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Britain: A safe haven for traitors, terrorists and criminals!


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UK TraitorsBritain has gained a notoriety of being safe haven for exiled, traitors, terrorists and dismissed or ousted political leaders?

By Sethi Mushtaq

Is Britain a safe haven for exiled, dismissed or ousted political leaders?

I have always been quite curious that whenever Political leaders or a dictator, be it a deposed President or Prime Minister, an insecure political party head or an ousted dictator is forced to leave his country he/she, always beelines straight for London ?. Most of them being from the South Asian countries.

What attracts them to choose this particular destination? Makes one wonder! Could it possibly be, Madame Tussaud famous wax museum or the London Bridge? The same one which we all seem to have been so brainwashed with during the school going day’s with repeated recitation of the old nursery rhyme attributed with it and which went as “London Bridge is falling down, falling down…..”No, I don’t think so. Then it could be the world famous cricket grounds or maybe the beauty and splendor of the Queens, Buckingham Castle. Whatever may be the appeal which draws them to England one thing is certain it attracts them like bees in search of sweet stuff or source!

The most strange and intriguing aspect of it all is, that they are always welcomed with open arms! They are given a free hand and facilitated to open their respective political offices, to carry out their political activities. Which at certain times could be deemed as interfering and attempting to disrupt within their respective country’s day to day smooth running and governing affairs? Most of these overseas activities are made possible through press conferences and public address via satellite tel-conferencing, to huge gatherings of their activist and sympathizers in their place of country.

In, a nutshell their respective shops do usual business within the safe haven of its Majesty’s, soil. Come to think of, on the contrary, I have yet to see a British or a European political leader heading to any other country even under extreme threat or fear of being executed etc. and operating against their respective country’s government in such manner and I am sure if it did happened they would immediately put up a formal protest to the host country for allowing to happen and or would go to the extent of seeking his or her extradition for a trial before their country’s court of law. Doesn’t this smack of maintaining double standards?

This makes me wonder then why Britain is so liberal in accommodating them gladly and with such greatest of ease and not those who are keen to travel to their country to attain higher educational or professional studies or business opportunities. The latter groups it is observed comparatively have to undergo a great amount of difficulties to clear many painful and cumbersome rules and procedures to get desired clearance to acquire a visa for entering her Majesty’s, Great Britain.

The way my layman brain perceives this is, that possibly, British intelligentsia or their ally’s find these political heavy weights presence in their country as most advantageous and beneficial for their own political aims or intelligence reasons to attain a easy access through them to gain in-depth knowledge and latest information pertaining to the developments taking place within those countries’, to whom these exiled or self-exiled leaders belong too ?. And if necessitated or required use the asylum leader’s links to promote their vested political agenda and interests there through their good sources!

I could be wrong in my perception to, maybe it is solely due to humane reasons!What do you think ?

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  1. Salman Khan says:

    A Great Insight!!!

    Brits & Specially Queen needs to disclose for what good reason THEY are adding up negative stockpile on the name of HUMAN RESOURCE and what not???

  2. fahad mujaddad says:

    Very well written article.I v a similar belief and i second the writer that when it comes to Britain itself why don t they respect other countries.If they believe in Sovereignty of other countries then they must not accomodate crooks on exile in their backyard which allows their soil to be used for Notorious purposed therefore stimulating a negative perception in the minds of the countries thus creating an Anti British sentiment in minds of general public.Whatever reason their Foreign Office allows the people Safe Heavens Sanity must prevail.

  3. I wonder if someone can pin-down some anti-Israel political leader or scholar being given refuge by the British government?

    The “Friends of Israel”, Gen. Pervez, Altaf Bhai, Asif Zardari, Salman Rushdi, etc. have enjoyed HM Queen’s hospitality for years – while the President of the Supreme Court of Britain, Lord Nicholas Phillips, was censored by the HM Queen’s loyal government in 2010 for “suggesting that Israel was created only because of the guilt felt by the West after the Holocaust”.

  4. Not only ousted political leaders and terrorists but also corrupt big business types like Boris Berezovsky live in Londonistan.

  5. Very well articulated write up.I fully endorse the point of view of the author.A topic much needed to provide a wake up call to the world and Britain in particular.Time they did some introspection,as to how bad they smell before pointing fingers at other.


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