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Mr Foreign Minister, Who are you representing; India or Pakistan?


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Editor’s Note: This article was read by Mr Mubashir Lucman in his TV programme on Express TV on 6th May 2010. The video is embedded below.

By Naveed Tajammal

Shah Mahmood expecting an applause from Manmohan Singh

It is our misfortune that we in Pakistan, since 1947,have  mostly ,been ruled by turn coats, the class of rulers which had been ,created by the British after 1849, In fact there has been no such era except for the military rule that we did not have a turn coat to rule Pakistan. By and large, our so called politician were nurtured under the wings of a Military Man, be it, be, Z A Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, Chaudries of Gujrat, Yousuf Raza Gillani or Shah Mahmood Quraishi. Irony is that these very politicians of today, have been cultivated and raised by the military rulers and after suckering them, today have the cheeks to abuse their mentors.

One such personality is Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Quraishi who was elected as MPA and then appointed as Finance Minister in General Zia’s era. Not only that, his late father Makhdoom Sajjad Husain Quraishi had been Governor Punjab under General Ziaul Haq, for a good three years. When we have people of such character who are always for power no matter what, then expecting any principle, stand from them is our worst expectation.

Not only Makhdoom Sajjad Husain Qureshi’s ancestors but those of other Makhdooms and Nawabzadas, Peerzadas and Sahibzadas, as well Khan Bahaduars and Maliks, too were rewarded by the English for their loyalties. These people sold the interest of the land and its people just to be in the good books of the British and retain power at any cost. Today the same people are again playing with the fate of Pakistan.

Today we are blessed with a foreign minister who comes from the same creed. He is the Foreign Minister of Pakistan but in fact he is a foreigner to Pakistan. Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Quraishi,maintaining the family tradition, had his son as an internee with John Kerry, Qureshi, praised the Kerry Lugar Bill as a historic document. This document indeed was historic in its own right. Never before in our history, Pakistan was chained by such clauses that formed the basics of this Bill. These clauses were total slavery but Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s son benefited at the cost of Pakistan. Thanks to General Ashfaque Kayani and his formation commanders who took a stand against this so called historic document and vindicated the self esteem of this nation. Shah Mahmood Quraishi, to prove his loyalty, never allowed any debate on this Bill in the Parliament.

Now what happened at Bhutan SAARC conference is least surprising but most shameful. As was noted recently, and is self explanatory judging by his recent conduct and statements in a press conference, Shah Mahmood Quraishi, on a question replied, “Pakistan; has often accused India of stealing our share of Indus basin waters, but such is not the fact, the fault lies within ourselves, we are mismanaging our water resources.” To another question, whether, the Government of Pakistan had raised the issue at the SAARC summit in Bhutan, Quraishi, replied, ”Pakistan authorities have a, ‘Tendency to Exaggerate.”

His third faux pas, was, ”The Foreign Office had not received any information from the concerned ministry, about any violations of the Indus water treaty, by the Indians, for now almost 20 years,”,thus proving, that he was more loyal then the king himself, but, Shah Mahmood, failed, to give any plausible answer, as to reasons why, the concerned ministry, erred in such a callous manner when it was a question of our survival.

Unknown to Quraishi it had all started in 1984, on the issue of Wullhar barrage construction, that takes it 26 years back, about the same time his father had been made the governor of Punjab, by general Zia ul Haq, and Mahmood Quraishi had been elected to the Punjab provincial assembly, but now, Quraishi is the foreign minister of the PPP government; a smooth turn coat, is he not? Infact it was the same lot which had advised, General Zia to hang Zulfiqar Ali  Bhutto. Soon after General Zia’s departure from the scene, most of the Makdooms changed sides and joined Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Peoples Party under his daughter Benazir Bhutto; what shameless creatures are these.

Shah Mahmood Qurieshi, again stated, in the same press conference, that the share of Pakistan’s, waters from the upper three rivers, is 104 MAF, and our consumption amounts to, 70 MAF, it is the balance 34 MAF, which is not accounted for.Qureishi, further elaborated ,in the same press conference, that “Our politicians” (mind you that Shah Mahmood Quraishi too is one, unless he was inducted from the DMG CADRE), “are creating an unwarranted fuss, that Indians are stealing our waters, our nation is being misguided, in reality we are mismanaging our water resources.”

The question which irks ones mind, is, how is that the good friends,(Indians) of our foreign minister are negating his stance, by stating that lack of water supply is because of,” climate change and low rainfalls.’

Now let us see the ground realities unknown to, ”Qureishi”.

In a article published in The News, a daily on 01 may 2010, by Khalid Hussain, ”IWT under threat’ Part-III, water, war and peace. ””Wullhar, also continues to haunt the IWT, despite having been arbitrated by the NE (neutral expert, nominated by world bank) to the satisfaction of both parties; The Indus river system authority (IRSA) Pakistan’s, water distribution body,  has claimed, to have received only 19,351 cusecs, on 09 October 2009 and a low of 10,739 cusecs from the Chenab river, on 11 Oct 2009, ‘‘Under the IWT, India must ensure a minimum discharge of 55,000 cusecs ”from the Chenab River, alone”.

Qureishi should know, that, the bulk of Indian dam building is on this very Chenab river, to high light just a few of the Indian projects, on the Chenab river,  behind Baglihar l & ll, comes Sawalkot which has a reservoir capacity 13 times larger then Baglihar dam, behind that is ”bursar; being built on the Marusudar river the main tributary of Chenab, this massive structure is going to be 765 feet high, remember our Tarbela in which we take a lot of pride is, only 465 feet high and Mangla is 453 feet.

This bursar dam will regulate the flow of, Paka Dul, Dul, Hasti, Rattle, Wullhar I and II, Sawalkot and Salal, hydro-projects.

India continues to build dam after dam on river Jhelum and Neelum, which they call as Kishen-Ganga, on the Indus they are, in process of ”Kargil dam’ behind which are 11 more, on the Indus tributaries, Indians have tunnelled Kishen-Ganga, as well the Indus from Ladakh regions.

The last nail if any left, was the statement of Qureshi, which was, ”Pakistan-’must understand actions made by India, including the construction of dams, and water projects…’

Thereby in a sweeping statement justified the Indian dam building what a shame !! Forgetting, that the article III, of the very same IWT, 1960 clearly states, and binds the government of India NOT to  hinder the flow of the western rivers, Indus, Jhelum and Chenab or build any storages over them having been already assigned full waters of Ravi, Beas and Sutlej. The Bursar dam, will be the   regulator, regulating the flow of all the downstream Chenab river dams. In all seasons. a pity our foreign minister does not know, as the writing is on the wall that India by 2014, after completing, the mega projects listed above will be in position to render, a blockage of our triple canal system dependent on the waters of Chenab & Jhelum, thereby ,converting 5.6 million acres of our fertile canal fed lands, into arid farmlands !!!

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  1. Yasmeen Ali says:

    Ref your comments on Kerry Lugar Bill,some observations:
    It is a known fact, whether or not we want to accept,that repeated loans & debts have already compromised our sovereignity. However, should this mean, compromising it even further?
    I am reproducing some clauses from the proposed bill with my queries in blog. I will be interested in your response. I quite agree we need the money offered. Only an insane person will not. The point of diffference,I believe,raised in many circles is not questioning this need but some conditions attached:
    Limitation on Arms Transfers: For fiscal years 2012 through 2014, no letter of offer to sell major defence equipment to Pakistan may be issued pursuant to the Arms Export Control Act (22 USC 2751 et seq.) and no license to export major defence equipment to Pakistan may be issued pursuant to such Act in a fiscal year until the Secretary of State, under the direction of the President, makes the certification required under subsection (c) for such fiscal year.
    Does this control & dictate our foreign policy?
    Limitation on Security-related Assistance: For fiscal years 2011 through 2014, no security-related assistance may be provided to Pakistan in a fiscal year until the Secretary of State, under the direction of the President, makes the certification required under subsection (c) for such fiscal year.
    There is no comment in the Bill or clause stating the outcome of such a certifucation is rejected. Who will arbitrate,if at all? will it be a one sided decision of the donor to deliver a decision on whether or not Pakistan has delivered on various grounds & stop aid if they feel it has not? Does this undermine our sovereignity?
    the Government of Pakistan during the preceding fiscal year has demonstrated a sustained commitment to and is making significant efforts towards combating terrorist groups, consistent with the purposes of assistance described in section 201, including taking into account the extent to which the Government of Pakistan has made progress on matters such as (A) ceasing support, including by any elements within the Pakistan military or its intelligence agency, to extremist and terrorist groups, particularly to any group that has conducted attacks against the United States or coalition forces in Afghanistan, or against the territory or people of neighbouring countries;
    Does this allege & indict Pakistan Military of supporting terrorism ? Will acceptance of this clause translate to accepting the allegation?
    3) the security forces of Pakistan are not materially and substantially subverting the political or judicial processes of Pakistan.

    This is not defined here. Who will define “substantial subversion”? Is this interfearence in domestic politics?
    ) Appropriate Congressional Committees Defined:
    I think the Congressional Committee defined relates to one formed by the USA Parlimentarians? If yes, with each report to be submitted to the Committe,does this place Pakistan directly under USA’s Parliment & answerable directly to them?
    and (15) an assessment of the extent to which the Government of Pakistan exercises effective civilian control of the military, including a description of the extent to which civilian executive leaders and parliament exercise oversight and approval of military budgets, the chain of command, the process of promotion for senior military leaders, civilian involvement in strategic guidance and planning, and military involvement in civil administration.

    Can this be viewed as domestic institutional interfearing?
    Waiver: (1) IN GENERAL – The Secretary of State, under the direction of the President, may waive the limitations contained in subsections (a), (b), and (d) for a fiscal year if the Secretary of State determines that is important to the national security interests of the United States to do so.

    May this be seen as a one sided clause to guard US interests ONLY?
    It is I think, important to view each and every clause closely,with an eye to safeguard Pakistan’s interests.
    Whereas unannounced meetings with military leadership are being held to frame a better understanding of the proposed bill, would you also suggest a broad based panel of legal experts to review the same

  2. Zahoor says:

    People like Quraishi,people like Hussain Haqqani from Agra,who are so much in love with India, make these statements % act to the detriment of the motherland. Niether the opposition(Hello PML N), nor other smaller parties make a comment.
    Are ALL sold?

    • haqqani is a darling of west and 100% pro india, he should be burning the midnight oil,for our water cause,what can you expect from the foreign office party ?

  3. Rizwan Beg says:

    Siperb facts,exposing Mr Qureshi. Well done indeed.

  4. classic says:

    They need to face court and hanged till death. and let us see who challenges. they are really Traitors.

  5. Syed Ata-ur Rahman says:

    It is conduct unbecoming and if he was a services officer he should be court marshalled. Is this the conduct of a Foreign Minister? Does he represent India or Pakistan; most likely India. He seems to be their lackey. he should be removed from his office. Who can we turn to except the Army Chief. How long will he keep correcting these scoundrels. One feels ashamed by their behavior. of course they don’t. people of Pakistan take note.

  6. Mr. Zardari will not remove this ill-informed foreign minister pandering to an ostensibly enemy country. This cabal of self seekers wants maximum harm to Pakistan to the extent of being disintegrated so that they remain immune from the nemesis or retribution, which would befall them in due course

  7. FM Endrabi says:

    I was a big fan of Mr Qureshi ,it was 2001. He was never a kidish man as he is today.I feel its a debate in some school and debator has to say what he prepared without making any sense. With such speakers it is difficult to identify their loyalites. “For” or “Against”
    No doubt he has forgotten that all political Jokers in Pakistan were trained (Prepared) by Army. You have identified well in this article

  8. Dr. Imtiaz Hussain says:

    The Unionist killed Quaid e Azam we know so well
    The military junta ruined Pakistan
    The political elite submerged the interest of Pakistan always
    The people of Pakistan who voted always for the abovementioned complemented the evils of said groups
    and those who did not voted sat tight and waited for miracle to happen
    We know what is written in this article we know what is coming up
    its china that Pakistan is been prevented from disintegration
    the day China takes away her support Pakistan is no more
    to be honest Pakistan do not exist in terms of INTEREST OF A NATION
    our interest is steal and steal more for our self
    so Well done SMQ you are doig your job fine and as per your plan ….

  9. Laila Isphandyar says:

    Chaa gaye ji cha gaye Naveed Sahib.

  10. Rizwan Beg says:

    He is the Sajjada nashin of the shrine of Bahauddin Zakaria in Multan. He is the son of Makhdoom Sajjad Hussain Qureshi, the former Governor of Punjab during PM Junejo’s federal government from 1985-1988.Qureshi stayed as the member of Punjab provincial assembly from 1985 to 1993, until he got a ticket to the national assembly. His father was Governor of Punjab at the time until 1988, under the military regime of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. He has been an MNA since, only being defeated in 1997 losing to his fierce rival Javed Hashmi, while defeating him in 2002 and 2008.
    He is an asshole.

  11. These type of peers are always ready to bow before “the lords”. once they seee the power the bow and bow and bow……SHARAMNAAK

  12. Fayyaz Shah says:

    Let alone selling ourselves we have even sold all our generations to come. When for decades we have had nincompoops in government positions how can we expect anything happening for the benefit of this country, you cant blame the Indians for keeping their best in such positions. Mr Qureshi has diarrhea of the mouth which is a common symptom among people who are put in important positions way beyond their capacity. Our people here still think Kerry Lugar is the modern version of the German pistol and if it is anything other than that it will disappear among the hungry Federal Wolves, the remains will be gobbled by the provincial Wolves, somebody please give us back our country its no longer for sale.

  13. Excellent pro Pakistan discourse by Mr Naveed.Keep it up.

  14. Well written.Enjoyed.

  15. Let Mr Shah Qureshi now Kneel before USA to accept Pakistan as a TERRORIST STATE after Faisal Shehzad. Do we DESERVE this kind of Foreign Minister?Do we deserves the LIKES of Hussain Haqqani as Ambassadors?
    Good God all the pack of India supporters are RUNNING Pakistan.
    Will SOMEONE wake up?

  16. Rahim Khan says:

    The state of affairs is disgusting and MUST not be allowed to go on.But WHAT SHOULD CITIZENS OF THE COUNTRY DO????????

  17. Excellent article. We certainly need to pay more attention to the water issue.

    • Rizwan Beg says:

      Excellent & agreed Waseem Sahib. It would be good to see this one hitting greater people throgh papers.Sorry to say Dishonorable Lucman did not acknowledge the source in his programme.What a damn Cheapster!

  18. Unfortunately, we don’t have the shortage of Asshole like Mr. Quraishi, big list avaible for these type of Assholes.
    Simlpy look our Minsters and Parlimentarians.

    May God bless our county.

    we really need to educate our nation on these topics.

    well done Naveed.

  19. Muhammad Nasir Baig says:

    I really appreciate your tremendous efforts in collecting these eye opening facts and figures. i wish the whole nation should come to know these facts and understand the conspiracy being planned by these turn coats and the Indians against Pakistan. Our rulers including Shah Mehmood Qureshi have double standards and have no sincerity for this nation at all. I think this the high time to raise this water issue before Indians and International Community with total sincerity before its too late.

    Your views clearly leads us to the conclusion that Indians want to make Pakistan a barron land and make us bend on our knees without firing a single bullet.

    I wish we could get rid of our culprit leaders as soon as possible.

  20. Maj (R) Saleem Raza (12-05-2010) says:

    Highly apprecitable article with a full convincing proof and support of arguments. The details and facts are collected and shared in a manner that it creates a broad picture of the overall issue.
    The irony of fate is that memorie of our people are so short that they just need few months and few sympathetic speeches by our civil politicians to again get them to power, even after knowing all facts, our nation is never ready to try some new and more capable people to govern us. As already stated in the article
    As far as the water isue is concerned, the detailed nd eye opening analysis is already being done in the article. The bells are ringing at all sides and It is a big wake-up call for our nation. We seriously need to addressand wake up.
    The need of the hour is to accept and look forward for the change in our governing perspnel and without doing that I m personally so afraid that the future of our beautiful country is not so bright. Thanks to lady luck who is smiling and our country is digeting thosesuch like people.
    Simple solution is that our lovely country needs sincere leadership ,and proper accountability of all those who have ruthly looted this ?sleeping beauty ?nation.

  21. Mehriene says:

    Type your comment here…

  22. Mehriene says:

    After having read the article and ALL the comments,I came to the conclusion that,except for Dr. I mtiaz Hussain and Yasmeen Ali , no one really knows much about the facts. So, I decided to put them straight on a few things concerning the Foreign Minister of PAKISTAN.
    1. FAMILY /POLITICAL BACKGROUND: Makhdoom Sahib was elected, not selected, to the provincial assembly in 1985. He became minister in 1989 in NAWAZ SHARIF’s cabinet , not in Zia’s (His father was no longer the Governor AND Zia was long dead by that time ). As for changing sides soon after Zia died..Zia died in 1988,and Qureshi joined PPP in 1994 i.e. 6 yrs later !! FACT !
    Qureshi sahib and his father were never “part of the same lot” that advised Zia to hang Bhutto . THAT SINGULAR HONOUR went to CH. ZAHOOR ILLAHI and MAULVI MUSHTAQ ! FACT !
    As for his ancestors being rewarded for their loyalties by the British, FOR YOUR INFORMATION, the FM’s grandfather, Makhdoom Murid Hussain ,and his father, Makhdoom Sajjad Hussain stood BY the QUAID-E-AZAM during the Pakistan Movement. In fact , the QUAID entrusted them with canvassing in interior Sindh for the cause of Pakistan as they had a large following in Sindh. If memory serves me right,Makhdoom Sajjad Hussain was put in jail by the Brits at the time.
    Makhdoom Murid Hussain was one of the few people who returned ALL titles and honours (bestowed on him by the Brits) at the time of the Pakistan movement.
    The FM’s son DID NOT WORK in Sen.Kerry’s “firm” (unless the US SENATE Is owned by Kerry !). He was an internee in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee office,for all of 3 months ! He did not benefit financially as internships are not PAID posts,they are honorary ones. The only benefit he might have accrued is an insight to how the US system works !
    The Kerry-Lugar bill WAS debated in parliament ! AND,the same Gen. Kayani and his formation commanders seem to be having NO PROBLEM accepting mily. aid under the kerry-Lugar bill now! IT WAS A STORM IN A TEA-CUP, WHIPPED UP BY HYSTERICAL ANCHOR-PERSONS LIKE LUQMAN,HAMID MIR AND THEIR LIKES .
    So, WHO VINDICATED WHOM ? THE ARMY is accepting aid under the K-L bill….is’nt it ???
    3.SINCERITY AND LOYALTY TO PAKISTAN: and Naveed, dont SENSATIONALISE things about which you have no understanding !
    Rest assured Makhdoom sahib is a better patriot than you or any of the guests on your programmes. He has always stood for what is in Pakistan’s interests….for him it really is “PAKISTAN FIRST”. He is one of the few clean politicians we have. No one,and I mean NO ONE, can point a finger at his person for being corrupt ,or for not being loyal to his country,PAKISTAN (just in case some of you might have doubts).
    As for his saying ‘our politicians”, what else could he have said ?He WAS talking about “our’ political parties,so their members would be “OUR politicians” ! ( Mind you, “our politicians” do tend to create an unwarranted fuss,just to stay in the news ( even if most of them do just speak drivel ) !!!
    Qureshi was speaking FACTS ! We ARE mis-managing our water resources…as Naveed so brilliantly put it : “Pakistan’s share is 104 MAF and we consume 70 MAF. SO, where is the rest going ? I have news for you , WE WASTE IT !!!! Even Syed Jamaat Ali Shah said as much ! AND HE IS “OUR” REPRESENTATIVE IN THE INDUS WATER TREATY COMMISSION.
    The FM should know,better than you, what is in the Foreign Office files and what is not ! Just because something is reported in the media, does not mean it IS a fact ! We all know how journalists are bought and how they “sell’ their stories.
    5. DAMS: You count the dams being built by India on Chenab,Jhelum and Neelum rivers ( according to you India has built or is building some 16 dams).
    The answer is that the people (politicians, media people , opinion-makers etc ) who are now screeching at the top of their voices about water shortages and how India is cheating us , were the same people who were screaming about how KALABAGH , or any such dam, could only be built on the ashes of Pakistan ! So much for double standards !!!
    The Foreign Minister has not justified the Indian dam building. All he seems to be saying is that we must not over-react . WE ( Indians AND Pakistanis) have to sit down and rationally discuss the issue . WE have to understand their point of view,while the Indians HAVE to understand ours ! YOU PEOPLE JUST LOVE TO QOUTE OUT OF CONTEXT !!
    LASTLY, a piece of advice for Mr. Naveed Tajammal &, first prove your own credentials and ,ONLY THEN, insult someone else and denigrate their credentials and loyalties.
    The Foreign Minister of PAKISTAN, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, is a son of the soil. He is a farmer, and knows better than most ,what would happen in a water-scarce Pakistan . He , alongwith ALL of Pakistan’s farmers, will suffer the most ! His livelihood,and theirs, depends on agriculture , and WATER is the most important,the most VITAL requirement for that . So DO NOT doubt his SINCERITY on the water issue…. it will hurt him more than it will hurt you or me !!!!

    • Yasmeen Ali says:

      Thank you Mehrienne for the kind words in your mail. By the same knowledge toy award me, it is a fact what Naveed wrote.Since he has already placed an answer to your questions raised,I will refrain from duplicating the answer. Unfortunately,people like Quresgi are far from the ideal choice for the post currently enjoyed.This is without bias & offence to none.

    • mehriene,you are blindly supporting some one who is known toady,even in multan,he is a smooth talker,that is it,he misleads his own people,today he is mileading the nation with pro-india stance,kindly wake up.

      • A Toady,asim is,a person who flatters another or treats him with excessive repect in hope of gain or advantage,
        the defination here fits the ideal of mehreine.her makdooom sahib.

    • Fayyaz Shah says:

      @Mehriene, Do you mean to say that Mr Quershi is the best representation of a Pakistani foreign minister? he may not be corrupt because of his ancestral coffers but dumb compared to people like Sahibzada Yaqub Khan. Let?s not talk about the Pakistani election process it is very clear what kind of people emerge as winners. However you may be correct that he is the best of the current lot-God help us.

    • Mehrene,you are a sad case,i hope you are not the son of this man who worked for the americans?? in disguise maybe ?

  23. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  24. dear ms,
    thankyou for your post,and opening the pandora’s box,but first my credentials,i had the honour to be part of a COUP attempt to dethrone General Zia ul haq,and was awarded a 10 years RI and spent the time in two jails, old pindi & sahiwal central jail,does that please you ?( march 1980.)
    now to the subject,from where do you wish me start ?should i start from the time how a child was taken in adoption by the last surviving inline female of the TOMB,
    or how this adopted child,later man helped the british by providing vital information about the where abouts of Ahmed khan Kharal, in the 1857 revolt ??all for, but, a confirmation of a post of the keeper of the TOMB ??
    THE NEW rulers were indeed pleased by his services,and did bestow the same,or the family role in the second afghan war ? camels being hard to get,then.or how the khan bahadari was awarded and for which services ?
    how they ran from pillar to post to help the british in the ” 1ST WORLD WAR EFFORT ? and 10 squares given ?
    or how his father switched in the first week of august 1947 ,from UNIONIST party to muslim league.or how faithfully he served ayub khan ? how in 1977,he contested on PPP ticket ? later,joined ZIA UL HAQ band wagon,and became member ”MAJLIS E SHOORA ”, WORKED hard in 1984 referendum of ZIA ul haq,and for services beyond the call of duty, was awarded the governor ship of PUNJAB ? and how BB detested him ? and why so ? and how did the career of your shah mahmmud start and how ?? 1983 onward,so do tell me where to start from as it is all recorded in books,and gazette’s.

  25. saqib omer says:

    Awesome written,,, i want to confirm that is all this true??? If so then we the Pakistanis are so week that these kinds of ministers we have.

    • yes, the records,gazett’s and books are available of the last 400 years,in details as go the key to our dynastic rulers as established by the british, their records too.

  26. Masoor Sadiq Malik says:

    Why does PPP Central command allow turn coats to enter its main stream.

  27. Asif Manzoor Malik says:

    I think the Pandora Box as cited by you should be opened up.

  28. Mazhar Altaf says:

    What are the credential of mehren. Who supports her Makhdoom sahib

    • mehriene says:

      Mazhar Altaf my name is MEHRIENE not mehren….hope you CAN read !!!!

      • sorry for the typo-but i am so glad that you have read the past track record of your MAKH-DOOOOOM,and must be wiser now, we all make mistakes and learn.

        • @mazhar altaf, Mazhar Altaf, I have made no mistakes and I am much much wiser than any one of you who have commented on him. I don’t make remarks or comments on people I don’t know.
          As far as his track record is concerned,HIS track record is UNBLEMISHED ! He should not have to answer for the deeds of his ancestors,

  29. People of multan should know the turncoat tendencies of their politicans.

  30. Fayyaz Mehmood says:

    Good. Hard hitting article.

  31. Khan Baig says:

    Excellent write up.

  32. Why is our press not highlighting our water issue.

  33. Tahir Akhtar Awan says:

    In this article Mr. Naveed Tajammal highlighted the main issue of water for agriculture of Pakistan. Pakistan will remain agriculture only in that condition that the water will come in canal otherwise Pakistan will become the land of desert due to efforts of the foreign minister.

    Mr. Naveed keep burning your blood the day will come when the light will spread in the mind of whole nation.

  34. dear miss mehreine,
    indeed your makh-d000m,has a track record of a turn coat,
    changing bandwagons climbing the ladder,raised on account of services to the british crown,kindly read the comments given in the paktunkhwa article of naveed tajammul,the seven clauses tabulated,the same applied even to the shrine keepers,so let us not beat around the bush,accept defeat you are supporting a wrong stance
    remember he started his political career within the government and for the regime which had hung ZAB.
    and after spending from 1982 to 1994, a period of 12 years changed the he is a PPP man GOD KNOWS ,in which party he will be next.

  35. I think the GOP (govt of pakistan) should run a school or a cadre before they install a Foreign Minister,because Political Governments come and go,however the National Strategy remains one,all over the world countries,Pakistan should not be an exception, secondly the educational qualification of the Foreign Minister should be a must, simply conversent with English language is not enough,
    or being able to dress in a pant,coat & tie.or having a gift of ”GAB”,the foreign minister should understand the subject of international affairs,here it is trial and error
    methodology adopted by most,some even after years,fail to understand the basic needs of our state.most have done utmost to appease the indians,here in this case as seen by this article, qureishi goes overboard to prove this.
    except in the case of Zulfiqar ali bhutto who had being a foreign minister rejected the Tashkent Declaration of 1966.
    no foreign minister todate has been able to go against the dictates of his masters in power,or resigned on a issue which went against the interest of national needs.incidently somebody told me from multan that it is the Ghauspur branch of this qureishi family which is senior.can any one throw some light on this ?

  36. One can only pity females like meherine,Querishi,may
    be her Hero,as to him being a farmer,god alone knows what he farms, but his harvest from the shrine,a bounty
    given to them by british has indeed kept this family afloat,
    plus the camels,which this family supplied to the british armies,the original profession of the family till elevated to the post of shrine keepers,what matters to him if poor suffer as he blames us for wasting the waters,querishi likes will open their eyes to world when our poor people realize the wastage of money they do by giving alms to these shrines, perhaps we need a mustafa kamal here to,so the fat cats,who become fatter.become lean and see the value of a hard earned paisa.

  37. The british empire was made by its forgein office boys our boys want to lose theirs.

    • Fayyaz Shah says:

      @Zeeshan, Our Foreign Boys are confined to the old Sherazad Hotel as far as regional politics is concerned. The Foreign Boys that I know are capable of doing a lot but like all other systems they are in the Parking Lot.But when you send a label drinker in times of Taliban and a Maulana in time of the Northern Alliance one start wondering is Afghanistan really the Hot Spot of World affairs? wonder why the Indians sent their Chief Negotiator of the Indian Arline Hijacking, a Federal Secretary, as the first lot of Ambassador to Afghanistan. S.M Queraishi is not there as Maqdoom but the FM of Great Pakistan, I hope he starts acting as one.

  38. i think fayyaz the rooms of old hotel sherzad in which the foreign minister moves about are infected by virus ,in the same building you find excellent nationalists,the parking lot persons being the best. the MAKH-DOOOM of the doomed
    lot and a label drinker, of sorts, will ruin us in the end, he will like others drink and dance away,,the time,and leave us in a cess-pool.

    • Fayyaz Shah says:

      @asim, very true in fact our whole country is infected by Virus, the cure is with the Public who have been immobilized for decades.a soft revolution may be the answer.


  40. May Allah save us from these Mir Jaffars.

  41. when indians start praising any person from pakistan
    as i read it in the site above given i felt sorry for pakistan.
    and sad that such creatures are allowed to represent our nation.

  42. i belong to DG KHAN we have shortage of water
    taunsa barrage did not release water for our canal from august to april as there was no water.and our foreign minister who has no water problem as he is a minister
    says we are guilty of mismanagement how sad.

  43. usman shaukat says:

    they say that the government is to hire a british lawyer for 10 million dollars,to fight our case with india on the water issue,what is wrong with our own lawyers,why do we waste money on british lawyers we lost our dam case in the baglihar dam time it was a british lawyer then also.

  44. read todays news newspaper the aman ki asha lot now want to open our borders, with ,indians,who do not allow our pogrammes ,to be telecast on there networks,here in pakistan all cable operators run indian movies is there no law to stop the indian propoganda is our ministry of culture or communication sleeping.

    • Fayyaz Shah says:

      @hakeem, you are right first they should open all Pakistani channels, which are much more mature and are capable of spreading the actual Aman Ki Asha rather than the Garbage we are subjected to.

  45. shazada yasir says:

    india must be taught a lesson

  46. naveed tajammal says:

    By opening border with india as planned by our aman ki asha party the net result will be flight of our hard earned Dollars to india,our own industry will go down the supporters of new world order want this to happen,the newspapers who are propogating this move are business partners of indian
    companies who broadcast their products through cable networks in our houses,in any case the new world of the mother corporations want us to revert to old East india company like situation,in india they have already entered. the plight of poor indian is in front of us,200,000 .farmers committed suicide only two years back in the tamil regions.we have a vibrant grassroot economy this they want to destroy.the first step is water crisis.the death of our poor farmer.

  47. And the goons in the old sherzad hotel bungled once
    again by playing in the hands of indian female clad
    in a saree,she insisted we are terrorist our idiots
    went over board accepting her allegations,no body uttered about indian terrorism in our western front indian arms used and the explosives in our country by indian agents,the numerous indian councilites, in karazia’s afghanistan,the bloodshed of our people in indian held kashmir,not a word that we have a major water issue with they wined and dined and passed the night away.

  48. Mansoor Malik says:

    Yes, ofcourse he may be representing nobody but himself. But then that is what our forte has been all along. Gen Zia’s and Gen Musharraf’s policies were also representing only themselves. Gen Musharraf’s one was a masterpiece as he continued to change his policies depending on how tipsy he was at a particular time. When are we going to get out of this single man policy syndrome? Our parliamentary committees should take over this burden of making our National Policies and making them stick on people like Qureshis’, Gilanis,’ Sharifs’, Musharafs’ and Zias’. Our country cannot bare one man shows any more.

  49. Amiable dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

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