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Foreign Espionage Network in Pakistan


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By Sajjad Shaukat

On January 27, an American employee of the US Consulate in Lahore, identified as David Raymond, shot dead two Pakistani youths, while a third was crushed by the driver of a Parado jeep, who was called by him for help, at Chowk Qartaba. Persons, sitting in the jeep were also carrying weapons. Police arrested David near Old Anarkali, Food Street after a chase and registered a case against him on two counts, while a case was also registered against unidentified people.

On one side, the United States has called for the immediate release of the American citizen working with US consulate in Lahore, claiming that Pakistani authorities have detained the diplomat unlawfully and in violation of international law. On the other side, investigators and experts are of the opinion that the under-investigation American involved in the murder of civilians in Lahore was in Pakistan on a visit visa and not on a diplomatic assignment—does not qualify for immunity from prosecution.

Sources suggest that David Raymond including his companions were agents of the American CIA and were on an anti-Pakistan mission. In fact, he is part of the illegal activities of the Blackwater whose employees of entered Pakistan in the guise of diplomats.

However, with the help of Indian secret agency RAW and Israeli Mossad, Blackwater has rapidly established its network in Pakistan. It has recruited Pakistani nationals who are vulnerable and can work on payroll giving them high financial incentives to work for them. Further, some reports suggest that this notorious firm has been recruiting smugglers, employees of the security companies, experts of the psychological warfare, scholars and journalists in order to fulfill anti-Pakistan designs of America including that of India and Israel.

It is of particular attention that a few days ago, Pakistani security officials foiled an attempt by the Indian intelligence to enact a fake encounter for implicating Pakistan in incidents of cross border terrorism. The plan was unearthed when a suspect, working for the Indian RAW was apprehended at Sialkot border area, while attempting to cross over to India through the border security fence; an impregnable barbed wire obstacle. Entrance points on the fence are locked and controlled by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF). The suspect has confessed to work as an Indian spy who was tasked to recruit agents from Pakistan to work for Indian intelligence.

Well-informed sources indicate that the suspect whose name has been withheld for security reasons disclosed that his Indian handlers, Mr. Sharma and Mr. Amjad, had asked him to recruit a Pakistani national by offering a large monetary reward, preferably carrying a weapon and send him across the border through the border barbed wire fence after liaison with the BSF troops. Mr. Sharma had assured him that all the details of border crossing would be finalized by him and duly taken care off at his end. The suspect also disclosed that the Indian Intelligence had planned a fake encounter to kill the border crosser and exploit the episode as proof of subversive elements launched by Pakistan’s spy agency, ISI crossing over from Pakistan to commit acts of terrorism in India. He also pointed out that he had held a few meetings with his Indian handlers in Islamabad as well.

Nevertheless, both the above mentioned events prove the involvement of Americans and Indians—under cover intelligence officers stationed in their Islamabad embassies and consulates, and are continuously engaged in espionage activities in grave violation of their diplomatic status.

It is mentionable that in the last three years, Pakistan’s security forces and intelligence agencies have caught a number of foreign spies along with sophisticated weapons, working against the integration of the country. In this respect, a number of times, arms and guns were also captured from Americans traveling in vehicles in various cities of Pakistan, camouflaged with dark mirrors.

Although Pakistan’s security forces have successfully coped with the Taliban militants in the Malakand Division and South Waziristan, yet situation has deteriorated in the country where subversive events like suicide attacks, targeted killings, attacks on buildings, oil pipelines, sectarian violence etc. have intensified due to the presence of external spies.

Notably, Pakistan’s civil and military high officials have openly been revealing that RAW, Mossad and other foreign agencies are involved in supporting separatism in Balochistan and acts of terrorism in other cities of Pakistan.

In this respect, on April 23, 2009 in the in-camera sitting of the Senate, Federal Minister to the Interior, Rehman Malik had displayed documentary evidence of Indian use of Afghanistan to create unrest in Balochistan. It is believed that the main aim of in-camera session was also to show the engagement of American CIA and other external agencies as part of a conspiracy against Pakistan because at that stage, Islamabad did not want to publicly point out America.

In this regard, Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit without naming CIA had revealed, “The evidence of foreign powers’ involvement in the destabilisation of Pakistan will be shared with relevant countries.”

While in the recent past, Governor of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Awais Ghani had disclosed that some world powers were trying to divide Pakistan, adding that if he were not a governor, he would have exposed them.

During the Malakand and Waziristan military operations, ISPR spokesman, Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas has repeatedly indicated foreign hands in helping the insurgents in order to destabilize Pakistan.

It is notable that Pakistan is the only nuclear country in the Islamic World; hence the US, India, Israel and some western powers are determined to weaken it. Notably, despite American cooperation with Islamabad, its main aim along with India and Israel remains to de-nuclearise our country whose geo-strategic location with the Gwadar port entailing close ties with China irks the eyes of these countries, hence, they are in collusion to destabilise Pakistan. For this purpose, a well-established network of Indian army, RAW, Mossad and CIA which was set up in Afghanistan against Pakistan in order to support insurgency in the Khyber Pakhtookhwa and separatism in Balochistan have been extended. Now, it has been expanded in whole of Pakistan as recent suicide attacks, bomb blasts and targeted killings in Karachi and Lahore have so proved it.

CIA, RAW and Mossad are collectively working inside Pakistan. In this context, these secret agencies have been spending huge money to train and equip the militants who have been entering Pakistan on daily basis and have been conducting suicide attacks in our country, and assaults on our security forces including targeted killings—inciting sectarian violence.

Besides, these foreign agencies have purchased the services of some Indian Muslims and Pakistanis. Those who did not come up to their terms have been neutralized or murdered. In this regard, in the past few years, some politicians, intellectuals, journalists and religious leaders have been killed by the agents of these external agencies, while some are on their hit-list. Their purpose is to create perennial unrest in Pakistan, while main aim remains to disintegrate the country.

Nonetheless, the incident in Lahore, arrest of an American, David Raymond, and the suspect from Sialkot border—working for Indian spy agency, without any doubt confirms the presence of a well-organized foreign espionage network, based in Pakistan and the same is run by CIA, RAW and Mossad including their undercover agents. While conducting acts of terrorism to weaken Pakistan remains their top priority.

Sajjad Shaukat is a regular writer for Opinion Maker. He writes on international affairs and is author of the book : US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power : Dangerous Shift in International Relations.

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  1. It's part on the Zionists' on-going espionage and terrorism to destroy the only country founded on the name of Islam. Pakistan has been attacked by both inside traitors and the foreign forces which claimed their first success when they split the country into Bangladesh and Pakistan. The current agenda is to cut the remaining Pakistan into four pieces – Sarhad to Afghanistan, Sindh to India, Balochistan as a USrael protectorate and Punjab as the 'Pakistan', eventually to become Khalistan.
    There two incidents in Pakistan’s early history which are rarely mentioned in the media or Pakistan history books. These incidents show world Zionist movement’s intentions toward Pakistan – the only country among 57 Muslim nation states created on Islamic faith and a nuclear power. The first incident happened during Pakistan’s first prime minister, Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan to the US in May-June, 1950. He was paid a visit by leaders of US Trade and Industry, who promised all possible military and economic assistance in case Pakistan recognized Israel. The American industrialists also underlined the importance of such a package for the new state of Pakistan. Liaquat Ali Khan in his known gentle tone replied: “Gentlemen! Our soul is not for sale.” This moral strength cost him his life. In 1951 he was assassinated, most probably through CIA/Mossad plot. The second incident happened in the 1960s during Pakistani  president FM Ayub Khan’s visit to Paris on French president Gen. Charles de Gaulle’s invitation – he was offered French nuclear assistance to Pakistan in return for giving Uranium mining rights to France on 50-50% sharing basis. The offer was later declined by Ayub Khan on the advice of his Planning Commission chief, M.M. Ahmad, for the reason that Jewish Lobby in the US would not like it (quoted in ‘Shahab Nama’).
    “Stop Chasma or we will make a horrible example of you,” – former Jewish US secretary of state quoted threatening to Pakistan’s prime minister Z.A. Bhutto in The Islamic Bomb……. 

  2. Name (required) says:

    I am sure this matter will be in focus of our agencies also….

  3. michael mazur says:

     ~~In this context, these secret agencies have been spending huge money to train and equip the militants who have been entering Pakistan on daily basis and have been conducting suicide attacks in our country~~
    Suicide attacks ??
    No, i don't believe that.
    How does any agency persuade people to blow themselves up ?? In the name of what cause ??
    I can well understand that when a person has been grievously made cruelly bereft of everything worth living for, that they may well wish to put on a explosives filled jacket - or otherwise with a explosives filled suitcase, walk into a area crowded with people he does not know, but who ethnically belong to those few who have so grievously wronged him.
    But how does a CIA, RAW or Mossad find such people, and who at the same time are stupid enough not to realise that the `help` with the `necessary accoutrements` they will be eagerly supplied with, will fill someone else's agenda orders of magnitude more nationally and internationally more powerful than the very private expression of justified but otherwise impotent rage ?
    Here's a clue. Given the 96% control of the world's mainstream media by Jews, an event does not have to happen for it to be reported as having happened. We know this is so from the numerous evening tv `news` reports of suicide car bombings in Iraq this past decade even before the smoke had cleared, the flickering flames been doused, and the blood congealed.
    How was it possible to know so soon ? It wasn't. The Mossad/CIA perps could absolutely rely on the media they control to do their duty for Zion, for it is obviously very easy for a certain someone looking like anyone else to nonchalantly park his explosives filled car at a market place or mosque at a peak attendance time, walk 100mtrs, turn the corner, and press the button on the remote in his pocket.
    The point here is that the suicide bomber is really obsolete (and with very very very few exceptions he or she never really existed) with the coming of the remote in the agent's pocket !
    Such an agent can be recycled many times, getting better at being cool each time he does it.
    So, why a suicide bomber, who may well betray serious misgivings for a whole raft of reasons peculiar to himself as the critical moment looms, which gives the game away to a trained on duty security observer ?
    Going the way of the remote in the agent's pocket is far far easier than the cultivation of, over a long period of time, a seriously disaffected person, in particular when political timing is of the essence. 

  4. Don't forget the CIA – particularly in view of longstanding  Pentagon/CIA support for the secession of energy and mineral rich Balochistan from Pakistan to become a US client state – just like energy and mineral rich Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the other former Soviet republics. They need to know about CIA support for the Baloch separatist movement and their efforts to disrupt operations at the Chinese-built Gwadar Port (and the energy transit route for Iranian oil and natural gas destined for China). Including the fact that the CIA is training young Baloch separatists in bomb-making and other terrorist activities.
    I blog about this at
    I have also posted a recent map of Free Balochistan (from their website).

  5. Anna Marie says:

    Type your comment here…
    If you look at the AP article on this same event out today, it's laughable.
    It's made to look unlikely that the guy is a CIA agent;
    Blackwater is never even mentioned as a possibility.
    Instead of any wrong even hinted at by this Raymond,
    the article wastes the reader's time on obscure
    discussions about the Pakistan judicial ruling that he may not leave the country – whether it's appropriate or not.
    Just by that article, so much is revealed about coverups in the American press.
    Contrast that with this excellent writeup which furnishes
    the information clearly as much as known at the time of writing !
    By the way, Pakistan should insist on keeping Raymond until Aisha Siddiqui is returned safely to her family.

  6. Anna Marie says:

    PS  -  Aafia Siddiqui.
    this is the best oportunity there will likely be.
    Type your comment here…

  7. Rider I says:

    The funniest part is that how many people can actual talk trash on human beings that place their lifes on the lines to stop those who would literally if they could come to your front door and shoot you because you do not believe in their type of religion. 
    Then again, you all think that religious gangsters are just like capital gangasters.

  8. There are many foreign spies operating in Pakistan, everybody knows that, some of them even work officially. But there are some of them under cover, posing as journalists for exemple. Some foreign channels are working for their governments and appoint spies in Islamabad. A brother leaving abroad told me for exemple that the France 24 channel in Islamabad is using a fake journalist, he is in fact from army (it was even reported on the internet). He goes around the country with weapons, just like Raymond Davis… I am sure there are many more.
    It is high time our government takes action against those people.


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