this country as other US presidents have. He took an oath of office and swore to up hold our laws not change them to his whims.

    Why is Congress and the Senate up holding him if they know the truth? Everyone who supports this type of governing needs to replaced as well.

    There are more Americans than congressional or senate personnel and we will have our voice heard, one vote at a time.

  5. Type your comment here…

  6. Daddy Obama is not the real father. A man who looks very much like son Obama whose last name is Davis is the real father.

    Above, the real father.
    Obamas grandfather is a Jew.
    Jews did 911 and all world wars and depressions and Iraq/Afghanistan and the BP Rothschild Goldman Sachs Oil Disaster.
    There are TWO wells. We have been looking at a shell game the real well is still blowing and is heavily dispersed with Corexit to buy time. Fish are dying clear up the East Coast of America.

  8. Didn’t Reverend Manning allude to all O’s CIA connections, too? I like the “nullification” idea myself….

  9. Anne M. Berg says:

    Let me get this straight. Obama Sr. was already married in Kenya when he married Dunham on American soil? Would that not make him a bigamist and a criminal? And the new marriage a scam?

  10. SO ……. if Frank Davis was his BIRTH Father, …. Obama is a natural citizen? I guess Obama didn’t want everyone know his Birth father was a COMMUNIST!

    • Even if Davis was his birth father, and I tend to believe he was, that citizenship would have been terminated when his mother took him to Indonesia and took citizenship there. It would have transferred to Barack, as is documented by the school he attended there. There is nothing on record to suggest he applied for U.S. citizenship upon returning to Hawaii or anytime since.


  12. Obama’s mother never took the citizenship of Indonesia, as recent FOIA released documents show. Obama never became a citizen of Indonesia, as the Indonesian government has said. Just call the Indonesian Embassy in Washington for confirmation. They will tell you that adoption in Indonesia requires the action of a district court, and there have been no district court documents found, and they will tell you that Obama was never a citizen of Indonesia and never had a Indonesian passport.

    • One, if he went to public school in Indonesia he would have to be a citizen to attend. That was the way it worked there.
      Two, if there were any court doc’s at one time, they have by now been “scrubbed” like all of the other info on his past, which has been hidden from us all. How do you like his transparency? HAHAHAHAHHA!!!

  13. Obama was born in Hawaii, as the repeated confirmations by the officials in Hawaii shows.

    Obama was not adopted in Indonesia and never became a citizen of Indonesia, as the Indonesian Embassy in Washington confirms.

  14. Straight Bubba says:

    What makes any of you think that Obama is a “communist” or that this word still means anything at all? You right wingers are still trying to win your old arm wrestling match with the imaginary “left.” Meanwhile, the clever controllers dupe you into attacking gays, which keeps you drawn off against the left libertarians who don’t wish to be dragged back to the Middle Ages for the sake of the right wingers’ fantasy of moral superiority and FEAR of hot gay love. Obama is not a gay communist. He is simply a man without scruples, who was raised to be that way by men who are also not “communists” but rather capitalists. They learned a long time ago to use “communism” to their purposes. If you want a word, how about “capitocialist?”

  15. Wayne Madsen also says that Thailand is run by a Mossad/Islamo narcotics intelligence operation, and that the “red shirts” support Thaksin against it.

    Sadly, all you have to do is look up who is providing Thaksin AND the red shirts with legal counsel AND international lobbying services and you will find Kenneth Adelman of the International Crisis Group (all globalists) and Amsterdam & Peroff of the Chatham House. I don’t know who Madsen is or who he works for, but he is a complete and absolute liar.

  16. You can find Wayne Madsen’s hit piece on Thailand, free of any sort of evidence here…

    and you can find full rebuttals to the underlying issues at hand here, complete with enough links to keep you busy for a week.

    Maybe Madsen is right about Obama, but I find him an absolutely unreliable source – if its true, let someone more reputable come forward.

  17. Okay, I understand how our “leaders” are trying to turn the world into a fascist state. What I don’t understand is where George Soros, David Rockefeller, and Brzezinski (who it seems to be Obummer’s puppeteers) fit into the picture.

  18. New World Order! they own the government!

  19. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  20. It is important to look beyond the dualities of the governments because they are all controlled my one entity and that is the illuminati occult. All fractions are within the same pig pen.


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