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Pakistan: Zardari-Gillani Nexus


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By Raja G Mujtaba

Apparently smooth relationship between the Political government and Military Establishment got a first blow when Raymond Davis shot dead two innocent Pakistanis. Against all established facts and norms, Asif Ali Zardari and Interior Minister were hell bent to grant diplomatic immunity to the American killer. Shah Mahmood Qureshi not only opposed it but resigned his national assembly seat and left the party.

Rahman Malik, who was constantly denying the Blackwater presence in Pakistan was adamant to have him declared a diplomat otherwise the Blackwater presence would have been established and over 7000 of these had been allowed into Pakistan by Zardari-Rahman-Haqqani axis. Yusaf Raza Gillani who was making his sun shine through corruption etc. was ever willing to defend and say whatever this trio was saying.

This got a further dent in the relationship when on 2nd May, 2011 the US staged a false flag attack in Abbottabad to takeout OBL. This was a blow that was hard to stand by any nation; showing his smartness, Husain Haqqani on 3rd May, had an article supposedly written by Asif Ali Zardari placed in Washington Post to praise the American operation. Going by the time frame, this article could not have been published on 3rd May had it not been placed there 24 hours in advance if not more. This confirms that the OBL operation in Abbottabad was in the knowledge of both Zardari and Haqqani had the prior information of the raid. Why they did not divulge the information to the concerned departments make them culpable in a crime against the state.

Memogate proved to be the last straw on the camel’s back. Here everything came out crystal clear, Mansoor Ijaz broke the ice when he wrote a piece for Financial Times and revealed the scandal of memogate how Zardari and Haqqani were involved in it. This sent shockwaves in all the concerned quarters.

Zardari and Gillani came to the defence of Haqqani; but not withstanding some straight questions of Gen Pasha, the DG ISI in presence of both Zardari and Gillani buckled. Both the President and the Prime Minister were left with no option but ask for Haqqani’s resignation.

On the other hand, Gen Pasha dashed to London where he met Mansoor Ijaz who provided him with all the details that further complicated the situation both for Zardari and Haqqani. To ensure that Haqqani does not divulge the facts, Zardari provided him with safe heaven within the presidency and wanted to take him along to Dubai when he was going for his treatment.

Prime Minister Gillani's calling of China's reprter while the Army Chief was on an official visit there was to embarrass him. 

Now Haqqani is staying within the Prime Minister House but the judicial enquiry has set the pot boiling therefore to save their skins, Prime Minister Gillani has started a barrage of allegations both against Army Chief Gen Pasha and DG ISI Gen Pasha for violating the channels in submitting their affidavits to the Supreme Court, but the facts are as under:

Private TV channel reported. 13.01.12;

AG Anwarul Haq  said that both chiefs (COAS and  DG ISI) have submitted their reply to SC by following the prescribed rule of Law. Attorney General Maulvi Anwar ul Haq said Army Chief Kayani and DG ISI Shuja Pasha submitted their replies in the memo case under the orders of the Supreme Court. 

Five member bench decision page 23 para 22 released on 12.01.12 ;

 Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq, learned attorney general for Pakistan appeared on behalf of the Federation and contented that as the Court has observed that respondents, COAS and DG ISI also fall within the definition of Federation, therefore, he is appearing on behalf of all of them. It is matter of record that replies dated 14th December, 2011 on behalf of respondents Chief of Army Staff and DG ISI were duly filed under covering letter No.1(3)/2011-AGP dated 15th December, 2011 before this Court through the learned Attorney General for Pakistan. Similarly affidavits of COAS and DG ISI dated 21st December, 2011, which were delivered by the M/o Defence vide letter No.1/603/Dir (Legal)/11 to the office of Attorney General for Pakistan, were filed in Court vide C.M. As No5625/2011 and 5691/2011 respectively.

The News and Jang, 12.1.12 ;

Attorney General of Pakistan Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq on Wednesday negated the prime minister’s statement that replies submitted by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and DG-ISI Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha were illegal and unconstitutional. He said that there is no legal problem of any kind with the affidavits/replies of these two gentlemen, COAS and General Pasha, submitted in the Supreme Court in memogate . 

Nawa- I -Waqt, 13.1.12 ;

SC issues detailed decision of Memo case….. writes that on 14 December  the replies of Army Chief and DG ISI were submitted by AG in line with the Law.

ISPR Press release, 11.1.12;

… The responses by the respondents were sent to the Ministry of Defence for onward submission to the honourable Supreme Court, through Attorney General (Law Ministry). A letter was also dispatched to the Attorney General of Pakistan and the honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan informing that the replies have been submitted to the Ministry of Defence.  It is emphasised that copies of the statements of the two respondents were not forwarded   directly to the Supreme Court.  After a meeting between the honourable Prime Minister and the COAS, the honourable prime minister had publicly stated through a press release of 16th December 2011 that the replies submitted were in response to the notice of the court through proper channel and in accordance with the rules of business…

Now by consistently changing statements and stands, Yusaf Raza Gillani is trying to confuse the issue and provoking the army to throw his government out so that they can take a shield behind this to cover their bad and corrupt practices. Army has shown lot of constraint and sagacity by not reacting to the allegations and not derailing the process. At its own, Army has no desire to act and remove the government but if such a mandate is given by the Supreme Court then it would be bound to carry out the orders. 

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  1. Thomas Aquinas says:

    Watchers of Pakistan's sordid history of military intrusion into civilian affairs understand the rich irony of this current memogate saga. Not one of the generals who have overthrown varied governments has ever been charged with treason. Not one of the varied Supreme Court justices who violated their oaths to protect the Constitution by providing judicial sanction to Pakistan's varied military coups has ever been punished. 

  2. There certainly have been military intrusions in the past and judiciary was coerced into collusion. The situation this time is very different where Pakistan for the 1st time has an independent judiciary that was restored with the backing of popular public struggle against Musharaf, the USA hinchman. The problem is not military now but the corrupt rulers that were imposed on Pakistan through so-called NRO negotiated between USA and their dictator. There are independent court investigations and rulings against the corrupt rulers including Mr 10% (now more like 90%) and these leeches are not abiding by the law. Military are wiser IMHO and will not take the bait that was devised by Zardari (When in Dubai for treatment, my foot) with the steer from the devil USA to further destablise Pakistan and set civilians V military.

  3. Qader Khan says:

    The devil USA did not allow us to use the weapons they had supplied us to forever crush infidel India. This is why we hate the USA. We shall soon wipe out India with nukes. Our brave mujahedeen have time and again demonstrated the ability to simultaneously bomb Indian cities; we shall now do it with suitcase nuclear weapons. Soon Israel and the USA shall follow. It is the duty of every true Muslim to relentlesly oppose the Jew-Christian-Infidel axis at every turn, at every step. O Musslaman! Forget not the injunctions in the Holy Quran: Surah Al-Maidah #5: Ayat # 82. "The worst enemies of Believers will be Yehud and Pagans (Hanud) . . Quran: [5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. ! [4.160] Wherefore for the iniquity of those who are Jews did We disallow to them the good things which had been made lawful for them and for their hindering many (people) from Allah's way

  4. michael mazur says:

    A real imbroglio. A complete collapse of the state is inevitable when foreigners cannot hope to make sense of the seething mess it obviously has become, for there were two major traumatic occasions when people in power should have spoken, but utterly failed to grasp that survival of nation is paramount over sectional or private interest.
    The first was the micro nuking in the courtyard of the Islamabad Marriot Hotel in Sep 08, for it was obvious from the extensive video footage available at the time that the damage to the hotel was not structural, but caused by fire from within, which was initiated by the window drapes all catching fire at the same time from the intense nuclear flash of the erupting blast from beneath the ground outside. All the online media of Pakistan were in sync talking about a truck bomb, when no conventional 1 ton bomb detonated a metre above ground on a truck floor can do more than create a washed out 0.5mtr depression on very hard sealed ground.
    What instead happened was that a conical hole, not a depression, 2mtrs deep x 6mtrs across opened up, and all the forsensics people in Pakistan would have to know exactly what this could not have been ! But like in Australia, all are in govt employment. No one speaks to the only possible cause of such unique devastation – a micro nuke, definitely not made in Pakistan, only in the US and Israel, or put differently, USrael.
    Earlier, in Dec 07, when Benazhir Bhutto was murdered i was looking to her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, to speak to who he thought did this to his wife. He said nothing ! His silence was rewarded with the presidency on 6sep08, and two weeks later the bomb went off at the Marriott in Islambad because the perps knew that he could be relied on to say nothing !
    What likely happened on 27dec07 was that the assassin, a young credulous man, was told to shoot Ms Bhutto, and if that failed, then to throw the bomb he had on his person. But what he didn't perceive was that the bomb was for him, irrespective of whether a pistol shot found its mark, to be detonated remotely by someone else standing perhaps 50mtrs away, shielded by the mass of people inbetween. That way nothing really identifiable remained of the young man to lead to his handlers.
    Asif Ali Zardari could have met with President Musharraf and the ISI to provide him with all they knew of the assassination of his wife, but chose not to. All were silent. But ISI is CIA controlled. And so if ISI won't say anything about the murder of Benazhir Bhutto, then a foreign hand can be suspected here too.

  5. Richard Braverman says:

    Even though Memogate is offensive and, if true, exposes, once again, the cowardly and craven behavior of Pakistani Politicians ……
    It pales in comparison to the evidence that ‘Israeli Mossad agents posed as CIA spies to recruit PAKISTANIS to MURDER Iranian citizens’.
    As we have always known, Pakistanis and Muslims are prepared to murder their fellow Pakistanis and Muslims for fun, cash, faith, and a golden visa, not to Paradise, but to America.
    Unfortunately, the story is repeated again and again in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, blah, blah, blah
    And we wonder why the Zionists (Talmudists) laugh at the GENTILES
    There is a sucker born every minute, unless he or she is from Pakistan, where the sucker is born every second.
    Zindabad !!!!

  6. Key analysis here my dear brother. It seems that the Zardari regime is willing do anything that it can to save its treasonous hide. Shameful. ~ Ziah

  7. Type your comment here…It is not only Zardari or Gillani,but Rehman Malik is also there to discourage Mansoor Ijaz from coming to Pakistan. The whole nation is aware of his threatening statements to Mansoor Ijaz. Who is behind these rogues and shameless traitors. Army looks helpless. Some very sensible parliamentarians are showing the tendency to ignore them. Have they been made so powerful by some unseen power. We need democrats but not traitors.

  8. seebeyond says:

    @Kadir Khan – you are quoting versus out of context and are an agent provocateur and spreading anti-islam propaganda. Muslim do not hate anyone and killing innocents is forbidden in Isalm. Quran does not forbid having friendship and amicable relationship with non-muslims and verses you quoted out of context are related to only those non-muslims who are allied in occupying, oppressing, and killing muslims. With a friend like you, muslims do not need any enemies. You are disguised as a muslim and often cut/paste the out of context anti-islam propaganda. Muslims will never use WMD unless it is in retaliation for the same and the only power that has used WMD on Japan is USA. Only USA and Israel threaten others with WMD and are real threat to world peace. Stop spreading hate and stop posing as a muslim!

  9. Tarik Jan says:

    I agree with Seebeyond. He has seen through people like Kader Khan whom he has described as an “agent provocateur.”  Pakistanis like the rest of the Muslims believe in mutuality of interests and reciprocate respect given to them with respect. Thomas Acquinas has problem with Asif Haroon and Raja Mujtaba for their standing up to their country’s interests. True, occasionally they could be harsh but one has to look at their wounds to have a read on their mind. Opinion Maker is a good site and is opening up Pakistan to the rest of the world. The interaction is universal and useful. And it must screened out assumed names like Kader Khan who might be an Indian using a Muslim name.  Khalid Gul


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