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India-Pakistan Comparison at a Glance


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By Brig Asif Haroon Raja

On the eve of Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrated on 14 August 2012, Sabir Shah instead of writing something good about his country befitting the occasion, he chose to eulogize India in his article published in ‘The News’, ‘In 65 years India excels Pakistan in many fields’. Not for an instance he realized that all Indian writers pay glowing tributes to India on the occasion of Indian Independence Day falling on 15 August and paint Pakistan in black. In order to extol India and belittle Pakistan, he statistically tried to prove that Indians are far ahead of Pakistanis on economic, political, educational and communication network development fronts. To begin with, he reminded the Pakistanis that India is five times bigger in size and its population is six times larger than Pakistan. He then made comparisons of GDP, per capita income, exports, foreign exchange and gold reserves, literacy rate, growth of democracy and scientific achievements in various fields.         

There is no denying the fact that Pakistan lags behind India in all the above mentioned departments and India today stands tall over Pakistan, and in this the major blame goes to our leaders. However, one must not ignore the historical facts when making a comparison. It is now an established fact that Indian leaders having grudgingly agreed to the partition plan had not reconciled to the existence of Pakistan and even after 65 years have still not reconciled. After giving a raw deal through infamous Punjab Boundary Award and forcibly occupying two-thirds of Kashmir and denying its rightful share of assets to make Pakistan fragile at the very outset, it was saddled with plethora of problems soon after its birth to suffocate newly born Pakistan. It was economically strangulated, militarily coerced and covertly subverted.

Threatened by a big neighbor with expansionist designs, Pakistan had to look for security alliances to protect its territorial integrity and security. The security perception took precedence over development and social priorities. The political process also broke down frequently. In spite of financial crisis, Pakistan had to keep raising its military expenditure to maintain military balance. Regionalism was inflamed in smaller provinces to thwart integrative efforts. In its bid to maintain hegemony in the region, all neighbors of India have experienced a high degree of coercion and remain wary of it. Since Pakistan stands up to India’s intimidating tactics, she is subjected to maximum doze. Besides hostile eastern front, Pakistan had to contend with unfriendly Afghanistan espousing the cause of Pakhtunistan. While creation of Pakistan was a miracle of 20th century, its survival was another miracle.          

While India started its journey as a settled nation with vast resources and without any displacement, Pakistan had to start from a scratch. Unlike Pakistan, which took nine years to frame a constitution in 1956, and that too was given a fatal blow in 1958, in India the constitution was first framed by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, which remains unchanged. It became very easy for Jawaharlal Nehru to formulate a secular constitution within one year, which remains in operation till this day. While India held the first general elections in 1952 and thereafter held it regularly after every five years, Pakistan on the other hand held its first general elections in December 1970 and that too led to its truncation.

Again as far as political growth in Pakistan is concerned, the Muslim League that had formed government at the centre and in all provinces of Pakistan started to split into factions within two years of creation of Pakistan. It got decisively defeated in the provincial elections in former East Pakistan in 1954 at the hands of Jugto Front. There on, it could never regain its former self and continues to stay divided. The Indian Congress Party on the other hand remained the pre-dominant ruling party till December 1989, except for a brief spell of BJP. The BJP is the only party which poses challenge to Congress. Credit for one-party rule for 42 years goes to Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru who nurtured the party as a mass organization. Nehru was a political giant in comparison to his rivals and popularly acclaimed as undisputed leader.

While Pakistan was unlucky to lose Quaid-i-Azam in September 1948, India was fortunate to have Nehru at the helm of affairs till 1964. He helped in laying strong foundations and enabled political institutions to fortify. His daughter Indira Gandhi kept the flag of Congress high because of her charisma and decisiveness and further solidified institutions. Conversely, repeated military takeovers in Pakistan because of absence of sound political leadership never allowed the political parties or institutions to nurture. One major reason for political instability in Pakistan was because of the ruling Muslim League leadership belonging to UP and Central Provinces of India and having no political base in Pakistan. Almost all were from the elite class having little understanding of the afflictions of the poor class. Majority of Congress leaders came from middle class with a large support of the working classes. They remained within their means and did not indulge in corruption or dirty politics at the cost of national interests. These factors put together helped India to strengthen political outlook and norms, and fortified rule of law and judiciary.

In India it has independent Election Commission and judiciary and the latter has no role to play in the elections. The elections are entirely supervised by civil servants. In Pakistan, except for former East Pakistan where the political leadership rested in the hands of politicians from lower and middle classes, the entire political leadership of West Pakistan comprise of big landlords, industrialists and rich lawyers. They are mostly concerned with self-interest and to remain in power and operate in league with the bureaucrats to safeguard each other’s interests. As far as elections are concerned, the judiciary and civil servants have always strictly followed the dictates of those in power, while the political and military elite remains partners in crime. For the first time the judiciary in Pakistan has become assertive and independent under Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhri.

There is greater sense of patriotism and nationalism in India and all segments of society very often stand united on national issues. Seldom has any Indian politician or any other official uttered anything anti-India, particularly when abroad or on a visit to Pakistan. Even Indian Muslims visiting foreign countries remain tightlipped. Reverse is true for our politicians, particularly those in opposition who miss no opportunity to damage Pakistan’s reputation and interests. The liberals and those belonging to the film and music world are all pro-India.

Notwithstanding India’s plus points, it has numerous negative points as well. The major ones are the growing gap between the rich and poor, raging insurgencies in 19 states where Indian forces are committing excessive human rights abuses, maintenance of perverse caste system and dominance of political and religious apparatus by 2.8 % Brahmins. Hindu fundamentalism has grown into a Frankenstein monster, which has deeply eroded the farce of secularism in India. Urge to convert India into a Hindu State has intensified among extremist Hindus led by BJP. All minorities in India, particularly the Muslims feel highly unsafe. India is an ethnic museum; and though the Indian leadership has managed to achieve unity out of diversity mainly by using coercive means, the loss of Congress as the single predominant party is a very serious one. Dependence on several political parties of divergent hues to form a coalition government has made the political dispensation in India fragile. Naxalites movement is by far the biggest and most dangerous and has become an existential threat to Indian Union. 

In 2000, it was estimated that 394 million people lived below poverty line in India, a number larger than the population of the country at the time of independence in 1947. In Mumbai, India’s largest city, 40% of population is considered fluid – meaning that they do not have established homes, but rather move throughout the city, setting up tents or shacks wherever they can or sleep on pavements. In 1990, that amounted to around 1.5 million people. India is home to 350 million children, of which between 18 and 20 million are street children. It has been estimated that the working children living with families and those alone on the streets, range between 17.4 and 44 million for all of India. This population amounts to the largest population of street children in the world. India is undeniably home to the largest absolute number of poor people in the world.  Resistance of the poor because of acute undernourishment is so weak that they die in thousands in cold climate or hot weather. In Pakistan 31% live below poverty line but the situation is certainly not as abysmal as in India.  60% of the population in India is illiterate. India is under the burden of $267 billion foreign debt. Corruption has seeped into every department including the government and the military. With this dismal record, Indian leader Manmohan Singh had the audacity to term SAARC as a bunch of ‘failed states’.  

Despite monumental constraints suffered by Pakistan due to India’s interventionist policy and leadership crisis, Pakistan’s economy and its currency remained stronger than India till mid 1990s. India’s fortunes started booming during Narasimha Rao tenure when India fell into the waiting lap of USA in 1991 and USA and Israel became its strategic partners. Israel helped in revolutionizing India’s agriculture and upgrading its defence potential by becoming the biggest arms supplier, while USA uplifted India’s IT industry and overall economy through heavy investments and also upgraded conventional and nuclear capabilities. Soviet Union later reduced to Russian Federation also played its role in boosting India’s military and economic capabilities. Pakistan that had put all its eggs in the basket of USA was ditched repeatedly and put under harsh sanctions over and over again. Pakistan’s economic indicators have gone into negative because of the US imposed war on terror and massive corruption by the present government.

One can imagine the fate of India if it had been burdened with the kind of problems which Pakistan had to confront during its infancy. No country breathed over its neck or intrigued to destabilize it, or blackmailed it through coercive tactics. The only time it was attacked was in 1962. Short border skirmish in the Himalayan region proved to be a blessing in disguise for India for it impelled both Soviet Union and the entire western world led by USA to load India with war munitions and economic assistance. Moscow became the biggest arms supplier of India enabling it to build strong armed forces. Unlike India which never misses an opportunity to harm Pakistan whenever in a position of weakness, Pakistan didn’t exploit the situation in 1962 to force India to resolve Kashmir dispute despite China’s advice.

In short, it was not entirely the Indian politicians who bolstered the economic indicators of India because of their wise policies but because of the whole hearted support provided by USA, west, Israel, Japan, Russia and Arab world. All its sins including nuclear proliferation, arms race, human rights abuses, state terrorism, cross border terrorism and Chankyan tactics to undermine its neighbors were ignored. Above all, US-western-Jewish media played its part in showing India as shining and hiding all its negatives.

Having said what I wanted to convey, one cannot ignore the fact that Indian policy makers have played their cards astutely to draw maximum benefits from world powers and have boosted India’s GDP to $1.676 trillion with per capita income at $3700 and foreign exchange and gold reserves of $345.8 billion. Our leaders need to learn some lessons from India and China and see where we erred and how we can rectify our faults to improve our continuously falling economic indicators. Our foreign and economic policies need radical alteration and we badly need an incorruptible leader.

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  1. India is progressing because it is not a subject to an outdated, regressive, opressive religious political ideology, because each Indian regardless of caste ,creed or region thinks of herself / himself as an Indian first. Yes, including the Indian Muslims. Pakistanis do not forego a chance about harping on the 'unsafe' conditions of Indian Muslims. Brigadier saheb let me assure you, a Muslim in India is much safer than anyone in Pakistan and on an average more prosperous with a brighter future. It was due to our community's wrong choices in the past that we still are lagging behind other communities. Our forefathers wanted to blindly follow the lead given by Pakistani Muslims to become Islamicised. Thankfully, the thinking has changed now and Indian Muslims are enrolling in greater numbers in normal schools rather than madrasssas the results too have started showing up. Last few years the toppers in the IAS examinations (which I doubt any one in Pakistan would ever be able to qualify) have been from guess where, Kashmir. yes Kashmiri Muslims. So much so for your lament about discrimination against non Hindus. As for the minorities in Pakistan, you have effectively wiped them out I need not write anything about this as you will be knowing better or maybe your iman stops at 'equality and justice only for the believer' . Yes there is inequality and injustice in India, difference is that it is there for all Indians and all Indians regardless of colour, caste or creed stand shoulder to shoulder to solve these problems. whereas in your country, a person standing up for minority rights is shot by his own bodyguard and the killer is showered with rose petals by whom ? The lawyers. Is this is the thinking in your so called 'educated' classes, it is not surprising that terrorists find easy recruits among you illiterate masses, much like your recently deceased export to India 'kasab'. Also, being an armyman, you will know the truth about 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and Kargil, as well as cross border infiltration so do not try to be holier than thou. If India chooses to hinder a country such as yours it would be too easy, the whole world is against Pakistan. No not even China will support you. Have you tried to get a visa to visit China ? about ties with USA and Israel. Pakistan is living on dole from USA not India which means that India can negotiate with USA from the position of equality whereas for Pakistan USA will always be the Patron. Indian tie up with Israel is the most natural thing. They have hostile nations on their borders and we have you with your disgusting socio religious political supremacist ideology. You also have your passports printed with 'Valid in all countries of the world except Israel' Whom will they support ? I believe time for talk is past, unless Pakistan does something concrete in the correct direction it is unlikely it is going to survive for long as a country. your Two nation theory has already become a three nation theory and indications are that the theory has room for more nations. So do not moan about Indian Muslims, we are fine thank you. Worry about saving your country because sure as hell your 'ummah' is not going to.
    Type your comment here…

    • mary aziz baie jab kisi kaom ka zaval atha hai tu yahi baten haothy hai islam mai border ki koie haisiat nahi nahi hai islam nay hamei baie baie banaya hai tum apny mulk india sa muhabat karo ie tumara haq hai lakin pakistan ka bare mai kuch galat maat kaho ache bure har kisi pa athy hai 1960s mai humara mulk india say 3 gunah ziada taraky kar raha tha ie tu wakat wakt ki baat hai aor janab aap zara sub continent ki history dakie ga pata chal jaie ga Pakistan kio bana tha maira tu mashwara hai k dono mulk aman sa rahe aik dosry ki izaat kare loogo ka balaiy ka liay suchay yaad rakhna india aor pakistan ka darmian jang koie nahi jeet saktha kioke ie atomic waar ho gi 1.5 billion population taaba ho jaie gi


      Dionne Bunsha writing on the Gulbarg Society massacre and murder of Ehsan Jafri, has said that Jafri begged the crowd to spare the women, he was dragged into the street and forced to parade naked yet he refused to say “Jai Shri Ram”. He was then beheaded and thrown onto a fire, following this the rioters returned and burned Jafri’s family, including two small boys to death. After the massacre Gulbarg burned for a week.[41][45] According to Siddharth Varadarajan on February 28 in the districts of Morjari Chowk and Charodia Chowk, in Ahmedabad of forty people killed by police shooting, all were Muslim.[46] It is estimated that at least 250 girls and women had been gang raped and then burned to death.[47] Children were killed by being burnt alive and those digging mass graves described the bodies as “burned and butchered beyond recognition”.[48] Children were force fed petrol and then set on fire, pregnant women were gutted and their unborn child’s body then shown to the women. In the Naroda Patiya mass grave of 96 bodies 46 were women. The murderers also flooded homes and electrocuted entire families inside.[49] Violence against women also included their being stripped naked, objects being forced into their bodies and then their being killed. According to Kalpana Kannabiran the rapes were part of a well organized, deliberate and pre-planned strategy, and that this puts the violence in the area of a political pogrom and genocide.[50] Other acts of violence against women were acid attacks, beatings and the killing of women who were pregnant. Children were also killed in front of their parents.[51] George Fernandes in a discussion in parliament on the violence caused widespread furore in his defence of the state government, saying that this was not the first time that women and been violated and raped in India.[52]
      Children and infants were speared and held aloft before being thrown into fires.[53] Describing the sexual violence perpetrated against Muslim women and girls, Renu Khanna writes that the survivors reported “that sexual violence consisted of forced nudity, mass rapes, gang-rapes, mutilation, insertion of objects into bodies, cutting of breasts, slitting the stomach and reproductive organs, and carving of Hindu religious symbols on women’s body parts.”[54] The Concerned Citizens’ Tribunal, characterised the use of rape “as an instrument for the subjugation and humiliation of a community”.[54] Testimony heard by the committee stated that:

  2. My dear gentlemen Cool all of us took the birth as a human being and all are going to die one or one day ,live happily and enjoy the life to the fullest.

    dont waste life in religious faith be friendly my words are gold you will remeber at the time of death

    Trust in this and do your duty sincerly you will be at peace ……

  3. \in India the constitution was first framed by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920\. Dr. B.R Ambedkar would have been hurt if he was alive. You may want to check that statement again sir.

    Also, Russia supporting India-agreed. US supporting India and not Pakistan? That’s absurd. They kept support Pakistan till you guys started hurting them back. Now they want to join hands with India to take on China.

    US government is not setting up IT companies in India nor they are funding money, its their companies for their own benefits, to stay ahead of the competition. In-fact, ‘stop outsourcing’ is the song every one who contents in presidential election sings.

    No country is perfect not even the great US. You dig deep into it you will find several flaws even with US. If the principles are correct, with good planning and a little hard work it will do well in the longer run, even with all the problems. :)


  4. Pakistani Generals and other army officers while writing on this subject always take the support of lies and lies to prove their wrong assumptions as right.
    15-20 days back a Pakistani newspaper had published a few lines of a note written by Pt. J L Nehru to the effect that USA, UK and Pakistan together blackmailed Nehru to concede to Pakistan’s demands in J&K if Nehru wanted help of USA and UK against China in 1962. Whereas the Brig Asif Haroon Raja is saying that Pakistan did not exploit the situation in 1962. It is a blatant lie.

  5. Ramesh Deshmukh, (India) says:

    Brigadier Raja is a good writer. His language is simple. . Some of his observations are good and correct also. He is comparing India with Pakistan. It is but natural that a Pakistani shall always think that his nation was always correct and India was many a times wrong. What I desire to bring it to the notice of my brother in Pakistan is that there is no end to it. We can go on and on blaming each other. That shall not serve any purpose. We the people on the 2 sides of the border have many things in common. We are almost equally poor. Majority of our population is illiterate. Most of our population do not have houses to live in . People die of extreme cold or heat. Both India and Pakistan could face these problems collectively. But we forced each other to spend big money on defense. We spent huge amount in purchasing arms and armaments.We are proud that we have developed missiles to kill each others innocent population. It is not that we do not know these basic facts. We know them. But we are more happy in pronouncing that we are different people. Religion divides us. Please read the basic teachings of all the religions. They are the same. All religions teach nonviolence. But it is a fact that religions have been the major factor in bringing mass killings in the history of mankind. That is why I say that the best policy the people of India adopted is the policy of SECULARISM. Secularism is the CORNERSTONE of the existence of India. We the people of India are grateful to Mahatma Gandhi , Babasaheb Ambedka, Maulana Azxad and many many others who have given this unique gift to India which is called \SECULARISM\. Mr. Raja may please take note of this major difference between India and Pakistan.

  6. Asif, I read your comments. But I absolutely disagree with youn 1 about the way our Indian economy grew. It was under the guidance of the then finance minister Dr Manmohan Singh in 1991,who adopted & designed a very scitific economic policy.

    I wanted to ask you one question -> on one side you are saying that indan muslim are tight lipped but on the other hand you are saying that they are not so well off and safe. If we are so tight lipped then how do you come to know our plight? quite contracting statement-isnt it?

    Apart from this your figures on our poverty line and literacy level are wrong. Its way above Pakistan.

  7. Nice article, very well written. Though I’d like to clear up some things about India. The literacy rate is 74%. The constitution was drafted by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in 1950. Interestingly, Ambedkar was from a “lower caste”. The caste system still exists in India in the sense that the people from the “lower castes” get reservations in all colleges and even for government jobs. The US and even China supported Pakistan for a considerable amount of time, even during an Indo – Pak war, I forget which one, while Russia supported India.

  8. Mr abdul you sound like a person who is very excited about his future in india and I can say for certain you are always trying hard to prove your loyalties before your masters i.e Hindus…but we Pakistanis can understand your predicament in India, we know this is a survival tactic employed by my muslim brothers to protect their honor, life, and property. I assure you my friend we muslims have ruled india for more than 1000 years so the hindus who have finally gained power after partition suffer from a serious inferiority complex. You don’t have to accept it ofcourse but my. Point is they will never give u power and strength unless ofcourse you are a traitor to your kind… Now coming to my beloved country PAKISTAN… Brother abdul we are going through a very bad phase terrorism muslims killing muslims but all this is backed and supported by our enemies… But I assure u my friend donot worry about us because creation of PAKISTAN was a miracle (study history the struggles faced by our Leaders).. Thus, we will survive IA as a NUCLEAR POWER irritating your masters in india… You should be more concerned about your country where poverty is shameful. 19 states are in mutiny against your government.. Have a good life in miserable india.

    • Nathan Miller says:

      As an American engineer who has served with the United States navy and who has been and studies the South Asian region extensively, I can share in my 2 cents.

      I agree with the views of the author of this article. Despite her share of problems, India has done magnificently well to become a scientifically & technologically advanced nation. Since 2011, the G-8 officially recognizes India as a newly advanced industrialized nation & a world superpower in the Asia pacific region along with China & Japan. In terms of computer software, hi-tech cutting edge research innovation & nano-tech India ranks #2 just after the United States. Like wise in terms of her state of the art Pharmacology industries, India is the 2nd best after America. Much like Israel, another highly advanced nation in the Asia region (west Asia to be precise), Indians are a secular lot with freedom, vibrant democracy and a capitalist market where reverence for academic achievement, technological & medical advances and industrialization is given paramount importance.
      As of 2013, India is the world’s 3rd biggest economic power in terms of GDP-PPP just after the USA & China & the world’s 4th most powerful military after the US, Russia & China. Pretty impressive! I was in India recently and was highly impressed at the rapid advances & bustling modern cities & infrastructure.

      Pakistan on the other hand has gone from bad to even worse. An embarrassing example of epic failure in terms of economy, military & development despite umpteen financial & military aid it received for decades from my country – the United States & recently even China. The fact is that Pakistan lost all 4 wars with India and is sheepishly embarrassed about these ardent facts, thus the rather unhealthy obsession with India, where wacky conspiracy theories rule the day! I can understand the frustration & inferiority complex of muslim pakistanis when dealing with the topic of India – a shining example of success in recent times!

      Last but not least, one must mention the high intelligence, high IQ ingenuity and industrious nature of the hugely successful Indian diaspora in the west ( USA, UK & Europe) where they form the wealthiest & best educated population groups along with the high IQ Askhenazi Jewish groups eg: LN Mittal was the wealthiest man in Britain who owns the world’s largest Steel-iron corporation: Arcelor-Mittal in London. Also, Gujurati Hindus have successfully beaten even the Jews in the Diamond trade to become the biggest Diamond-Jewellery traders in the world! The Indian diaspora in Antwerp, Belgium – center of Diamond trade is an example. Indian company TATA now owns many US & UK based companies such as Jaguar-Land Rover automobiles & SUVs, Corus Steel, Boston & New york Hilton & Sheraton hotels etc. Indian companies like TATA, Infosys, Mahindra, HCL, Ranbaxy, L&T etc also runs many of the top 3 computer-software, heavy industry, technology, pharmacology & agricultural based firms in the US. Also google “Indian Americans” and check out the wikipedia page to see just how many Indian Americans have successfully become CEOs, founders, Deans etc of the top US companies, corporations, Ivy league universities and colleges/ research centers, medical centers ( Indians are among the finest doctors in the west) & banks here in America. Heck, we have 2 Indian American governors of 2 states and other higher offices..the Federal Chief Director of the National Science Foundation of the United States is Indian, ditto with Information tech, Agriculture, Communications etc.
      Pakistanis on the other hand are seen as poorly educated coolies, taxi drivers, terrorists and undesirable parasites who are better off being flushed out of our nations. There lies the difference in perception and I am not a racist or a xenophobe. I’m just an honest reporter of facts on the ground.


      • Timothy Seitz says:

        I am a German Physician who has worked on mission projects all over the sub continent i.e. India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan & the Maldives. What you states is 100% accurate. India is awesome! A future world super power in the making! Pakistan on the other hand is more of a construct, a failed one at that. I highly doubt it will even maintain national integrity in a few decades. To compare the two nations is futile. Pakistan is simply too screwed up to even be compared to the economic & military success of it’s neighbor India!

  9. Lies, Lies and Lies !!!

    I can understand a pakistani saying that they won all the war with India because of senseless patriotism.

    But to lie on things which are measurable in terms of percentage like literacy and poverty is just poor rationale to prove a point.

    Two nation theory has been failed. Get a life.

  10. MUHAMMAD says:

    I think indians who are under a false impression that they have won wars against PAKISTAN should ponder a little that if india has allegedly won any wars then why not finish the job because we know india cannot just bear a neighbour like PAKISTAN always slapping in the face of mahaaaaan bharat… So think about it its not patriotism its facts wars have no clear winner where both sides are strong although bharat has the clear edge of quantity but still fails to do anything about a neighbour it dislikes… indians already have a miserable life so try to concentrate on poverty and rebellions.. cant do much about us….

  11. Really funny reply Muhammad, teri english to theek hai par history bahut kharab hai. INDIA is SECULAR. Ye shabd tune PAk me to suna nhi hoga. Iska matlab hai sabhi Dharmo ki ijjat krna saman roop se. Yahi raaz hai ki ye sadi hamari hogi….

  12. we are …we are….u concentrate on ur 80% poverty and daily killings of minorities…..they are living a pathetic life u c…..u only blame us for ur misery but the main reason is ur extreme love for islam and hate for others which ur taught at school….spend on bombs meanwhile all ur people sleep on footpaths and are bombed daily…:)

  13. Muhammad says:

    India secular difficult to grasp that because i think sikhs will remember the genocide of sikhs and the destruction of the GOLDEN Temple….our muslim brothers can never forget gujrat brutalities and the babri masjid….christians have seen their churches destroyed in SECULAR india…. Secular ka matleb khudk samaj pelay ya sikh community say pooch jin kay golden temple mai khoon ki holi kheli thi indian army nay…. And people living on footpaths in Pakistan hahahhaha ….have u seen mumbai delhi and every city of india…. Give food and shelter to ur people first then teach us history….

  14. This detailed \analysis\, especially about the Indian part, is wrong in so many ways, I just not gonna try to correct it. So many MAJOR mistakes, that it makes it look like this report was, in a way, made to appease the people of Pakistan even though it points out some negative things about Pakistan. Stop spreading lies Brigadier.

  15. What really surprises me is that how this author is talking about India, offcourse India is a huge country with huge population ,so they always have advantage over Pakistan. But doesn’t he knows how many Pakistani doctors are their in US ,UK and Canada? Read the latest news on GEO that largest pool of doctors in UK are Pakistanis. The Best Kidney Specialist in US was a Pakistani and Best Mechanic in US was a Pakistani. A Professor in Univ of Calgery(Canada)became the 1st scientist who connected the brain cells with processorchip so that even disabled people can use artificial limbs.

    Pakistan is better then India in sports, music and dramas.

    Most of the footballs and cricket goods that are used in World cup events are made in Pakistan.

  16. I don’t know why we are busy comparing these two neighbour countries which are no match in size, population, and resources.
    An exercise in futility as it would neither help people of Pakistan nor it will mend the leadership.
    No offence Sir.

  17. Navneet Tiwari says:

    I think nothing in Pakistan except terrorism.
    and there is no comparison between India and Pakistan

  18. Navneet Tiwari says:

    In present time India is progressing towards super power of world and added in the list of (RUSSIA-CHINA-INDIA-BRAZIL-SOUTH AFRICA )and Pakistan is known as terrorist house in world

  19. Navneet Tiwari says:

    Pakistan is a country of terrorist which does’t have any power
    and I hate Pakistan

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