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Scoop! Bibi’s letter to Khaled Meshal


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By Alan Hart

Hey readers, I’ve got a scoop. It’s the text of a letter – don’t ask me how I got it – from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Hamas leader Meshal.

It was hand delivered in Gaza by one of Israel’s many Palestinian collaborators who lives there.

Like most if not all others of his kind, the poor man didn’t volunteer to spy for Israel. He was “recruited” after being told that his wife would be raped if he didn’t provide information for Israel.

Many years ago, as I noted in my book Arafat, Terrorist or Peacemaker?, Abu Iyad, Fatah’s intelligence chief, told me that most Palestinians who became Israeli assets did so because they were told that their mothers, or their wives, or their daughters or their sisters would be raped if they didn’t do what Israel’s security agencies wanted. “It’s Israel’s standard procedure,” Abu Iyad said. (During Israel’s ground and air assault on Beirut in 1982, a Palestinian woman came to Abu Iyad and confessed that she was an Israeli agent, one of 30 who were reporting on Arafat’s movements to enable Israeli jets to zero in and bomb him to pieces. Abu Iyad had the other 29 rounded up and shot. He didn’t tell Arafat until they were dead because he knew the chairman would have insisted on mercy and forgiven them).

The envelope containing Netanyahu’s letter was addressed to “His Excellency, Khaled Meshal.” The letter itself was to “The Palestinian Terrorist Leader.”

The text was as follows:

I thank you with all my heart for your speech in Gaza confirming that Hamas wants no compromise with the Jewish state which, you said, must be liberated, destroyed, “inch by inch.”

Why am I moved to thank you?

I’ll tell you very frankly.

You have solved what was threatening to become a serious problem for me.

The problem?

For some months past European leaders and even people with an inside track to my very, very dear friend Barak Obama have been telling me that I do not understand Hamas’s real position.

Time and time again I have been told that if I want to do what is best for Israel, I must look beyond the rhetoric Hamas leaders use to keep hope alive in the hearts and minds of their supporters and Palestinians everywhere.

Hamas’s real position, I have been told, is that while it will never, ever, recognize Israel’s right to exist, it is prepared to accept the reality of Israel’s existence inside its pre-1967 borders, The obvious implication, I have been told time and time again, is that Hamas has become pragmatic and is prepared to negotiate on the basis of an end to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem, to enable the creation of a Palestinian state which would live in peace with an Israel as envisaged by the letter and spirit of UN Security Council Resolution 242.

I have even been shown “evidence” in the form of newspaper reports which quoted you and other Hamas leaders categorically stating your readiness for peace or at least “a permanent truce” with an Israel inside its pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem the capital of a Palestinian state or an undivided Jerusalem the capital of two states.

We both know this is a deception on Hamas’s part. You revealed its true face in your speech in Gaza. You want to destroy the Jewish state.

Thanks to what you said in Gaza, I can now look European and other leaders in the eye and say, “It’s not me who doesn’t understand Hamas’s real position, it’s you.” And if they continue to tell me I should accept Hamas as a party to negotiations, I can and will tell them to go to hell.

As I told my cabinet colleagues shortly after you had spoken in Gaza, if we handed over territory in Judea and Samaria, we’d be inviting rocket and missile attacks from there on Tel Aviv. And that, I told my colleagues, is why no government I lead will ever bow to international pressure and put Israel’s security at risk.

The old year is about to end and my wish is that you won’t see a new one.

All I want to add for the sake of discussion of the kind I once had with Arafat is this.

The notion that a Palestinian state would launch attacks on Israel from the liberated West Bank is absurd in the extreme. What would happen if it did? Arafat’s answer in more or less the following words was this: “The Israeli Goliath would roll over the Palestinian mini state and crush it out of existence, and it would do so with the understanding and support of the world.”

Arafat added, and surely he was right, that having struggled so long for some justice, his people would not be mad enough to give Israel the pretext to close the Palestine file for ever.

The only madness is in the mind of Netanyahu and more than a few of his cabinet colleagues.

And one more point. The man who is contributing most to the process that may well lead to the destruction of the “Jewish state” is Netanyahu himself. If that was only my Gentile opinion it would not matter, but there is today a small but growing number of Jews, including some Israelis, who are aware of this and saying so.

In that light Meshal could respond to Netanyahu’s letter with these words: “No, prime minister, it is me who has to thank you for what you are doing to destroy your state!”

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  1. As Helen Thomas said in 2010 – European Jews should return to their motherlands in Europe – because Palestine is not their land. The same year, the Vatican issued its FATWA that the biblical concept of the “Promised Land nor the Chosen People ”doesn’t justify the building of new illegal Jewish settlements nor the occupation of the Holy Land.
    The two-state concept was proposed by the notorious 1917 Balfour Declaration which was ignored by David Ben Gurion in 1948 when he unilaterally declared the establishment of a Zionist state over 56% of the historic Palestine.
    What Meshaal meant was a “single state” for the entire historical Palestine. No one his right mind will expect Meshaal to call for the “wipe of Israel from map”, as Meshaal has already joined the US-Israel-Saudi ‘Axis of Evil’. He is no different than the “double agent” Mahmoud Abbas. It was not Hamas which brought Israel to the negotiating table last month – but Islamic Jihad, by raining Iranian-made rockets and missiles.
    Vatican: Bible doesn’t promise Palestine to Jews

  2. Baby Siqueira Abrão says:

    As all Zionists, Netanyhau always forget that Zionists had wiped the most part o Palestine from de map by thefting it. Palestinian people have the right to fight for recovering their whole country again. As Mishal had said in an interview in 2010, Hamas aim is one state for all those who have been living there since 1948 — including Jews and Israelis. But Netanyhau "forget" that for political purports, intending to crash Hamas and even kill Mishal, as the PM have said in his letter.

  3. michael mazur says:

    I put a mirror to the Netanyahu letter to Khaled Meshal, and i see that Bibi is giving cover to Khaled Meshal, as a way of thanking him for his sterling service to Israel for not having rejected the constant Israeli refrain of `hundreds of Hamas rockets falling on Israel every day` during Operation Pillar of Cloud, thus justifying in the lazy public mind that Israeli bombing of Gaza was a defensive action.

    Setting the scene for what follows is that the contents of the letter were supposedly divulged to Allan Hart, who coyly won’t say how, but instead writes about it being hand delivered by a collaborator who had no choice about being such.

    Hypothetically, if between receiving the letter from someone on Bibi’s staff and delivering it to Meshal, the contents of the letter are divulged to a third party to be disclosed to the world, is that disclosure in Meshal’s interest or Netanyahu’s ?

    Let’s tease it out a bit; if it is put on the courier and not Meshal as being the source of the disclosure, then that exposes the courier as being untrustworthy and hence a collaborator who has to be known to Meshal, as it was likely the courier who would have personally delivered the letter to Meshal.

    Or, alternately, if delivered to a Meshal staffer who then leaked it, that then exposes him as being a collaborator which puts him at risk.

    In short, by Meshal not leaking it himself, necessarily puts either of those two men – the courier or the staffer, at risk, doesn’t it, if the story is that the leak came from the Palestinian side ?

    So, it follows then that the leak did not come from the Palestinian side, it came from the Israeli side, which also means that the letter was not even delivered to Meshal, as he would get to read about it somewhere sometime eventually.

    Would Alan Hart please respond.

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