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Conscience Indians Catch The Bull By The Horns


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They have taken on human rights and Terror issues with a zeal and determination

Inequality is the soul of Hinduism” Ambedkar

By Hamid Waheed

The state atrocities against poor, lower class and non Hindu Indians continue under silent Indian media but conscience Indian writers, former officials along with human rights organizations keep raising their voices whenever they can.  In an  article by Arundhati Roy titled “Walking with the Comrades”, published in month of March, she exposes the real face of world‘s largest democracy. How thousands of innocent citizens are being ruthlessly killed in the name of so called development.

Maoist, the forgotten people of India are killed and humiliated under ‘Operation Green Hunt’, using sophisticated weapons and equipment (i.e laser range finder, thermal imaging equipment and unmanned drones) bought from Israel to kill its own poor Gondis (tribesmen). Arundhati explained during her journey to the land of Gondis, how government owned training camps are established to turn street dogs into monster to hunt poor Gondis. India-Israel nexus and Israel’s rogue role in world politics is no more a hidden factor, expulsion of her diplomat by UK on involvement in Hamas leaders murder is a recent example.     

Around 60,000 peoples are forced to leave their homes and live in Xray camps. Girls and children living in hostels are not allowed to leave because state uses them as human shields. Many industrial tycoons like Tata and Essar are financing the government operation in order to attain mining contracts. Arundhati questions “When a country that calls itself a democracy openly declares war within its borders, what does that war look like? More so when they are not terrorists”. Under article 2 of resolution 260 (III) ‘A’ the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Indian state actions fulfill all qualifications to be termed as state sponsored genocide.

The political mindset can be judged from a recent statement of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when he declared its own citizens as a threat to national security when he was talking about Maoist movement.

Another mind provoking book is “Who Killed Karkare-The Real Face of Terrorism in India”,written by Former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police S M MushrifAccording to S M Mushrif he analysed the Mumbai attacks thoroughly. All the reports that were available to him suggest that the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) was aware of the attack at least five days in advance. They knew the entire operation; the route these terrorists were taking. However, it is strange that they did not pass on this information to the Mumbai police.This lack of intelligence led to the Mumbai attacks and some right-wing groups upset with the investigation into the Malegaon incident taking advantage of the situation killed Karkare.

S M Mushrif also reveals that the cases against the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) were faked. All the boys who were arrested were found to be innocent during the course of the investigation and later court dismissed the cases against the boys. Gujrat riots still remain in memories of Indian Muslims. Famous writer Smita  Narula describes Gujrat riots as Genocide of Muslims and states. According to her What happened in Gujrat was not a spontaneous uprising, it was a carefully orchestrated attack against Muslims”. Caste system and inequality is root cause of injustice in Indian society. Prominent Indian Hindu writer Ambedkar said that Inequality is the soul of Hinduism. He characterized the oppressive caste system as the tyranny of Hinduism. After spending a lifetime in a crusade against the oppressive Hinduism, Ambedkar finally renounced Hinduism and converted to Buddism and exhorted his followers to do the same. Not to forget Kashmir, where security forces abuses are so common and every day we observer protest over such cases. Meenakshi Ganguly, senior South Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch said that "It is extremely rare for the security forces in Kashmir to turn over one of their own to the civilian justice system,”.

Today Sikhs, Christian, Muslims and Dalits (the untouchable humans) are victim of state policies and inequality in India. Human rights organizations are registering number of abuse cases against minorities. Although the Indian State and its proponents seek to blame past governments for human rights abuses and assert that India is no longer violating human rights but independent research by numerous organizations, indicates otherwise. International human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, continue to condemn India for its failure in preventing and in many cases advocating, the violation of human rights against its minority and underprivileged communities, including women. Surprisingly it is seldom that such activities get focus in Indian media. The Indian media usually remains Pakistan centric as a proactive approach to hide their own short falls. However, for the first time the intelligencia has raised questions on the role of CIA agents like  David Headley Coleman & the fact that India  has more than 3500 Americans unaccounted for in their country as per the records of the Home Ministry . After july 2011 attack in Mumbai,  an understanding is developing where other elements are seen taking advantage of the old  Indo – Pak perceptions . Use of locals by exploiting their weaknesses is a common lead behind most of the terror incidents in both countries and chances of common handler can not be ruled out.

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  1. Israel and Israelis are the bane of all countries and peoples of the world.
    Consider THEM the enemy of Mankind.

  2. Israel and Israelis are the bane of all countries and peoples of the world.
    Consider THEM the enemy of all Mankind.

  3. Vellach Samie says:

    Well written article. Thanks.
    What is really more sad, is the fact that most Indians have started to believe that Hiduism is Indian religion. Saivam, samanam, poutham and 800 others are the religions of various people of India. There never was a single Religion called Hinduism. The silent cowardly Brahmins who chose to be lackeys of British, instigate division among people using caste and had made India into a Rich country with very poor people. It is their creation which is called Hinduism. 
    The minority who still remembers the truth are being ostracised, not by fellow Indians, but by the Government elements. P Chidambaram used to be Finance Minister but switched portfolio to Interior minister specifcally with a target to kill and destroy such independant thinking minority. Who is his real master, is sure to be exposed soon one day. 
    The man who said, "There is no caste my child" named Bharathi during British rule was beheaded. by the instigation of Brahmins. just as Jews instigated Crusification of Jesus Christ for calling for equality.
    Only the Southern Indians have learned to counter the Brahmins and have managed to curtail their excesses. As an example, the current Prime Minister of Tamil Nadu is a Brahmin women who works for the benefit of common men. She and her predecessor MGR have done more for the poor then the self righteous M. Karunanithi who is working quietly behind the scene with Brahmins and now Israelis. 
    Finally, it is still upto Indians to find their way out of this cruelty. To remember the truth and respect each other as equal human beings. The words "Unity in Diversity" was an idea exported by Indians to Indonesia. This is Indonesia's State ideology today. It is time Indians remember that. 
    It is also sad to know that both Pakistan and India are same in attacking their own people with unmanned drones from Israel. This crimes has to be punished. The brother of both countries will rise up. 

  4. There may be portions unfair about Hinduism, but Hinduism is India's only cultural-religious heritage. If every Indian converted to something else, true Indian faith and culture would die off. The abuses you mention are not from Hindus but people who claim to be Hindus and follow Hindu forms. Hinduism would never allow such abuses. Meanwhile try to rake it easier on your own phenotype and immediate neighbours. These bombings were particularly timely if you ask, the intention is to fear monger and create distrust between Central Asian/South Asian nations so that the globalists can try to divide and conquer all of you. Remember to the whites you are always inferior, but useful to control. As cousins though adversorial at times, there is at least a measure of equality which is the only basis friendship can be built on. With enough chaos, the so-called Security council will have an excuse to re-colonize the ENTIRE region. Whatever argument between Muslim and Hindu at that point will be worthless.

  5. Ignorance is a bless. The muhamad's lies and Ignorance of world history have addicted muslims to the taste of their own blood.
    Hinduism is a not a religion. Its a way of life prescribed to the inhabitants of this blessed land splawelled from Hindu Kush mountains to Assam and Kanya Kumari to kashmir called DEV BHUMI.
    And the reward and decoration attributed to the HINDUS – people born in this region -  is titles: SHREE or/and JI irrespective of their religioous belief.
    Musharif can be called Shree Musharif Ji or Shree Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Ji , Shri Jinha Ji but not attributed to Prophet Mohammad PBUH or Khumaini or Sadam Hussein or Amadanijjad. They are the believers of Satanic idelogy of Arabs and product of cruel barren land rifed with IMMorality and harram. Islam is an arabic ideology have nothing to do with God.
    During 800 years of muslim rule in India low caste hindus, wafes, hungry people with damaged geans found solace in their conversion to Islam who now are being raped in Karachi by Pashtuns and Balochs. A raped person can not look into the eyes of the rapists which is what Shri Guru Gobing Singh Ji and Shri Banda Bahadur Ji used to fortify Hunduism against Islam.
    Since Zardari came to power Pakistan lost trillians of Sollars what the western repoet says. What Pakistan have given to us Zardari says ' we spent years in jail with nails pulled with screwdrivers and Benazir Bhutto never forgave Islam for Mutilating her genetals the state religion of Pakistan.
    A slave has no peace even in his dreams Cadfucius said. Women is Islam and Low castes in Hinduism are the proof for the world to save.
    In the glory of Hindustan Max Muller a German/Russian poet wrote:
    Where Shakuntla lives unnotices,
         Where Bharat plays with lions,
    Where Dushayant finds her again in a state of a new bride,
         Oh! BHARAT that sacred  land I bow before you,
    You please take me to that DEV BHUMI; flying me through the milky way over the (middle eastern) cruel burnt land. My feet must not touch the land of Namaz givers/dewell worshippers.
    God Bless!

  6. Salah u deen says:

    Hinduism is a racist religion. It’s the only religion that doesn’t treat all it’s followers equal. The cast system is a total discrimation of humans and the ones who are born into the lowest casts are considered filthy and unworthy. The ones who belong to the uppest class (the priests) see themselves as superior and get all the privileges. What kind of practice is this. This alone is clear proof that Hinduism is not a divine religion, it’s a creation of the upper class priests to profit from it. Hinduism is mytholigy pure based on superstitions and worship of stone idols. What ignorance.

  7. 1) Hinduism is a racist religion. It’s the only religion that doesn’t treat all it’s followers equal.

    That purported inequality has been used by the weaker and aggrandizing to cement desires in ambition and greed. However stature via levels of purification must be observed, there is no such thing as equality and society better functions with structure (though the structureless equality of Islam should always be allowed as well).

    Though roughshod (if used lowers one below the higher castes) is not proper application of the Hindu system as so many other Caste systems. The rude and caste refusing among men who refuse to acknowledge their superiors of course should NEVER be ill treated but left alone and never oppressed or manipulated ‘into’ correctness.

    2) The ones who belong to the uppest class (the priests) see themselves as superior and get all the privileges.

    This is a wrong application as mentioned. Priests are supposed to be humble and teranscendent though, many Hindu priests are not true Brahmin by their actions, they are Sudra types surrounded by trappings of Brahmins and even follow but without soul and conscious awareness of Brahmin ceremonies.

    The problem is that the Maharajas are no longer around to judge and arbitrate, the lowest Castes have been replaced with Machines or automation, and that Capitalism is a culture of greed that has infected the whole of Asia alongside overpopulation that has made high density life and the rat race form mentality infect even Brahmins.

    I am sure some ethical Brahmins who will constantly be fighting the arrogance you complain of, well don’t tar all Hindus with the same brush though too many are HIndus only in name, INCLUDING Priests and those using Tantra or Yantra against others in the manner of Sorcerors than any religious person. Help the Hindu be a good Hindu by treating them as if they will apply themselves. If they don’t then they damn themselves.

    However never allow yourself to be accused of tipping the ambivalent over the edge by treating all Hindus as bad practicioners. Many would like to be good, but there is nobody to remind them or the issue of ‘face’ crops up (should not be a Brahmin issue though), as you are doing here.

    Hindu is a great way of life and will always be relevant especially to Indians or Central Asians, it is the social condition afflicted people who practise Hinduism poorly that you are referring to Salah.

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