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Norway: Cold Blooded Killings


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By Yousaf Alamgirian

Terrorist attacks in Norway must be an eye opener for those European and the western countries which blame Islam for extremism. Extremism has no religion. Extremists are enemies of the humanity. Two deadly attacks in Norway that killed at least 91 people is a sad knick-knack that domestic extremism remains a serious threat across the world. The world must feel the critical consequences of the terrorism which has entangled South Asia. The super powers instead playing gimmicks in the garb of war on terrorism must join hands to help this part of the world to save them from the terrorism menace. They must realize that if they continue using this war for their vested interests soon they are going to become the victims of the same. Islam, Christianity or any other religion never teaches its followers to go for extremism. It is the set mindset of the individuals, international conspirators to defame and destabilize any of the nation or a state.

No one in the world can appreciate what the 32 years Norwegian has done. It is not only a criminal act but depicts an approach to impose someone’s ideas. It may have provided pleasure to mentally sick people who could be hailing form any of the society. During the last ten years of war on terrorism European and western leadership and its media is on the same pace to malign Islam and the Muslims by using terms like ‘Islamic extremists’. India also plays the ‘frontline state’ role to defame Pakistan and impose blame of each and every incident of terrorism on it. Only the responsibility of recent bomb explosions of Mumbai has not been imposed on Pakistan as Indian government got the strong linkage of Hindu extremists in the incident.

Soon after the news of twin terror attacks in Norway it was speculated that the western and European lobby may try to link it with any of the extremists’ network of South Asia. But Norwegian law enforcing agencies seems so honest and professional that they sort out the issue immediately after the attacks that the attacker was a local citizen who doesn’t have to do anything with the world extremist networks. The news agencies have reported that “Preliminary investigations indicate the suspect, a 32-year-old Norwegian man, has nothing to do with international terrorist groups, while local media said the horrific carnage, which deprived many families of their young children, appears to be the crazy act of a local extremist who wanted revenge on society”. Extremists are obviously the real enemies of the humanity which even don’t spare their country mates or the people from the same society. They are only bothered about their own beliefs and consider others as nonbelievers.

Few months back an American citizen and a priest Terry Jones set on fire the holy book ‘Quran’ and that too in religious place like a Church. That delivered a very wrong message. His act not only created unrest among the Muslims but also among the sensible religious segments of different religions including Christianity. Radicalization is not something pertaining to act upon beliefs and preaching of certain religion but is a mindset and move to adopt means of insulting the faith and emotions of same as well as of the other religions and instigate them to the extent in a way which could be formed as ‘extremism’. This is what the West is doing with Muslims. The Muslims have never thought of burning a Bible and Torah. For Muslims these are sacred books and must be respected in true spirit.

Religious extremism strengthens its roots during Russian invasion in Afghanistan. America joins hands with this part of the Muslim countries to oust Russian forces from Afghanistan and then left these forces being trained during the course of war in aloofness. Then it was Pakistan alone to take care of the breed being flourished. So the trained lot scattered all over the country to settle themselves according to their own choice and style. Things were not controlled and the state level as there would have been proper employment opportunities for them to get them acquainted with the routine life. So they joined different factions and of course the political as well.

Extremism is not a phenomenon which is linked to physical actions but the rays it ejects in kind of intolerance, prejudice and ethnocentrism. People who are religious or the political are so possessive towards their school of thoughts that they don’t let any option differing to their perception to pour into their minds. Radicalization is based on radical philosophy supporting certain factions to be intolerant to any of the ideology or thought process which differs with them. A 32-year-old Norwegian man is quite a relevant example of the mindset narrated above. He must be of 22 years of age when American and allied forces attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. Western and European media has shown ‘embedded coverage’ of terrorist attacks and had tried to establish Muslims as terrorists. So their youth is permanent viewer of the news stories, documentaries and video packages which were mainly shown to malign Muslims and Islam. They were obviously not shown for the information purpose. Their youth could have got influenced from the same to practice it in their respective societies.

This incident has exposed that there could be very deep roots of extremism in Norwegian society. Few years back a Norwegian newspaper published blasphemous sketches of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which caused severe mental torture for the Muslims world over. It seems the network (that may not be connected with the international extremists networks) of the people having intentions to sermonize their side of the memo.

This is really alarming for the societies which believe in peace, love and harmony. They must set their houses in order and review their policies to help the societies entangled in extremism to make the world and their own territory worth living for the humans.

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  1. Oslo terrorist attacks were to teach the Nordic nation that it should not have messed with Israel.

    • Ann Onymous says:

      Oslo terrorist attacks were to teach the Nordic nation that it should not have messed with Israel.
      ISIS-RA-EL…. The author is clearly a Zionist as he never points out Norway's stand against the atrocities of ISRAHELL.

    • Instead it just taught many people, the true nature of Israel. They really do think everybody else is as much cringing cowardly curs as Jews are. The Norwegians will not be cowed by vile Zionist terrorism. NO human will be, Zionists we are coming to get you, and dfeliver you to your father satan. he has a place prepoared for you in the hottest parts of hell. Indeed it is your presence which makes hell what it is.

  2. It behoves Muslims and others NOT to buy into the phony paradigms spread by the lying Zionists. 9/11 was an Israeli false flag terrorist act, like so many others they have perpetrated, it is easily proven, but just about impossible to get printed in the ZIONIST OWNED AND CONTROLLED MEDIA anyway.
    The Norwegian creep Breivik has been described as a Christian Fundamentalist and neo-Nazi.  He is a self professed Israel supporter, and the other word for Christian Fundamentalist, is CHRISTIAN ZIONIST.
    Norway has been a leader in supporting Palestinian rights. This is to be expected, Norwegians are intelligent, civilised and highly independent people.
    Norway supports Palestinian independence, UN membership, and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store heads an international aid committee for Palestine. Moreover, its parliament earlier passed initiatives critical of Israel, and Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen (from 2005 – 2009, now Education Minister) proposed boycotting Israeli products in 2006 though Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg disapproved. However, in August 2010, Norway declined to purchase Israeli military products because of Israeli human rights abuses and crimes. The Youth Camp on the Island had completed a successful meeting and campaign where they declared their support for a Palestinian camp.
    The Israeli Irgun blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, exactly 65 years ago to the day from the Oslo attack and that false flag attack killed 91 people.
    Norway has also resisted and is now withdrawing from the NATO attacks against Libya and has become increasingly a force for reason and peace. These are all reasons Norway would be targeted by those serial abusers of human rights and God's laws, the Zionists. Incredibly there are Zionists and their websites trying even now to paint this terrorism as Islamic inspired in some way, but the truth is, this is the face of Zionism, when it is not hiding behind Muslim masks.
    Behold, this is Israel. This is how it treats a peaceful nation which merely supports peace and human rights. It is easy to find publications from Israel with numerous comments declaring Norway deserving of this and crowing with happy glee to see "Amalek" as they see all who oppose them, harmed. The hatred and threats coming out of Israel at this time and over the last few weeks, are sickening, especially now that they have carried out what they have threatened for so long.
    The world is infested with thesefilthy demon souls, every corner of the world has them. People need to beware. ALL Zionists are dangerous, enemies of humanity. I advocate their complete destruction in the war they are striving to start. Humanity must unite, at least behind the scenes and outside our Zionist controlled governments, to be ready to destroy the Zionist scourge from the face of the earth, otherwise all humnaity will perish instead.
    Breivik was not alone, there were two more involved. These will not be seen or heard from again, as with Port Arthur in Australia, the extra shooters were his handlers. Breivik for all his bombast, was just a patsy.

  3. Khalid Rahim says:

    I totally agree with Rehmat as September approaches and this Zionist Cancer being suckled by gullible mothers specially in the region of NAFTA. Soon many nations in Latin America and Africa will also receive similar jolts along with those in Europe who support Palestine's Independence with 1967 borders and complete withdrawl of illegal settlements that has been taking place since 1968.

  4. predicted by Nike's "Lira's Manifesto" with Islam soccer star Lira playing for Germany in June 2011


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