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Pakistan is a Geo-Strategic State

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In spite of all odds, opportunities keep propping for Pakistan

By Hamid Waheed

After 9/11, the great game for economic gains has once again emerged in this part of the world and brought Pakistan into lime light. Many think tanks and scholars label Pakistan as a nation on collapse and a failed state. Pakistan ranked number 12 on a list of the “most failed states”, was published in annual report of Foreign Policy magazine in 2011.The amount of corruption, misdirected leadership and forecasting of intellectuals would have synergized for a normal nation to actually collapse but what keeps Pakistan from sinking is a question, which can only be answered by the nature.

Geographically, NATO supply route issue has proved Pakistan stands as the most logical and economical out let to the world. Despite serious differences with world powers operating in Afghanistan the U.S leadership finds Pakistan, the most important country. Hillary Clinton said in her 23 February, press conference that  “I’m sure we will continue to have our ups and downs. But this relationship is simply too important to turn our back on — for both nations.

Nature has gifted Pakistan to become a challenge for the world and it is only Pakistanis which can convert this challenge into opportunity. The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis shows that way to progress only lies in moving with the nature and  polishing the natural gifts provided to Pakistan. Pakistan’s case emphasis has always been on ‘T’ part which has given birth to impediments like suspicion and fear. Fears of MFN status to eat up our economy and suspicions of death of sick units have not allowed us to look at the opportunity.  Should we spend energies to prolong life of an out dated business at cost of natural economic opportunities.  The progressive Nations must get into competition and emerge as leaders based on performance rather than finding ways to retard the competitors speed.

In to-days environment of open market  you have to have a professional competition may it be governance or deliverance by the government.  Political government in Turkey is a perfect example which has excelled and then told the state institutions to do their job. Way forward is not the Blame game but demonstration of your will through lesser words and more actions. God has gifted Pakistan with geographical location of being natural bridge for the world and a climate for agriculture. What has been our efforts to improve Railways and road infrastructure to polish this bridge and make it more attractive. As far as agriculture is concerned, instead of improving that sector the agri value adding units like textile are witnessing  a sharp decline compounded by energy crisis. More than anything Pakistan requires an understanding of developing long term strategies in all fields like economy , education and defense etc complimenting and not contradicting each other so that  a common Pakistani and not  a specific class benefits. Zardari , Gillani and Kiyani are all important not as person but their  positions. The land mark of taking Pakistan to a prosperous economic future is not possible by any two but all three will have to synergize.

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  1. Waqar Khan says:

    The only bugbear holding Pakistan back is India's continued occupation of Kashmir. Jinnah had correctly identified Kashmir as the jugular vein of our country and it is time the Army made a wholehearted attempt to bring Kashmir into the Pakistani fold. Volunteers should be recruited at every Kashmir Day to recruit people to wage war against India.

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