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Asghar Khan to Tahirul Qadri


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An alliance to delay elections!

The other day I saw on the  television , Tahirul Qadri’s hysteric declaration of his agenda to reform “the rotten lot of politicians” within three weeks, otherwise, he would lead a four million march to Islamabad, to demolish ‘Zardari’s citadel’, and like Mohammad Morsi of Egypt, will rise to capture reigns of the government and establish “his rule of law”. He hopes, that the Pakistan Army would be too wiling to offer support to his movement as it did, when Nawaz Sharif threatened to march towards Islamabad and the game was over before the ‘Long marchers’ could cross the Ravi Bridge. Tahirul Qadri is mistaken as he has lived long enough outside Pakistan than to correctly fathom the deep desire of the people of Pakistan, for change through the democratic process. The change is in the offing, as the care-taker government takes its place, in two months time. People have no stomach for any kind of undemocratic intervention as Tahirul Qadri, so vividly suggests – postponement of elections for the reforms to be carried out and to hold elections at an appropriate time. In fact, he is suggesting a Bangladesh model, and no doubt some of our political parties are ready to buy into the charade, he is conducting.

Having heard Tahirul Qadri’s agenda, I was reminded of Asghar Khan’s role in 1977, which paved the way for the military take-over. It is very interesting to read the contents of Asghar Khan’s letter to Ziaul Haq and the reasons put forward by him, which sound so very similar, though not so scholarly as the ‘Sheikhul Islam Tahirul Qadri has put forward. Asghar Khan’s letter reads:

Air Marshal (Retd) Asghar Khan’s



I am addressing this message to the Chiefs of Staff and the Officers of the Defence Services of Pakistan.

It is your duty to defend the territorial integrity of Pakistan and to obey all lawful commands of superior officers placed over you. To differentiate between ‘lawful’ and an ‘unlawful’ command is the duty of every officer. Every one of you must ask yourself whether what the army is doing today is ‘lawful’ activity and if your conscience tells you that it is not and you still carry it out, you would appear to lack moral fibre and would be guilty of a grave crime against your country and your people.

You should by now have realized that military action in East Pakistan was a conspiracy in which the present Prime Minister played a Machiavellian role. You know the circumstances in which military action in Baluchistan was engineered and how completely unnecessary this action has been. You are also probably aware of the utterly unnecessary military action taken last year in DIR in the North West Frontier Province. If you have any interest in national affairs, you must also be aware that during the election campaign the nation expressed its powerful disapproval of the present regime. Following the people’s rejection of the Government, you should have been surprised at the election results in which the ‘Pakistan National Alliance’ which could muster such overwhelming popular support, could only get 8 out of 116 seats in the Punjab. You must surely know that many people were not even allowed to file their nomination papers. Was it not too much of a co-incidence that no papers could be filed against the Prime Minister and all the Chief Ministers of the four provinces? That those who dared to try, ended up in spending a few nights in Police custody? One of them has still not been traced.

Those of you who were even remotely connected with duties in connection with 7th March election would also know of the blatant manner in which rigging took place; Of the hundreds of thousands of ballot papers of PNA candidates that had been taken out of ballot boxes and were found in the streets and fields of Pakistan following the election on 7th March. You would also have seen the deserted polling stations on 10th March, the day of the Provincial polls, following the call for boycott of Provincial elections by the PNA. Nevertheless Government media announced that an unprecedented number of votes had also been polled at the provincial election and the percentage was said to be more than sixty. Then surely you must have followed the movement which called for Bhutto’s resignation and re-elections in the country.

The coming out of women in thousands on the streets in every city and town with babies in their arms was a scene that no one will forget. These were the women who Bhutto claimed had voted for him. The movement proved within a few days that he and his government had been completely rejected by the people. The death of hundreds of our youth and the beating of our mothers and sisters was a scene that may well have stirred you to shame and sorrow. Have you ever thought why the people put themselves to so much trouble?

Why must mothers come out to face bullets with babies in their arms? Why do parents allow their children to face police lathis (baton) and bullets? Surely it is only because they feel that they have been wronged – that they have been cheated. That their basic right to ‘HIRE and FIRE’ their rulers has been denied them. They understood, when we told them the truth that the Constitution which you as officers of the Defence Services are sworn to defend had been violated. Article 218(3) of the Constitution of the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ says: “It shall be the duty of the Election Commission constituted in relation to an election to organize and conduct the election and to make such arrangements as are necessary to ensure that the election is conducted honestly, justly, fairly and in accordance with law, and that corrupt practices are guarded against”.

This, my friend, was not a just and fair election. Bhutto has violated the Constitution and is guilty of a grave crime against the people. It is not your duty to support his illegal regime nor can you be called upon to kill your own people so that he can continue a little longer in office. Let it not be said that the Pakistan armed forces are a degenerate Police Force fit only for killing unarmed civilians. How else can you explain the shooting of a spirited lad whose only fault was to show the ‘V’ sign to the army in Lahore the other day. The spirit of adventure; of defiance rather than servility needs to be encouraged in our youth and this unfortunate incident is a blot on the name of the army which would be difficult to wipe out. Similarly, shooting by the army in Karachi on an unarmed crowd is unpardonable. Didn’t you realize that the poor and hungry people of Pakistan, throughout the 30 troubled years of our history, had shown only love and affection for our armed forces? That they wept when you laid down arms in East Pakistan; that they have always prayed for your glory and have literally starved themselves and their children so that you all well fed and our Generals and Senior Officers can live a life that even their British and American counter-parts would not dream of. It pains me to say that, that love is now gone. Pray do not let it turn to hate. For should that happen, a tragedy would have occurred in the history of this nation which we in our life-time may not be able to undo.

As men of honour it is your responsibility to do your duty and the call of duty in these trying circumstances is not the blind obedience of unlawful commands. There comes a time in the lives of nations when each man has to ask himself whether he is doing the right thing. For you that time has come. Answer his call honestly and save Pakistan. God be with you.




Asghar Khan rejoiced, when Bhutto was hanged, and made a “horrible example for others.” Whose head Tahirul Qadri is now demanding? Make a guess.

Tahirul Qadri seems to be at the wrong end of history, in his demand to “save the country and not politics”. Pakistan came into being as a result of the political movement launched by Quaid-e-Azam. In 1971, Pakistan used the military power of the state to correct the political split, but failed. Now there is no other option, than to follow the path, the nation has set for itself i.e., fair and free elections, on schedule, so that the new democratic order takes its corrective course to remove the scars of the present order.

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  1. jimmy Jamshed says:

    So long as they do not force SHARIA & Harsh Islam upon us……………no worries…………….and however all power to them to get rid of looting PPP & the lot………..

  2. Being a Muslim don’t you want to live under Shariah laws as enshrined in Quran and Sunnah? Is it not written in your sacred Constitution (Sacred more than Quran), that no law would be against Quran and Sunnah. Is it in fact so? Any law for that matter.Do you think if our laws would have been in accordance with Quran and Sunnah we would be in this state of affairs that we are in now? So if some one raises his voice to implement Shariah then why he is branded as Terrorist, Radical or Fundamentalist. Is it not the right of every true Muslim (Not Munafiq) to struggle for the implementation of the Laws of Quran and resist the forces who do not want the same even being a Muslim? If you object on their version of Shariah then where is your version of Shariah? This Constitution, Is this your version? We have seen this Shariah for the last 65 years and look where are we standing now. Without an anchor, rudderless . A Nation of people who fight for ordinary things, whose leaders wants a big house, government’s money to go abroad for Hajj to have big cars and in many and servants all around. Who wants to pay millions of rupee to get a special registration number for his car. This is our Nation and the worth of our politicians. And may be this is their life under the Shariah of your version. If you think that Muslims should be \asked\ about the type of Shariah they want, then it means you are asking every Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Muslim to vote if they want Shariah and which version, it further means you are undermining the authenticity of Quran and Sunnah . Having Quran with us , no one is required to ask any one’s version. When your constitution says no law would be made against the teaching of Quran and Sunnah, then why are we looking towards the \people\ of Pakistan.

  3. muhammad ali says:

    Please be patient. We have reached the lowest ebb of moral degeneration as a nation. We frame the laws to protect corruption, to protect the looters and to loot the poor. The NRO, the recent NAB Law, the 18th and 20th Amendments to the Constitution, are some of the clear examples. Approx 10 to 12 billion Rs are plundered every day. Do you think the present bunch of thieves and dacoits will bring in reforms? Never, ever, five years are more than enough to judge them. To remain quiet and maintain status-quo means committing suicide. We must resist and fight back. We also deserve to live an honorable, peaceful, prosperous life in accordance with our own values, culture as given to us in Quran and Sunnah. We have firm belief in it, that is why we are Muslims. Let us not be hypocritical any more. Enough is enough. Some one like Allama Qadiri was needed to reform. Our prayers, in fact the prayers of the common people have been answered by Allah. The right leader has arrived at the right moment of our history. Allah has saved Pakistan Insha-Allah.Let us support him whole-heartedly now. Allah Hafiz.

  4. Both Tahirul Qadri and Gen. Aslam Beg have been part of western power’s agenda to prepare ground for the break-up of Pakistan which was achieved as a future Muslim state governed under Islamic Shri’ah laws which are not more barbaric than the Jewish Talmud or Christian Bible. It was achieved under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and at the cost of one million Muslim men, women and children lives.

    Gen. Aslam Beg slep with the country’s corrupt politicians when he assumed the postion of country’s powerful top military post. Tahirul Qadri, on the other hand, is a sectarian cleric who has sold his soul to anyone for a good price.

    Tahirul Qadri’s Egyptian hero, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, is no Islamic scholar. He belonged to political wing of Muslim Brotherhood who has been brought into power by the western powers to put a stop to Iran’s rising influence in the region which has been under Israel’s thumbs for the last six decades.

    People like Tahirul Qadri should try to understand why Israeli leaders have called Morsi BROTHER?

  5. Shaikh Mohommad says:

    Every time there is a slight hope of a change, we see drama being enacted on a massive
    scale. We are fortunate to have a Chief Justice who will see that constitution is adhered to. All Political parties and Pakistanis should say clearly that we want elections.

    Tahirul Qadri clearly supports Western Governments. Remember UK, USA do not want elections and democracy. They are happy when a dictator rules Muslim countries. They support kings and dictators in the Middle East. Without doubt, Tahirul Qadri has a full support of Western Governments.

    His love for Pakistan is evidence from the fact that he is a Canadian citizen and lives abroad. He never says that he has come to Pakistan to ensure that the changes he seeks will come and he will stay till those changes are put in practice. A great leader does not shun responsibility. Tahirul Qadri clearly says he does not seek the post of Prime Minister or any other post. Changes in a country is brought by a Government of that country and to say that he does not want run a government of the country shows that he wants to talk, talk, and talk and take no responsibility of running a government. Is this the characteristic of a leader or a mischief maker?

    Lastly, the defects in the system [bogus voting, etc. etc.] should encourage people and the Governments to remove the defects. If the boat is leaking, you repair the leak.

  6. Even under a microscope i could not find a word wrong in the letter of Asghar Khan. I am surprised at the audacity of the author who has used this letter to compare Asghar Khan with Mr Qadri. Bad shot

  7. laghari786 says:

    You are right and I agree with you.Those who do not like Tahirul qadri for their own reasons,just breath and think deeper about the situation Pakistan is right now.No matter how fiercely you may tear down his past and collect facts contradicting his character,the score will be meager if compared to the character of all politicians we have in Pakistan today.That said,now please analyze character of our rulers and the remaining politicians ‘in-waiting’ to take turns on us.Its pity that I am short of words to describe their moral degeneracy.In fact its not even degeneracy ;its total absence of it.For example,hit any minister of his corruption and high handedness and he or she will shoot you with shameless and instant answer that”why me what about others(he will name his opponent or party) who are doing the same things..”. Now think about looting and burning instances,arrest any culprit and ask him why he was doing this almost certainly he will tell you that I did because every body was doing this. Please not the similarities,and judge is it democracy or mobocracy? plutocracy? Finest of fine criminals are running your administration changing its codes to suit their needs.Your former sacked Prime Minister was reputed to appoint convicted persons on grounds of friendship to the most celebrated offices of our country with condition that”make as much as you can before dismissed by the courts.”
    If you respected readers agree with me please let me know and I will comment further if not,than its useless to use my keyboard any longer.May Allah Protect My country by giving prudence and understanding to the citizens.

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