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Assad Finding No Shelter in Russia


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Russia Won’t Host Syria’s Assad, Foreign Minister Says


MOSCOW — Russia’s foreign minister says Moscow would welcome any country’s offer of a safe haven to Syrian President Bashar Assad, but underlined that Moscow itself has no intention of giving him shelter if he steps down.

Russia has repeatedly used its veto right along with China at the U.N. Security Council to protect its old ally from international sanctions, but it has increasingly sought to distance itself from Assad.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters late Friday that countries in the region he wouldn’t name publicly had asked Russia to convey their offer of a safe passage to Assad. He said that Russia responded by telling them to go directly to Assad: “We replied: `What do we have to do with it? If you have such plans, you go straight to him.’”

Asked if Moscow could offer a refuge to Assad, Lavrov responded that “Russia has publicly said that it doesn’t invite President Assad.”

“If there is anyone willing to provide him guarantees, they are welcome!” Lavrov told reporters on board a plane returning from Brussels where he attended a Russia-EU summit. “We would be the first to cross ourselves and say: “Thank God, the carnage is over! If it indeed ends the carnage, which is far from certain.”

Lavrov also said the Syrian government has pulled its chemical weapons together to one or two locations from several arsenals across the country to keep them safe amid the rebel onslaught.

“According to the information we have, as well as the data of the U.S. and European special services, the government is doing everything to secure it,” he said. “The Syrian government has concentrated the stockpiles in one or two centers, unlike the past when they were scattered across the country.”

U.S. intelligence says the regime may be readying chemical weapons and could be desperate enough to use them. Both Israel and the U.S. have also expressed concerns they could fall into militant hands if the regime crumbles.

Lavrov gave no indication that Moscow could change its opposition to sanctions against Assad. He assailed the West for failing to persuade the opposition to sit down for peace talks with the government, saying that “the Syrian president’s head is more important for them than saving human lives.”

Lavrov added that U.N. peace envoy for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, would visit Moscow for talks before the year’s end.

He said that Moscow has also invited the revamped Syrian opposition leadership to visit.

“We are ready to honestly explain that the emphasis on a military solution and the dismantling of the state institutions is disastrous for the country,” he said. “Listen, there will be no winner in this war.”

Courtesy Huffington Post.

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  1. Russia like America – are both colonial powers occupying Muslim lands. Only some naive Muslim leader will trust both of them. Moscow like Washington has no love for a Muslim country which doesn’t take dictation from them and maintain close relation with Israel. Russia supports Syria for its own strategic interests which don’t be served if the Wahhabi militants succeed toppling Ba’athist Assad regime in Damascus. The Muslim Brotherhood led Wahhabi-Ba’athist government will be pro-US and Israel.

    Israel had long plan to break-up Syria into four powerless tiny states (Sunni, Alwite, Druze and Kurds) – just like their agenda for Pakistan. However, US-Israel evil agenda against Syria is being resisted by Hizballah and Iran – which will be the next targets of Judo-Western imperialism.

  2. How truly ignorant + vulgar!
    Why would President Assad want to live in Russia? It is his country. Crusaders + their whores aka car bomber + beheaders will never make ANY decisions
    NO ONE WIll accept a prostitute

    I suggest listening to his interview

    rehmat – Putin like others is applying Real PolitiK
    but he forgets:

    they came for the communists – I did not protest as I was not a communist
    they came for the trade unions – I did not protest as I was not a trade unionist
    they came for the blacks – I did not protest as I was not a black
    when they come for the Russians I will not protest as I am not Russian

  3. We will ACCEPT HIM
    he is our protection against IMPERIALISM

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