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Dangerous Conspiracy Theories


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By:  Peter Chamberlin

The Eye of Conspirators

How could a bunch of “lone wolf” researchers be considered dangerous to the United States?  The official explanation given is that we confuse those who hear or read what we have to say, undermining the national unity and trust in government which is necessary to wage war.  That is as good an excuse as any to explain why the American people have not rallied around this war of terror.  The national unity that politicians whine about was achieved only once in the beginning of this war, before the politicians and the corporations revealed the war for what it has always been–a war to control oil and gas.

The great danger posed by conspiracy theorists is that we will finally wake the people up to the fact that we have been deceived, in order trick us into allowing the armed forces of the United States to be used as a mercenary force, an army of conquest, to be used to rob the people of Asia of their God-given natural resources.  The danger of the “conspiracy theorist” is that he will awaken the people from their trance-like slumber which binds them,  trapped somewhere between the waking world and the dream state.   In this state, most of us meekly “support the troops” as they mercilously clear the ground of resisters to the great conspiracy.  The danger is that we will shock them and turn their thoughts toward  this ugly reality of the waking world.

The “conspiracy theorist” is discredited because he or she dares to look for alternatives to the idiotic official excuses given for key events like the 911 and London subway bombings, or for historic, pivotal political assassinations.  Researchers who dare to look beyond explanations which are obviously lies automatically become delegated to the lunatic fringe.  With the Internet becoming the researchers’ primary source of information, it has became possible for national security organizations to control nearly all critical information, thus insuring that no one would find any hidden proof of the crimes of the past.  This federal oversight meant that it became necessary for theorists to switch tactics and shift our focus from looking for evidence of government crimes in the past (which have had time to be covered-up), to rooting-out proof of ongoing crimes and criminal plans for the future.  In today’s environment of massive social and political discontent, hard proof of either ongoing war crimes or of criminal conspiracies to commit future crimes, could very likely prove to be the spark that lights the “prairie fires” of a grass roots revolution.  This is the real danger of uncontrolled research.

The sudden and widespread popular reactions to the Wikileaks story which contains proof of US and NATO war crimes, demonstrates the potential powderkeg to be tapped by the right torcher-bearer.  Government leaders undoubtably understood the great potential danger risked by allowing the release of the Wiki documents, but, being the practitioners of Nazi mind-science that they are, they fully understood the potential rewards to be reaped by the correct handling of the leaks and Western reporting on them.  Popular emphasis upon the Pakistani angle of Wiki revelations could help create a national consensus for attacking Taliban bases in Pakistan.

The Wikileaks were a document dump, intended to overwhelm researchers and to preoccupy they, studying the Empire’s past moves, in order to distract us from our new focus upon the present, looking towards the future.   Look for the release of an even greater document dump from Wikileaks in the near future, as they dump their Iraq files onto the Internet.  Another effect of the Wiki document dump is that it has flooded search engines with countless new variations on the search for “American war crimes,” or info on important key battles or screw-ups, making it even more impossible to find information on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or anything covered in the leaks.  This will muddy the waters for us even more and make it even less likely in the future that we will stumble across important evidence of ongoing criminal activity.

The nature of our conspiracy research is searching to find preventative answers, evidence to reveal overlooked evidence which could possibly preempt ongoing conspiracy plans.  My focus for several years now has been to find preventive evidence of America’s true intentions in Pakistan.  I have chosen Pakistan because I figured it to be the primary focus of the whole ongoing criminal American conspiracy (which involves many foreign co-conspirators), the critical component to the entire pipeline scheme.  No matter how far into Central Asia the evidence has gone, it always relates back to Pakistan, certainly as the port for the pipeline plans, but also, just as important, to the thirty-year old scheme to create an army of “Islamists,” created to serve the Empire builders’ plans.  Without Pakistan, none of the current plans for Empire would have even been possible.

For this unshakeable loyalty, if nothing else, we owe Pakistan a great debt.  But Pakistan has gone far beyond mere loyalty in serving American interests, risking everything to serve as America’s secret sword.  Pakistan risked its very existence in this capacity, standing alone on the lofty Himalayan peaks, toe-to-toe against the intimidating Soviet Union.  They exposed their entire population to thermonuclear blackmail or potential elimination, to serve as the American stand-in for the historic confrontation which brought the Communist empire to its knees.  Pakistan has given and risked so much for us that our leaders have decided to sacrifice the Nation on the altar of self-aggrandisement.  The greatest service we could do to them and to ourselves today would be to throw a monkey wrench into their plans for our Pakistani friends.

Sadly, the ongoing insidious criminal plans of the Empire extend far beyond Pakistan, reaching into every country on the earth, extending its tentacles like some great octopus, grasping to control every life within its reach.  In the past, many researchers who got too close to the “Octopus” were eliminated, usually in an unconventional manner, usually in bizarre “suicides” .  Now, our numbers have grown so great that it has altered the equation a bit, there are too many of us to kill today.  The idea of using anti-Empire activists, such as myself, to help advance their plans and to agitate the public into a frenzy, has been a risky one.  When the time comes to flip right-wing and left-wing activists towards the Empire’s preferred “consensus” there has always been a great inherent danger that the activists would not follow the trail of breadcrumbs leading us into new American police state.

That is the great weakness in the Empire’s plan–by continually operating in a Hegelian manner (always manipulating both left and right, to force a consensus), every argument put forth by politicians or behaviorists, seeking to confine us within a narrow political spectrum, reaches a flipping point, where both synthesis and antithesis change direction, heading towards, instead of away from each other.  It is at this flipping, or tipping point, where the original argument fizzles-out, losing its steam and forward momentum, and the threat we represent becomes the greatest.  The greatest danger in allowing us to access inconvenient or incriminating evidence from the Internet comes just at the point of flipping.  This is why the Internet has not yet been pulled out from under us.

This is why the Wikileak leaks are like a two-edged sword, they could just as easily cut the legs out from under us as they could undercut the criminal war for resources.  Instead of following the game plan and jumping on the national bandwagon of a “patriotic” war on Pakistan, we must find the strength to muster our own groundswell of support by exposing the criminal intentions which have underwritten this war from the beginning, bringing the American people together to oppose the planned expansion of the war.

We are a threat if we start to come together.  The ideas that bind us all here in the alternative media are exactly the sort of thinking that must be eliminated.  The path to either victory or defeat for the anti-Empire side, just as it is for the bad guys, lies in changing the thinking of the people.  The bad guys are intent on erasing the polluting ideas of freedom, liberation and individualism from the human lexicon, replacing all of these cherished concepts with ideas of hopelessness, terror and submission (SEE:  Bombing Improper Thoughts).  We must be just as committed to reinforcing visions of hope, fighting terror with truth and reason, building the fires of resistance within the beseiged minds of our countrymen and our fellow man.

The greatest danger to the Empire is that you will refuse to lie down and submit.  If enough people begin to feel this way, then the tide will turn towards freedom’s shore.

A must read

Israel Classifies its Past as Top Secret

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  1. These are not wars for natural resources – it has to do with a Satanic agenda to kill and enslave humanity.

    Whites/Europeans are building the infrastructure to kill and enslave the planet!

    • Anthony Clifton says:

      Actually the so-called whites are Israelites being “USED” by so-called “Jews” to effect the Luciferian – Talmudic Judaism – Freemason – “enslave humanity”….for filthy Lucre. …AGENDA. Which is why the Non-yiddish speaking Pharisees and “Money Changers” HATED the Truth then, just as they Hate the Truth Now….an AVERSION TO JUSTICE. See Matthew 13. & Obadiah. There were never any “Yiddish” speaking s0-called “Jews” in the Old Testament. The Entire “jewish” Narrative is based on a LIE.

  2. There are a few motivating factors to the control of the people where ever they may live. One is known fairly well, actually all three are. The initials point to their ability to corral the various people into what is commonly referred to as ‘divide and conquer’ mode. Pit the religious groups against each other, pit any group against each other. You will have eternal bickering over nonsensical issues.

    Their power comes from Guns, Oil, and Drugs, or the G.O.D. organized criminals.

    Guns, to pass to non warring factions, to create their wars of escallation.
    Oil, for one main factor, to fuel the war machines planes that control the skies for the ground forces they establish.
    Drugs, pervent an easy method of pain control, and you will do their bidding to get that easment.

    Those that control G.O.D., control you and your lives.

    In the U.S.A., We the People have a constitution we can beat them with, if only the media and lawyer system told the truth to the people. The major domestic control is over the Drugs. With only one constitutionally enumerated right to intoxicate, all of the others are in the control of this black market organization. Our bil of rights if understood, would lead you to the ninth amendments reason for being. Those that wrote our contract, had at their disposal, and intoxicant they wanted, not ever imagining a temperance movement under organizeed criminal control to enact prohibitions. As I wrote one ‘intoxicant’ has been enumerated as a legal right to manufacture, transport, and sell. The 9th amendment read with the 21st as the enumerated right, states the any class of “intoxicants”, are the right of the people and ANY prohibition is the dangerous crime we all face, not the drug users. Prohibitions as proven in the defeated version, has proven beyond any doubts at all in anyones mind, that making liquor illegal was the best thing for criminals, very violent ones. But then there is the controlled media, telling you what. They have beat it into the younger generations heads, “drugs are bad, m’kay.” Tell that to the medical profession. If it were not for drugs, they would be hard pressed to do any procedures, and treat the sick.

    Organized crime has maitained an unusual power over publications and knowledge. Information distributed has one twist to the facts that make their ability to go on as usual, that is not in your best interest.

    Groups that claim to see prohibition stopped, are fronts for these same gangs. L.E.A.P. as one example, are just like the NRA regarding your 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms, at all times every where. They would long longwer exist and would need real jobs if your rights were fully understood and respected. The same for prohibition(s), of all intoxicants and chemicals compounds. It is as simple as a few short words on a piece of paper known as the contract that made the United States of America. Learn them. I suggest the bill of rights number nine, after you learn what they have enumerated in the 18th and the 21st amendments.

    A big step toward peace among ourselves, and a greatly reduced tax burdon. They are laying of people that teach our children, is that wise? Instead they have plenty to lock you up for what? Posession of an illegal substance? They have never harmed anyone, probably never would.

    Bad choices are getting expensive.

    Back to saving the world from organized crime of the GOD variety, is keyed in ending prohibitions, globally.

    How conspiracy theories on the why and who are the responsible ones, would end if you changed that one policy? How many reasons for having people afraid to openly speak, would disappear. One final thought. The dreaded police state, is built on cruel and unusual policy. It has been here all of my fifty years.

  3. Cat Callahan says:

    The world is run by a satanic cabal. War is satanic sacrifice-the blood of innocents gives evil a great deal of power. Truth is dangerous-but only for the guilty. It is great wisdom to know who is doing what to whom and why! The Rothchilds are behind much of it and they have more money than God. Why are they so greedy? POWER! That is why! And since they believe themselves to be godsz, they believe they have the right to decide who will be allowed to live and who will be allowed to die(or be killed)! They think they are so important, but most of them have never contributed any genuine intellectual accomplishment in their miserable lives! Polio vaccine? Architecture? Cures for dieases? Atomic discoveries? No. These are the ultimate business majors-few brains or originality and lots of willingness to kill, steal,lie,cheat,etc. They are really the ones who should not be allowed to live! Think about it!

    • Framed properly, looked at carefully, European history from 1648 to 1945 has been the rise of national states becoming empires. After 1945 nations were obsolete. Transnationalism had won. Now the nations and their elites were not told this but over time to 2010 it has become obvious that great powers are pawns in the hands of family clans and corporations that are controlled by clans. Once the European attained science, slaughter became improved and slaughter has been the cornerstone of every empire since time began.

      Today as the nations are crushed by Transnationalism the West too is being colonized. The world is to be ruled by a tiny group through intermediaries called nations and corporations-but nations are to be broken apart into ethnic groupings for easier rule.

      Aside from the metaphysics, it is simply a fact that power seeks more power and more control. Kings are not known for restraint, nor Empires for charity.

  4. You have missed the point for the “wiki-leaks”. It is to set the precedent so Obama can turn “Off” the net, because “Official” Top Secret Classified US documents were leaked.

  5. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in the satanic agenda. They do, and that’s all that matters.

  6. John Taurus says:

    This is not a war for oil nor gas. This is a war to secure more land for Israel’s expansion. Europe, Canada and the US have been set up for race war. All of these countries have been flooded with non-Whites.

    Race war is necessary to force the Jews that live in these countries to flee to Israel. That is why Israel needs more land. Israel needs room for the world’s Jews to live when they are forced to flee to Israel for safety in the upcoming race wars.

    After the Jews have fled, Israel will us their control over America’s nuclear weapons to nuke America, Canada, Europe and everywhere else the weapons will take out the most people.

    Those that survive will become Israel’s slaves who will be ruled with a “Rod of Iron”.

    The war has nothing to do with oil. It has to do with forcing the world’s Jews to flee to Israel.

  7. “…the spark that lights the “prairie fires” of a grass roots revolution” is an interesting comment.

    Good Lord!! Revolution is sometimes the only way the People can take back their personal lives again. Decades old politicians do not represent you or me, but only big govt. & corps.

    I strongly recommend everyone just read that new book out about a small town in America where the citizens take a stand against tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution.

    Hey, it’s the same issues, high taxes, continual foreign wars & Imperial govt. without our representation with bureaucrats crossing the land harassing the People.

    It’s a great read cause it could be our hometown one day.

  8. Wikileaks is a Mossad operation.

    In addition to disinformation….real whistleblowers will be snagged and exterminated.

    Assange dissing 911 FACT is a dead giveaway….

  9. The time for making educated guesses as to what the ‘Beast’ is up to and will do, is 0ver.

    The time to focus on the f-a-c-t that Luke 21:25-28 is in direct fulfillment at this time, is the most important message of our time. Read Luke 21:25-28 and ask yourself, is the news rife with stories regarding tsunami, ‘rogue waves’, scientists perplexed at the strange tides? Are the heavenly bodies out of their proper order at this time?

    net search the term – “Late Harvest Moon” and read all the links. See divulgence dot nett ….The tropics of capricorn and cancer have marked the position of the sun for thousands of years. Where does the sun rise and set nowadays? The biggest media blackout of the age is that regarding these OBVIOUS signs!

    HalleluYah! He has appointed an end to these things!

    Blessings in Christ Yeshua, a voice in the wilderness

  10. PJ Cotnoir says:

    This is about control of resources absolutely!

    We all have lived ( I am 44 years old) a pretty comfortable life up until about 1990, when the US decided to invade the Middle East. The past decade or two not so much.

    The Empire stood up on it’s hind legs me thinks and let out a roar to the World that we are coming and anyone “not with us is against us” became our creed.

    It’s not mine, and I’m guessing not yours either. But the powers that be that sit in the District of Columbia have gone “all in” with our future, and unfortunately, the rest of the world is beginning to “call” our hand and, frankly, I believe we are screwed.

    “Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth, for they know not what cometh their way”.

    Me personally, am taking steps with friends and family to relocate to a region of the country where self sustainability is much easier, and with less human density. Like minded people of good heart and faith, will be the ones surviving the coming events with less effort then those asleep and waiting for everything to return to normal.

    God Bless the rest.

  11. Google “CNN JNJ” and Read “Sean Dix The American Dream and Justice Part One.” This is just one provable conspiracy that demonstrates the basic ill will towards society from companies like J&J, CNN, and the Gov’t.
    If Toothbrushes were removed from all retail shelves tommorrow by nightfall everyone would be talking declaring a conspiracy to ruin our health. Yet when an invention like FlossRings are clinically proven to remove 31% more plaque than floss alone and are kept off the market for over a decade people do not realize that they are missing out on something that is as useful as the toothrush if not more so because they have no retail access to it. For those that think this has nothing to with the above article I say not so. Flossing in general stimulates eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity both of which stimulate awareness and enhance the sensory motor skills thus sharpening critical thinking skills. Ever realize how articulate most people who floss are. Millions of children learning how to floss in grade school would stimulate awareness in general among whole generations of kids. The reality is that the school system wants the complete opposite they want cogs for the machine not creative, articulate, dexterous thinkers outside their box. They want to keep the kids stupid, feeding them the worst diet possible both mentally and physically eliminating any chance of learning how to learn period. Control of the masses is what the few in power seek and they have forcebly medicated as much of society as they possibly can through water, toothpaste and food fluoridation and where that doesn’t suffice hollywood, fastfood, and evey other distraction that you can think of is there to soak up the rest of our energy to protest the 24/7 assualt on our senses for profit. As Pink Floyd sung “Got to keep the lunies on the path”

    Sean Dix
    The FlossRing Company
    145 East 15th Street 12-A
    New York, NY 10003

  12. If Assange’s dismissal of 911truth i a sure sign of him being a disinfo agent then why isn’t the same being said about Ron Paul? Paul has said the same thing about 911.

  13. I’m white and I have nothing to do with this NWO drive. The vast majority of whites and Europeans don’t even understand this is going on because they continue to be stuck on Maintream Media news.

    I myself have a moderate degree of MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). Trying to get anybody to understand what’s going on and getting actual help is darn near impossible.

    The manstream doctors do a typical allergy test routine, find nothing wrong and suggest psychiatric help. And apparently, the doctors are heavily courted by the drug/pesticide industry, so maybe they did their part to discredit us as well so we in turn are dismissed by the Mainstream doctors….Never do they look at damaged CNS (Central Nervous System), possible damaged blood-brain barriers, missing or low enzymes such Paraoxensase and/or Cholinesterace or the work of Martin Pall.

  14. geo bushes mickey mouse watch ? the time differance between new york & uk is 5 hours on the day of 9\11 that was not so we heard about it at 10 am gmt makeing it 5am new york time . but dont ever talk about it u will notice the looks u get .

  15. ddearborn says:

    The real battle is about power. Oil and natural resources are merely bribes being handed out to governement officials and corporations to go along for the ride. The people waging this war against the people (US) realize that if you have all the power the rest comes along with it.

  16. Adam Neira says:

    The following has been sent to many people all around the world over the last seven years.


    Do you believe “Moshiach” is…

    (a) A tasty Polish stew best served in the depths of winter.
    (b) An irrelevant, archaic concept with no relevance to today’s world.
    (c) A metaphor for an age of world peace and does not imply an actual person.
    (d) Alive and breathing right now on Planet Earth and is doing his work.
    (e) Has already lived and will return one day.
    (f) Not born yet and is not physically present on earth yet.
    (g) Best represented by the collective Jewish people and/or the State of Israel.

  17. TruthSeeker says:

    Resist the Jew before it is too late!

  18. RightofRush says:

    About 9/11 – none of the 9 ft diameter titanium (5000 F mp)engines that could identify the 757s have been found. Ditto for the flight recorders. This is the only country that gives the “official” US story any credence.

    To put this thread in perspective, remember:
    We are Israel’s ally.
    Israel is not our ally.

    Remember The USS Liberty!!

  19. Kris Boundy says:

    All war and control need money! Our problem we allow the Power to be to print money out of thin air, if go back to real honest money system such gold and silver, once they have to lobor hard to earn money! When you have to lobor hard you will not spent it on war!

  20. Cobra Commander says:

    The US may have no justification for going after Pakistan, but those dirty Pakistanis deserve it.

  21. The stage is set and the lines are drawn, This is a battle between Lucifer and the Children of Adam.

    Lucifer has created his system by means of help by the offspring of Cain: The followers of Qaballa (way of Qabal\ Cain)- Currently they call them selves Zionist Jews.

    Allah will never let them win, as in Ad and Egypt, it was one shout and they were extinct.

  22. All of these are merely political conspiracies.

    But prior to all of these conspiracies, there was (and is) a religious conspiracy of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious ‘authorities’: to censor and suppress the Truth of the Revelations received by Moses, Isaiah, Daniel Jesus and Mohammed; something that has been going on for more than 2500 years.

    In relation to that conspiracy, these political conspiracies are trivial.

  23. AntiLieGuy says:

    On 10-10-10, the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now by all the chemtrails sprayed every day globally to hide the sign in the heavens,Planet X. News here:

  24. “Displace the economic authority”

  25. There will be no awakening.
    There will be no uprising.
    People will continue to snuggle in the warm arms of the government choke hold.
    People will smoke their dope, drink their beers and continue to be hypnotized by Lindsay Lohan or Snooki’s latest TV shenanigans.
    Nothing will change.


  26. Richie Rich says:

    After studying the 9-11 events for hundreds of hours, in depth, I can assure anyone that is uncertain that there is massive, indisputable and absolute hard evidence easily available that proves the Official version of events a complete and utter fabrication and deception.

    Any competent detective would be able to wrap this case up with no problem, having probable cause to show that the 9-11 events were planned and executed by elements of the US military, intel and other agencies as well as foreign assets, Israeli for certain. It does not take many people to activate and execute planned events, especially when numerous war games are being carried out at the same time as the ‘ attacks’.

    There is positive evidence of EMP effects; no other explanation can possible satisfy the facts ( see Patricia Ondrovic testimony ) , and fuel based fires CANNOT cause the VAPORIZATION of steel, a documented find in the rubble. There are HUNDREDS of so called ‘ inexplicable anomalies ‘ that the government cannot and will not answer, and they always refuse to debate the issue or send any scientist to try and persuade colleagues of the validity of the official stories allegations.

    No peer reviews of evidence allowed, no attempt to even try to explain how the cockpits could possibly be taken as alleged, instantly , perfectly, in all four cases not ONE pilot moving a finger on the yoke and radioing a mayday or alarm…not ONE pilot among 8 able to activate the highjack code..and not ONE plane showed any irregular flight: No swerving or dropping or back and forth…perfectly level flights until the transponders were turned off ( the same ones the pilots could not access to alert!)..and the course altered.

    I could go on and on recounting impossible and incredible allegations made by the government but simple research will prove that I am correct. One site that shows how concrete are the foundations of the 9-11 truth propponents is: .

    This site has so many testimonies from qualified people that it should be looked at by anyone and everyone that has an interest in exposing the 9-11 events for what they were.

    The ONLY thing the official fairy tale has going for it is the controlled media and the lazy and uneducated and complacent nature of the average middle class American, and I say that with no rancor but a sad realization that if the Bush/ Cheney cabal could get away with 9-11 for all these years, with all the masive evidence standing plainly to see, then surely the state of consciousness amongst the American people has been dulled and downgraded terribly.

    It is not hard to find proof, it is hard to find minds that can and will examine the proof and draw obvious conclusions from it. I have met people who ended up accepting the truth, but who said that they didn’t want to know it!! it is too disturbing for many minds to accept that they are not safe and may be sacrificed as their fellow citizens were due to the fact that many in power are murderers and traitors.

    It is a hard thing to face for many, and many will refuse to see the obvious and cannot process something that portens great possibilities. We must continue though to present the facts and demand action; anything less is capitulation to the criminals, and that is not acceptable.

  27. I believe it is a mistake to blame “jews”. The idea of finger-pointing to demonize an entire group of people is a tactic of the overlords to keep us divided. Some Jews, of course, are dual-citizenship traitors, but not all. “Organized Jewry” makes life miserable for all the people they can, but they are an especial headache for “Disorganized Jewry”.

  28. gainsmore says:

    Carlos might be right.. for the more things change the more they stay the same ,right?
    Most if not all Conspiracy authors,lecturers,authors,web site bloggers- while doing a useful service by reviling the fact of the activities of the ‘global domination team’ , most will fall prey to CONSTANTLY identifying with ‘them’ and be the victim in every case.
    We must actively put forth what it is what we want and give less energy to trying to get those in self anointed positions of power to do what is is what we want. Their not going to do it! Stop looking for their approval or acquiescent. Band together and agree to form a new consensus reality. In other words agree to work together more and stop sending so much energy to a failed system by complaining only. DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE. Now I did not say vote or run for office- maybe you will. But maybe it’s time for all of us to un-join. This system was never set up with your benefit in mind- at least it appears that way. There is a place for anarchy…. it doesn’t mean chaos like they want you to think- but the absence of government.

  29. Jim Barlucci says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself, Chamberlin. How can the government provide adequate security for the people while you are lambasting it with communist and Marxist lies?


  31. Joe Black says:

    I have no doubt that a “Trigger Point” is just over the horizon.
    If you want to strike back and not just talk about it then there is one thing you can do. Are you ready???? PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS. Yep it’s that simple.
    This Satanic global operation endgame is fueled by MONEY, YOUR MONEY, yep that’s what I said YOUR money. Stop feeding the corporations behind this cabal, cut back on buying things you don’t need and are conditioned to buy. By autos with better MPG. Get off your ass and learn survival tactics- your gonna need them. Go as GREEN as possible-become self-suficent as possible. Demand and instruct where your taxes are spent. They are going up soon. Buy only what you need.

  32. Remember the USS Liberty – the Jews are the enemy of the US without question………………..

  33. Joe Brown says:

    The US government is trying to cause a rebellion so that they can institute Martial Law – watch and see.

  34. Joe Jussac, Jr. says:

    For those who still believes that ALL “governments” on Earth are NOT against “the people” (who are forced to pay taxes to FEED the “governments”), kindly read “the nature of government” in the Net somewhere in English of course.

    By the way, I couldn’t agree more with the first poster above re SATANIC drive….bla bla.

    So, kindly Search my name, or simply tjoaginsing, and find out my LONG world-view, i.e., WHEN SATAN et al RULE! v gwb Saanic gang, in MY DOCUMENT at

    In less than two years, this long article (280pages with several long quotes) has been read by not LESS than seven K people!

    Enjoy, and Peace! Shalom, Salaam………………….Joe Jussac, Jr.


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