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Message From Israel to Pro Palestinians


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The message from an Israeli think-tank all pro-Palestinian activist groups need to hear

By Alan Hart

One of the best articles I read in the whole of 2012 was published at the tail end of the year, on 30 December, by Ha’aretz. (As my regular readers know, I think Ha’aretz is the most honest newspaper in the world on account of its reporting and analysis of what’s really happening in the Zionist state). The article was written by Barak Ravid. The headline over it was Think tank: Israel’s poor international image not the fault of failed hasbara (the Hebrew word for explaining and advocacy, for which read propaganda). The subject of the article was the first report of a new Israeli think-tank, Molad, The Center for the Renewal of Democracy. Outside Israel there are probably very, very few people who have heard of Molad, so let’s start with what it is.

Here is Ravik’s own description:

“Molad, established less than a year ago (in January 2012) is a think tank devoted to providing Israel’s liberal left with new ideas regarding matters of foreign policy and security, as well as socioeconomic issues. The new study is the first project released by Molad as part of an effort to infuse leftist ideas in Israeli public discourse. This effort, the center believes, will help resuscitate a political camp which is currently on its deathbed.”

Molad’s governance includes a Public Council chaired by a former Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Avraham Burg, who for some years has been expressing with passion his disillusion with what Israel has become and his fears about where it is taking the Jews. In an op-ed for the New York Times last August, he castigated Prime Minister Netanyahu for his “warmongering” and Israel for its “unconscionable treatment of the Palestinians.”

As Ravid noted, Netanyahu and his closest advisers believe that Israel’s poor and deteriorating image in the world is the result of a hasbara failure; and that a more effective presentation of Israel’s case, and increased advocacy efforts, will solve a large portion of the country’s woes in the international arena.

The Molad study concludes that the Netanyahu-driven criticism of Israeli advocacy is “detached from reality” and “a myth”. The real reason for Israel’s growing isolation in the world, the study proclaims, “is the Israeli government’s policies.”

Ravid’s article also contains a very good explanation of why until recently the Zionist state was so successful in selling its propaganda lies as truth. It possessed the awesome ability to do so because of NID. What’s that?

Here’s Ravid’s description:

“Israel’s advocacy effort is directed by the National Information Directorate in the Prime Minister’s Office. All the other official advocacy entities, and there are several of these – the Foreign Ministry, the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry, the IDF Spokesman’s Office, the Tourism Ministry, the Jewish Agency – are subordinate to the directorate. The National Information Forum, comprising delegates from these various bodies, is in charge of coordinating messages and formulating strategies. The directorate also consults media and marketing experts from both academia and the private sector. And, in addition, the government conducts an unofficial advocacy effort involving hundreds of Israelis and overseas activists, organizations and NPOs, along with non-Jewish supporters; this effort is aimed at delivering Israel’s messages mainly in the United States and the EU.”

In other words, one of the main reasons for Zionism’s success for so long in selling its propaganda lies as truth was to do with the efficiency of its hasbara effort, its unity and co-ordination.

How on the other side of the coin has the pro-Palestinian camp performed to date?

Ravid put it this way:

After analyzing Israel’s advocacy effort, the Molad study used the same tools and criteria to assess the efficacy of the anti-Israel campaign.

What it found was that the various anti-Israel efforts have failed to properly coordinate and unify their messages. The organizations do not operate under the aegis of one overall group; in many instances, they act separately from one another. Unlike Israel, with its National Information Forum, there is not a single anti-Israel group which takes overall responsibility for setting a unified agenda.

Moreover, the Palestinian Authority’s role and influence on anti-Israel advocacy is limited. “More than anything,” contends the study, “the conduct of these bodies reflects the anti-Israel advocacy campaign’s absolute failure to unify organizations and activists in this context around a single, coherent, official message.”

“Apart from basic principles,” it continues, “these groups lack a common idea or common goal that could consolidate them as partners in one official body.”

That’s an echo of what I have been writing in various articles for quite some time. At the risk of getting myself red-flagged by some if not many pro-Palestinian activist groups as well as by Zionism, the mainstream media and the Arab regimes, I’ll repeat myself. Most if not quite all pro-Palestinian activist groups everywhere are doing their own little things in splendid isolation and are like flies to be swatted away by the Zionist monster.  Some will say I’m not being fair because pro-Palestinian activist groups are assisting the process of isolating Israel. That’s true but only at the margins. Pro-Palestinian activist groups could not point to any significant success if Israel’s actions and policies were not turning much of the world off.

The right time for co-ordination and a unified agenda with a single, coherent message is now. And to my way of thinking what that coherent message should be is obvious. The only real prospect for a peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict is via the creation of one state with equal rights and security for all. But as I indicated in my last post, for this to become the driving idea of a coordinated and unified agenda, the occupied and oppressed Palestinians would have to set the ball rolling by demanding and bringing about the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority, in order to make Israel fully responsible and accountable for its occupation.

That would create a new, dynamic political environment within which pro-Palestinian activist groups of all faiths and none would have their best chance of making a real difference in the struggle to change the course of history – provided they put their act together and were united and coordinated.

One of the merits of a global campaign for one state with equal rights and security for all is that the message is a positive one. It is about care and concern for both Arabs and Jews in Palestine. And that would resonate with many, many people around the world.

Israel has its NID. Perhaps what is most needed on the other side is a PNID.


The above should not be taken to mean that I believe the countdown to catastrophe for all can be stopped. It might already be too late. I am saying only that a united and coordinated global campaign for one state with equal rights and security for all offers the only real prospect for trying to prevent a final Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which could trigger another great turning against Jews everywhere if the rising, global tide of anti-Israelism was transformed into classical anti-Semitism.

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  1. Amerikagulag says:

    The real reason for Israel’s isolation in the world is because the world now understands that the majority of the people who have move into the land formerly known as Palestine are NOT SEMITIC people; that the creation of the state of Israel was against international law and completely without justification; that the state of Israel was set up on a BRIBE AND A LIE; that the vasmajority of people inhabiting the land formerly known as Palestine have NOE HISTORICAL connection with that land; that they are Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews who CONVERTED to Judaism hundreds of years ago. Their ancestors were NEVER IN that land. EVER!

    That’s the reason for Israel’s isolation – that and their contempt for all international law, moral law and their penchant for murder and corruption, hate and racism.

    The best message Israel can send to the world is, “Israel is rescinded”.

    • Jimmy Coleman says:

      The Holy Qur’an clearly states that the Jews will live in the Holy Land of Israel until the end times. Very simular states are made in the Torah and Holy Bibles, as well. The Radicals, including Hamas, are Twisting these words in order to steal what is not theirs, and never will be. The truth is getting out. The Proxies Days are numbered. The biased media is fast becoming irrelevant. The Turkish-Islamic Union will put a halt to the constant meddling of Hostile Shia forces in the Region. Peace is coming. The Gaza Arabs will have their own, and no groups can prevent it. Allah’s will be done. insha’Allah.

      • Abbass (Steve) says:

        What a deluded load of wank. The Shias happen to be on the ight side of histpry as they righteously defend against Zionist demonic aggression, in the form of US and Israeli actions as well as other, usually NATO partners. This Turkish/Islamic alliance is a delusional load of codswallop invented by the Zionist devils to feed the Salafist idiots and some overly ambitious Turks who may dream of Ottoman glory. Both are being led by the nose as they stupidly accept help and direction from these same forces of evil, as they hate and murder Muslims just because of some mostly misrepreesneted and to my mind minor differences in some respects of scholarly interest. Nothing good can come of this, and the Zionist devils intend to screw their idiot puppets in the enjd as always. Allah bless Iran, Hisbal;ah and Palestine as these and Assad’s AllAwites are the only true friends Palestine has. You Salafist, puppet village idiots!

  2. In February 2010, Tel Aviv-based security and socioeconomic think tank Reut Institute’s report “Eroding Israel’s Legitimacy in the International Arena”, submitted to the Zionist government warned that Israel is “facing a draumatic assault on the very legitimacy of its existence as a Jewish and democratic state (another Zionist myth). The groups promoting this delegitimacy aim to isolate Israel and ultimately turn it into a pariah state“.

    The report cited the increasing anti-Israel demonstrations on campuses, protests when Israeli atheletes compete abroad, moves in Europe to boycott of Israeli products and threats of arrest warrants for Israeli leaders visiting London (UK).

    The report highlighted the major hubs independent bloggers in London (UK), Toronto (Canada), Brussels, Madrid (Spain), San Francisco (US) and Univesity of California (US) – using internet to challenge Israeli point of views and project the Zionist entity as worse than the Nazi regime. The report also admitted that the anti-Israel groups and individuals with the exception of a small minority – are not Muslims or Arabs or Palestinians but mostly liberal Christians and Jews. The later believed that the actions of Israel in occupied Palestine and Lebanon were fuelling anti-Semitism in the West.

    According to the report these “delegitimizers” co-operate with organizations engaging in legitimate criticism of Israel’s policy in the occupied territories such as, Amnesty International and Human Right Watch, “blurring the line between legitimate censure and delegitimization. They also promote pro-Palestinian activities in Europe as ‘trendy’.”

    Israel’s ambassador in London (UK), Ron Prosor, added his ‘Islamophobe sauce” into Hasbara curry by saying: “The combination of a large Muslim community, a radical left, influential English-language media and an international university center makes London fertile ground for Israel’s delegitimization”. In simple language, the con-man wants the world to believe that BBC, the Bank of England, Oxford and the British government – are all owned by Muslims and not controlled by the Jews or the pro-Israel Zionists. One would wonder, why France which has Europe’s largest Muslim population (between 6-8 million), had a former Mossad agent, Sarkozy, as country’s President while both its foreign minister and defense ministers are Zionist Jews?

  3. Israel is on the inside exactly what it appears to be on the outside.

    You cannot polish a turd.

  4. Jimmy Coleman comments..The Holy Qur’an clearly states that the Jews will live in the Holy Land of Israel until the end times.

    I need a little help here pse Jimmy..To fully ‘believe’ what’s in the Holy Q’uran I need to know..

    Who was Gibriell, Gabriel, the Messenger? Was he a normal human? Where did he come from? If he was not of this earth, how did he get here? How did Gabriel find/seekout Mohamed and why did he choose an illiterate person to pass on the 6,000+ verses of the Q’uran? How did Gabriel communicate with Mohamed, assuming Gabriel was a human, or if G was not a human? Was it in Aramaic, Arabic or by telepathy? If by telepathy, who taught Mohamed how to interpret the telepathy? How long did it take Gabriel to teach these 6000+ versus to an illiterate person? Who is Allah, who passed these 6000+ verses to G? Is it Allah a deity or a human? Where does Allah rside if he is human? Or if he is a deity? If Allah is a deity, how did Allah communicate the 6000+ versus to Gabriel to pass on? Was it in writing, verbally or by telepathy? If Allah is all powerful, as the Q’uran states that Allah is in the mind of every Muslim continually assessing their thoughts, so that if a Muslim has a single negative thought about the Q’uran, they will be severely punished by Allah, then why did Allah not in the first place simply ‘go into’ the minds of every would-be Muslim and place these thoughts into their brain acids, not having to rely on the complex pathway to disseminate the Q’uran?


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