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Did Mossad sabotage Russian plane?


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Israel's Mossad has been suspected in the deaths of a number of Iranian and Turkish nuclear scientists. Although Russian officials are calling the crash an "accident" caused by poor weather conditions and pilot error, there are reports that the plane caught fire and broke up before it crashed.

By Wayne Madsen

Several Russian nuclear engineers and scientists, including the nuclear expert who designed Iran's nuclear power plant at Bushehr, were killed when a RusAir Tupolev-134 plane crashed while landing at Petrozavodsk, the capital of the north-western Russian Republic of Karelia, on June 20. The five nuclear experts, Sergei Rizhov, Gennadi Benyok, Valery Lalyn, Nicolai Tronov, and Andrei Tropinov, were employed by Hydropress, one of the main Russian contractors at the Bushehr facility. The five had all worked at the Bushehr facility. The Russian nuclear engineers and scientists were among 45 people killed in the crash of the Russian airliner.

The Russian engineers had also been involved in nuclear power plant projects in India, China, and Bulgaria.

Israel's Mossad has been suspected in the deaths of a number of Iranian and Turkish nuclear scientists. Although Russian officials are calling the crash an "accident" caused by poor weather conditions and pilot error, there are reports that the plane caught fire and broke up before it crashed.

Last November, Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari was killed near Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran after unknown men on motorcycles placed an explosive in his car, which was detonated shortly afterward. Simultaneously, other motorcycle assailants placed a similar device on the car of nuclear expert Fereydoun Abbasi near the same university. The resulting explosion seriously injured Abbasi. In January 2010, Iranian nuclear expert Massoud Ali-Mohammadi was killed after a motorcycle bomb was detonated in front of his house.

In July 2009, Russian and Iranian nuclear experts were reportedly among those passengers killed when an IranAir Ilyushin-62M passenger plane skidded off the runway at Mashhad airport in northeast Iran.

In 2007, Iranian nuclear scientist Ardeshire Hassanpour, who worked at an Iranian nuclear facility in Isfahan, was said to have been assassinated by Mossad agents by being poisoned.

On January 28, 2008, WMR reported: "On November 30, 2007, there was another incident involving the nuclear community in Turkey. A AtlasAir McDonnell-Douglas MD-83 en route from Istanbul to Isparta broke up in mid-air in good weather just prior to it landing. There was no explosion and the wings, engines, and fuselage all separated neatly. All on board were killed. In fact, WMR learned that rescue workers were able to walk into the plane's cabin and retrieve personal belongings, including briefcases.

On board the aircraft was prominent Bosporus University nuclear scientist Engin Arik, who was to attend a nuclear conference in Isparta. She was accompanied on the flight by other Turkish nuclear scientists. Turkish TV showed soldiers with guns guarding the plane's wreckage. Isparta's Governor said the plane was not on its scheduled route and he did not understand why it crashed near the town of Keciborlu, seven miles from Isparta. Governor Semsettin Uzun said he never saw such a plane crash."

After the U.S. occupation of Iraq, hundreds of Iraqi scientists, including those working in nuclear and related disciplines, were reportedly assassinated by Mossad hit teams operating in Iraq. In some cases, the Iraqi scientists assassinated had been promised protection and safe passage to the United States by the CIA.

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  1. wheresmycalculator says:

    It seems that these "intelligent" nuclear scientist have not studied the 'no so scientific' formula… (D=HMEMNWAYWBBTPASWTPNTY) Death = Help my enemies make nuclear weapons and you will be blown to pieces and so will the person next to you!

  2. Pavel pospichal says:

    What stops Iranians  and russians from assasinations of jewsh terrorists????.

  3. MartinBrian says:

    Civility stops most from being animals like zionist pigs………..

  4. the koran says that in the law of retribution lies defence in these cases.
    whether its russian ,american, or western agents, they are all generally jewish linked  . i urge all freedom seeking countrys not to trust them in an official capacity from the muslim world especially!

  5. Russia should nuke Israel, United States and Europe. They should target missile defence bases in europ by moving the most lethal weapons right up to that countries border. Blow those fucking missile defence sites to fuck. They should also catch and torture/sas/mossad/mi6/mi5/cia/ they are fucking zionist loving homosexuals.

  6. And as with Breslan, Russia does ……….  NOTHING.

  7. Rodney Stich wrote UNFRIENDLY SKIES…& DEFRAUDING AMERICA, it would be interesting to see a compiled LIST of all the people who have died/been murdered in PLANE CRASHES…Did Amram Nir die in a plane crash ? How many High Ranking Officers/CEO's & Others perished during the Clintoon maladministration…excluding Boorda, Foster, and Colby ? The Synagogue of Satan Talmudic terrorists will never be Israel. The so-called Mossad, Like the CIA and all so-called "INTELLIGENCE" services work for the ECONOMIC TERRORISTS…who are at the top of the stool sculpture…"JEWISH/SATANIC"….Truth Hating  = Justice Hating = MASS MURDERERS.  FACT !!  DOUBLE PAYBACK coming…for the zionazi Terrorists & the "JEW WORSHIPPING" Braindeadgoy. . . and soon [;article=137599;title=APFN]  wanna increase your debt limit to these ASSHOLES ?  []…Easy credit terms available…how about sacrificing your great great grandchildren to the Talmudic "DUNG god" ?

  8. Stephen Grant says:

    The Canary Island disaster between two jumbo jets was not a secret attack but a real accident that killed six hundred people. Using a computer modelled image of that event was a poor choice for this article.

  9. dumb goyim says:

    If there wasn't any conclusive proof, does it really mean that mossad was behind it?  Maybe it was the CIA, the US does the bidding of Israel.  Maybe it was the Russian, Iranian, or Turkish govt. trying to blame Israel.  Or maybe it was done by the "satanic/jewish banking homosexual cabal" that everyone here seems to be blaming.  Of course it probably was Mossad, but I can't go around blaming every "intelligence"  organization now can  I?
    Maybe instead of a war on "terror" we should have a war on "intelligence!"
    errr…wait, we have been waging that war ever since we invented the TV.

    • You really are one dumb goon you write "Maybe it was the CIA, the US does the bidding of Israel.  Maybe it was xyz
      There is only ONE INSANE ate and those who support the satan – isra hell

    • "….been waging that war ever since we invented the TV"
      you poor dumb moron. Brian washed idol worshipper. mossy an intelligence org! they are insane barbaric thug aka kosher nostra. if the shoe fits why deny it.

  10.  It is real nonsense!


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