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Malala-”Sekunde der Wahrheit”


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By Brig Imran Malik

The German’s aptly call it “Die Sekunde der Wahrheit ” or the Moment of Truth. One such historic and perhaps the most defining moment in Pakistan’s history is upon it. It has been epitomized by Malala and her courageous and epic stand against the forces of darkness and the lack of fortitude and decisiveness shown by Pakistan’s Government and its political elite.

How has Pakistan reached this moment? Is it a natural progression of its unending though haphazard   struggle to avoid becoming the first and most prized victim of a violent movement that seeks to establish an Islamic Emirate in the Af-Pak Region (APR) and resurrect the glory of the Islamic Caliphate of yore? Or is it a deviously contrived situation by the powers that be to push Pakistan deeper into the quagmire of the GWOT to yet attain their desired though hither-to-fore elusive strategic goals and objectives.

The obtaining situation raises more questions than it answers.

Is Malala really the bold torch bearer of female education and emancipation that she is made out to be? Or has her image been deliberately so crafted to give that impression? Are she and her father unknowing and naïve victims of a deeper ploy to exploit their specially designated standing in society to create specific effects at any predetermined point in time or are they willing participants? Or have these events evolved naturally and some powers are just taking advantage of an evolving situation?

Either way Malala and Pakistan are the victims!

There are many narratives making the rounds.

The First Narrative

This tells us the story of a brave young girl from a very conservative society who raised her voice in support of female education and emancipation. She won well deserved plaudits for her courage and boldness from most quarters within the country and abroad. The Taliban tried to fell her through an outrageous attack and failed. This atrocity by the Taliban has mobilized the majority of the Pakistani civil society in her support and against the Taliban. The civil society and the print and electronic media are generating tremendous pressure on the Government and the Pakistan Armed Forces to take decisive action. The Government is now seeking unanimous support of the Parliament for a military operation in the NWA. Thus a certain effect and a particular environment supporting a military operation in the NWA is being created in Pakistan.

The Second Narrative

As the US/NATO/ISAF Combine egresses out of the APR it wants to create and maintain a specific strategic environment in the region to safeguard its interests there up to 2014 and beyond. It is thus compelled to remove all threats to that emerging strategic environment. In its wisdom the US/NATO/ISAF Combine collectively feels that the Haqqani Network (HN) in particular, is the main threat to the creation and maintenance of this peculiar strategic environment. Thus having failed to urge, cajole or even coerce Pakistan into starting military operations in the NWA, the US has tried this indirect approach. It has created an environment within Pakistan where the main civil society and the international opinion are generating tremendous pressures on its Government to take the fight to the militants in particular, in the NWA.

The Third Narrative  

This relates to the timing of the expected military operations by the Pakistan Armed Forces in the NWA. Just as the Americans go to the polls they could find their Commander in Chief who has already claimed the scalp of OBL yet claiming to move against the HN – ostensibly the one group to have caused the most grief to the US/NATO/ISAF in Afghanistan and about which they are obsessively fixated.

The Fourth Narrative

As claimed by one of Pakistan’s main political parties the Government wants to conduct these military operations in the NWA to achieve multiple objectives. One, it obliges the US and in particular the Obama Administration with its timing to coincide with or have an impact on the US elections. Two, it could give the Government the reason, legally, to postpone national elections by a year by declaring an emergency. That would enable it to get Mr Zardari re-elected as President from the same parliament for the next five years. 

Thus the decision to move into the NWA or not becomes critical on many counts.

This situation has caused tremendous strains on the Pakistani society which are rending asunder its unity and solidarity. The society is at a loss to find a plausible moral mooring or standpoint that helps it stabilize itself and understand the situation and deal with it. The Pakistani nation as a unified whole is yet to conclude who portends the bigger existential threat to it – the US or the Taliban. Is it either one of them or both? The public opinion is seriously split on this issue. If the origin of the threat is not clear how can they then deal with it? And this is causing gross indecisiveness, confusion and a serious split in the nation’s and the Government’s approach to the issue. Damned if it carries out a military operation in the NWA and damned if it does not!

Pakistan’s political parties have generally not shown the leadership that should have been forthcoming. Our political leaders have failed to seize the moment and opportunity to lead, rise and shine. They have been unable to capture the imagination of the people and lead them on to a safer and more prosperous future. They have largely been too cautious, circumspect about the stance they take for or against the terrorists. They have been sitting on the fence for far too long and thus have unclear, feeble, ambiguous and aimless policies towards the GWOT. A clear cut and prompt stance on the Malala episode by the major political parties could have given bold leadership and direction, hope and strength to the nation.

They erroneously feel that the Taliban are only fighting the US and its allies and that once the US/NATO/ISAF are out of the region they would somehow become more amenable to negotiations. But is the departure of the US/NATO/ISAF Combine from the APR the ultimate aim of this struggle by the Taliban? On more than one occasion they have declared their intentions of creating an Islamic Emirate in the region with the eventual aim of resurrecting the Islamic Caliphate. How then will the egress of the US from the region suddenly make them more amenable to negotiations? Why would they listen to lesser powers after having defeated the sole global Super Power and its allies? They are more likely to turn inwards and start attacking Afghanistan and nuclear Pakistan – the latter ostensibly one of their most prized objectives! Capturing Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal would place them in a great position to continue their struggle for the Islamic Caliphate.

The Taliban have to be tackled one way or the other. They could be pacified through negotiations. But having just declared the HN a Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) how can they be expected to sit on the same negotiating table with the US?

They could try to neutralise the Taliban by defeating and decimating them substantially through violent military operations. The US/NATO/ISAF Combine has been trying to achieve that exactly for the last decade and failing spectacularly.

They could try to weaken the Taliban sufficiently through violent military operations and then force them on to the negotiating table. It has not succeeded thus far.

The US has thus maneuvered itself into a real strategic cul de sac. It is fast running out of strategic options and time. The US elections are not likely to make any tangible difference to the US’ withdrawal plan either. The US needs Pakistan to create the environment for a peaceful egress of the US/NATO/ISAF from the APR and also to negotiate with, pacify and neutralize the Taliban. It will continue to need Pakistan post 2014 too.

A fresh approach is perhaps the need of the hour. Pakistan and the US have to be on the same page – literally. A unified desired end state of a peaceful APR must be agreed upon. And the ways and means to achieve those ends must be agreed upon too. Of necessity the strategic direction, goals and objectives of the US and Pakistan will have to converge for this final phase of the Afghan Campaign.

The militancy must of necessity be dealt with decisively. Militants groups must be pacified through negotiations or neutralized militarily under a carefully conducted selective methodology. No meaningful hostile militant group must remain by the time the US egresses from the APR. The loop must be closed fully and comprehensively. The fissures between the various militant groups could be exploited by dealing with them as independent entities. Parallel efforts must be made by the US-led west and the international community (Tokyo Conference-?) to address the development, administrative, genuine democracy, governance, economic and security issues of Afghanistan.  A judicious mix of tact, diplomacy, military muscle, incentives, compromises and trade-offs might just help deal with the emerging situation. An unfair political dispensation in Afghanistan would be disastrous for the APR.

And without Pakistan’s unqualified support the US may be hard pressed to find an acceptable solution to the simmering Afghan imbroglio! The ball is squarely in the US” court!

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  1. Theodor Hertzl, the founder of Zionism, is credited with the aphorism: "We will lead every revolution against us". Absurd though that may appear at first reading, it has become the primary modus-operandi of Western covert operations wherever its interests are judged critical – and so it is with much of the Middle East and Central Asia today. Pre-existing divisions in targetted societies are ruthlessly exploited to the point of facilitating lethal force against its own people and allies where the resulting propaganda rewards are judged sufficiently valuable the overall objectives.
    What Pakistan needs is an honest political class prepared to tell it like it is without regard to its own perquisites. Unfortunately, the term "honest political class" is something of an oxymoron in most societies, and it seems Pakistan is no exception.
    Unless and until Pakistan wakes up to, and squarely faces, this systematic Machiavellian manipulation by the West in general and the US in particular, its future ramains bleak indeed.

  2. Why should people of Afghanistan/Pakistan be forced US/naTo imperialism?
    Governments/agreements come and go BUT PEOPLE REMAIN. Try thinking what is IMPORTANT TO AFGHANS & PAKISTANIS and not bloody US goons hollywoodian fake /false election. Their insanity/slaughter/barbarianism is THEIR appalling history and these goons whether it is a fake bake African or the muthead would make little difference. Both are insane evil barbarians.
    Is Malala really the bold torch bearer of female education and emancipation that she is made out to be? Or has her image been deliberately so crafted to give that impression? Are she and her father unknowing and naïve victims of a deeper ploy to exploit their specially designated standing in society to create specific effects at any predetermined point in time or are they willing participants? Or have these events evolved naturally and some powers are just taking advantage of an evolving situation?
    CLEARLY YOU DO NOT KNOW BBC – (brit butchering Caucasian) and UK – A rabid insane barbaric  state
    We have thick files on bbc cheerleading WARS – WAR CRIMES (Malala had a blog diary set up by bbc) as for the UK
    A Parasites’ Paradise 
    (Or the Best Criminal Sanctuary Money Can Buy)

    By James Petras

    October 11, 2012 "Information Clearing House" -  Whenever financial swindlers prosper at the expense of investors or a bank jiggers interest rates to bugger their competitors or tax evaders flee fiscal crises or rent gouging petrol monarchies recycle profits or oligarchs pillage economies and drive millions to drink, drugs and destitution they find a suitable secure sanctuary in London.
    And you want to tell the world that this Birmingham UK is treating Malala. What about her parents SUPPORT for charter schools? The story/her age/her injuries – everything keeps changing! Koshered? You bet it is!
    The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: American Everyman Singled Out by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
    Posted on October 19, 2012 by willyloman
    ( Aamir Attaa over at Pro Pakistani reports that American Everyman has been singled out to be blocked nationwide by the PTA for publishing articles questioning the validity of the staged Malala psyop. This censorship is in addition to the thousands of sites that were blocked just prior to the event. American Everyman will continue to report on the story as it unfolds. As this story changes… again (“… the infection was probably related to the track of a bullet which grazed her head“), and as her father’s ties to the for-profit education industry become clearer, more and more people are waking up to the reality of the Malala story. Please help get this information out. Do not let an authoritarian regime get away with censoring the internet and keeping their people in the dark.)
    UPDATE: (H/T Brian) It’s official. From the NHS of UK: bullet never entered her skull just cut her temple, traveled under the skin to her shoulder (?). Nifty new pic of her again with blankets pulled up so you can’t see anything but her little face… very dramatic but not very practical in a hospital setting.
    PTA Blocks Websites for Publishing Propaganda Against Malala Yousafzai
    By Aamir Attaa · Pro Pakistani Friday, Oct 19, 2012
    Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued a directive to internet service providers to block the access of at least 10 URLs in Pakistan that were allegedly involved in publishing propaganda material against Malala Yousafzai, we have confirmed with sources.
    At least three ISPs confirmed ProPakistani about the blockade orders from PTA and have consequently blocked all the mentioned websites, mainly a blog called “American Everyman”, run by Scott Creighton.
    Other URLs, that were blocked, are forums that had re-published the stories appearing on “American Everyman”.
    As for the gerries- they are a front for the hellis
    Pakistan ARMY do not do the Turkish and fall for the trap. You have more experience than the Turks

  3. @ wikispooks
    I totally agree that the PAKISTANIS have to act – remove the corrupt “dual” loyalty thugs and FAST. Those who are Pakistani government are AGAINST  PAKISTANIS
    But frankly I do not see this
    Pre-existing divisions in targetted societies are ruthlessly exploited to the point of facilitating lethal force against its own people and allies where the resulting propaganda rewards are judged sufficiently valuable the overall objectives.”
    What  pre-existing divisions?
    Shia – Sunni? There are inter-marriages and this was co-existing in Irak and many Muslim countries. And as your comment gives an idea of an educated well versed individual you know full well that before the goons (uk/us/western butchers/naTo) came these multi-religion/ethnic groups lived in PEACE –history is the proof.
    So why will someone go and kill people from his partner’s group? Makes no sense.
    Ignorance/stupidity/prostitution/corruption = low life qualities are all present day top priorities
    Turkey had a policy of “zero problems with neighbours” so where did the pre-existing divisions come in?
    The same with whore Qatar/Saudi/gcc  prostitutes of naTo in destroying Libya/Syria
    These despots sell themselves=soul to the satan they are low life look at Busharaf/Mubarak and the rest of prostitutes – they buy brit/us goons/thugs to slaughter their people because they want to retain the power. They are so weak that they invite unwanted OUTSIDERS to prop them up and these barbarian OVER TAKE not overstay.
    CORRUPTION miserable capitalist GAINS that is at the centre – uk/eu visa/passport/us green card abuse/insult/humiliation/hate is all they get and this is why they sell themselves.

  4. @khalif
    Sorry, I was unclear.
    By pre-existing divisions I meant just that. All societies have them and, left to their own devices they are easily and peacfully managed. It's outsiders that can and do stir things up for their own ends, which is what the West has been doing all over the world this past century or two.
    By 'facilitating lethal force against its own people' I meant the Outsiders own people – For example, there is strong evidence that the killing of the US ambassador to Libya was engineered by the CIA – believe it or not.
    Western covert agencies have demonstrated time and time again that they are ready willing and able to target their own people with lethal 'false-flag' attacks, if their overall objectives are thereby advanced.
    Best wishes

    • thanx much appriciated.
      I know/knew what you meant but I wanted it in words "because the butchering bastard caucasians rant/yak on about the division WHERE NONE EXSISTS and they use our comments to promoting their imperialistic agenda – hope you will understand  - LETS HOLD THESE BASTARDS & THEIR TERRORIST GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBLE and ANYONE WORKING WITH THEM + destroy their evil ideology
      Amnesty International: Imperialis?t Tool<>
      what he has outlined in this article is what you find in ALL/ANY group which is anti-war/human rights/ Palestinian solidarity groups etc
      even a meeting of inter-faith…. , you name it these viral cancerous farts will infest it and make it bloody useless.
      though I beg to differ with great man Francis Boyle – THOSE WHO ENGAGE/WORK WITH amnesia international know full well that these organisation are poisonous – personal experience
      watch out for another poisonous virus – St Egidio a zionist mafioso org – a front for the bshits FO -foreign office vicious barbaric and bloody

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